One place it was not common to find a wizard was on an airplane. It wasn't because there was also the Floo network and apparating; one would merely wonder how any wizard could blend in with muggles so easily. It just so happened that this particular wizard (and three of his friends), were more well accustomed to the ways of muggles than others of their kind would be.

Harry Potter was by no means an ordinary wizard. His parents had been killed when he was just a child, leaving him with just a lightning shaped scar, a destiny and a thirst for revenge. Only a few months ago, Harry Potter had got his revenge. Voldemort was dead, and Harry was the saviour of the wizarding world.

But the constant attention had got to him. He was followed constantly – the paparazzi followed him even through muggle London, earning him even more stares. The biography offers, the job offers, the gifts and autograph seeking had finally been too much. He had fled, which was why he was now on this plane. And it had only been a month. His ex, Ginny, had understood him. He needed his space, and they had both moved on. She stayed in Britain, and didn't hassle him like she might have done.

Ron, Hermione and Luna, his three best friends, had come with him. They had been with him to hell and back, and they weren't going to leave him when he needed them most. Ron and Hermione, despite the awkwardness of their break-up, were amicable, and Ron was doing a terrible job at hiding his interest in Luna.

The four of them were headed to America, a place called Lima. Ron and Luna had undergone Muggle-Assimilation courses at the Ministry and now fit in perfectly. They were leaving the British wizarding community, indefinitely, and were going to stay with Ron's squib cousin, a Miss Emma Pillsbury. She worked at one William MacKinley High, as the guidance counsellor, a job which seemed highly appropriate for the situation.

Harry wondered to himself what America would be like. As a child he had seen glimpses of old American musicals his aunt loved, but he didn't think that American high schools would be like that. Harry had never fit in anywhere, including Hogwarts, and he hoped that this school would be different.


The taxi rolled smoothly out of its bay and sped on towards Lima, towards the unknown. Harry sat in the front, head pressed against the glass, iPod in. Part of their assimilation into the muggle world included being up to date with technology, and the iPod was a central part of this. Hermione had done a bit of charm work which meant he could get any number of songs on his iPod.

The volume was turned up loud, drowning out the bickering from the backseat about who got drive them into their first day of school the next day. Harry closed his eyes and drifted into a slumber, the music resonating in his head.

"Sweet Disposition,

Never too soon,

Oh, reckless abandon,

Like no-one's watching you.

A moment, a love,

A dream, aloud,

A kiss, a cry,

Our rights, our wrongs,

A moment, a love,

A dream, aloud,

A kiss, a cry,

Our rights, our wrongs,

So stay there,

Cause I'll be coming over,

And while our blood's still young

It's so young, it runs,

And won't stop til it's over,

Won't stop to surrender.

Songs of desperation,

I played them for you,

A moment, a love,

A dream, aloud,

A kiss, a cry,

Our rights, our wrongs,

A moment, a love,

A dream, aloud,

A moment, a love,

A dream, aloud."


(next day)

As it happened, a mutual decision was reached to make Harry drive, whether he wanted to or not. As he pulled up into the school car park, in his shiny new SUV (he did splash out occasionally), they garnered a few more stares than he was expecting, but less than he was used to. They stepped out of the car and walked into the main building of the school, leaving a trail of whisperings behind them. They had gotten no further than three steps into the building before they were stopped by a brunette with a big smile.

"Hi, I'm Rachel Berry. You must be the new British students! Welcome to MacKinley High! Here, let me take you to the Reception. As the most involved student at this school, I'm often picking up my extra work from there."

Harry, Ron, Hermione and Luna followed her, bewildered, and reached the reception admittedly much faster than they otherwise would have. The girl left them there with, "Don't forget to sign up for as many clubs as you can. They encourage unity and involvement in our school. Our Glee club is looking for new members, so maybe you could audition! See you later."

The four were left standing there in silence until Ron broke it with "What the HELL is a Glee club?"

The others shrugged, and rung the bell for the receptionist. She came over and started helping them out with their timetables, school books and lockers. She gave them all a map of the school and a list of extra-curricular activities. Then she took them all to their first class, Spanish. She knocked on the door and spoke to the teacher in there.

"Mr Schuester, sorry to interrupt, but these are the new students from England. I've just been helping them sort everything out." Mr Schuester nodded.

"Thanks for bringing them. Well, if you all will come in here. That's it, come stand at the front. Now, your names and tell us something about yourself... how about... your favourite song? Yes. Okay, you first." He nodded to Harry, who cleared his throat nervously.

"Hi, I'm Harry Potter. Um, my favourite song... I don't have a favourite as such, but I like Sweet Disposition by the Temper Trap...?" He heard a few appreciative noises, and grinned. He looked at Mr Schuester.

"Thanks, Harry. Why don't you go sit over with Noah Puckerman – the one with the mohawk. Alright, who's next. You, then."

Hermione stood forward. "Hey, there. I'm Hermione Granger. My favourite song is Blinding by Florence and the Machine."

"Right. How about you sit next to Mercedes Jones, just there." Hermione saw a girl waving and grinning, and walked over. "Who's up?"

Ron was next. "Hi, my name's Ron Weasley. My favourite song is Back In Black by ACDC."

"Awesome song. How about you go over next to Finn Hudson." Ron sat next to the freakishly tall Finn, and turned his attention to Luna.

"Right. You're last then. And you are?"

Luna stepped up. "I'm Luna Lovegood. My favourite song is Preparedness by The Bird and the Bee."

"Cool. You're next to Rachel Berry, who I am led to believe, has already met you. Anyway, guys. Irregular verbs! Difficult to get but simple after that!"

The class continued smoothly after that. Harry talked to Noah, or Puck, as he preferred to be known, but tried to focus more on learning the language that the ministry had only given him a very rudimentary course in. Class went quickly though, and he walked with Puck to math, which they also had together. Harry decided to ask what this mysterious "Glee club" was.

"Hey, Puck. This girl Rachel Berry was telling us all to join this thing called a Glee club. You have any idea what that is?"

Puck looked at him quizzically. "Oh, yeah, Glee club. It's like a show choir. You have those in England? Anyway, we basically practice songs to perfection then we got to competitions and whatnot. You thinking of joining?" Singing? Harry didn't sing.

"Sure." Shit. Harry was in it now. He tried to keep his calm. "You in it?"

"Hmm? Yeah."


Unsure of how to break the silence that followed, Harry sat at his desk and thought about this "Glee Club" business. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea after all.

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