Eyes Of Scarlett

Scarlett's Point Of View

I took a long deep breath as I pushed my way through the barn doors, knowing that that was were he waited. My stomach turned in fear and anticipation of seeing this many in person for the first time since I was just a little girl. I walked in and looked around, seeing a shadow in the corner. "Hello Father" I breathed.

He stepped out of the shadows he rested in. he looked exactly the same as I remember, his eyes, his raven black hair. There was something different though, I couldn't quite but my finger on it though. I forced myself not to reach for the sword I had in my coat pocket. I realized it was Link's coat, he'd put it on me to keep me warm after I fainted.

"Hello Daughter" he smirked at me. He came closer, "How have you been?" I snorted, rolling my eyes, my father glared at me, he never liked it when I just blew off things that were serious to him. "What? You mean you don't know? I figured if you've been watching me this whole time then you'd already know"

He shrugged "can't I know about my baby girls personal life?' I rolled my eyes, for a serial killer racist and wanted felon he sure acted like a teenager sometimes. "I'm here, Father. Are you going to kill me, torture me, rape me? What?" he blinked, staring at me in a mix between anger and surprise.

"Scarlettea why would you ever think that?" I shook my head, I was used to his head games by now "because I turned you into the cops?" it came out more like a question then an explanation. His bright eyes darkened significantly. "I know why you did it, you were afraid, I don't blame you"

I raised an eyebrow "you think the reason I wanted to kill you was because I wanted revenge?" I nodded "why else would you have killed my mother?" my father glared at me. Grabbing my arm. "I killed her because in our divorce child, for the custody battle, you picked her over me! I protected you and you still hated me"

Now I was pissed "You KILLED my BEST FRIEND You BASTARD!" I screamed at him. He hit me so hard I fell to the ground. "None of those girls could be trusted, they'd hurt you, just like those bitches did" he hissed, pulling out a gun. I whimpered, trying to crawl away. I cried out in pain as he kicked me hard in the ribs. He kicked me again and again. I started coughing up blood.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out the knife, I looked up through my watery eyes as my father lunged at me with the gun pointed at my forehead. I screamed and grabbed for it, he tried to pull it out of my hands, we fought for control. I felt him jerk on it before "BANG!"….

Six And A Half Years Later

Unknown Point Of View

I watched with tear filled eyes as they lowered my mothers coffin into the ground. My heart thudded in my chest as they began throwing the dirt into the four foot deep hole in the ground. I heard a sniffle and looked over at my three year old baby sister. She was so young, and I'm not sure she fully understood what was happening.

But she knew enough, our mother was gone. And we would never see her again. I watched Rosalyn sniffle and cling to our fathers leg, Rosa was sweet, and beautiful. She had long curly black hair, and dark brown eyes. My mothers eyes, every single detail copied perfectly into her chocolate orbs, she had our dad's hair though, minus the curly part. My mom had known that my little sis was named after my fathers Ex girlfriend.

The one that went missing almost seven years ago. I was the exact opposite though. I had my mom's dark brown hair, except it was straight like my dad's hair instead of curly. My deep blue eyes are my dad's. my momma was a doctor, a genius too. My second grade teacher said I was above average intelligence as well.

That's why I was five years old and was in the 2nd grade instead of pre-school. As it started to rain, my father tugged on my hand, but I was to busy staring at my mom's tombstone, it was cold and dark, but at the same time it glowed with my mom's warmth, even though hi shouldn't really understand, I could read the rock perfectly:

Melanie Lorraine Larkin


A Loving Mother And Wife Who Was Lost Long Before Her Time But Will Never Be Forgotten

"Anthony" my father called hoarsely. I looked up to see my father with red rimmed eyes. I could see the conflicting emotions in his expressive eyes. Pain. Anger. Loss. Hurt. Depression. Sadness. Defeat. I took my dad's hand, mostly to comfort him, but he probably thought I needed to be comforted, maybe I did, but it was unlikely.

We had known mom had a brain-tumour for the last six months, which was just a month longer then the doctor said she had. I wanted to cry now, it wasn't good to let your emotions stay bottled up, that just creates a ticking time bomb. My baby sister, pulled mine and my fathers hands, clinging to each of or arms as she cried silently.

When we got to the parking lot, my dad lifted up Rosa and buckled her into the car seat. Since I was only five I had to be in one until I turned eight years old. I held my sisters hand as we rode home. Our dad helped us out. I ran to the door and was about to get the spare key out from under the hole in the porch when I heard my father shout in a whisper.

"Tony! Don't move" I froze and turned to gaze at him questioningly, he pushed me and Rosalyn behind him as he pushed the un locked door open. But our door was always locked. Then I noticed that the living room light was turned on. Someone was in our house!

"Daddy" Rosa whimpered, my father shook his head "shh" he told her quietly. My sister reached to her neck to grip the gold locket that dad gave to her for her second birthday. I knew it opened, but we could never get it, the little lock on it was stuck. So I didn't know what was in it. But my dad told Rosa that it was very specially and he trusted his baby girl to look after it.

My father told us to stay close as he walked into the room, someone stood from the couch. Whoever it was had a long black hood on. "Who are you?" my father hissed at the figure. "I still love you, Link" a musical female voice said.

My dad froze, his arms dropping to his side, defensive posture dropping right away. "You?" my dad gasped, the girl nodded as she pulled off her hood.


Scarlett's Point Of View

I stared into my love's eyes, six and a half years. Nearly seven, it had been so long since I'd gotten to look into those beautiful perfect eyes. I had been keeping tabs on him for sixteen weeks now. It had been hard not to go to him these past four months. But seeing his family, I couldn't go and ruin the life he'd created for himself.

A adorable little girl, who wore the locket I gave to him, I didn't mind, if he trusted her then so did I. a very smart young boy, who looked almost exactly like his father. And a wife, a beautiful, kind and caring wife, Melanie, she had went to collage with him I'm sure.

My father had escaped, he'd shot me in the leg and run, thinking I was dead. I had let myself heal, going to an underground hospital for the poor, homeless, and the runaways. When I healed, I spend n=my life up until six months ago trying to hunt him down. I knew he would have gone back for my friends and Link.

When I found him he had apologized. Knew he had anger problems and I had provoked him into attacking me. I knew he didn't mean to hurt me that bad, when I found him all that time ago, he was rocking in a corner, crying. I knew he probably had had Intermittent Explosive Disorder, which would explain the violence and anger.

Which, according to my research, when he saw me getting attacked by those women caused him to become and Anger Excitation Rapist. Even before he started killing I knew he had Borderline Personality Disorder, he told me to kill him, before he hurt me or someone else. I had.

But mercifully, I shot him execution style at his temple. I had also buried him, and left photo's and the address to where he was. I wrote down all my observations of my father. Then I left it in a package for the police. I knew I didn't really want him to be studied, but it wasn't all his fault.

My grandparents had abused him in all the ways there was. His mother's abuse had been mostly emotional, verbal and Mental. His father had abused him physiologically, Physically and…Sexually. I had included all of that, the reason I knew that about him was I found his journal when I was younger, which I had copied had left the original with the report.

I kept copies so I would know what to do if I ever started showing symptoms of what my father had. I would never want anything like that to happen to my child. Ever. "You?" Link gasped as he saw my eyes. He looked so handsome, he wasn't a hot teen any more, he was a man now.

I felt the love I had for him previously times a million. "It's really me, Link" I whispered. "Daddy who dat?" his daughter, Rosa said. I can't believe he named his daughter after me, well her nickname anyway. Link's face snapped to his children. Rosa looked curious and sad, no doubt about the death of there mother.

Anthony who was obviously named for his own middle name, looked at me in a thoughtful gaze. Almost like he knew who I was, but was wondering how I was here. "Tony, Rose, please go to your rooms" Link said calmly. "But Daddy" she cried. Link looked mad now "Now Anthony, Rosalyn. Go to your room" he snapped.

Tony took Rosa's hand and led her upstairs. Link turned back to me with a blank expression, I swallowed thickly. "How?" he asked, taking a step closer to me. I took a deep breath "when I went to find him, we fought" I said "he wasn't mad that I turned him in, but that I chose my mother in the custody battle"

"he knew I was scared at him, but when I was little I was attacked by a group of five older women=, they tried to kill me, and he thought all girls were the same after he saved me. And he killed them. He was also horribly abused by my grand parents/ when I confronted him about being a murderer. H-he shot me"

Link flinched, looking green when I lifted my skirt slightly to show him the pink scar, finally has a reason for my nickname now I guess. "I found him a few months ago, and I mercifully killed him, he begged me so that he wouldn't hurt anyone else. After that, I came and watched you for a few months, I-I saw the funeral, and thought you could use some support, but I'm glad you moved on"

Link was shaking his head by the time I was finished speaking. He walked up to me, he took my hand, "I never moved on, Scarlett" he stared into my eyes "I might have kept living, I may have found a life outside of you" he whispered "but moved on? No, never. I loved Melanie, I still do. But I never moved on, and I never ever stopped loving you, and I hoped that you never stopped loving me either"

I crashed my lips against his, he kissed me so passionately that a plane could have hit the house and I wouldn't have noticed. When we parted, he pulled me against his chest, rocking me gently "Link?" I said uncertainly. He must've heard my tone, because he pulled back to stare into my eyes "Yes Scar?"

I inhaled deeply "would you love me no matter what?" he stared at me like I was crazy "of course, why would you ask that?" I swallowed, "Do, do you remember, the day before my birthday? What we did together I mean?" he looked extremely confused for a minute, before his eyes cleared and he blushed deeply.

Obviously remembering what we did that night. "I remember, that was the day we-um…" he looked embarrassed. "I have something to tell you that I should have told you before I ever ran away" the look he gave me said he didn't want to play a game "alright I'll get to the point. Serena? Honey, can you come here?"

I heard a squeal, then Serena ran in from the kitchen happily dancing in, her raven black hair in high pigtails on either side of her head. Her pink/blue eyes sparkling. "mommy, is this him? I look just like both of you" she giggled excitedly. Link froze as he took in her appearance.

The almost six year old little girl with perfectly styled black hair. Bright blue eyes with a defined pink and red colour in them. The pale skin. The way she danced into the room as opposed to running or skipping. He stared at my daughter in shock. "Y-you. Your, y-your" he stuttered.

Serena giggled as she rocked back and forth on her heels "I'm Serena Amber Fear-Larkin, and you're my daddy!" she shouted, running at Link and wrapping her arms around his leg. Link seemed to snap out of his shock then he used to, he really did grow up.

He leaned down and hugged Serena, I noticed his other daughter and son walk in. Anthony seemed surprised to, but not confused, Rosa tugged on his sleeve and asked him something, he answered back, whispering in her ear.

She stared at me, Anthony looked between me, Serena, and Link. His eyes widened and his face turned from surprised to understanding. Rosa must have seen the same thing he was, because she ripped her hand from his and ran to Link, hugging him and Serena.

Link smiled as he hugged her back, and looked up at his eldest child, gesturing to him. Anthony hesitated for a moment, before rubbing into his fathers arms. Hugging his sisters too. All four of them looked up at me, I didn't move.

My daughter glared at me, I couldn't take it anymore, I dropped to my knees, wrapping my arms around all four of them. Link hugged all four of us fiercely. Me, his daughter and son. I finally had what I thought my father had taken away from me forever. A family. I had a family again and I would never ever let them go.


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