IDEA EXPLOSION! Woooooot. I am loving this idea, it's gonna be so cute (after a little awkwardness) rated T for sexual content/alcohol.

"This party is going to be so epic!" a 19-year-old Frida celebrated as they walked further down the street, smiling excitedly.

"Yeah! I heard that the guys they got to play opened for some band in a concert once!" Manny exclaimed. They found the house and before entering, exchanged excited glances. Manny opened the door for Frida, (of course, he being a manners man allowed ladies first) and walked in after her. Music was blasting; people were dancing and holding cups of some drink they didn't care about enough to identify what it was. A guy around the same age as them approached them with two cups, handing them to the young couple with an amused smile on his face.

"Have some beer! There's food in the kitchen!" Manny and Frida shrugged and took the beer, knowing they were walking home anyways. Manny took a sip after hesitating a moment; he couldn't remember the conversation he'd had with his father about proper alcohol usage on his eighteenth birthday last year, so he decided to enjoy the party. As they sipped more alcohol, they got into the swing of the party more. The music got louder as they refilled each time, and the more people they partied with the more they felt like escaping to their own little world. The more drunk kids they encountered, the closer to the stairs they became. In a matter of hours, Manny was grabbing her hand, smiles on both their faces, leading her to the nearest room.


"Ugh, what a night." Frida arose from the area she fell asleep (passed out) in and looked around.

"Wait…this isn't my room." She saw Manny sleeping beside her and noticed that they were still at the house the party was at.

"HOLY CRAP MANNY WE HAVE TO GO!" Frida realized where she was and awoke Manny with a startle. Manny looked around as they scrambled to find their clothes and crawl out the back window. Escaping down the street, they slowed to a stop and walked the rest of the way home. (of course it was awkward.)

"S-so…uhh…I…" Manny couldn't find the right thing to say.

"I, uhh, my dad's gonna be wondering where I was, I should get home…I'll, uhh, see you later Manny." She gave him a quick kiss and turned the corner to go home. Manny sighed and continued on his way home as well. As Frida found her house, she hesitated before opening the door and attempting to sneak into her room. Attempting meaning before she could set foot on the floor at the top of the stairs, her mother stopped her with an angered look on her face.

"Frida Sachita Suarez, where in the world have you been?" Carmela demanded. Frida nervously rubbed her arm, not knowing what to say.

"Uhh, umm…overnight studies at the library?" Carmela frowned.

"Where were you?" She asked once more. Frida sighed.

"Okay, so maybe I went to Manny's and accidentally fell asleep." Frida lied some more. Carmela sighed; she would believe the white lie for now, but she'd expect the truth out of her daughter sometime.

"Frida, did you…do anything?" Carmela asked. Frida's eyes widened and a blush crept up on her face.

"Mom! No way, that's so gross!" Frida acted disgusted; part of the act was actual disgust, but a small amount. More shock contributed.

"Well I'm just being sure. You two have been dating a long time now, and I figured that the more time you two spent together the closer to…it…you'd become. You can never be too careful," Carmela secretly handed over a home pregnancy test to Frida and Frida, knowing that she might need it, took it and went to her room to take a shower.


"Manuel Pablo Gutierrez O'Brien Equihua Rivera, where have you been?" Rodolfo demanded as Manny walked in the door. Manny began to panic.

"I, uhh, I…I, went to a…a party, yeah, it was a YAY FOR ALCOHOL-FREE TEENAGERS! Party! Yeah, and I fell asleep when we were playing Monopoly on the couch…sorry." Manny lied as he went along. Rodolfo sighed; by now he had learned to take Manny's white lies and deal with them and let him pretend he believed him until he admitted to his lies and apologized, then ground him. He'd learned by now that Manny took the slow road sometimes learning the right thing to do. He'd always come around, but for some reason this time it seemed different; but if Manny was going to be Manny then he would wait until his son was ready to tell him.

"If you say so, mi'jo…" Rodolfo sighed. Manny escaped to his room to freshen up and take a nap. He had a large headache from all the alcohol from the previous night. He wondered how Frida was right now, if she felt hung over or sick right now. He wondered what would become of them now that they had gotten intimate. Would she have a hard time speaking to him? Or maybe vice versa? If he thought he had a hard time speaking to her after she'd kissed him when they were thirteen, he knew he'd need to break the ice once more. What he really hoped is that this wouldn't bind their futures with little feet.


As the week passed, Frida felt a pattern in how she felt as she awoke in the morning. Sometimes waking up meant it was three and the morning and she ran to the bathroom to barf, or it meant waking up to her alarm feeling like she was going to barf but never came close to it. It also included the eventual headache or feeling like she was going to die. Of course, going to her college classes each morning with a massive headache and coming to Manny after said class and hearing him say "are you okay, mi amor?" didn't help the case much. Her family noticed this each morning, and asked the same question, but always got the same response: "Yeah, I'm fine, don't worry about it." Once it became a morning ritual, Frida was becoming suspicious. She decided to take advantage of her unusual sickness that oddly lasted only till the last hours of morning each day to skip a Friday. Her parents feeling bad for their youngest daughter but knowing she could take care of herself while they all went to work helped her case.

Once everyone was gone, Frida rose from her bed and walked to the bathroom, filled with nervousness. She opened the medicine cabinet that was disguised as a mirror and reached into the back of it and pulled out the pregnancy test her mother had handed her earlier in the week and closed the bathroom door. With the flush of the toilet a few minutes later, Frida slowly brought the tiny stick-shaped test into her view and read the plus sign printed on the screen. She felt tears come to her eyes as she dropped the test to the floor and ran to the comfort of her bed.

As Frida watched the clock with dreaded fear, watching the minutes tick closer to 2:30, she grew more scared and more nervous. She watched the seconds tick by slowly and the clock could not have moved any slower for her. She saw the clock strike 2:23, knowing the bell that released the students from their prison-classrooms would ring in a matter of minutes. Not a huge surprise to anyone, really, Frida saw Manny walk out the front doors to the school. Frida rushed over to him, snapping her fingers nervously.

"Manny, we need to talk." Frida said. Manny felt scared, as he knew what that meant for most girls.

"Uhh, yeah, sure, what's up?" Manny asked, trying not to show his nervousness in his tone. Her silence was full of nervousness and thinking of what to say next. She took Manny aside and led him outside the school grounds to a secret place where they could only hear it.

"Manny, I'm…" Frida couldn't bring herself to say it, "I'm pregnant." The silence between them was unbearable. Manny didn't know what to say. There was no way this was good. They were still young and in college, this couldn't be happening to them.

"What? No, this is really bad. This can't be happening, not to us…" Manny panicked.

"Well it is. This is serious, Manny, this is really bad." Manny thought about it more. They're writing their futures out in pen; he had begun to think of who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with and he knew he wouldn't like to be separated from Frida and he knew that's who he belonged with, so he had contemplated proposing to her and as the thought grew the more he was tempted to skip school with her to buy a ring and give it to her right there, right then. But the fear of rejection got to him each time and he rejected the idea temporarily.

Manny thought more. He thought of having a little boy running around his house. It didn't seem too upsetting the more he thought about it; and the more he thought about it the more it grew on him.

"Actually, this is great! I mean, think of it Frida. I love you, and this means I will have a son to continue the Rivera bloodline, and the Rivera name!" Manny saw she was not smiling.

"Frida, I don't want to loose you. I was starting to figure that we'd end up together a long long time anyways. So what if we're young? We're a family and that's what counts."

"The MONEY, Manny, your dad and grandpapi aren't exactly full of can we afford this baby? Once my dad finds out-crap, my dad is going to flip!" Frida felt panicked.

"Frida, I'll be there for you no matter what happens. It'll be okay, I promise."

"But we'll need to get, like, two jobs each!" Frida complained. Manny hugged her in comfort.

"I promise, Frida, this will work out no matter how hard I have to make it work." They remained on the street corner in a tight hug.

Well, that's cute so far. If it's kinda sketchy on details in a few places, I apologize. I finished this over the course of a few hours each day for like a few days, and I copy pasted the last part from my email because I wrote it down on my phone. So review!