OK we are going to start of a bit AU here. This is how I feel Team 7 should have been. With some extra bonuses as well. There will be no Harem or Threesome as I hate that. It is more of a family fic than anything else. This Story was inspired by Team 7 Like a suicide by *ilaBarattolo. Now just to set things up, Kakashi actually did teach them something beyond just tree walking. He did go over Taijutsu and he did go over survival and teamwork. Also, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke are not the extremes of Idiot, Fan girl, and Avenger. They are normal people with problems. Too many times I have seen the extremes, I think we should scale that down and start writing more realistic people.

Oh and if you are familiar with my stories make sure you watch for how I use thoughts and actual speaking.

Team 7, rather than being an obnoxious rookie team that they were, sat in the corner, hoping to avoid attention. They weren't shy, nor were they looking for enemies. They were simply trying to stay out of the way. Kakashi had told them specifically, very specifically to shut up and be quiet. Well, he mostly told that to Naruto because Naruto loved to brag and be … well loud. The blonde haired boy stood at the corner his back to the wall, looking across the room to check for any potential danger. They had come there an hour early, on Kakashi's orders. One was to scout the competition, but another was to slow down their nerves.

The ex-anbu knew that the best remedy to nervousness was to get used to the environment. And by going there early, the rookie team could get used to the dangerous waters.

'I think the team over there' Naruto motioned with his head towards the team in the back. They wore masks and dark jumpsuits. 'is an ambush team. They are from Kiri right Sakura-chan.'

Sakura nodded as she looked at the team's head band. 'Yea, Kiri is usually a silent type, Naruto. Kage bunshin would be good against them. But Sasuke-kun's fire jutsus would also work too.'

Sasuke bit his inside of his lip. His eyes were closed. 'but then they would have to be in the open. Maybe if we drove them out with Kage bunshin and then I attacked them with a Katon jutsu.'

An image passed through the three gennins' heads. It was a scenario of Naruto swarming the Kiri nins and then Sasuke coming from above and striking them. Sasuke nodded to himself, his eyes still closed. 'OK anyone else. What about the bandaged nins over on the corner.'

Naruto looked over there and blinked. He rubbed his eyes as they started to twitch for some reason. 'Well, lets see, they have a musical note on their head band... Sakura-chan?'

Sakura, who was looking at the far comer where a team from Kumo was, didn't even look at the team just pointed out. 'Hmmm, I think I heard of it. Oto I think. Sound, maybe... Sound waves? I'm not sure.'

'Sound wave is a good enough guess. At least we have a basis.' Sasuke responded, giving reassurance , because he felt Sakura was a bit down that she couldn't give any more info.

Naruto smiled. 'Don't worry Sakura-chan you have more smarts than me and Sasuke put together.'

Sakura blushed and Sasuke and Naruto both smiled. Sasuke finally opened his eyes and looked over to his right. 'Shit, look inconspicuous.'

Sakura looked over now and what she saw made her eye brow twitch. 'great Ino.'

Naruto snickered quietly. 'What Sasuke, Afraid of Ino?'

Sakura and Naruto waited for a response. '… no.'

Naruto chuckled quietly and even Sakura gave a small smile.

"OI, what are you guys doing here, smiling to yourselves like idiots."

Naruto's eye brow twitched as a pang of annoyance went through team 7. Naruto looked in front of him and saw Kiba, his loud voice attracting some attention. Naruto resisted the urge to palm his face, Sakura resisted the temptation to smash Kiba's face in. Sasuke just sighed to himself and felt everything go down the drain.

Naruto sighed as well, "What do you want Kiba."

Kiba rolled his eyes. "well you guys were standing here looking like idiots. You guys were randomly smiling and stuff. You weren't even talking to each other."

At this team 7 froze. A single thought rang through their heads. 'But we were talking?'

The first test passed without incident. Team 7 decided to pass off the 'strangeness' as Kiba being an idiot. But inside, all of them felt a strange feeling. It wasn't nervousness nor was it fear. It was something else entirely. And the first test really didn't help ignore the feeling.

As Sakura answered the questions, Naruto somehow got bits of the information. Though it wasn't all of it, Naruto was able to write some down. And the other parts he got from Sasuke's copying from people. Naruto didn't know what happen but he some how saw what they saw. Naruto's eyes twitched again. Sakura's eye started to twitch as well. Even Sasuke started to blink a lot.

But they squashed the feeling down and moved towards the second area. Naruto put his hand behind his spiky hair as he walked down towards the large gates in front of him. 'What is this. How is this even possible.'

'Who knows.' Sasuke thought. They both stopped and looked at each other. Sakura noticed and looked back between the two. "did you guys just … think to each other." Sakura asked, nervously as if she didn't even trust that she was actually speaking.

Naruto looked at Sakura his face laced with confusion. "I-i' 'Don't even know.'

Sasuke blinked. 'Well, we better-' "-ask Kakashi, later. He'll know whats going on with us.

Nervousness passed through the whole group. Naruto tried to swallow it and act like the normal idiot he was. "Well at least we got-" 'something cool' Naruto realized what had just happened and froze. What the hell?

Sakura looked over at the gates and saw a group massing. Naruto who was looking away at the time, saw the group as well. "We should go then, we don't want to be left out." Naruto said.

Sasuke nodded. "yea lets go-" 'guys' Sasuke once again realized what had happened and nervously stepped forward. The team walked together towards the gate, their minds warped. Their hearts clenching. Their hand slightly shaking. They were nervous, they were scared. What was going on with them?

Naruto sighed as he waited for the buzz in his ear to finish. He was day dreaming about good Ramen. Mmmmhmm ramen... wait a minute, that lady was giving the instructions! Shit! He had been spacing out. Naruto looked over to Sakura. "Hey, I was spacing out could you tell me-"

Sakura glared at him but then her gaze softened. "You gotta pay attention Baka." Sakura said, not ridiculing but playfully. Sakura opened her mouth to speak but suddenly Naruto felt a pressure on his head. A hazy image appeared in front of him. It was that crazy lady, and she was talking.

Alright shut up!" Anko snapped. "This test is one of survival, you will have a time limit of 5 days on this exam" Immediately the crowd burst into gasps, and chatter. Naruto frowned, he looked at the forest. He really didn't like the idea of spending 5 days in there. "I'm not finished!" Anko continued "Inside there are plenty of things other than each other you'll need to be wary of. Including man-eating beasts and poisonous plants. However, during this time you must find food and water for yourselves and your team while keeping vigilant ready to fight for your and your enemies scroll. Now my team will hand out consent forms you'll HAVE to sign before being allowed to continue. Otherwise you death would be MY fault!" Anko said with a laugh, making the Gennin all the more uneasy. "Once you and your team have all signed your forms, take it to the booth over there and you'll get your scroll. Once all teams are ready you'll be taken to a gate, from there wait for my word to begin"

Naruto blinked once more. "Wha-"

H-he had just scene what had happened. Naruto looked at Sakura, who had closed her mouth in confusion. Naruto blinked as Sasuke walked back with their scroll. Naruto blinked again. Sakura and Naruto felt pressure on their heads.

Another hazy image appeared in front of them. They saw a Konoha nin at a desk handing them a scroll. "Your gate is 35. get your team and go there."

Naruto blinked and Sakura reached up to rub her eyes. Sasuke looked at them strangely. "We are at-"

"Gate 35, I know..." Naruto said, cutting off Sasuke. Sasuke was about to retort when a sudden silence came over the group.

Sakura looked between Naruto and Sasuke. "Did... did we just-" 'See each others memories.'

Naruto looked at Sakura, his eyes widening slowly. "And we can-" 'hear each others thoughts.'

Naruto shook his head as he tried to wrap his head around it. Sasuke placed a hand on Sakura's and naruto's shoulders. "come on we'll think on the way to the gate."

Naruto and Sakura nodded but all of them were nervous, all of them unsure. But they, together, took steps towards the second test.

Naruto jumped from one branch to the other. Sasuke was above him about 4 meters, on a higher branch. Sakura was behind them, watching the sides. They were making progress towards the backside of the tower. Sasuke said that there would be too many people going directly towards the tower that not many would go to the back. Naruto still wanted them to move quickly because some of them might be as smart as them. And if they were, they would be a challenge. Sakura had suggested that they follow the river as it lead directly to a pond near the forest. Sasuke agreed but Naruto pointed out it was a good place for an ambush. Sakura said then retorted that they should follow nearby but not directly on it. And then Sasuke called Naruto a dobe and Naruto argued back.

But what made this conversation so interesting was that it only lasted for a second. They had discussed the route, formation, counter plan if they were attacked, ambush plan and even retreat plan in the very same second as well. And what was even more strange was that they didn't even notice only a second had gone by.

Anko looked at the scene before her. Her nose wrinkled in disgust. 'this is his technique dammit.' Anko turned to the Anbu who had found them. Anko called out to them. "We need to get into the forest NOW!" Anko charged towards the forest and the Anbu followed quickly. One of them was on the radio calling for reinforcements and reporting to the Hokage.

The screams of various shinobi echoed faintly throughout the forest, weapons clashing, and trees and wildlife moving about. Even though they were going the 'less taken' route, Sasuke still heard numerous dangers and directed the team away from them. Ever few minutes or so, Sakura would direct Naruto to make Kage bunshins and send them out. Sometimes they would be henged into them and other times they would be normal kage bunshin. They kept running for at least 9 hours, making great progress towards the tower but they had to slow down as the forest grew immensely thicker which mean wild life and possible traps were much more... likely to be encountered. To know that they were in a foreign landscape with enemies that could be lurking in the shadows watching them was enough to scare even the brave and veteran gennin.

But for Team 7 that was not what scared them. What scared them was what they were becoming. Half the time, when they talked, they didn't even know if they were talking out loud or talking through thoughts. Half the time they didn't even know if a second had gone by while they conversed or a whole hour. It was tantalizing, infuriating. But it made them closer. For some reason, they knew, they knew that the only had each other to rely on. They knew that there was no other choice but to put complete faith into the person next to them and hope they would not go insane.

"This place is creeping me out," Sakura said quietly as they stopped for a break. Team Seven had been traveling nonstop from the moment they entered the forest.

"I'm telling you, Sakura," Naruto said for the thirtieth time. 'we can handle it if we work together'

Turning around, Naruto started walking towards a tree. Naruto blinked as he felt something new. Calling over his shoulder, he said, "I'm gonna take a leak." and then Naruto focused on his thoughts with all his might. 'there is someone else here.' Naruto hopped they got the message. Whatever was happening to them, if they could use it to their advantage... maybe... maybe it wasn't a bad thing at all.

"Like I wanted to know that, Naruto!" Sakura snapped, though she bit her lip. She had heard naruto's message and felt where he was … sensing the other presence. It was like she knew everything he wanted them to know. 'I have several explosive tags attached to kunai do you want to-'

Sakura saw herself throw a kunai and the tag at the area.

'No' Sasuke responded with his thoughts. 'It would attract too many people' Suddenly another image was conjured before the three gennin. Naruto summoned a huge number of Kage bunshin and spread them out every where. A few of them would hold Explosive tags. Naruto blinked as he saw the image. 'Maybe but that wouldn't that attract attention to.'

Sasuke huffed as Naruto rejected his plan. 'Sakura what do you think' Sasuke thought as he reached down to put his hand near his kunai holster. Sakura bit her lip. Another image conjured up. It was Sasuke throwing the kunai at the target. Naruto sending several kage bunshin at them and then making a couple extra. Using the kage bunshin, he transformed some of them into Sasuke and Sakura. Then Scattered them. Sasuke and Sakura were then showed hiding in the under bush waiting for the reaction of the spy. Naruto would pretend to run off as well but remain hidden in the top area.

'Right, sounds like a good plan' Naruto thought.

Sakura allowed herself a small smile.

Sasuke gripped his kunai. 'Do it.'

Sasuke threw the kunai and as soon as he did so, Naruto, who had just zipped up his pants, made the Kage bunshin. The newcomer jumped up away from the kunai and moved towards the upper parts of the trees. Naruto's kage bunshin followed and, like planned, some of them henged. Naruto jumped towards the upper parts to gain height and see what was going on.

Sasuke and Sakura hid in the underbrush, both of them stilling their breaths. Neither of them noticing how unnaturally calm they were... as if they knew Naruto would be alright. It was as if they could feel what he was doing

Zipping through the branches, Naruto winced as he felt another Kage bunshin disappear. This guy was good... real good. Naruto saw purple rope wrapped around the person. Black hair flowing down across the back. The person was faced away from him so he had yet to see his presence but Naruto knew they had to get away. His danger senses were flaring up incredibly. Naruto closed his eyes and focused, praying he would be heard.

'this guy is dangerous we can't beat him' Naruto focused on the image of the guy beating his kage bunshin and hoped his teammates below would understand. Naruto opened his eyes and froze. The creepy nin turned towards him.

"Ohhh, hello there Naruto-kun." The weirdo said, his tongue slithering about. "Would you happen to tell me where Sasuke kun is?"

Naruto gritted his teeth and spat out, "Fuck you."

Sasuke and Sakura jolted as they felt the message come. 'Shit' Sasuke thought 'we have to go get Naruto.' Sakura grabbed his arm. 'No, he's after you, it'll make things worse.'

'But' Sasuke tried to move up but Sakura held him down. And instead, Sakura jumped up and towards Naruto.

Sasuke gritted his teeth as his sense felt Naruto fighting hard. How he knew this, he didn't know. He didn't care. All that mattered was his team. That's right... all that mattered was his team. Sasuke took off after Sakura.

Naruto weaved under a punch and made two kage bunshin. They tackled the strong nin and pushed him back. The Nin easily took out a kunai and stabbed them. Naruto landed on a farther back branch and panted. He didn't want to get near this guy, hell he didn't even want to touch him. 'Guys get out of here' Naruto thought, once again hoping they would listen.

Suddenly something ran through his head. 'What, Sakura. What are you doing I told you to-'

'Shut up Naruto' Naruto heard Sakura growl... or think.

The nin before him blinked as he saw something approach from under him. The fake grass nin leaned back as a kunai missed him by centimeters. "ooh close there miss..." Sakura jumped up and kept jumping till she was on a higher ledge. She held another kunai in her hand. The Grass nin licked his lips expectantly. "Now Can you tell me where Sasuke kun is?"

Sakura smiled. "I think he'll introduce himself."

The Grass nin blinked and then felt a chakra spike above him. Sasuke had henged out of the Kunai form and sent a Katon: Grand fire ball at the snake like man. The man jumped out of the way and Naruto sent out several kage bunshins at him, hoping to catch him in mid air. Sadly, the grass nin grabbed the clones and used them as spring boards. The nin jumped up all the way and flipped around. He landed upside down on the same branch that Sasuke was. Sasuke gritted his teeth, his Sharingan activated. Sasuke charged at the man.

The grass nin easily parried Sasuke's blows as they jumped from tree to tree. Sakura jumped around, trying to follow and keep above them. Naruto jumped as well, but kept below Sasuke. The grass nin suddenly disappeared and reappeared behind Sasuke. Sakura saw this and her eyes widened.

Sasuke blinked as he suddenly saw an image of himself and the Grass nin appearing behind him. Sasuke ducked and sprung forward to get away from the nin. He flipped over and cursed. The grass nin was too fast and was charging at him. By the time he landed the grass nin would be upon him.

Just then the world froze. The world froze. It froze. Nothing moved. 'What is going on' Sasuke thought.

'what the hell' Sasuke heard Naruto's thoughts.

'Forget about this, we need to help you, Sasuke.' Sakura cried out with her thoughts.

'yea' Sasuke thought. It didn't matter if this was not supposed to be reality. It was their messed up reality that they were dealing with and dammit if it helped them, they would take it. In less than a second they made a plan. In less than a second they reviewed the plan. And in less than a second they came to an understanding what this was. They were connected. They could here each others' thoughts. They could see each others' memories. Each one could see what the other saw, at any time. They... were connected.

Orochimaru charged at the boy in front of him. He would have to give him the curse seal now. These gennins were quite good and it would be hassle because the Anbu would probably get here if he played too long. Orochimaru saw the boy's face change from fear to a smirk. 'What the' Orochimaru thought.

Suddenly, Orochimaru heard a whistle to his left. He paused and stepped back as a kunai was thrown at him. 'Damn' Orochimaru looked over and saw the girl had thrown it. 'I'll have to kill these-'

Suddenly, the kunai that was thrown at him was caught by the blonde boy. 'What the hell!' Orochimaru thought as he jumped back. The boy spun on his heel and suddenly let loose three shuriken. Orochimaru had jumped back a bit too far and he was near the trunk. With no maneuvering room, Orochimaru jumped up and went used the tree trunk as a second floor.

"Katon: Dragon Fire"

'impossible' Orochimaru thought as he placed his forearms in front of him and added chakra to cover his body. The flame hit him directly and pushed him through several trees. Orochimaru landed on another branch and lowered his arms, the skin he had borrowed had melted. His arms were a bit singed but nothing to worry about. But what was worrying was this coordination. He had seen this level coordination before... but that was with...

Orochimaru's eyes widened as he looked at the three gennins in front of him. 'Kami!' he thought wonder.

A sudden warm feeling filled his stomach, he couldn't believe his luck. It was too good to be true. It was a miracle, it was unheard of. It was absolutely amazing. "AHAHHA" Orochimaru laughed as he placed a hand on his head in hysteria. "This is AMAZING! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!" The three gennin grouped up on a higher branch obviously ready for anything.

Orochimaru kept laughing, still trying to comprehend what was before him. "T-The Power to Take on a Hundred Shinobi without pause!"

Naruto took out two kunai and moved slightly to the left of Orochimaru.

Orochimaru lowered his hands as he looked at the unlimited potential before him. "The Power to Defeat Kages!"

Sasuke went through several hand seals, prepping a new jutsu.

Orochimaru licked his lips and took off the skin that covered his face. "The Power to Combine Souls into One."

Sakura took out a kunai with an explosion tag on it.

Orochimaru gave another laugh. "The ultimate form of teamwork. Synchro." Orochimaru looked at the gennins before him. This was unheard of. No, not unheard of, it was recorded very well in the First Shinobi war, where a group of Anbu had achieved Synchro. Five nins took on defending a fortress against a company of 100. The battle only lasted a day. And the Five nins came out weary but unscathed. They had achieved synchro.

One of the people who was in the fortress at the time had recorded a very important and noticeable trait about synchro. Their eyes...

Naruto stared at Orochimaru, his eyes glowing blue.

Sasuke gathered chakra in his gut, his eyes glowing red.

Sakura raised her arm in preparation to throw, her eyes glowing green.

They had achieved synchro.

Orochimaru prepared himself, not wanting to let this opportunity go to waste. But he would not underestimate them at all.

The two forces clashed.

Now comparing a sannin to 3 gennins it would be obvious that the sannin would crush the 3 gennin with his pinkie... toe. But, if all 3 gennins worked as one then that proved a challenge. Or lets rephrase that.

A girl with a rapid fire brain, who knew the ins and outs of physics, and could create strategies on the fly. A boy who could see movement and slow it down incredibly, who had an arsenal of jutsus. And a jinchuuriki. They were not a normal team, and synchro allowed them to have beyond perfect teamwork. It allowed them to become a true single unit.

But even so, they were no match for one of the Sannin. Naruto flew back as he hit a tree. Orochimaru panted as he had just been stabbed by a kunai. Team 7 had been trying to go for a killing blow but Orochimaru was too fast. They had fought for a good 20 minutes and took numerous blows, nothing serious but enough blows to slow them down. They were only able to stab Orochimaru in the shoulder and it wasn't that deep as well. Naruto felt a hand grab him and pick him up. He didn't need to look to know that Sakura had helped him up. Hell, he knew she would help him up before he even hit the tree trunk.

'any new ideas' Naruto thought, once again time froze.

'not really' sakura thought wearily.

'We need to think of something, chakras running low.' Sasuke thought as well.

They once again made a new strategy. But as they came back to reality, whatever that was, four new presences dropped down, around the gennins and more importantly Orochimaru.

Anko glared at her former sensei. "It ends here you bastard."

Orochimaru chuckled, "ooohh, looks like we have newcomers."

One of the Anbu saw Orochimaru's bleeding wound. "These gennins wounded you?"

Orochimaru chuckled. "You have no idea what diamonds you have lying under your noses, Konoha. "

The Snake stepped back and the Anbu tensed. Anko, letting common sense go, charged at Orochimaru.

The Snake sannin swung down with the kunai that he had taken out of his body. Anko started to reach up and block, when Sakura appeared above Orochimaru and grabbed his arm. Orochimaru's eyes widened. Anko used the opportunity to reach for a kunai of her own. Orochimaru saw this and used his free hand to spear Anko. Before the hand touched Anko, Naruto came down from above and axe kicked the hand down. Orochimaru growled as he opened his mouth and let a snake come out to bite Anko. But it wasn't to be as Sasuke, from above, threw down kunai and hit the snake dead on. Anko, finally, took out the kunai and slashed at Orochimaru. It was a shallow hit but it was a hit. Orochimaru let out a chakra burst sending his attackers back, though Sasuke was far back enough to not be hit and the Anbu were prepared for this. Orochimaru glared at all the nins in front of him. "it looks like I'll have to retreat for now"

As soon as he finished those words, Sasuke had let loose a fire ball at him. Orochimaru quickly jumped and disappeared into the ground. Sasuke jumped down towards the branch where Anko had landed. Naruto, who had recovered and a farther branch, jumped and landed next to him. Sakura jumped upwards towards her team.

When they all had landed together, their eyes dimmed. None of the nins present noticed the glowing eyes. Anko looked at the weary and beat up gennin and felt a pang of pity.

"you brats alright?" Anko asked.

Naruto looked her, his breath heavy, like his team. Naruto shook his head. "Low on chakra" Naruto coughed twice. "And tired as hell. Shit I think i'm-" And like a team, the three gennin all fainted at the same time. The Anbu and Anko caught them before they even started to fall. Anko raised an eye brow, "i have to admit I'm impressed with these kids."

One of the Anbu looked at the kids, "Do we drop off some where? Near the tower?"

Anko tapped her lip. In this condition they wouldn't survive the forest. And like Orochimaru said, they were diamonds. She would have to … bend the rules.

"Drop them in the tower and on your way take out a team that has the opposite scroll. Do it without being seen and give this team the scroll."

One of the Anbu stiffened. "You're rigging the test?"

Anko glared at the Anbu. "These kids just fought of a Sennin. Do you think they are capable of getting a scroll right now?"

The Anbu fell silent. Anko nodded to herself. "good then, get to it. I'll make a formal report to the Hokage." but that wasn't the only thing, her curse seal was hurting.

The first thing Naruto noticed when he woke up was not the unfamiliar ceiling, the unfamiliar bed, the pain, the aches nor the fact he was not in the forest. No, the first thing he noticed was his teammates laying next to him, and he didn't even have to look at them. Naruto got up slowly, now recognizing the pain, now recognizing everything else.

'What happened.' Naruto thought. Where was he? Why wasn't he in the forest. Questions ran through his head quickly.

'Shut up dobe.' Sasuke groaned as he thought and opened his eyes slowly. Naruto looked at Sasuke with a twitching eye brow.

'I'm not even talking.' Naruto thought back.

'But I can still hear your damn thoughts.' Sasuke sat up and clutched his aching head.

Naruto blinked... that was right. This ability, it was called-

'Synchro' The third member of the party called out. Sasuke immediately looked over. 'Sakura you ok?'

Naruto eye brow twitched. 'YOU ask HER if she's ok. Jeez, don't I feel wanted.'

Sasuke snorted. 'It would take nothing less but to disintegrate your body to kill you.'

Naruto rolled his eyes.

'I'm fine.' Sakura replied and then looked around. 'Looks like we were moved? Are we out of the test?'

Naruto's eyes widened. 'but that's not fair, we didn't choose that battle with that crazy bastard.'

Sasuke sighed. 'probably not.' Sasuke than saw a note on the table between Naruto's and Sasuke's bed. (Sakura was on the other side of Sasuke). Sasuke grabbed it and read it. As he read it, Naruto and Sakura also read it as well. It was as if Sasuke willed the information to be passed over to them.

Naruto nodded and gave a big smile as he finished getting the info. 'Great we get a free by.'
Sakura and Sasuke smiled as well. His emotions were infectious, not too far off considering it was bleeding towards them with the connection they had. Naruto let his legs kick over the sides and he stood up and stretched. 'Ok, so we train for three more days and we're good.'

Sasuke nodded. 'Yep' Sasuke laid back on his bed and looked up at the ceiling. 'What's happening to us, I don't know if this is even real'

Naruto rolled his eyes and started to move forward to wack Sasuke. But Sakura beat him to it, surprisingly, and pinched Sasuke. Sasuke jolted and looked exasperatedly at Sakura. 'What was that for.'

Sakura leaned back and batted her eyes innocently at him. 'what? You wanted to know whether it was a dream or not.'

Naruto started to laugh, then sakura. And then Sasuke. They stopped laughing as there was a knock on the door. It took a moment for Naruto to find his voice, literally. "Come in."

A familiar bush of grey hair came in with a familiar book.

Sakura smiled at the intruder. "Kakashi-sensei!"

Kakashi smiled at them and gave them a one hand wave. "yo! Good job guys." Kakashi looked around and spotted a chair. He grabbed it and sat down.

"I wanted to let you guys know about a couple things. On orders from the top."

"The old man?" Naruto asked.

Kakashi nodded. "yep, Anyways kids." Kakashi's eye became serious and so did the kids. Kakashi only got like this when he was talking about some important stuff like unity or strategies, stuff like that. "First of all, the person who attacked was a nuke-nin. A very powerful one. If you ever see him again you start running in the opposite direction and contact the Hokage or an Anbu immediately."

Kakashi paused till all the kids nodded. The jounin coninued. "Ok, next up, you guys were given a by. Anko thought you guys were... good enough to be given one. You did after fight one of them."

'them' Naruto asked with his mind. It was obvious that the message was directed to Sakura.

'No idea.' Sakura replied back, biting her lips.

Kakashi placed his head on his hands and his elbow on his leg. "Ok, final thing. Did any of you get bitten by him? Or anything strange happen to you."

The gennins looked at each other and then back at Kakashi. "nope" the reply came in a unison.

Kakashi blinked and looked at his gennin. They weren't lying or at least they were being very good deceivers but it would have been very hard to fool him.

Kakashi nodded and stood up. He brushed off imaginary dust on his pants and said, "Well I can't stay any longer or i'll break the rules. Ja ne." Kakashi said with a wave.

His gennin waved back and smiled at him. Kakashi walked out the door and then paused. He had listened before he entered... they didn't talk but they some how communicated (judging by the motions)... interesting.

Naruto let out a deep sigh. 'Man I thought he was onto us again.'

Sasuke nodded as he let go of his breath as well. They had decided not to tell anyone about 'synchro' or whatever this ability was. They wanted to tell kakashi but then he would report to Hokage and then who knows what would happen then. They could be looked up in a psyche ward or interrogated or something.

Naruto stood up from the bed and walked towards the center of the room. He stretched his arms as he did so. 'sasuke, I think i'm getting used to this talking in the head thing, but do you feel like a pull on yourself or something? How about you Sakura?'

Sakura paused for a bit. 'yea I think so.'

'Is it like a small nudge from the top of your head right. Like something is pulling a piece of hair over there.'

Naruto nodded. 'It gets weaker as I move away.' Naruto moved away a bit further and nodded to himself again as he felt the pull get a little bit weaker. It wasn't even strong but he could definetl,y tell the difference. 'Its towards you two.'

'Same here, ...well to you and Sasuke, at least' Sakura mused.

Sasuke blinked as he looked at Naruto's eyes. 'naruto you're-'

Naruto blinked as he saw himself but what attracted him was his eyes. They were glowing. 'What the hell' Naruto blinked twice and looked over to Sasuke. His was too and so was Sakura's. He sent mental visions of what he saw and all of them blinked. 'The hell.' Naruto closed his eyes and started to focus anywhere. He wanted to know if something was different about his body (other than the obvious). Naruto felt it. It was a tap in the back of his neck. Slightly above his jaw but not far back enough to be his skull. It was like the bottom of the brain. He felt something running through that part of the brain. What was even stranger was the fact that he could close of this running part. Naruto opened his eyes and Sakura sent an image showing that his eyes wasn't glowing any more. Naruto sent them the feeling of how to do it and they both deactivated the glowey eye thingy.

Naruto blinked. 'what's the difference.' Naruto brought up his hands to scratch his head.

As he did so, Sakura bit her lip, 'maybe its something to do with-'

they all froze as their minds raced. Sasuke blinked as he realized something. Immediatley, Sasuke took out a kunai and dropped it. All three of them then released the running feeling and suddenly the kunai froze in mid air, everything froze. 'this is...' they all thought at the same time.

Sasuke then moved to grab the kunai and the world moved again. But the running feeling was still there. 'Does this allow us to freeze time.'

Sakura snorted. 'it's impossible to freeze time but... we could be thinking so fast that our reactions is limitless.'

Naruto bit his lips as he he grabbed the kunai from Sasuke. Sasuke glared at him. Naruto threw it up and focused. The world froze for all of them again. 'So when we will it to stop, everything stops.' Naruto thought … out loud. Sakura stood up and the world moved once more.

Sakura finished the thought for him. 'And when we move everything goes back to normal.'

The members of team 7 looked at each other with wonder. The possibilities of this was limitless. They could come up with any plan. Share anything. React to anything with ease.

It was at this time that team 7 truly understood the ability they had. The power it held.

The Syncrho.

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