Title: The Cruelest Lie
Summary: Bella can't take the pain of Edward leaving in New Moon
Word Count: 493
Rating: M for Dark theme
Disclaimer: Please beware there is talk of death and suicide.

-0-0- The Cruelest Lie-0-0-

It had been weeks since Sam found her lying on the forest floor and for the first time there was life in Bella's eyes. She had just woken up from a particularly terrifying dream and jumped from her bed, she ran to the bathroom expelling from her what little she had been able to keep down the night before.

She stood in front of the mirror staring at her reflection, her eyes framed with dark circles, her hair limp and oily, and her bones showing prominently through her paler then normal skin. She no longer recognized herself. She was okay with that because who she was had caused her to lose him.

"You're not good for me Bella."

His words on repeat in her mind from the day he left, she opened the medicine cabinet and picked up Charlie's mustache scissors and let out a sigh as chunk after chunk of her long auburn hair fell to the floor around her feet. Her skull was showing in some places, she would buzz the rest of it off later. She moved to her eyelashes and cut them off accidentally pinching her eyelid, a drop of blood fell. Bella was fascinated with it as it ran a path down her cheek she brought her finger up and used the blood as lipstick making her lips red. A smile made its way across her face, her first once since he left, but it held no happiness as his words flew through her mind.

"I promise that this will be the last time you'll see me. I won't come back. I won't put you through anything like this again. You can go on with your life without any more interference from me. It will be as if I'd never existed."

She sobbed softly out loud, "He said he wouldn't come back, it would be like he never existed. He lied, the cruelest lie. He is still everywhere."

She replaced Charlie's scissors and grabbed her razor; she started shaving the rest of the hair from her head nicking it in spots the blood no longer making her feel faint or nauseous, she now hated blood with a passion so fierce it topped all else. She rubbed the blood around her head and face. The phone was ringing downstairs, she heard Charlie leave his room grumbling that it was 3:00 in the morning and it better be important. Bella knew it was now or never, she stepped into the tub and sat down drawing her knees to her chest. She slit her left wrist and then her right; she laid them on the tub floor at her sides watching the blood flow pooling around her body. Charlie was now banging on the door but she knew it was too late. Her world faded away to black.

When Charlie finally busted through the door 'Good-bye Edward' was the first thing he saw, written on the mirror in her blood.