A Quest Ends



The bass heavy music throbbed through her body and pounded her eardrums but Sarah found the sensation not only pleasant but arousing as Jareth molded his lithe body to hers. The copious amounts of alcohol they'd consumed didn't hurt either creating an agreeable buzzing sort of numbness consuming her skin and five senses until she couldn't be sure where she ended and Jareth began. Of course, the fact that his hands were restless nomads mapping her body scantily clad in club wear, while their legs were tightly and alternately intertwined as they ground against one another probably added more to the Ouroboros effect.

Feeling Jareth's leather clad thigh between her legs set her aflame and ignoring the other dancers on the crowed, darkened club floor, Sarah hitched her short skirt up a bit and lowered herself to the warm, smooth surface until she felt the perfect contact through her silk panties. The only reason she heard Jareth's indrawn hiss over the din of the dance music was due to his lips strategically, conventionally located at her ear. His grasping hands clenched her buttocks forwards then backwards while he suddenly pistoned his well positioned leg upwards; Sarah gasped then moaned, her neck losing tone causing her head to collapse to his chest. Jareth continued to repeat the action as she gripped his upper arms to help, all pretense at dancing forgotten.

"Sarah," His husky voice cooed in her ear, his words covered by the music and undulating patrons surrounding them. "My Queen, cry out for me." Her inhibitions lowered by the alcohol and his presence, Sarah felt her body rapidly spiral as their pace quickened. Her fingernails dug painfully into his arms; they would leave marks he knew but when ecstasy painted his Sarah's visage he denied her nothing.

"J—Jareth...Jareth!" She screamed loud enough the a few of the closer dancers glanced in their direction but a stern glare from Jareth and their private sphere within the crushing noise and shifting bodies returned. Slipping his arms around Sarah's torso he supported her weight as her knees wobbled and she rested against him, aftershocks trembling through her body. Jareth kissed her temple guiding their intense grinding rhythm to a slower, drifting dance as their bodies stood positioned normally.

Visions of her high school prom wafted through her mind at the simplistic two-step but memories of her prom date fell woefully short compared to the man holding her now. What was that guy's name again?

'Who cares!' Tutu enthusiastically said.

'Too true.' Sarah agreed snuggling closer to Jareth and inhaled his wild, indefinable yet very masculine scent which went straight to her head.

'Not just your head, Honey.'

'Uh-hmmmmm,' was Sarah scarcely coherent reply.

"Sarah," Jareth's silky baritone cut through her lusty haze enough that she raised her face from his chest to meet his eyes. The adoration she found there still shocked her, even after nearly a year since they first discovered their mutual attraction and later their love. "Sarah, you're tired. Would you like to rest? Perhaps another drink?" He asked and she heard him clearly away from her ear; she suspected he'd conjured a spell to enhance his speech to her or her hearing or both, she glanced down at her necklace to catch the faint glow at her cleavage...figures. She grinned; she was gradually getting used to his casual use of magic but at least she owned this handy-dandy magical lie detector necklace given from him as a Valentine's Day/please-forgive-and-don't emasculate-me gift last year.

"Sure," She nodded allowing him to lead her from the dance floor towards their table shared with her friend Amanda and latest boyfriend Tad or Chad something. Her necklace continued to glow faintly as Jareth easily parted the horde before him. Whenever anyone asked about her unusual necklace she explained it away as a sort of mood ring material, not really caring if anyone believed her or not.

'He sure does like his magic doesn't he?' observed Tutu a bit scathingly.

'Well, I suppose that'll never change, especially now that he's feeling more comfortable using it around me again.'

'But does he have to be so blatant?'

'Geez, Tutu, what's with you? Since when are so anti-Jareth? He is Fae or whatever; magic is like breathing for him. I'm just glad he's finally beginning to use it more often, he's been so tense; it's taken long enough.'

'Since he nearly killed your friend Brad, at least he's not spying on you anymore.'

No immediate reply came to Sarah. A year ago was difficult for both she and Jareth as they figured out their emotions, needs, and wants. Their relationship boundaries remained a bit shifty at times with the 'my Queen' nonsense—she still wasn't sure how she felt about that—but overall they'd matured quite well together as they learned to be better versions of themselves while together, sarcastic teasing versions but still...growth. And don't forget the mind-blowing, ultra-hot, IQ-lowering sex. Seriously, sometimes Sarah wondered if she might develop a learning disability one day and bye-bye law firm partnership. Sort of like when she made scary faces at Toby to make him cry—a few weeks before wishing him away—and her step-mom viciously teased her by saying her face would freeze that way.

Upon reaching their table Amanda waved and scooted over in the booth allowing Sarah room to sit. Jareth leaned down to Sarah's eye level to hear her drink order then accepted a deep kiss from her before weaving his way back through the mass to the bar, oblivious to her hungry eyes studying his retreating backside. Jareth and leather...yummy...

'Like peanut butter and jelly, eggs and bacon, salmon and lox...' Tutu ruminated.

'Oh, so now you're back in the rah-rah, go Jareth club and what's with the food comparisons?'

'Honey, my membership never expired, but I'm allowed to question the bylaws. As far as the food goes...you're the one you said he was yummy. I'm just agreeing. Yuuuuummy!' A snort of laughter escaped Sarah and Amanda looked over from her snuggling with her current boyfriend what's-his-face, a rather bland looking, all American type with a matching personality. Amanda's enquiring eyebrow prompted Sarah's nevermind head shake. Wouldn't do letting her few real friends in on her crazy mental voice; they likely thought her crazy enough already.



The endorphin, alcohol, and probably many illegally dosed mortals divided before him; the combination of his inherent charisma, even cloaked in false humanity, and a spattering of spells worked quite effectively to his advantage. The thought of shouldering his way through the mass of sweating, buzzed humans...well, he just didn't think of it. The only human concerning him desired a Crown and Coke which he could simply conjure for her but chose to purchase in mundane fashion. Even a year later and he endeavored to prove to her his ability to withhold from excess and unnecessary—which was a foggy word to be sure as their definitions of unnecessary greatly differed—use of magic, especially in regards to her. But she witnessed his struggles, he made sure of that!

Reaching the swamped bar, Jareth attempted to patiently wait for his turn but within a few minutes he gave up and suddenly the bartender ignored all but Jareth. Ahh, but it was good to be the king! Mere moments with his order in hand Jareth turned from the bar returning to Sarah. He smiled; this evening out with her friends an excellent idea. Their relationship slowly strengthened after their near disastrous Valentine's Day a year ago...

'Which was completely and utterly your fault, old boy.' His voice blabbed abruptly, Jareth groaned.

'My, my, I hadn't heard from you in nearly a fortnight. Where do you run off to, Jimmy Cricket's Club Med for consciences?'

'Funny...Oh, here and there, but don't fear. I'm never far when you're stirring up trouble.'

'Pardon? I'm doing nothing of the sort. I'm merely retrieving refreshment for my Sarah and I during our evening out with friends. Her friends, I'll have you know, which she is now quite easy about introducing me to.' Not bothering to hide the relish in his mental voice, Jareth rubbed it on thick.

'Yes, I'd noticed. You think they've noticed her necklace lighting up all night?' The voice responded dryly.

'Whatever do you mean?' Jareth said in all innocence.

'Stuff it, Jareth. I know how much magic you've been using tonight and so does Sarah.'

'W-well, I...'

'Just because she's keeping her mouth buttoned doesn't mean she's okay with it. You're getting mighty comfortable lately.'

Jareth growled under his breath, 'Bugger off, things are fine, I'm handling it.'

'Just watch yourse—what was that?' Jareth felt the shift just as his voice commented on the awareness. A magic user, a mortal nearby, in the crowd had just attempted a questing spell directed at him. Eyes narrowed, his grip on the glasses so tight they shook, Jareth scanned the mass of surging humans searching for his quarry. The dissipated spell left no hint for him to track as it was too weak, passive and the humans too numerous and anonymous to suss out a single pathetic, mortal sorcerer.

"Run little trickster, run and hide for now." Jareth whispered fiercely before shaking off the unsettling feelings of foreign magic and finished his trek to Sarah. Many years had passed since he felt such a spell; he didn't enjoy it now anymore than years ago.



Unbelievable! After all these years, after all the exhausting research and hunting, to have figuratively stumbled over their goal by pure chance boggled Rafferty's mind. Then to nearly give himself away by his clumsy spell of seeking but he needed to confirm the suspicions that his years of sorcery training screamed. This man exuded power as perfume hovers around a freshly bloomed flower and Rafferty a bee drawn to the scent.

He watched as the compelling man unsuccessfully searched the throng for him eventually giving up with a feral expression. A thrill of fear mixed with exhilaration borne of a man's long quest come to fruition shot through Rafferty's gut. He continued to spy on the powerful man until he arrived at a booth table and intimately greeted a beautiful brunette handing her a drink, interesting. Rafferty decided to keep a discreet but close watch on the couple for the evening, who knows what nuggets of golden information he might discover.



"Sarah, are you tired?" Jareth asked draping his arm over her shoulders.

She shrugged, "Not really, why?" Then took a sip of her drink as she gazed into his hooded eyes, a strange expression floated in their depths, one she'd not seen before and suddenly she worried. "What is it?"

A small, almost imperceptible frown pulled at his lips, "Finish your drink then we should leave."

"Jareth?" He heard the note of odd anxiety in her voice which even alcohol and afterglow could not mask. He pulled her close, tucking her into his side. No mortal sorcerer truly concerned him; their feeble efforts in the far distant past—laughable. But that was before Sarah.

"Trust me, Sarah. As soon as you're ready we should go. I'll explain but not here." She really didn't like the look in his eyes. Knowing him as she did the last few years she ventured to name it apprehension and anything that caused Jareth apprehension...

"Let's go." She told him and instant relief blossomed in his mismatched eyes. He smiled and kissed her before turning to Amanda and her boyfriend.

"Pleasure to see you again, Amanda, and to have met you, Chad." He extended his hand to Chad who shook it with some surprise, but Amanda spoke.

"You guys are leaving? So soon?"

"I'm afraid we must, my apologies." Jareth stated as he and Sarah exited the booth.

"Sorry, Mandy, something's come up. I'll call you later." Sarah leaned down giving Amanda a half hug and sheepish smile.

"Okay, drive careful you guys."

"Thank you, Amanda, Chad." Jareth dipped his head and steered Sarah from the table eager to depart now that her conviction to be gone matched his. They briskly walked through the crowd to the exit and as soon as they were away from prying eyes Jareth teleported them to Sarah's apartment. Unfortunately, neither realized that Rafferty saw them leave nor did they know that he waited until Amanda and Chad rejoined the dancers abandoning their table and Sarah and Jareth's partially used drinks. Rafferty quickly snatched both glasses, dumped the contents in a nearby trashcan and hid the glasses in his jacket with a triumphant smile.



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