Title: There is No Pleasure without Pain
Summary: Sex and Heartbreak, Pleasure and Pain.
Word Count: 414
Rating: M
Disclaimer: SM owns em, I'm just picturing em naked.

The heat from their bodies and the smell of their sex filled the air around them. Panting, sliding against each other, groping. It was never enough. There was a desperation in their touch; a longing for the person who was inside them, but still just out of their reach. Hands grasped tightly trying to hold onto the moment before it slipped away as they writhed in pleasure against one another. The juicy sound of his cock sliding home was driving him mad.

"Home.He thought. "No, not my home, though I wish it was.

He forced the thoughts of the woman he was supposed to love from his mind as he drove himself into the one he truly did love over and over again. He drew moans from her body, pleasure from her pores, like none she had experienced before.

"I love you choked out; overwhelmed with the intensity of emotion hitting him. "I love you. I love you. I love sobbed over and over,never slowing his thrusts. The pleasure and the pain consuming him.

"Why'd you do it Bella? Thrust. Why? Thrust. You know I love you. Thrust. You know I was leaving her. Thrust. Why did you marry him Bella? Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Why did you marry Jacob thrusts became stronger as sweat and tears poured from both of them, mingling like their lower halves. He drove into her like he could fuck the truth out of her; or drive the reality away.

"Edward!She gasped out. Oh, Edward...I didn't know what to do!"

"What do you mean? You knew exactly what to do. You could have waited for me. You love ME!"

"Edward...She paused to inhale a shaky breath as they continued to writhe against one another. Edward...I have cancer. Baby, I'm dieing."

He felt his will to live leave him as his seed filled her body. He collapsed on top of her, arms wrapped around her tightly; crushing her to his body as he sobbed against her bare skin. He knew he couldn't live without this woman. He had already tried and failed so many times; its what led them to this place, to this bed, and to each others arms. He didn't know when it would happen, and he didn't know how, but he made a promise to himself to not spend one hour in this world if she wasn't in it.