Title: Hide and Seek
Summary: A day of play for some not so childish vampires.
Word Count: 499
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Yeah, you've heard it all so, I'm not going to say I don't own it. We all know who does and while she's not watching we mice will play and screw up her characters to the point they are unrecognizable.

Hide and Seek

This morning Edward asked me to wear a skirt and go pantyless. The reason for his request? He said he wanted to play Hide and Seek. That sounded strange coming from a 109 year old vampire, but who am I to fight it.

His next instruction was just as strange. I was to go about my day as usual. Okay then, so when were we going to play? I had no idea.

With that in mind, I set off to clean Charlie's house while he was working. First stop the laundry room to switch the load of wash into the dryer. Every time I bent over to pull out a clump of wet fabric a gush of wind would blow up my skirt and across my exposed apex. After the third time, I figured out it had to be Edward dashing through the room. By the time I had started inserting the load into the dryer, my skirt flew up two more times. Every time I could feel myself getting wetter by the second.

Moving back to the kitchen, I decided to start washing the dishes. This time when my skirt flew up it was accompanied by hissing. That was even more of a turn on, and I could feel myself starting to throb with need. When it happened three more times, I had to grip the countertop and bit back a moan. Rubbing my legs together, I tried to generate a little friction. It didn't work and left me wanting more.

"Edward," I groaned when it happened yet again while I started clearing the living room of old take out containers.

Grabbing the vacuum cleaner, I quickly cleared the floor of a week's worth of dust. Now instead of my skirt flying up, I felt my nipples being taunted. That's when it hit me, we were already playing Hide and Seek. If I wanted any relief I was going to have find Edward. Dashing up the stairs, I found a naked Edward lying on my bed.

"Is this what you seek?" he groaned, stroking his cock in his hand.

"Mine," I snarled and pounced, landing on the bed startling him.

With one up thrust, he buried himself to the hilt. "Yours," he growled, throwing his head back.

A purr slipped from my lips as I started impaling myself on his steel hard rod. Grabbing his shoulders let me bounce faster. His hands reached up and tugged at my clothed nipples again. I started humming as the coil in my stomach tightened. This time, I would have what I needed for a mind blowing climax.

Reaching between us, I started flicking at my swollen clit. The room filled with the sounds of our pants and grunts. "Hurry, love, I've been hiding it in you all day, it's release I seek."

"Oh, God," I screamed, cuming around him.

"No God here, It's just Edward," he bellowed.

When our breathing settled, he purred, "Tomorrow, Ring around the Rosie."