Virgin Boy

Chapter One: Donald & Daffy Duck

Edward's POV

I had just snapped on my suspenders then surveyed myself in the mirror. My tartan shirt was tucked into my black pants, and the Donald duck braces ran up over my shoulders, clasped into my pants with the gold Donald the duck faces.

Donald the duck was a legend. Period.

I stood tall and grinned. I looked good. Today I felt I had to dress up. After all, today was going to be like no other. Dr. Banner, my biology teacher, had assigned a new seating arrangement, and I was next to the one and only Bella Swan. She was a goddess in her own right, and oh how I wished she would let me kiss her.

Yes, Bella Swan was my number one wanking material. She had it all, sexy lips, a glorious arse, tits to die for, and she was so gorgeous. Yep, Bella was my dream girl. She was the reason why I had put on my best shirt and braces.

Slicking back my hair I trotted out of my room and headed down the stairs.

"Looking good, Edward," my father called, winking at me. "Trying to impress someone?"

I felt my cheeks heat up and managed to stutter out a "Wh-a-at? P-p-ft, no-o-o way d-d-dad." He laughed and waved me off. That man could see straight through my plans.

I munched down my Cheerios, watching Scooby doo, and mentally prepped myself for seeing Bella. On many occasions I lost my cool and had to hide that unfortunate reaction. Today I could not afford for that to happen. I wanted to be charming and suave, not a bumbling fool.

"Edward, don't forget to put on your glasses, I don't want you straining to see the board," my mother reminded me, patting my hair down.

"Can I please go without them today? They make me look weird." She gave me a sympathetic smile and shook her head.

"Please wear them. They'll help you. And they don't make you look weird, they make you look even more handsome than you already are." Upon hearing that I was sold. Maybe Bella would think I looked handsome with them on.

Grinning ear to ear I couldn't wait until third period. Time couldn't move fast enough for me.

As if the Gods knew of my plans to keep my cool, they decided to torture me and put Bella in this glorious blue sweater. It clung to her like a second skin, drawing more attention to those luscious breasts of hers. Oh, the pain!

I wanted to just sneak out my hands and caress them, maybe even kiss and lick them if she'd let me. Hell, she'd been in the room less than a minute and, already, I had a hard on.

Tone it down Cullen, rein it in. There is no need for this. Now wait for her to talk…wait, what if she doesn't talk to me, then what do I do? Dear God, I hadn't prepared for this. Help me, Jesus!

"Hi there, I'm Bella," a soft voice to my right said. I was in such shock that she had spoken to me; all my preparations for what to say to her went out the window.

She looked at me, raising her eyebrows as she waited for a response. I was making a twat of myself.

"Hi," I squeaked. "M-m-my name is-s Ed-d-dward," I bumbled, feeling the heat rise in my cheeks.

Good God Cullen, you're such a pansy ass freak. Why couldn't you have played it cool? Why did you have to stutter?

Bella broke out into a wide smile and nodded. "Well it's good to finally meet you, Edward."

There wasn't a trace of sarcasm in her voice. But then I analysed what she said and it ruined my pleasant mood. Stupid Cullen!

"F-f-fin-n-nally?" I asked, knowing the rumours that went round about me.

I was the four-eyed freak who had no fashion sense and stuttered like a retard. Courtesy of my fellow students I had been dubbed as: the spazz, the gimp, the retard, Ed-d-d-d-dwank, and the kid whose mom should have had an abortion. Yeah, I was loved.

Those fucktards are just jealous; you're so much fucking cooler than them. I mean, look at your Donald Duck braces. They're the fucking dog's balls!

"Yeah, finally. I've seen you around, but you mostly keep to yourself." Maybe she was trying to be nice, I didn't know, but that answer didn't make me feel like such a loser.

I gave her a small smile, which she returned, and then I buried my nose in my textbook. Not only was she hot as fuck, she was lovely and sweet too. She was the perfect girl. God had dropped a fucking angel down on Earth and here she sat, next to me, the kid with the raging hard on.

Dr B killed that reaction very quickly by starting class. I could get hard for many things but biology was not one of them; unless it was the topic of reproduction. I could definitely get hard over fucking. Fucking Bella especially, those beautiful breasts out of that restrictive jumper and in my hands. Unnnnnfffff! Holy fuck Cullen, rein it in again, for fuck sake. Don't fucking come in your pants, there isn't a spare pair, you used them last week when she wore that dress.

Working through the questions assigned quickly I had ensured myself more time to stare at Bella. I could see her out of the corner of my glasses, and oh was she glorious. However, I needed to talk to her again. If I wanted to make any progress with Bella then I had to engage with her. I was mentally stumped though. What did I say to such a beautiful girl?

Hearing a sigh next to me I turned and saw Bella frowning at the page. Her cute face was all scrunched up, yet she still was beautiful.

"Ar-re you o-o-okay?" I stuttered, nerves getting the better of me.

The frown vanished instantly as she shot me a smile. "Yeah, just getting a bit confused, don't worry."

I took that to mean she didn't want, nor need, my help so returned to my fantasies. God, how was I meant to sweep the girl off her feet when I couldn't even get her to talk to me for more than a minute?

Fuck, I was such a loser.

Admitting defeat I sunk down and doodled on my notebook. Mickey Mouse was giving Minnie his heart and she was unsure whether or not she should take it. Poor bastard.

By the time the bell rang I was ready to fly out of there and just head home. An afternoon of watching Spongebob Squarepants and the Power Puff Girls would cheer me up. If I had to stay, I would see Bella around, and my heart would ache. All was lost!

Throwing my belongings into my bag allowed me to keep my head down and avoid seeing the girl next to me. Feeling a light tap on my arm I turned to find that said girl and I were the only ones left in the room. Even the teacher had left and gone to lunch.

"Do you want to have lunch with me?" she asked, startling me. She wanted to have lunch, with me?

"M-m-me?" She nodded and smiled. "I-I-I was actually going home." Her smile dropped and she nodded.

"No worries, Edward. Maybe another time." Then she turned and headed for the door.

What the fuck Cullen! Fix this! She wants to have lunch with you! Don't let her go!

"Y-y-y-you c-could c-c-come too, if-f y-you w-w-w-w-wanted," I said, falling all over my words in the process. W's always tripped me up. I looked at her with so much hope, and then was finally rewarded with that million dollar smile.

"I'd like that. I'd like that very much." Score!

We drove home without saying a word to each other. The only noise in the car was that of the CD playing. It was Scooby Doo's Snack Tracks, playing a variety of songs, the four different theme tunes and a variety of the best tracks in the TV show's series. It was one of my personal favourites.

At home I made Bella and me some sandwiches and put out some drinks and snacks, then settled us in the living room. Turning on the TV brought up the Cartoon Network, the best channel on TV. Bella smiled and turned to me.

"Do you have a younger brother or sister?"

"N-n-n-o, just me." She chuckled and nodded.

"So you like cartoons?"

"L-l-love them," I replied, blushing under her gaze.

"Aww don't be embarrassed, it's cute. Plus, I love Dexter's Laboratories."

Gah! She's the perfect girl! She loves Dexter! She is my dream girl!

We watched Dexter and munched, not talking but not needing to. Sitting there, next to Bella, I couldn't believe my luck. The Gods were finally working in my favour. And I loved them for it.

"Thank you for lunch, Edward. It was much better than the school food."

"D-do you have c-classes t-this af-f-t-ter-n-n-noon?"

My stutter was killing my swagger. I would have been a total player without that God awful stutter. It ruined me.

"Sadly, yes. I have History."

"O-o-okay, I can d-drive you."

"Thank you." She was so polite, my mother would love her.

Once in the school car park I expected Bella to duck out quickly and run, but she didn't. Instead she turned, leant over the gear stick and kissed me on the cheek. HOLY FUCK! SHE JUST KISSED YOU! My cheek felt like it was on fire from that simple touch.

"Thank you for today, Edward. I…I really like you, and I was wondering if you maybe wanted to do something this weekend." Her eyes looked so hopeful and I was in awe.

She likes you! Holy fuck, she likes you!

"I-I w-w-w-w-would love to," I replied, falling all over that sentence. Stupid fucking stutter.

She smiled at me again then left the car, leaving me shocked. Bella liked me. Bella Swan liked me.

Saturday arrived and I was off to Bella's house. Her father was the Chief of Police and bloody hell if that didn't scare me. He knew what guys were like, and would probably see straight through me.

Wiping the perspiration off my brow, I eyed Bella's house from the drive. Her father could probably smell the fear coming off of me. If he knew what I wanted to do to his daughter, I would be shot on the porch. Christ, I hoped he didn't know.

Before knocking on the door I straightened out my Daffy Duck bow tie and reined in my nerves. Despite wanting to piss myself I was actually excited. Bella was so worth going through all this.

The door opened in front of me, my hand hanging aimlessly in mid-air.

"You must be Edward," the Chief barked, glaring at me. God he looked angry. I hadn't done anything yet, what was he angry about?

"Y-y-y-yes s-s-s-sir," I stuttered, literally shaking on the front porch.

He narrowed his eyes further at me and then stepped aside. "Come on in, Bella is upstairs."

After running upstairs like my life depended on it, I gently knocked on the half open door. Bella was brushing her hair and looking out the back window. Upon seeing me she smiled and then chuckled.

"I love the bow tie." I blushed and nodded. Daffy Duck was a fucking legend. "Come in and shut the door. Was the drive over here okay?" I nodded once again and did as I was told, shutting the door, but I was unsure what to do with myself.

Bella sat down on the bed and patted the space next to her. God, was I to go and sit next to her, knowing her father could walk in at any moment, or was I to casually lean against the wall and keep my distance?

Sit next to her, you moron! When are you ever going to get a chance like this again? Don't be a pussy. Go get some pussy!

My inner me was right, as always, so I obediently followed his advice and took a seat. Sitting that close to her meant I could smell her perfume, feel the heat coming off her body, and my leg was toughing hers; and all this was taking place on her bed!

God, I was finally in heaven.

"S-s-so w-what will w-we d-do?" I asked, playing with the bottom of my shirt.

Today I had gone for a plain green one, rather than my usual tartan shirt, and with the bow tie, I thought it was a good combination. I was hoping Bella would think so, too.

"Oh, I have something in mind." Bella's smile was almost wicked as she placed her hand on my leg and leant towards me.

Good God, she's going to kiss you! Hallelujah!

Hallelujah indeed.

Her sweet, soft lips lightly touched mine and then she pulled back, her eyes having darkened and her hand having moved to my shoulder. "You're so cute." I took that to be a compliment, but was not sure.

My mind didn't have much time to analyse that thought as once again her lips were on mine, and this time they were much more demanding. She was kissing me and running her hand through my hair, whimpering, and tugging at my bow tie. God, I was going to cum in my pants if she didn't stop.

"B-b-b-bella, y-y-your f-father is r-r-right d-d-d-own s-s-stairs," I panted, trying to covertly hide the tent in my pants.

"He won't come up, don't worry." And just like that she was back on me, not that I was complaining.

All my sexual fantasies were colliding. The once ludicrous dream of having sex with Bella actually seemed more likely by the minute. She was kissing me, she was touching me, and hell, she wasn't repulsed by me. That meant something for sure.

Licking at my lips I could not help but open my mouth and deepen the kisses. Her tongue, good Lord her tongue. It practically caressed my own, and she nibbled at my lips, tugging on my hair with vigour. Where had all this come from?

Ask questions later. Right now, shut the fuck up and keep kissing her!

Once again, he was right. But kissing wasn't enough. I wanted to touch her. My hands had been planted firmly on the bedspread, and I didn't dare move them. But my God, I was desperate to. I snuck out my hand and placed it on her side, not too close to her hip and not too close to her breasts. I was in the safe zone.

Fuck the safe zone! Move your hand up, you pussy!

This time I wasn't going to listen to it. No, I was going to stay in the safe zone and just lightly caress her over her top. Even her top was soft! If only I was underneath it. I did want to touch her skin, oh how I wanted to touch it!

"Edward," Bella panted, pulling away from me. "You are allowed to touch me." She smiled and took hold of my hands, moving them up her body and placing them on her breasts. Good Lord!

She kissed me passionately and upon realising that my hands were not going to move themselves she began to move my hands against her breasts. They were fucking fantastic. They fit perfectly in my hands. I gently squeezed and heard her moan. It was an unbelievable sound.

"Lie back," she whispered, kissing down my jaw and across my neck.

There was no way I was going to deny my goddess. I did as I was told and then was immediately rewarded when she moved and straddled my lap. The tent in my pants was no longer easy to hide, especially since it was pressed directly in between Bella's thighs.

She pounced forward, her hair on both sides of our face and kissed the hell out of me. I swear, her kisses were killing me. They were making me numb, lose all coherent thoughts, and taking me over the edge. When her hand started on my belt buckle that was it, it was too much. I groaned and then it was all over. No more tent.

Cullen! You fucking twat! What the fuck? You premature ejaculating idiot! You'll never get near her again!

"Are you alright?" she asked, sitting back and looking at me with worry.

I could feel the blush working its way over my cheeks. This was so embarrassing.

"Y-y-yes. S-s-s-sorry B-b-b-bella." I watched as the penny dropped. She looked down at my crotch and then back up at me, finally understanding why I was saying sorry.

"Oh." She looked at a loss as to what to do, much like I was. "Oh! Eh, it's alright, don't worry." Getting up off me she moved to the other side of her bedroom.

I lay there like a tool, face bright red, and wanting the floor to open up and swallow me whole. How was I ever going to live that down? You aren't you fucking gimp.

Moving off the bed I attempted to adjust my boxers slightly. I needed to clean myself up, it felt gross. But shit, that could wait. I needed to get out of there, immediately.

"Ag-g-g-gain, s-s-s-sorry." I kept my eyes on the floor and went to go to the door.

"Wait! Edward, don't go. Please."

Bella stood a couple feet away from me, biting her lip and unleashing the full extent of her eyes on me. She was glorious, and I had fucked it up. Good Lord, I had fucked it up badly.

I didn't know what to do, Bella wanted me to stay, but I knew I had to leave. I had to get out of that house. The guilt and embarrassment was reeking off of me. Her father could probably smell the fear coming from me. I had to leave.

"S-s-s-s-sorry, B-b-bella. I r-r-really sh-sh-should go." I brushed myself down and grabbed my things, then went for the door. "I am s-s-sorry."

Bella's father didn't even look over when I exited his house. He clearly thought I was nothing to worry about, and I wasn't. I couldn't touch his daughter without losing my load, and after today she would never speak to me again, let alone let me near her.

You're a fucking idiot. You blew it, literally and figuratively.

On Monday, back at school, I knew I faced another day alone. Biology used to be my perfect lesson, doing a class I knew I could pass, and sitting next to a girl I loved. But now, after my underwear explosion on Saturday, Biology had turned into my nightmare class.

I arrived first to the lesson, like usual, and took my seat. Instead of sitting anxiously waiting on Bella, I pulled out my notes and textbook and began reading today's chapter. Or rather, I pretended to read today's chapter. There was no way I was able to concentrate, not with the impending doom ahead.

She would arrive any moment and that would be it, my embarrassment would return, my stutter would become unbearable, and I would start sweating uncontrollably.

Fucking control yourself, you pansy! She's just a girl.

Just a girl? Just a girl? Bella Swan was not just a girl. She was the girl of my dreams, the girl I pinned for every moment of every day. But now, she's the girl who saw me shoot my load all over the inside of my boxers. How the fuck was I to control myself when she saw that? She could have told someone for all I know, and they could have laughed about it and would later rub it in my face.

Oh the humiliation!

Slamming my head down onto the desk I shut my eyes and I tried to control my breathing. Nothing was working, and if I wasn't careful I was going to have a panic attack. That's the last thing I needed, a visit to the school nurse, who would call my mother , and before I knew it my father would have me in a hospital bed. They worried far too much.

Anyway, breathing. In and out. In and out. Just like that. In and out. This is beginning to sound like sex, sex with Bella. Slide into her, and then out. Again! Into her, and out. So warm, so wet. Fan-fucking-tastic piece of pussy!

"Mr. Cullen? Mr. Cullen?" A shaking on my shoulder jolted me up and I looked wide-eyed at the person standing next to me. "Edward, are you alright?" Dr. Banner asked, looking very worried.

Glancing down at the desk I saw a patch of drool and internally cringed.

"Y-y-yes s-s-sir. I'm f-fine." I gave him a weak smile and got up to retrieve a paper towel.

Good lord, was there nowhere I could go without making a giant tit of myself?

After cleaning up my drool, and deciding to ignore the fact that Dr. Banner most likely had heard me making moaning sounds, I took my seat to wait out the arrival of Bella. With each tick of the clock I knew she was making her way towards me and, therefore, bringing my impending doom with her.

Once the other students heard of my early arrival on Saturday that was the end of me. There would be daily dunks in the toilet, frequent scotch tape attacks which would end with my hands taped to my face or ass, and countless beatings.

Stop being a pathetic little freak and grow a pair! At least you got round to her house, was allowed on her bed, and got to kiss her! All those other bastards have never been that far! She's untouched territory, for you! So man up and get back in the game!

"Hi, Edward." Here's your chance you pussy, act normal and do damage control.

"H-h-hi, B-bella." I gave her a small smile and then looked back down at the desk. I didn't know what to do. Did I talk to her like nothing happened? Did I apologise to her again for messing up? Gah, I was so confused.

Dr. Banner called everyone in the room to attention and began teaching. The man had saved me from making a decision, but sadly it was only short lived as I knew at some point I was going to have to speak to her.

Scribbling down Dr. Banner's notes from the board I tried to ignore the glorious girl sitting next to me. She was copying his notes, too, her hair shielding her face from my view. It acted like a wall between us: me on the outside and her on the inside. It was no use. She was gone. I had messed it up too bad.

"Pst." Glancing round I drew a blank. Who the hell was that?

"Pst, Edward." Frowning, I looked to my right; Bella was nudging a piece of paper towards me.

I slyly slid it across the desk and opened it when Dr. Banner had his back to us. My hands were shaking and I could feel the perspiration forming on my brow. This innocent note held my future. What was it going to be: tortured for the rest of the school year or another chance at the promised land?

Don't worry about Saturday, I don't care at all. In fact, I was wondering if you wanted to come over and study with me tonight?

Holy crap, she didn't care! I was in!

That's fucking right! Now act cool or I personally will beat the crap out of you.

How my alter-ego intended to do that was beyond me. But back to the problem at hand: how did I reply to such a question?

Don't mention anything about Saturday and what you did. Play it like it never happened.

Thanks, Bella, I would love to study with you this evening. What time would be best for me to come over?

I slid the note back as carefully as possible and then awaited her response. The last thing I needed was Dr. Banner seeing us passing notes. He had a strict no phones and no notes policy. If you were caught with a phone it was confiscated and if you were caught passing notes he read them aloud, no matter what they said.

Forget about the fucking rules, what the fuck was with that note? I would love to study with you this evening? Why couldn't you just have said 'yeah, what time?' Why did you have to be so fucking polite? You make yourself look like a complete pansy.

Bella's reply was pretty quick, giving me no time to stress over what I had written. My stupid mind was winding me up, making me doubt myself.

How about I give you a ride back to mine after school and we can study then?

Good Lord, she wanted to give me a ride. I would ride her anytime. Hell, she could ride me anytime, that would be much better.

Fucking pay attention! She's looking at you so don't stall, answer her immediately.

Yeah, that sounds great. I'll meet you in the car park at the end of the day.

Knowing that was the last I had to write to her, my nerves calmed considerably. Rather than dwell on Saturday's mess, I started focusing on what tonight was going to bring. I was not going to mess up, again. I was not going to lose my control. And for once in my goddamn life I was going to get control over my stutter.

Damn right, it's killing your moves.

Nodding affirmatively I went back to work, idly waiting for the end of the day.

Huge thanks to my beta, Bliltxgirl! She made this chapter all pretty after I had butchered it.