Title: May the Force be With You.
Summary: Jasper and Edward are playing a friendly game of Star Wars..in the dark.
Word Count: 320
Rating: Rated M for disturbances in the force. This is crack/slash/semi-crossover
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any injuries incurred while trying to recreate the scene herein. Proceed at your own risk. Oh, and I do not own the awesomeness that exists in the minds od Stephanie Meyer and George Lucas. I only like to molest their characters.

"Why do you always get to be Mace Windu? I don't wanna be Darth Sidious. He's so old and ugly!" Jasper lamented.

Edward kissed Jasper on the cheek as he rolled the red glow-in-the-dark condom down his shaft. He called on his Jedi peace negotiation skills to get his way.

"Because, I'm hung like Samuel L, and my cock looks awesome in purple. And don't worry, you're way prettier than Darth Sidious."

Jasper fought the urge to smile. He had to admit, Edwards cock did look exceptionally nice wrapped in the purple latex, and he was definitely a Jedi Master. He couldn't wait for the battle to begin. He quickly hopped over to shut of the lights, feeling Edward's admiring gaze on his ass.

Edward's glowing purple cock guided Jasper back to him; like a beacon of pleasure.

"Come to the Darkside, Mace. You'll find it so much more...enjoyable." Jasper uttered breathily.

"Mmmm...May the force be in you." Edward moaned out as their saber cocks began their duel, stroking up against each other. Edward was having a hard time controlling the force as the pleasure of Cock Wars drove him to the brink. He brought the battle closer between them, capturing Jasper's mouth and holding it hostage. "Fuck, I'm feeling a great disturbance in the Force." he ground out.

Suddenly the door burst open; the light flipping on.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Emmett bellowed out.

Jasper and Edward were frozen in stunned silence, their cocks pressed together like an epic clash of light sabers. They were both so close to their destiny. Emmett slammed the door and stormed over to the oversized chair in the corner.

"Fucking Star Whores...I can't believe this shit!" He stood up and dropped his pants. "Now I gotta be motherfucking Hans Solo." He grabbed his blaster firmly and joined the battle for the re-pubic.