3 Fucking Places

Ch 1

Ha. This short fic came to mind at the... most un-expected time...

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F Place 1

Ichigo could feel it again. His eyes running up and down his body, drinking in every inch of his frame with hungry teal orbs. Scratch that, they were completely ravenous.

Ravenous electric blue eyes that belonged to none other than Grimmjow Jaegerjaques.

Of all the places for his lover to be coming onto him... why the hell did if have to be in a goddamn clothing store?

He could feel Grimmjow's heated gaze roll over him as he searched through clothing racks. He knew Grimmjow had some... kinks that he liked to act upon but seriously now? In a clothing store? Again?

"Do you need help Ichigo?" Grimmjow's breath tickled the back of Ichigo's exposed neck as he sifted through a line of white and grey dress shirts.

The man's presence alone, so dominating and demanding standing behind him made Ichigo's body shudder. "No."

What was Grimmjow up to now?

Leaning down closer to Ichigo's ear, the blue haired man purred. "You sure?" When Ichigo's fingers halted above a selected shirt, the elder man smirked, knowing that he was effecting his lover. "It looks like you might need some assistance."

Heart rate increasing, Ichigo quickly tore the shirt from the line and slipped away from Grimmjow's looming presence. Heading towards the changing room, the orange haired doctor quickly slipped into a vacant stall near the back. Hopefully Grimmjow would just le-

"Ichigo... Where are you hiding?"

Pulling off his yellow t-shirt, Ichigo mumbled into the fabric as it slipped over his head. "Shut up Grimm and let me do what I came here to do." Footsteps heading his direction alerted Ichigo to Grimmjow's nearing person. When the handel jerked and opened, Ichigo cursed. "Shit." He'd forgotten to lock it!

"You forgot to lock it Ichigo..." Grimmjow purred once again, catching Ichigo off guard. "What if someone else came in and saw you like this?"

Backing up the back wall, Ichigo glared at the grinning man standing by the door. "You wanted to come shopping with me. You never said anything about-"

Ichigo's breath halted as Grimmjow's fingers ran up his exposed side, tickling his smooth skin. There were three places Grimmjow enjoyed fucking.

"But Ichigo, how can I not?"

This was one of them.

Ichigo's breath hitched as he felt the older man's other hand slide around his backside, pulling him towards the larger, harder body. The last time they did this, they were nearly caught because Ichigo couldn't contain his final cry.

It was one of the most embarrassing days in the young man's life but Grimmjow, the sadist, seemed to thoroughly enjoy making Ichigo squirm. Continually pushing him to the edge, knowing all too well that Ichigo would be a writhing mess in a matter of minutes.

"Come on Ichigo..." Ichigo felt warm lips kiss along his neck before a tongue languidly licked up along his beating jugular vein. "Consider this a test."

"F-For what?"

Grimmjow nipped at the white flesh heating up underneath his lips. "For your last failure at keeping quiet."

Ichgio brought his hands up, trying to push away from Grimmjow's overbearing frame. "Stop it Grimm. Not here... not again."

Grimmjow growled sending the vibration through his chest into Ichigo's. "Yes." He bit down on Ichigo's neck, making the younger man gasp and arch into his touch. "Again."

"Damn you."

Grimmjow grinned into Ichigo's now reddening, abused flesh. "I think I already am."

Capturing Ichigo's lips with his own, the elder man ran his tongue along still closed lips, asking for entrance which was quickly given. As soon as his tongue was allowed to navigate the insides of Ichigo's mouth, Grimmjow toyed with the boy's own wriggling wet muscle.

Pulling away, a small line of saliva still connected the two before separating, allowed for a thin silver line to appear running down Ichigo's chin before he lapped it up. Grimmjow practically growled like an animal as he witnessed Ichigo's actions.

The younger man could be so... tempting sometimes and he didn't even know it.

"Mmm yeah Ichigo..." Grimmjow caputred his lips once more, more forecfully this time earning a grunt of discomfort from his younger partner. Running his hands up and down Ichigo's sides, feeling the muscles rippling beneath his fingers, Grimmjow halted his movement around the younger man's narrow waist, gripping tightly as he gave a slow roll of his own hips.

Ichigo gave a little cry which was thankfully muffled by Grimmjow.

As much as Ichigo would deny it, he did enjoy having these little... adventures with Grimmjow. When he felt Grimmjow pull away and trail kisses and licks down his neck once more, Ichigo could only stare at the bland white ceiling above him, trying to stay quiet. "G-Grimmjow..."

Said man smirked against Ichigo's skin. "Shhh... Can't let everyone hear you."

When Ichigo's fingers pulled his hair, Grimmjow let out a hiss as his head was pulled back. Lusty blue eyes met with equally heated golden brown. Damn, Ichigo's eyes always took on that lighter, almost sunlight color whenever he was really getting into whatever it was Grimmjow was doing to him.

And it was a fucking turn on, making Grimmjow push that much harder. He wanted to see more of that exotic look coming from his lover.

Slipping his hands down further so that they were now gripping jean clad hips, Grimmjow bent down and took in a left pink nub. Rolling it around his tongue, making Ichigo bite his lip to try and hold in the cries he wanted to let out, Grimmjow pushed that much harder. He wanted to see how much Ichigo could handle before finally breaking again.

Releasing it and taking after its twin for the same treatment, Grimmjow continued his assault, making Ichigo's focus stay narrowed on that one sensation as he quickly undid the younger man's pants. With the jean material finally loosened, Grimmjow went for the younger's boxer briefs but was surprised when his fingers weren't touching the usual soft material.

Feeling Ichigo's chest rise and fall with a low chuckle, Grimmjow looked up at his now smirking lover. "You went commando?"

A sleek brow arched in response. Ichigo held Grimmjow's surprised gaze. "Course I did."

"You knew this was going to happen, didn't you?" Well shit, Ichigo was one step a head of him on this one!

Ichigo nodded and hooked his leg around Grimmjow's hip, pulling the larger body closer, causing more friction between the two. "I've learned to expect these things from you."

Pushing Ichigo harder into the wall, the blue haired man ground against his orange haired lover, causing him to arch again, fingers gripping the wall for some kind of support. "Let's test out your skills then at keeping quiet."

Brown eyes widened. Feeling his pants being pulled down and off, completely exposing himself to a now predator-like gaze, Ichigo's body shuddered in anticipation. When Grimmjow's fingers dipped down to his exposed hole, Ichigo let out another gasp when he felt one, then two digits smoothly enter him before slipping out.

Grimmjow's shocked expression made him laugh. "Yes Grimm, it's exactly what you think I did."

It was Grimmjow's turn to shudder. "Fuck Ichigo, you really were planning a head on this one." Nuzzling into Ichigo's neck, Grimmjow purred. "You're bad Ichigo, real bad. You need to stretch yourself in front of me next time."

In a rush of movement, Grimmjow had his own zipper down and erect cock exposed ready to press into his lover's already stretched and lubricated entrance. Damn, envisioning Ichigo playing with himself was sending terrible shocks of excitement down to his large member making it practically twitch with glee.

Wrapping his arms around Ichigo, Grimmjow turned them towards the only mirror in the stall, pushing Ichigo against it. "Watch me as I fuck you."

Brown eyes widened again before snapping shut as Grimmjow thrust balls deep into him. Mouth agape in a silent scream, Ichigo was thankful when his lover placed his large hand over his mouth just in case he decided to cry out. Fuck! Ichigo cried out inwardly. He could feel the sudden heavy heated organ pierce him quickly and deeply, already targeting the spot buried within him that completely drove him wild. Grimmjow, it seemed, was more than ready to do this here. Was he planning on it just as Ichigo was?

Shuddering, Ichigo tried to will his body to relax and adjust to his lover's cock filling him inside.

Grinning crazily at Ichigo's completely exposed, erotic form, Grimmjow felt his own pleasure increase as his dick was being squeezed by the younger's inner walls. He wanted Ichigo watch him as he slid in and out of the pliant body. "Open your eyes Ichigo."

The orange haired youth did so, hands pressed against the mirror as he caught Grimmjow's now glowing blue gaze. Feeling the large organ buried within him, already hitting a spot deep inside, Ichigo's chest raised and lowered with each pant. "Nnngh!"

Sex in the air... it drove him wild! Feeling Ichigo push back against him, Grimmjow drew back and snapped his hips forwards, causing Ichigo's body to press up against the glass. He knew Ichigo loved the pain and pleasure mixture.

"Mmm fuck yes..." Ichigo hissed out. Feeling his cock rubbing up and down the sleek glass sent a weird pleasurable feeling through him. With Grimmjow filling him from behind and the firm pressure agains the glass in front of him turned him on.

Growling into the back of Ichigo's neck, Grimmjow said huskily as he continued moving in and out of the younger's body, "You're failing at being quiet Ichi." He could feel his thick erection being squeezed by Ichigo every time he slipped further into the sinful heat. Damn, how did Ichigo's body get so hot?

Eyes unable to close due to Grimmjow's order, all Ichigo could do was pant. "It's... because you're... Mmmnnhh..."

Grimmjow grinned. Fuck how he loved doing this to Ichigo! "I'm what?"

Hot breaths causing the glass to fog up, Ichigo bit his lip as he felt Grimmjow hit his sweet spot. Arching backwards, pushing down against the penetrating member, Ichigo reached behind him to grab Grimmjow's blue hair. "You're stretching me so much more... mnnh! Than I could ever do." Ichigo panted faster, biting his lip to hold back from screaming out as another thrust hit him head on. "You're driving me crazy Grimmjow."

Watching Ichigo's reaction through the mirror, Grimmjow had the best of both worlds: he could see Ichigo from the front as he fucked him from behind. Note to self, buy a wall mirror for the house, Grimmjow thought.

That excited him to no end.

It truly was a wonderful rush being able to make Ichigo completely fall apart like this and watch him hold in his shouts of pleasure as he fucked him.

He could feel Ichigo's walls constricting around his thrusting cock as he embedded himself deeper and deeper within Ichigo's tight heat. Holding strong thighs apart as he pushed his lover harder into the mirror with each forceful thrust, Grimmjow growled at each gasp Ichigo gave.

The younger man wanted to cry out, to let loose a string of shouts that was Grimmjow's name, but all he could do was hold his tongue and bite his lip to prevent those pleasure filled cries loose.

Grimmjow was faring no better. He wanted to hear Ichigo cry out his name. Scream as he plunged deeper and deeper into him. Listening to the younger man's shrill cries as he rode Grimmjow's dick towards completion.

"Sir? You alright in there?" A concerned young man's voice from beyond the stall made Ichigo's breath hitch and Grimmjow frown.

"Y-Yes I'm fine!" Ichigo had to hold in another gasp and cry as Grimmjow gave another slow thrust upwards, reminding Ichigo that he wasn't finished yet.

"Do you need any help with anything sir?"

Yes I fucking need help! Ichigo cried out in his head. "No I'm fine. Really. I'll be oUT! Soon." Brown eyes glared at smirking blue. Grimmjow had hit Ichigo's sweet spot on purpose! The damn bastard!

"OK. Well, if you need anything sir..."

"I'm fine!"


As the footsteps fadded away, Ichigo clenched his inner muscles tightly, causing Grimmjow's eyes to roll. "Oh fuck Ichigo..."

Feeling Ichigo grind his hips backwards into his own, Grimmjow took the hint and began hastening his thrusts. That damn assistant would proabably be back if Ichigo didn't get out soon. The hell if he'd be disturbed twice before finishing!

Rolling his hips again with more force, Grimmjow plowed into Ichigo's slicked entrance. The younger man's breath hitched again and he gave a final arch, releasing his essence across his chest and mirror. Grimmjow, feeling his cock being sucked in by his lover's body, released his own load deep within Ichigo.

Slowly putting Ichigo back down on the floor, making sure the younger wouldn't suddenly fall down, Grimmjow put himself back into his pants and zipped up. He then grabbed the discarded jeans, handing them back to Ichigo who was grinning lazily. "You're an animal." Ichigo then reached for his yellow shirt and tugged it over his chest before slipping on his jacket and zipping it up.

As if there was a magnet on Ichigo's body, Grimmjow was once again drawn towards the dressing man. "And you like it."

Brown eyes rolled before he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a sanitary wipe packet.

Grimmjow's brows furrowed. "The hell is that? What're you doing?"

"Cleaning up our mess. I refuse to just walk out of here without cleaning up. I've made it a habit to carry these around because you can't seem to just hold it in till we get home."

Grimmjow smirked. "Ever the doctor." Sliding up behind Ichigo again, looking into the shorter man's chocolate colored eyes, Grimmjow added, "I can't keep it down when you're around. You make me want to fuck you wherever I damn well please."

Ichigo chuckled at Grimmjow's antics. "Need to keep some places clean of our dirty behavior."

A sleek blue brow rose as Grimmjow's grin turned feral once more. "Dirty? Does this mean you need to be cleaned?" Grimmjow growled and nipped at the orange haired boy's ear. "I can help with that. I'm good at reaching certain places."

"Later." Grabbing the few clothes he had brought with him, Ichigo exited towards the purchasing counter, Grimmjow not far behind.

From his three years being with the blue haired man, Ichigo came to realize that Grimmjow had three favorite places to fuck. This was only the first.


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