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~Rumor Has It~

Rumor: Len Tsukimori and Kahoko Hino, spotted in the mall buying—baby bottles?

Chapter 1: Rumor

Kahoko Hino, the violinist of Seiso roamed around their room. Her hands clasped at one another, fiddling her fingers frantically.

"Oi, Kahoko, what's wrong with you?" Nao, one of her friends, asked.

Kahoko stopped from her movement, gaze met Nao's. "I-it's nothing. I'm going to the roof top first." She strode away afterwards.

Mio, who seemed neglected at the other side, gave a questionable look at her black-haired friend. Nao only shrugged her shoulder, continuing her own business.

For almost a week, after the unnamed incident, Kahoko suddenly acted weird. She spaced out a lot—staring over the window than listening to their teacher. Sometimes, Mio would see her, occasionally checking her phone and sighing afterwards. Her strange behavior became an issue in their room, making allusions that something might have happened to her.

She cared less about those rumors though, as she was very focus on something important, imperative even. Before, she, Nao and Mio would be walking home together, sometimes visiting a cake shop where they usually stopped by to eat and chat for a while. Nevertheless, it was not happening anymore. Either Kahoko would stay late at school or she would leave earlier.

This matter made the rumor worse. The fact that she would stay up late at school, of course, she only do such because of her private tutoring with Tsukimori. However, the spreading rumor made a different interpretation of it. Students, either general or music department, would often talk about that the two were having a different degree of relationship. Not just us teacher and student relationship but rather deeper.

To put an end of this, Kahoko's best friend tried to talk to her.

On their break time, Mio invited Kahoko to eat their lunches at the rooftop. The redhead agreed.

"SO, Kahoko, is it true that you and Tsukimori-san is dating?" Mio prodded.

Kahoko chocked. Coughing, she responded back. "W-what are you t-talking about Mio? T-Tsukimori-kun is just h-helping me."

"Nothing more?"

Blush crept from her neck up to her ears. "N-none…sort of."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure!" Kahoko half screamed, waving her hands in front of Mio.

The brown-head woman nodded, she was not fully convinced with Kahoko's alibi but she knew that her friend would not divulge anything worth her liking. Whether, she and Tsukimori have a relationship or not, Mio knew she would not answer.

Their conversation ended in a gap of silence, thumping in a loud bound between them.

~NeKo Meow~

Mio was unsuccessful enough to get any information to clear the issue. With the rumors already been spread, another one was born. In addition, it was not because of the students saying useless words but it came from the unexpected person.

School time was over, students and teachers prepared themselves to go home. As usual, Kahoko the violinist stayed late once more; however she was alone this time.

While walking in the corridor, Kahoko, by chance, caught a glimpse of blue moving not that far from her. She smiled. "Tsukimori-kun!" she shouted, hands waving.

Len, not even startled, trained his impassive expression towards her. Shiver formed at the side of her shoulder, taking some few steps backward, eyes preventing his.

"Hino?" he voiced, surprise suddenly etched on his face when he realized who the person was.

"Yes me, wh—" she paused, a memory flashed at the back of her mind. Kahoko's face turned hard. "What are you doing here?"

"On my way home, what else. What are you doing here as well?"

"I-I…I just finished practicing in the music room…" she paused, realization donned in her mindless brain. "So, does it mean that…" her eyes widened. "They are alone!"

"I thought you'll go home early to take care of them?"

"I'm not. It's your turn now."

"I'm not aware of it."

"No, how could you be so careless. My babies!"

~NeKo Meow~

School time ended, the green haired trumpeter exited their room to go home. It was such a tiring day, yawn always present in his lips as he hopped with his long legs. He stopped, hearing two voices quite familiar to him. Curiosity peeked within, and entranced him to look for whoever was that.

Hue of blue and red mingled with his vision. Seeing the latter color brightened his dark sunset—sun's orangey and reddish rays touched her feature, skin, somehow, smooth and soft escalated in every shone. He opted to approach them, however, just to stop to listen to their conversation.

"No, how could you be so careless. My babies!"

If possible, Kazuki's eyes popped out from his eyes, his jaw surrendered to the gravity as it hanged low.

"What? It's not my fault, you're the careless one and not me. Why didn't you inform me in the first place?"

"How unbelievable. You are such an irresponsible father!"

Kazuki's knees turned jelly, supporting him was far from possible. He gripped at the sidewall, hard enough as it made his knuckle to turn white. His heartbeat, by any chance, stopped, abolished with what he had heard. Shock, obviously skulked on his feature.

His stares remained rooted to the scene.

Len sighed. Glare flashed through his eyes. "Don't talk to me like that. I am not the only one at fault here. You as well. Indecent and negligent mother you are."

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