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Title: Spider

Rating: T-M

Crossover: Harry Potter and Death Note

Pairings: Harry/Beyond Birthday (one-sided; haven't decided yet...)

Background info:(come up with a better one) Voldemort fell in love with a shinigami female. Their product was Beyond Birthday; Voldemort was supposed to die when he tried to kill Boy Who Lived (Harry Potter) but the shinigami saved him giving up her life. Beyond was put in an orphanage where ten years later he went to Hogwarts with Harry.

Summary: Harry and Beyond become fast friends. Beyond doesn't want to share Harry and he will destroy anyone who tries to comes in between their bond, just like a fly Harry is trapped in the spider's web, will he ever get out?

Kokushibyō still and quiet as ever sat on a high stone ledge watching various Shinigami entertain themselves. She viewed it as useless; the Shinigami realm was a cold, dead, and bare. All daylong they sat under a dark sky either gambling, sleeping, or writing names in their Death Notes.

Although, there was one form of entertainment that few if any dare to indulge in. That was playing with the mortals.

Humans were such fickle beings always striving for what they could never have, destroying each over land. Humans were also weak; they constantly died over the smallest things, yet if one human died fifty more came into place.

Few Shinigami "dropped" his or her Death Notes from time to time; whether it is on a playground or an isolated place someone always picked it up. A handful were smart enough to leave it there, others, read the rules and became power-crazed as soon as the first name was jotted down.

Kokushibyō got up lethargically walking over to a smaller group of holes that circled a large crater, which led to the human realm. The smaller holes showed pockets of the mortals' environment. Peering into each for a second on two she didn't see any human worth the interest.

They were all boring having absolutely nothing to offer her at all. She spotted a human that almost perked her interest named Kimi, but she kept her distance. Kimi herself was nothing special, but whom she would bring into the world was.

Lawliet would be born in fifty-three years on October 31st 1979. He was going to lead a very interesting short life.

When he died, Lawliet could be a worthy Shinigami or Soul Reaper depending on how he used his talents. She would watch out for him, maybe when he was dead he would make the realm more lively. Yes, Lawliet would be someone worthy to play games with instead of wasting away doing nothing, but gambling and sleeping.

Giving one last look to Kimi, Kokushibyō moved to another hole. She continued to look into other holes until finally one had fully caught her eye. A young boy about three or four sat with bruises and welts decorating his body.

Everybody around him appeared to be comfortably sleeping though he was there watching all of them under a ray of moonlight resembling a dark angel. His gaze was piercing with unbridled intelligence and depth no child should have.

"I am better than all these filthy humans, I will show them." The child spat.

"I will." He declared.

"I will."

Kokushibyō smiled showing all of her jagged teeth. "It seems I have found my entertainment. He is perfect." She crooned to herself, glee clear in her voice. Getting a bit closer to the hole she sat down on the rocky terrain to watch this boy.

No, not boy.

Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr.


Kokushibyō blinked three times before she got up. Fifty-three years had passed since she had found To- no- Voldemort in 1929. True to the words he had said at three, Tom had shown the world what he was capable of.

The world he was thrusted into at eleven went through a period of darkness when he became seventeen. Everywhere he went along with his collected followers there was mass panic and hysteria accompanied with destruction and death.

People feared their lives everyday. Never trusting anyone, only the closest ones they held dear to their heart. Nothing could walk in the streets without the constant fear of the Dark Lord. It was maddening; she hadn't seen this much hysteria since the plague. It sent a delightful shiver down her spine.

Kokushibyō strapped her notebook to her waist; a gust of wind from the east encased her body. After a few minutes the wind died down leaving Kokushibyō as a human.

Her once pure black wings adorned with skeletal bones disappeared leaving tattoos on either side of her back. Her entire attire changed into a midnight blue gothic dress with black leggings and knee high black boots to match. Kokushibyō grayish skin turned into a pure white.

Her whole body changed into that of a full-bodied woman with the blackest hair to match. The last feature she had was her garnet red eyes.

"Show time!" Kokushibyō giggled to herself before she stepped into the hole swirling with grayish matter. Unaware to her a lone Shinigami was watching her with a sadistic grin and curiosity in his blood red eyes.

After a few seconds her surroundings changed into a dark manor. A single hallway was illuminated and she decided to take the path. The deep blue walls were thick with dust; the dogwood floors groaned at each step the disguised Shinigami took.

Powerful magic hummed in the air, pulsing with pure power. Kokushibyō couldn't wait; as she took each step it brought her closer to Voldemort. Kokushibyō was practically shaking with excitement when she saw the pale French doors.

Two steps... She could touch the magic as if it was a solid thing.

One step... She could see Tom in before her eyes. Providing her with the best game. She would remember this until she decided to die.

Her pale hand reached out to touch the copper doorknob gasping when she felt the shock. Stunned for a moment she turned the knob, walking in without hesitation. "Who are you?" Hissed through the air.

Kokushibyō turned toward the sound though she didn't say anything. "Who are you?" The voice came again. This time Kokushibyō answered in shaky English.

"My name is Black Death (Kokushibyō). You are Tom Riddle, no?" As soon as those words came out of her mouth, a tsunami of magic slammed into her.

She fell to the ground with a pained groan. Getting up shakily she spoke, "I've been watching you for a long time. I can help you with this." A pale hand groped around her waist until she found her Death Note.

There was silence before the voice called. "Come closer." Kokushibyō did so with haste. At last she could she could see an incredibly pale man with translucent skin was sitting in a throne like chair.

"Tom, Tom, Tom." She crowed.

Said man didn't even blink an eye instead his eyes were focused on the book. "What is that?" He questioned. A smirk decorated her face.

"This," She held up the book, a fire suddenly crackled with life behind Tom making it easier to see the book. "Is my Death Note. Write names in it, the person dies, although, there are rules."

A snort came from Tom, the slits on his face flared slightly in disbelieve. "You lie." Kokushibyō shook her head, the smile still in place.

"Would you like to try?"

Holding out a pale hand toward the book, she gave it to him. "Read the inside cover." Tom absently nodded, grabbing a spare item around him; Tom tapped his wand against it. The item turned into a quill.

Scanning the Death Note curiously, he opened it. Taking a single glance at the inside of the cover then at the crisp white page next to it, he wrote a name. "Wait sixty seconds." Kokushibyō voice rasped.

Tom raised a non-existent eyebrow, giving her a look. Nobody dared to order him around. Sixty seconds passed before a sharp crack interrupted the silence.

Lucius Malfoy appeared before him disheveled, dipping low in a quick bow he started to babble. "I was talking with my father about the latest raid and he just died. Your orders?"

Tom couldn't believe it, this wasn't happening. Sneaking a quick glance at the girl whose smile transformed into something crazier, eyes a lit in joy. Hiding his amazement he addressed Lucius, "You will take his spot in my inner circle. Prove yourself worthy. Don't fail me."

"Thank you, my lord." Lucius Malfoy said before dipping low again. Taking a quick glance at the woman he now noticed, he disappeared with a loud crack.

Once he was gone the Tom turned toward the girl named Black Death. "Tell me everything you know." A chair appeared out of nowhere.

"With pleasure."

Two Years Later

Black Death found herself beside her lord. Tom had proven to be more entertainment than she ever originally thought. She had fallen in love with him even though Tom fell deeper into his insanity.

Tom had even given her a child. Yes, she was pregnant. It was dangerous for her to be like this, but she was. Shinigami didn't fall in love with human it was simply forbidden. The consequences she faced if the higher ups found out were disastrous. If the higher ups caught wind of this, she would die for real.

Shinigami were once humans too. They were the unlucky ones in humanity that had fallen into sin. Thinking they were better than everybody else, going to extreme lengths just to show their importance. Kokushibyō had died because of her vanity in her looks. She had had a feeling that Tom would be a Shinigami because his pride or lust in power.

Sighing, she removed herself from Tom's embrace. Waddling into the kitchen, she searched the cabinet for chocolate frogs and blood pops. Mortals were weird, but they made good food.

Moaning at the taste of chocolate and O blood, she devoured it all. It was so good~, she didn't understand why people would give her disgusted looks when she ate.

Even before was pregnant, she enjoyed this kind of food. "Death," came from Tom's bedroom interrupting her snack. Kokushibyō rolled her eyes at her shortened human name, but nevertheless she walked back into their shared bedroom to see what Tom wanted.

"Yes?" She came in to see Tom fully dressed.

"I have planned another raid at Hogsmead." He said turning around to grab his wand. Kokushibyō didn't bother to say anything. Tom would come back safe, he had the Death Note in his possession and those Death Eaters, he would be fine.

Shrugging her shoulders, she went back into kitchen finding her delicious snack still waiting for her.

Four Months Later

Kokushibyō found herself playing Wizarding chess with a minor Death Eater. "Knig-" She was about to say when she felt a large pool of water around her. Locking eyes with Nathan, she yelled, "Call Tom now!"

Nathan blanched a bit; the Dark Lord had not been in a good mood since he came back from Hogsmead all those months ago. Gulping a bit, his eyes were downcast to the oak floor. "A-a-re you sure?"

Kokushibyō growled her human facade flickered for about a minute. Grabbing Nathan's right arm roughly, she immediately spotted Tom's mark. Jabbing a middle finger into the soft skin without any hesitation, she forced her magic into it.

Almost immediately Tom appeared, his magic rolled off of him in waves. "Get Severus, Now!" Kokushibyō screeched, her wings reappearing after two years flapped rapidly. Tom rushed out of the room to find the greasy haired potions master.

Seconds later Severus strolled in, his black robes billowing with an invisible wind. Tom pointed a pale finger at his lover. Severus nodded getting to work.

As soon as the mortal was near Kokushibyō she started to push as hard as she could. Wincing a bit at the pain, it nothing she couldn't take. About half an hour later, a loud piercing cry was heard.

Cutting the umbilical cord, Severus waved his oak wand over the child, muttering spells to check the child's vitals and what not's committing them to memory. As soon as everything was done, Severus dabbed his forehead with a white handkerchief, then handed the child to his mother.

"Everything appears to be in order." He said courtly before taking his leave. Meanwhile Tom snapped his fingers summoning Dinky to prepare all of the child's things. Coming over to his lover and child he transfixed on the newborn.

"What are we going to name him?" Tom asked. Kokushibyō beckoned Tom closer so she could whisper the name in his ear.

When she was done Tom blinked. "Are you sure?"

She nodded, nuzzling her child. "To everyone else though his name will be Beyond Birthday." As she said that brilliant red orbs opened for the first time.

One Year Later:

Kokushibyō was taking care of Beyond when Tom came in.

"I'm going to the Potters, to get rid of the child." He started.

Kokushibyō wrapped her arms around Beyond tightly. "I'm coming with you, I think Beyond should see his father destroy his greatest menace." She replied back.

Tom appeared like he wanted to protest, but he didn't. Linking arms with her, the both felt like they were being pushed through an extremely small tube. Few seconds later the three of them appeared on lush green grass with a two-story house.

Disabling the wards with a flick of his wand, Tom and his family entered the Potter Domain. "Lily, run! I'll hold him off!" A voice shouted. Tom entered the living room to see James Potter standing his ground with his wand outstretched.

"Ex-" James didn't get to finish the sentence when he flash of green light hit James. He fell to the ground with glassy eyes staring up at the ceiling.

Once that was done Tom and Kokushibyō walked upstairs to Little Harry's Room. Lily was outstretched over little Harry's crib. "Move aside girl." Tom hissed.

"Please, not Harry! Take me instead. Anyone, but Harry!" She pleaded, tears falling down her face.

"I'm not going to ask again, move aside."

"Not Harry!" She begged. Tom groaned in annoyance, he would have to apologize to Severus later. He gave her fair warning.

"Avada Kederva!" He shouted. Lily fell to the ground like James, unmoving. Stepping over the redhead's body he peered into the crib.

Emerald-Green eyes stared up at Tom, he sneered at the child. This child, not even the same age as his son was expected to beat him. That was a laugh. Raising his wand, Tom uttered the killing curse.

A stream of bright green light streaked toward Harry. All the child could do was stare at the light. It was very pretty, like the colors that Daddy's wand made. Reaching toward the light with a happy gurgle, the curse hit Harry directly in the middle of his forehead before it suddenly shot off heading straight toward Tom.

Kokushibyō stared in horror at the light, dropping Beyond, her wings unfurled. Appearing in front of Tom instantaneously. The killing curse hit her directly in the chest.

She wasn't surprised when her whole body felt cold. It wasn't the Avada Kederva curse that killed her. A Shinigami died in place of the victim that was due to die if the Shinigami stepped in for their death. In other words, she wasn't supposed to mess with someone's death. Slumping to the ground, she saw Tom's red eyes wide in horror.

"Live for Beyond." She rasped before her eyes dulled. Kokushibyō body turned backed to her Shinigami form then she started to fade away.

Tom didn't say anything. He didn't hear anything. Instead he apprated without a single thought leaving Beyond and Harry in tears.

Seconds later Sirius Black appeared with a horrified look etched on his face. The whole house was destroyed. Walking into the house he hoped Lily, James, or Harry was alive. Though he knew that chance was little to none.

Like a specter he moved around the house, seeing James' dead body. Moving upstairs he saw Lily just as still on the ground. Sirius couldn't bare to see Harry's little body. A small sound from the crib, made Sirius come over.

Peering into the white crib he thanked the Gods. Harry was alive. Sirius couldn't dwell on that thought at the moment. There would be time for that later.

He had to move the aurors were coming. He knew if he ran Harry would go to those horrible muggles that Lily had told him about. He knew at good Orphanage where Harry would be safe.

Grabbing Harry he was about to leave, but he saw a child around Harry's age there looking confused. Sirius grabbed the child too, he hadn't had time to think about where the child had come from.

With a sharp crack he disappeared.


Buckets of rain came down on Sirius. Through a blurry vision he saw the word Whammy. He never thought he would be so happy to see a word in his life.

Pushing through the gates, Sirius crept up the stone steps. Using his wand, Sirius conjured up warmer blankets for the two boys wrapping them tightly.

Then grabbing two-pieces of wet grass. Transfiguring it into paper he wrote a quick note with his initials scrawled on the bottom. Knocking on the door, Sirius bent down.

As he pecked Harry on the forehead he wondered about the fresh lightning like cut on his little head. Deciding not to dwell on it he said "Good Luck," to the mysterious child, and then left.

Ten seconds passed until an old man opened the door. Eyes moving downward, he picked up the two children. With one last glance outside, he was hoping to see who left the two boys. Searching through the rain he didn't see anyone, it wasn't completely unusual to see a child on his doorstep. He closed the door holding the children close while reading the contents of the letters.

Walking upstairs to a nursery room where a two year old was currently munching on a cookie he said, "Lawliet, meet two new additions. Harry an-" He searched the other child thoroughly before he came across a golden bracelet with two snakes intertwined.

"Beyond Birthday."