Me: This a prologue of The Past. Its an OC story which is related to the series some of stories: What I have done, New life, Darkest times and Dawn of the Immortals. You guys can just call it the Dark age saga for all I care.

Specter: So what is this suppose to be? A spin off or just telling how it all started?

Me: * Opens journal* Its suppose to show Storm's side of the story during the same events and time during your little fiasco from What I have done and New life. Darkest times and Dawn of the Immortals were when you two meet each other and crap. This chapter only shows when he was born at the same timing as you, only different events. * sips tea* I probably say few months when you were being taken care by Natalie, I say!

Specter: BU...The OCs in here belong to Wolfgirl since its a OC story. So enjoy, I guess!


The dark sky twinkled with stars as smoke covered the moon. Sounds of wood breaking was heard as sirens echoed the air." Put out the fire men! Hurry!" a fireman ordered as water was shot into the roaring flames. Two other members went into the fire as police cars came by. A man with blond hair in his twenties came out the car. He wore a turquoise uniform and hat with a cigar, narrowing his eyes at the apartment in fire." Men! Search the area and see if the suspects got away. I want to make sure he doesn't escape again!" he demanded as officers searched around the perimeter.

In the apartment...

A fireman burst through the door with two other ones behind. The room looked like someone robbed the place, but instead, two bodies were found lying. The first was a female monkey, buried by the pile of collapsed debris while the other, a male one, was sitting against the way as if he was forced. A deep wound was on his chest, the blood still running down on top of the dried layer." Take them out of the fire! I'll be checking to see if there anymore citizens up here," he said as they nodded and carried the bodies out of the room.
The man explored the room when he heard someone yelling," HELP! SOMEONE!" and he turned to the room with a closed door. The man bursted through and sees a blue monkey in a red uniform that's burnt, a blue blanket in his arms. He pulled him out of the flames and guided him out of the apartment.

Once they got out, the man in the suit came running up to him." General Satan! What happened?" he questioned as the monkey shook his head, his two bangs slightly moving." We got ambushed by that freak from before. I was out of the room that time and got trapped," he growled as the guy looks in the blue blanket, revealing a baby monkey with black hair and amber eyes that's shivering.

" So..uh...this is Kenage's son? What are you gonna do with him?" he asked as Satan looks at the covered body being put in the ambulance, a serious expression appeared to keep tears to show." Take care of him...I owe him a favor, Chuck.." he muttered and walks away from the man. Chuck looks down to see a picture burned on the edges lying on the concrete and picks it up. Staring at the burnt object, he turned it to see something written. He folded it and places it inside his pocket, gets back in the car and drives back to headquarters. He wonders what holds for the future with the two suspects still out in the dark...waiting to finish the job.

Specter: So wait a minute! While I'm a baby with Natalie watching me, this is what happened to him? No wonder Storm sucks...

Storm: * whimpers and walks out of the room*

Me: =O YOU BASTARD! You hurt his feelings! No wonder I made you suffer through out the dark age saga! * follows Storm*

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