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Author's note : "Jouir" is French meaning "to enjoy" and, in slang, "to have an orgasm". Gee, wonder where this story is going?

Kate pushed into the hotel room, bags in hand. She dropped her bags and turned to look at the other three as they followed her in.

"So, how exactly are four of us going to sleep on two beds?"

"Share?" said DiNozzo. Kate shot him an icy glare.

"Forget it, I'll sleep on the floor." She grabbed a pillow off one of the beds and tossed it between the bed and the wall.

"We will all sleep in a bed," Gibbs said. "We're all adults here, I think we can handle bunking together for a few nights." He glanced at Kate. "Kate, you get your choice of who you want to bunk with."

Kate shot him a glare, and then looked at the other two. She rolled her eyes at the hopeful expression on Tony's face and almost laughed at the blush on Tim's face. She sighed silently. "You, Gibbs."

Gibbs swallowed nervously, but quickly recovered. "Alright. Now, let's get some sleep."

His team immediately started to squabble over who got to use the restroom first. He chuckled to himself as he grabbed his bag and ducked past them into the restroom.

An hour later they were all tucked into bed. Kate could hear Tony and Tim snoring softly. She sighed and rolled onto her side, careful to cause as little disturbance to the bed as possible. She let out a soft squeak when Gibbs' arm went around her waist. His breath was light across her ear.

"Why can't you sleep, Katie?" he asked.

She shrugged. "Dunno," she replied, knowing damn well It was because she was going insane being in the same bed as him and unable to touch him. He ran his fingers lightly over her lower abdomen. "Gibbs…" she breathed, a warning and a plea all in one.

"I seem to be having the same problem sleeping Katie," he whispered.

"What problem is that, Gibbs?" she whispered back as she rolled over onto her back. She suddenly discovered the answer, as she suddenly found herself laying there with his erection pressing into her leg. She froze, staring up at him in the little bit of light coming in from the windows. She licked her lips, silently begging him to kiss her.

And kiss her he did. He lower his lips to hers, kissing her gently at first. He parted his lips, his tongue pressing against her lips. She opened herself to him and he dove in, tasting her. She moaned softly and he squeezed her hip in a silent reminder of the fact they weren't alone.

They broke apart, both breathing hard. "I think I know how to help you sleep," Gibbs whispered. His hand slipped from her hips to between her legs, pressing at her center through the shorts and panties she wore. She bit back a moan. "If you want, that is," he added.

"Please," she whispered, straining upwards to nibble at his lower lip. Gibbs shifted closer to her, pressing his cock into her thigh. He moved his fingers to her waistband, gently sliding his hand into her shorts and panties. His hips thrust involuntarily against her as his fingers found her wet core. He stifled a moan by burying his face against her neck. He kissed and nibbled softly at her skin as his fingers circled her clit, causing her hips to rise up off the bed.

As much as he yearned to spend all night making love to her, every second was a risk of one of the other two waking. So he shifted his hand, tugging the shorts and panties she wore down a bit to give him more room, and plunged two fingers inside of her. She gasped and he quickly moved his mouth to hers, kissing her thoroughly to muffle her cries as he fucked her with his fingers. She managed to slip one hand between them to grasp his cock through his shorts and squeeze. He thrust his hips, pressing himself into her hand. She quickly found his waistband, sliding her hand inside to find his bare cock and stroke him gently.

He stifled a moan against her lips and moved his thumb to rub her clit as his fingers moved in and out of her. He felt her tighten around his fingers and had to suppress another moan. He rocked his hips, gently sliding himself back and forth between her fingers. He sped up his actions, waiting to bring her before someone woke up. He was rewarded seconds later by her silent orgasm. She pulsed around his fingers, kissing him furiously as her free hand grasped at his arm, nails digging into his skin. Her hand stroked him harder, and the action was too much for his overly aroused state. His cock throbbed as he shot his hot cum over her hand and arm.

They broke the kiss finally, panting quietly for air. His fingers were still in her pussy, and her hand still wrapped around his cock. He carefully freed his hand from inside her shorts and then helped her do the same. She rolled out of bed and quietly stepped to the restroom, thankful they had taken the bed closest to it. When she returned a minute later, he checked to make sure the other two hadn't woken, and then slipped off to clean up.

He returned to find her curled up on her side again. Sliding into bed behind her, he molded his body to hers. He kissed the back of her neck and shoulder, wrapping his arm around her and holding her tight. She sighed happily and turned enough to kiss him deeply. He squeezed her tighter and returned her kiss before regretfully turning away to sleep on his side of the bed.