Eyes Of Scarlett

Unknown Point Of View

Nobody is watching you. Nobody is watching you. I lied to myself feebly. I knew everyone was watching me. It was usually like that for me. I wouldn't call myself the type who gets ignored, not ever.

Today was my first day at Baltimore High School. I knew I was different, obviously. But I wouldn't say I was unattractive exactly. I was slight, soft but slender. I was five foot four. My skin was white as porcelain glass.

I had long midnight black hair that went to my waist. I wore black skinny jeans, size zero. I had a plain dark purple T-shirt on. I wore the gold and silver locket from my mother under my shirt.

I wore a black hoodie. Plain black and white sneakers. I know that everyone watched me because of how strangely I dressed. But If I didn't have my hood up and my head down, then even more people would stare.

It was my eyes. My creepy, strange, different eyes. My eyes had always been this way. The outside of my Iris's were a scarlett red, then changed to raspberry red, then ruby.

Finally my eyes went to dark pink, magenta and just outside of the pupil was a rose-fuchsia colour. It went without saying, my eyes are Freaky. Which, in turn, made me a freak.

I tried to cover them up in other ways, but it always failed. Using sunglasses, not allowed in school. Contact lenses, irritated my eyes. Hats were just…..ugg. I walked through the halls, trying to ignore the curious stares.

It was better they stare at me then just my eyes. I sighed, keeping my head down. I just stood in front of my open locker for a while, trying to recollect, my none existent courage, I was good at faking though.

I hadn't realized the bell had already rang, until I heard the morning announcements. I ran to my English class. Great new girl with the freaky eyes late on the first day of school. I hope I don't have to introduce myself.

I quietly walked into the class room, a man stood there, he glared at me. He had brown hair and grey eyes, his tall and lanky form reminded me of a praying mantis. "your late" he seethed.

I snorted "yes what are you gonna do about it" I faintly heard the rest of the class either laughing, or trying to hold in there laughter, some even gasped. "enough or I'll give you detention, now why don't you tell us who you are"

I smirked from under my hood, I could feel my covered eyes brighten. "okay fine" I sighed dramatically "I am…..The New Girl" I called out like it was a suspenseful announcement.

The pray mantis's glare heated up. "tell us your real name now miss, or I'll have the principal call your parents" he tacked on when he saw me open my mouth to protest, I quickly shut up well damn,

I wasn't about to tell a room full of strangers I don't have any parents. I turned to the students, keeping my head down "mmm" they looked confused "what was that?" the bastard called.

I bit my bottom lip to keep from growling something at him that would get me suspended "Scarlett Fear" I mumbled. The teacher smiled victoriously, bitch.

"thank you Miss Fear, please take a seat next to Mr Larkin" I quickly spotted the seat next to a tall boy. It wasn't long before the teacher had assigned us work partners to whoever we were sitting with.

I heard someone clear there throat. I looked up into the most beautiful pair of clear blue eyes I've ever seen…..