Once upon a time, there was a young lady who fell in love with certain characters from a story (which happened to be a movie). This girl also loved to write, and soon became interested in writing about her favorite characters. It seemed, by chance, that she stumbled upon a website called . After reading some of the outstanding work that others had made, she decided she wanted to give it a shot. Naïve, yet eager, she began to meld together small stories she had thought up, thus creating quite a large and complex story about the
characters she loved. She wrote and wrote, literally eating, sleeping, and breathing her work. As the months past, she began to feel herself getting better, becoming more confident in herself and also creating a literary style she would come to enjoy. But soon, those happy days began losing their joviality.

She began having trouble writing what she felt in her heart, and began losing the literary style she loved so much. Worst of all, she realized she could no longer write clearly and eloquently about the characters she had developed and spent so much time with. As she struggled to keep writing about something that she was beginning to lose interest in, the confidence in her writing ability dwindled to a minimum. Though perhaps it was really just in her head, the quality of her writing dwindled with her confidence. She decided, with the help of an understanding and comforting friend, to take a hiatus to focus on something other than the writing she had begun to dread. Weeks turned into months, and soon, even after she had begun to feel a little better, a year had passed with no progress. Procrastination became the main contender in a battle between fear and trust.

Her Father in Heaven, throughout the entire time, gently showed her reliance and trust. He showed her that He was the one who had given her the gift, and He was the one she needed to rely on for guidance and help in times of troubles. Sometimes, it was hard for her to realize that it wasn't she that was creating the story people liked, but the Lord Himself. As she began to change in her heart, she also wondered why, since this was obviously a God-given opportunity, she was having so much trouble. The battle between good writing and bad suddenly became a spiritual warfare between Satan's fear inducing whispers, God's ever-present promises, and sinful man's inner pride. Time ticked by steadily, and in the blink of an eye, nearly two years had passed since the girl had attempted to salvage her ravaged attempt at a story she loved. She didn't know what to do, and again bent knees before her Father, asking Him what she should do… What will happen next?

Another cliff hanger? No worries, if you keep reading, you will find the end of this story.

That little story was just for people to get an idea of what in the world is going on. I'm just going to cut to the chase, and save you the aggravated head scratching.

The Lord brought me "As Flowers Bloom and Fade" and FanFiction for a definite reason. He always does things for a reason, and after two years, I believe He's finally shown me a little hint inside His great and beautiful Plan. AFBAF taught me something nothing else could teach me: emotion. I never would have created and cultivated the literary style I love now without AFBAF and FF. Besides, I just love Tangled and all the characters. Who wouldn't? But, I have also found other characters whom I love very much; Some of them are my very own creations, others are not. But what now, you ask? Well, this little chapter will, after all this dead air, put some finality to the whole business (sort of).

My final decision, keeping in mind what I believe the Lord wants me to do, is to discontinue "As Flowers Bloom and Fade". I know you all probably want to wring my scrawny neck, but since my hiatus began, I have found, as I said, new genres and new characters I love very, very much. Tangled will always bring warm fuzzy-s to my heart as the movie that showed me the direction the Lord chose for me. I believe He has been telling me all along that He wants me to direct my abilities for the praise of His glory. AFBAF isn't really glorifying God. As I said, if you think about it, that story was the perfect tutor. I have original works in the creation stage, stories that I pushed away while AFBAF was in the works. I really feel lead to begin the journey with those stories. They really are my pride and joy, just as AFBAF was in its day.

So, you're asking, what about the giant cliff hangers?! If I do end up discontinuing AFBAF permanently, I will post a synopsis of the rest of the book for those who want to know what happens. However, let me make it clear that I may very well finish the story someday. It wouldn't be tomorrow, it may end up being years from now, but the story will never die in my head! If I ever need a break from my others works, I may very well come back to it! I just don't know…. Is there FanFiction in my future? I don't know that either. Only the Lord knows. If it's glorifying to Him, than I don't see why not!

Lastly, I want to thank every single one of you that posted a review, favorite-d a story, subscribed to my profile, or whatever, on ANY of my stories. You are angels! God bless you!

A deep, heartfelt thanks to everyone for understanding me and what I was going through! FanFiction is a wonderful community!