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Dreams (Day Two-Three)

Dreams were fickle things.

They drove people to the brink of insanity with little effort. She used to wonder how figments of grandeur, death, and love made man do crazy insane acts. All in the name of a dream they had. All her dreams now were mere wisps that she barely remembered past the morning hours. The last dream she had had been a nightmare when she was six years old. Looking back on it, she stifled a bitter giggle; she wished she were scared of the boogeyman and the monsters that lurked under her bed. She wished she were nothing more than an ignorant child who didn't have a clue of what crept in the dark.

But again, she wished.

Her bouncy blond curls swept across her cheek when she tossed to her right side. The thick cotton covers was thrown over her head. Her brown-colored eyes narrowed into thin slits as she tried to see through her covers. Oh, if anyone saw this might have thought her dumb, but she was smart, if only in a childish way. Her covers were her barrier against the darkness in the room. She knew without a doubt that if she lowered her covers an iota she would see him!

Him and his glowing crimson irises. Unblinkingly staring at her. His smile would cut through the dark. His white canines were looking particularly big. The monster with his red iridescent eyes and horrible smile.

"Linda, Linda, Linda," her name was hissed. She bit back a gasp, determined, not to give the monster any reason to torment her further. "Linda, Linda, Linda," the monster repeated.

Why wouldn't he leave her alone? He was a true monster that fed on fear and pain. Oh, his manipulations spun like silken spider webs around his victims, trapping them in an impenetrable cocoon. She didn't stand a chance! Before she knew it, she was stuck, and like one of those cartoon flies she tried to fly out, but nothing, nothing helped her escape. She was hopelessly stuck. "Leave me alone," she murmured. "Please."

Her covers were ripped from her. She stilled against her mattress. Her heart beat against her chest like war drums. God above, the monster had no qualms straddling her and leering down, studying her as if she was some interesting specimen that amused him. And if she was being honest, she knew she was little more than a toy. He needed someone to play with while his favorite plaything was indisposed.

"Linda, why try?" he asked, faking his sadness.

For a while she pressed her lips together, not wanting to answer him until her innate curiosity and courage bubbled up. "What do you mean by why try?"

"Humans," he spoke as if he wasn't one and to herself she admitted there was something unworldly about him. He, the monster, struck a chord deep inside her that constantly whispered in her ear. She should be afraid of him. He spelled death. "- humans always strive for the impossible. They can never just accept their fates and destinies. Mortals pride themselves in being so superior to other creatures… but all of you are dumb little apes, meaningless creatures faced with the fact that no one cares about your existence!"

She didn't bother with an argument to his words. He breathed in once, closing his eyelids and stilling any bodily motion. Seconds later, he snapped his eyes open, an unhinged smile upon his face. "I need you to do something for me, Linda," he laughed in that grating manner (she associated the sound with nails scratching against a chalkboard). She didn't bother to give him an answer, sensing his words were more rhetorical than anything. Still though, she inclined her head as if to say: what?

"I need you to kiss me tomorrow. In front of my pet," he said neutrally.

"K-kiss you?" she couldn't help her splutter. In front of his emotionally charged pet no less? How could he demand her to do such a thing for him? She couldn't. She wouldn't do that. The monster held power over her, yes, but she wasn't going to do an action so suicidal. In some ways, the monster's pet was even more dangerous than the monster himself.

"Yes. Nothing more than a press of the lips to mine for ten seconds maximum," he informed her blandly. She shook her head frantically.

"No," she replied, "I won't do it."

The monster stared at her bemused by her reply. Again, his horrid laugh escaped his thin lips. She cringed, listening to it for several seconds. He grinned at her in such a manner it reminded her of the Mad Hatter, and the way he acted around Alice. "Silly, little Linda," he cooed in a baby voice. "You will. I know you will because you want to survive! Haha Hehe!"

She blinked at him. Momentary shock and confusion replaced her fear. "Survive? You can't kill me. People will notice. L will throw you in jail," she tried to intimidate him.

He giggled, tilting his head, "Are you sure, Linda dear?" He giggled yet again. "I've already given you a potent concoction of poison. I only hold the antidote." To prove it he grasped two corked vials from his pocket. One was empty; the other held a yellow-tinted liquid. "See."

She shook her head yet again. She couldn't let the monster get under her skin. That'll only exploit a weakness, and from there he'd go in for the kill. "You're lying," she said hotly. It was a brave attempt in false bravado. His black eyebrow raised, he clinked the two glass vials together, creating a sort of chinking noise.

"How can you be sure?" he inquired.

"I've been watching you all day," she answered.

The monster teetered on her, tittering. The damnable smile seemed to grow wider into an impish smirk. "You haven't been awake the entire time," came his rebuttal. She shuddered. He was right. She hadn't. But what had he done to her while she slumbered like a fool? She didn't know. She didn't want to know, because what could she do? She had no evidence to get the boy in trouble and if she did, she was aware that he'd worm his way out of it. She lost before she even started.

"I'll pick you up for dinner tomorrow at eight," he said, sliding off of her. She nodded numbly. He patted her cheek like a naive kid. He left her as quietly as he came. When she was sure he was gone, she found her covers and sheltered her blond head again. She turned to face her wall, which were chock full of paintings and various artworks. Any other time, they'd enchant her but tonight she buried her head into her pillow, fear and apprehension covering her like another blanket.

She closed her eyes tightly.

A sudden zap of lightning seemed to course through her, her body spazzed. She jerked up in her bed, clutching her chest. She looked around her messy bedroom. Everything seemed the same yet different. She shrugged her thin shoulders, lying back down. She must be paranoid. Yeah, that was it. Yawning, she was prepared for sleep, but a serpentine hiss of her name stopped her. She froze, glancing over to the edge of her bed where it originated.

She suppressed a scream. There he was. Sitting there in a quaint manner, gazing at her like he had done before. How? She felt the urge to ask, but it was quelled.

Dreams were truly a fickle thing.

Three days. Beyond's jaw tightened. Three days was enough. The dog hadn't come to him yet! How dare the sad excuse for man presume he was going to succeed in this endeavor! He should've come to him yesterday when his pet was in tears, clearly in agony from the separation. Yet, the man persisted in his task. Beyond couldn't understand such idiocy. No matter, Beyond knew this would send his dear pet over the edge. This would be the push for him to see, how far and deep their bond went. And then, Beyond struggled to hold in his laughter, he'd have someone who was willing to stay by his pet's side forever more. Of course, his precious would never really grow to like the doggy man, but if Beyond persuaded him to allow Sirius into their lives (if only a little), the man would be happy!

Not to mention, Beyond had learned a little about wizarding heritage. The Most Ancient and Noble house of the Black was an illustrious title. Sirius happened to be the only living non-imprisoned Black out there (Narcissa Malfoy née Black did not count), and with his connection to his pet, Beyond didn't doubt the man was elevated in the wizarding world. If he played his cards right, which he always did, he'd have an adult out in wizarding society, able in being his eyes and ears.

With that in mind, Beyond padded down the hallway the way Lawliet did years ago. His shoulders were hunched and his form spoke of laziness and lack of decorum. Not that he or Lawli cared. A single turn to the left and a few paces straight he had successfully made it to Linda's door. He rapped his knuckles against the closed piece of rectangular wood once. Linda appeared in less than thirty seconds.

He appraised her in a short and clipped way. She wore a brown corduroy dress with light pink stockings. Her sunshine blond hair was done in pigtails. Beyond guessed if he had an interest in anyone beside his pet he'd speculated he would be stirred a little, but she was another face to him. An easily replaceable chess piece he needed in order to win the game he was playing. No useless pandering words were passed between them. He held out a pale hand for her to take, and luckily for her she didn't question or refuse. She took his hand lightly, holding it as loosely as possible while maintaining the appearance of being close. Beyond noted with a small smile, they as a couple were stiff and robotic when they moved down the hallway, having none of the finesse or fluidity that came whenever he walked with his pet.

How he desired his pet at the moment. He promised himself that he'd end this torment soon. By twelve midnight tonight, all his plans would follow through. He'd have his gem back in his arms. Beyond detected the shift and shiver from his partner. He guessed she was watching him, scared by the way his face contorted or perhaps, it was the purring noises that came from the back of his throat. "No need to worry your pretty little head," Beyond said, "I wasn't thinking about you in any shape or form." A frown marred her face, but she didn't respond.

Beyond chuckled, swinging his arm in a pendulum motion as they neared the Mess Hall. Linda's lips quivered when he had pulled them to the entrance. As soon as they took a couple of footsteps into the room, the once loud Mess Hall became dead quiet like the library, a similar response to the reaction of yesterday. Gossiping muggles, Beyond thought when he walked over to his empty lunch table, which was placed across from his pet's. In an overly dramatic gesture, he settled Linda down in a seat before himself. He made sure his pet's gaze was on him when he sat down, taking care to sit extra close to the chattering blond next to him. His precious was wonderfully ensnaring, with his widened bloodshot eyes, trembling pink lips, and that despondent vacant appearance to him. His broken pet was exquisite.

He lifted a pale hand up, and ran a finger along the length of the blond's soft cheek. He leaned in the slightest bit, watching Linda gulp, she too leaning forward. In a swoop, he pressed his lips roughly to hers, happy at the shocked gasp from the children around them. He counted down from ten in his head before pulling back. In a spurious daze, he said loudly so everybody could hear, "Love."

Beyond didn't have to look. He detected one pair of feet running from the cafeteria, a faint sob following. "You may go," he released Linda. She had no more use to him. Linda got up quickly. He was left alone in his swirling thoughts.

Yes, it was true, it pained him to see his precious in so much pain, but he was teaching his pet a valuable lesson. He had given him a taste of what it would be like without him in his life. His pet's world would be cold and miserable, a mere shadow to real living. Harry was his in every way possible. He needed him to live, to breathe, and to be.

A pernicious expression shadowed his face. His pet was nothing without him. And he adored the very fact.

The door burst open, a frantic Sirius on the fringes. Sirius took long strides toward his bed, a heavy frown placed on his lips. Beyond regarded the man in front of him. It was only 9:30. He expected Sirius to show up around ten, but thirty minutes earlier was nice. "Yes?" he asked, playing innocent. He laid his chapter book to the side, giving the dog all ears.

For a moment, hellish anger crossed Sirius' face, but the man exhaled greatly. "Its become too much," he confessed quietly.

"What has?" Beyond questioned, stupidly. He had the sudden urge to yawn or act disinterested in this whole matter, but the man's facial features and the way they twisted whenever he was annoyed or angry was to amusing. Plus, he wanted Sirius to grovel. Beg him to take his pet back in their relationship. He wanted Sirius to submit to him.

"Harry," said Sirius through gritted teeth, "he tried too… hurt," Beyond clucked his tongue loudly at that particular word. Hurt was too soft of a word. Harry was too attached. It was probably more like kill. Sirius, however, continued like there had been no interruption, "— himself through magical exhaustion."

"Oh?" Beyond gave an obligatory rising of the eyebrows and hitching of the air in his throat. Again the hellish anger showed up. Ah, it entertained him immensely to see the old wizard riled up so simply. Child's play.

"Oh?" Sirius snapped. "Is that all you have to say! Don't you care for him at all?"

Beyond shrugged his shoulders, pasting on a mask of confusion. "You are a confusing man, Sirius Orion Black. Weren't you the one to disapprove of my bond with Harry? I care for him a lot, but what can I do, when you don't like me at all and continuously try to pull Harry and I apart? I mean, I would never desire to put Harry in any type of pain, and I think if I were to go to him right now and comfort him that'll only ruin the progress you've had with him. Right?"

Sirius looked lost. "He keeps crying and begging for you. A suicide attempt," he said fragmented.

Beyond shrugged yet again. "And it'll only start back up again."

"No, it won't!" Sirius shouted.

Beyond stared at him, his voice lowering in pitch. "It won't?"

"No," Sirius said feebly, "it won't because you'll be there."

"How can I be sure of that? Don't you wan–" Beyond began, unsure, only to be interrupted by a maddening Sirius.

"My only godson is lying in the clinic, terribly thin and pale. He's gotten no sleep for the past three days or any respite from a constant remembrance of you! You and that blond girl have plagued him! The only name he calls for is you. The only thing running through his mind is you! You're a fucking monster, that reminds me so much of that picture of a charismatic boy my father constantly kept by his bedside. You know what you've done and been doing! So stop with these games! If the only thing that's keeping my godson alive is this addictive psychoneurotic relationship then, so be it!" Sirius said in a frenzy, looking ready to sink to his knees. He placed his head into his hand, "Please go back to him… I'm begging. He clearly needs you."

Beyond grinned devilishly at Sirius. "Why didn't you say so before?" He hopped from his bed. He walked out of the room without a backwards glance, heading straight to where his dear was being kept. When he entered the clinic area he wasn't surprised to see the people in the sterile white room. Whammy, Nurse Joi, and the newest laptop with a solid white 'L' on the screen were placed around his unconscious pet. Beyond wasted no time in clambering beside his pet on the bed, pushing a single strand of hair out of his face.

"Hello Lawli," he greeted amicably.

"Beyond," Lawli returned monotonously from the laptop. "How have you been?"

Beyond chuckled at the audacity of Lawliet's question. They never wasted any time with formalities. The guy was only fourteen years old. How dare he assume he could patronize him like some type of commonplace criminal? "Stop with the bull," Beyond said. "Talk to me. I know you, Lawlipop."

"As you wish," Lawliet answered just as Sirius got into the room. "What happened?" Again, Beyond chuckled. He knew Lawliet was aware of the situation, but he decided to play along. He carded his fingers through Harry's hair (a favorite pastime of his), humming off-key.

"An experiment," Beyond replied.

"Were the results worth it?"

"Yes." Beyond sent a smirk in Sirius' direction, who flinched in return.

"Even at the expense of Harry's health?" Lawliet inquired, a slight tone change from his monotony.

"Yes," Beyond said without skipping a beat. Everyone in the room paused until Lawliet spoke up.

"I see. Whammy, you and I need to talk." Whammy nodded at the portable computer, picking it up, and exiting the room. Sirius took his spot by his pet's bedside. Beyond only moved closer to his pet, combing his precious' hair was very relaxing. He had forgotten that small fact in his absence. Sirius shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot while Nurse Joi bustled around quietly.

"Wake him up," Beyond demanded. "I can recognize a Stupify's effect."

"He requires rest until we can get a healer."

"Now!" he commanded. He would wait no longer.

Sirius scowled but listened to Beyond. He pulled out his wand from his jean pocket, pointing the thin stick at his pet. Beyond wasn't overly concerned with Nurse Joi being in the room. She would die from a heart attack not caused by him in six days, give or take a few hours. "Renervate," Sirius said briskly.

Bright green irises locked onto the ceiling until they narrowed, darkening. His pet rose from the twin-sized mattress, the starch white covers pooling around his waist. He glared daggers at Sirius. "How dare you?" he snapped, unaware of Beyond next to him, whom smirked at his pretty little thing. "He doesn't need me anymore!" he bawled.

"Who doesn't need you anymore?" Beyond teasingly asked.

His pet swiftly turned to him. "Be… BEYOND!" His pet flew forward in a harried way, launching himself at him. His pet wasted not a second, wrapping his arms around his neck and forcing himself into his lap. Beyond said not a word as his precious nuzzled his neck. "You left," he whimpered, "you left me!" Beyond felt hot tears dripping down his neck. "What did I do wrong?" he asked fearfully.

"You need not to concern yourself why I did so, only that I'm back," Beyond said placidly.

"No! No! You kissed and spent time with that witch, she must have something that I don't, for you to… to… to…" His pet couldn't take it, he cried some more, clinging to him like he was his salvation.

Beyond gently rocked his pet, shushing him like he would do to a baby. He smiled on top of his pet's midnight locks, still stroking through the thick strands. "I won't leave anymore, my Harry. I promise again, is that enough? My promise?" His pet shook his head frantically, sniffling. "Then tell me precious one, so I can assuage your silly fears." His pet, inched back to stare at him full in the face. He took the sleeve of his red shirt and wiped away the residue of tears from around his eyes. An aura of sadness still surrounded him, but he smiled at Beyond in a gentle way.


In response to his nickname, once again, his pet wrapped his arms around his neck and leaned in closely. For a second, all Beyond felt were warm puffs of air coming from his pet's mouth, and he saw a gleam of uncertainty in his eyes. It was rare for Beyond not to be able to read his pretty's future actions. He tilted his head, slightly frowning, "Pet? You can tell me…"

His pet moved so fast, Beyond had no time to move even if he wanted too: his pet kissed him right on the lips.