Hi there, Who is back! Actually, I never left but... ok, ok I think you got the point already ^^! I was re-reading some old fics of mine and one of them caught my attention: Good Night kisses. So... once I finished re-reading it I thought: "Hmmm, what if I write a sequel? A dramatic one!"

So, here it is! My 1st sequel! For those who are gonna read this, you should read Good Night kisses first so you can understand this new fic. It's gonna be all in Raph's POV. I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to review! Your reviews make me HAPPY! ^^

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Good Bye kisses

Raph's POV

It's been two weeks since I discovered that mushy thing Leo did when we have nightmares. Y'know… da good night kisses. I kinda accepted this "Mommy Leo" behavior after lots of arguments, kicks and lectures.

Things have been pretty normal after that. He still keeps da mothering attitude, mostly with Mikey... I don't know how that kid manages to have so many nightmares! Leo's wound has healed finally and now he's allowed to train with us.

Call me crazy, but I haven't argued with Leo lately! In fact, we've been talking, agreeing almost in everything… Heck! I also let him ride my bike once! I guess since I discovered Leo's kind and soft side my behavior started changing… in a good way, of course.

Now, we're here in our patrols… playin' tag with da others. What! Just 'cause we're patrolling doesn't mean we can't have some fun. And now… who'll be the next victim?

"Hah! I saw ya Don!" I yelled and ran full speed. But that wasn't Don. I just tackled Leo… oops!

"Heh… guess I'm tagged" Leo said.

"Sorry bro, I thought ya were Don" I said helping him to stand up.

"Guess again, Raph! Tagged!" Don appeared from nowhere and tagged me. Shell!

"Aww! No fair! C'mon Leo, we gotta catch them!" I started running towards Don but then I noticed Leo wasn't following me.

"You go first… I'll… catch you later" Leo said panting. He's tired already?

"Ya ok?" I asked kinda worried. It's not normal seeing a tired Leo on a simple game of tag.

"Yeah, yeah. Just… catching… my breath. Go get them" Leo said smirking. Well, if he insists… I left him alone and started chasing Mikey.



Hmm… weird. He's been doing that a lot lately. Come to think of it… he never gets that tired after a couple of rounds of tag. Sumthin's not right with him… but maybe is just my mind playin' games with me. I hope.


"AHHH! Mikey! Don't scare me like that!" Tsk… da lil' knucklehead really knows how to gimme a heart attack.

"Sorry bro, but you totally spaced out" Mikey said.

"I did?" Seriously, I did?

"Yeah! You were just stood there doing nothing. You ok? And where's Leo?" Mikey asked.

"Leo's catching his breath"

"Again?" Eh? What Mikey meant with again?

"What Mikey wants to say is that Leo's been getting tired a lot lately" Don appeared and joined the conversation "I've seen him on training and…"

"Have ya talked to him?" I asked.

"Yeah… and what does he say? I'm ok, nothing to worry about; just catching my breath, no biggie, just this old stitches, too much exercise… Stop me when you want Raph, because I have more of those ones" Don answered. I didn't know Leo had so many excuses in reserve!

"Whoa! And I thought I was The King of excuses! I'm losing my sparkle!" Mikey said dramatically. What a lame brain!

"Shut it, Mikey! This is serious. Don, can ya analyze his blood or sumthin'?"

"I don't think that'll be necessary, Raph. I have some doubts about his condition, too. But I guess he's just recovering from all those days he wasn't allowed to train" Don explained. That made sense but I'm still worried.

"Could be. Well, it's getting late. We better go back to the lair" I said making my way to the next roof.

"Guys, don't you think it's a little weird Leo is not here yet?" Mikey asked following Don and me.

"Maybe 'cause he left already" I answered not believing what I just had said.

"But he always comes or calls first" Mikey replied.

"Er… guys? I found him" Don said. Mikey and I reached the next roof where I left Leo. Yeah, he was there… asleep. Now, that's weird.

"Seems like someone didn't make it to the bed" Mikey teased.

"Help me carry him, Donnie"

Both Donnie and I carried Leo all the way home. We put him in his bed and then he started to open his eyes again.

"Nn…wha…where…" Leo mumbled.

"Go back to sleep. Ya have to rest"

"Ok" That was the last thing he said before he fell asleep again. Shell, he was tired!

"Well, I'm off for today. Night guys" Don said and left the room being followed by Mikey.

"You're not coming, Raph?" Mikey asked before leaving.

"Nah! I guess I'll stay here tonight. He won't mind anyway"

"And you say Leo's the mother hen here" Mikey chuckled and left.

I ignored his comment. I have my reasons for staying here: I'm worried about Leo and I couldn't just let him sleep alone tonight. What if he needs sumthin' and he's just too weak to get up and get it by himself? Ok, ok… that's being motherly, I know. But I can't help it… I'm worried. I only hope Donnie is right and Leo's just recovering his strength.