"You will die today and I will be the man Frida truly deserves!" Chipotle exclaimed.

"I can't believe you still don't get it!" Manny exclaimed. Chipotle set down his laser-hand.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"You don't get it at all! You're too pissed off to pay attention! Frida doesn't want you! She doesn't love you, she never will, and she never did! We're all sick of you and Sergio's, and Zoe's attempts to break us up! Just stop, it's never going to happen! You have to be really stupid not to see that when someone is engaged!" Manny ranted, breathing heavily as he had released all his anger.

Chipotle and Sergio stood still in shock. Manny's words had cut through the surface and had gotten to them at last. They set down their weapons. They realized that Manny was right. They had been so obsessed with getting the girl that they hadn't realized they were chasing after a dead end. Even after hearing about her engagement, they were determined to get what they wanted.

"Y-you're right…" Sergio said quietly.

"Of course I am. Look, guys, there's plenty of other girls out there that would be a much better match for you. You just have to look is all, I promise they're there." Manny said. "So long as you just lay off the trying to break us up. Frida is really important to me, and I don't want to lose her."

"Well we're not even your biggest problem. Zoe's the one you should worry about." Sergio explained. Manny glanced over his shoulder to see Zoe charging at him, guns blazing. As she pointed her laser-firing gun at him, Manny pointed it away and tried holding her off.

"Zoe, why are you doing this? Why are you determined to ruin my life? Because I can tell you right now that even if you managed to break me and Frida up, I wouldn't come running into your arms. What would happen is I would be miserable and grumpy the rest of my life because I managed to lose out on the best thing that's ever happened to me. Why can't you realize that?" Manny said.

"Because you're wrong! If you would just give me a chance you'd see how wrong you are! You're so stubborn, you just need to give me a chance!" Zoe yelled.

"Zoe, come on! I don't need to give you a chance because I know who the one for me is! You could find that same thing if you just cared to try!" Manny yelled.

"You're wrong!" Zoe exclaimed. "You're so wrong it's sickening!"

Zoe fired her laser gun at Manny and Manny just managed to avoid it. Zoe tried pinning him to the ground, but once she was successful, Manny just pushed her off angrily.

"Zoe, just give up already. I'm not going to stop fighting until you've been defeated." Manny said.

"I won't stop until you're mine!" Zoe exclaimed. Manny could tell this wasn't just her usual determination anymore; she was starting to lose it. She managed to pin him to the ground in a way that Manny couldn't get free.

"Zoe, you're getting hysterical. You need to calm down before you completely lose your mind." Manny said calmly, attempting to talk her down.

"Shut up, I'm perfectly fine!" Zoe snapped back.

"Please, Zoe, calm down! I will never be with you!"

"Yes you will!"


"There are other fish in the sea, Zoe. You don't have to be so focused on me. I have Frida, and I wouldn't give her up for anything. And I know that if you cared to look, you'll find someone to care about just as much as you did me your whole life. Al you have to do is start looking."

Instead of responding, Zoe just dropped her laser gun and walked off. Manny let out an exasperated sigh and turned back to Frida. Having heard everything he said, she had a huge smile on her face. Manny took her hands in his and was about to lean in to kiss her, but Rodolfo interfered.

"Save it for the ceremony, you two," He said excitedly, dragging the two back to the chapel-or the rubble that was left of it. The guests all sat down in what was left of their seats and Manny and Frida took to the altar. The priest continued where he had been interrupted in the vows.

As Manny and Frida shared a loving gaze as the priest recited the vows, Frida felt a sudden pain in her tummy. She moved her hand over her tummy with a pained and worried expression on her face.

"Uhh, Manny, I think the baby's coming..." Frida whispered. Manny smiled.

"Of course the baby is coming." He teased as if it were nothing. Then it struck him.

"Wait the baby is coming?" He blurted aloud. The chapel went silent. Frida just nodded, holding her stomach in pain. Manny looked to the priest briefly then quickly to the audience.

"Let's go to the hospital!" Manny exclaimed as he quickly whisked Frida away to the hospital; the wedding crowd followed, led by Maria, Rodolfo and Frida's parents and sisters.


At the hospital, Manny was rushing Frida through the front doors and to the front desk.

"I need a room, stat! This woman is about to have a baby!" Manny said hurriedly to the lady at the front desk. She was silent a moment in surprise, as El Tigre had randomly burst through the front doors with a pregnant woman.

"Certainly, sir, right away!" She said, grabbing the phone and dialing the number for the speaker.

"We need a wheelchair in the lobby, stat!" She exclaimed. In a matter of a few minutes, a wheelchair was wheeled into the lobby and Frida dropped herself into it.

"Get me to delivery, this hurts like a bitch!" Frida exclaimed, shouting in pain.

"Sir, are you the husband?" One of the doctors asked Manny.


The doctors, along with Manny and Frida, burst through the double doors and into the delivery room, beginning the whole delivery process.


Eight and a half hours later, Frida finally pushed the baby out and the doctors took it, immediately cleaning it up. Manny and Frida waited nervously for them to announce its gender, fingers crossed for a boy.

"And…it's a boy!" The doctor exclaimed. Manny and Frida cheered in joy and prepared to hold their newborn baby.

"Alright, time for the follow-up!" The doctor said.

"Wait what? Follow up? What do you mean?" Manny asked.

"What do I mean? You're obviously having twins," The doctor explained.

"Twins? You mean I have to do that all over again?" Frida said, annoyed and in pain. They went through the whole process again; this time it only took about two minutes for the next one. The next one was a girl, with strands of curly blue hair already on hear head.

"A girl!" The doctor exclaimed. Before they handed the baby to the new parents, they prepared for yet another birth.

"Oh, what now?" Frida grunted.

"You won't believe it—triplets!"


So, yet another two minutes later, a third baby was born—another boy. After quickly delivering all three placentas, the three babies were cleaned off, lungs cleared of any amniotic fluids or any other liquids that had occupied their lungs, and handed the three to the new parents. They let out a sigh of relief as the babies had stopped coming after three. The babies were placed in their arms and upon seeing all three of their gorgeous little faces, Manny and Frida were overwhelmed with a sense of pride and happiness.

"Aw, Manny, look at them, they're so beautiful!" Frida said happily.

"Who would've thought…triplets. They're so amazing…." Manny said.

Out in the lobby, the parents were waiting anxiously for the delivery to be over with when the doctor came in. He was silent a moment.

"Well…you're all grandparents!" He said happily. The crowd (consisting of Rodolfo, Maria, Carmela, Emiliano, Nikita and Anita), cheered and proceeded to the room where the new family was admiring their addition.

"Oh, there's three of them!" Rodolfo exclaimed once they walked in.

"I know. We were surprised too." Manny said quietly. The group approached the triplets and Frida let them hold them shortly.

"They're so beautiful," Maria said. She spoke for everyone when she said so. "What are their names?"

"The girl's name is Lorena, the boy with the curly dark brown hair is Emilio, and the last one is Antonio," Manny explained.

"They're beautiful names!" Maria responded.

"If you'd told me that this is what I was waiting for for nine months I would've been a lot more enthusiastic about it. This is what we were waiting for." Manny said.

The room went silent for a little while as they all admired the three babies as they slept.

"If we all don't mind, I believe we were in the middle of a wedding…" Emiliano said quietly as he held the boy with curly dark brown hair.

"Oh, that's right! Come on everybody, let's go!"


The gang of parents, siblings, bride and groom finally got to the church, along with the priest, and with all three babies in their arms, Manny and Frida finished their wedding.

"Manuel...Rivera, do you take Frida Suarez to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do," Manny said, as he stared deeply into Frida's eyes while he held Emilio and Antonio. Frida had Lorena.

"And Frida Suarez, do you take Manuel Rivera as your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do," Frida responded, looking deeply into Manny's eyes and into the eyes of her babies. That moment that everyone said they were leading up to, that moment where it all became worth it, was finally here. And the two realized just how right everyone was.

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