When Lilith and Frasier finally cleared up the misunderstanding to the gang at Cheers, no one was happier for them than Diane. She'd always felt a tremendous sense of guilt for leaving Frasier at the altar, so it was nice to see him so happy. Not that she didn't have her concerns, but for right now, he was at the top of the world, and it was nice to see.

"Another round for my friends! Some ginger ale for the little mother to be," Frasier grinned.

"Where have you been all my life?" Norm smiled. "You should have knocked up your girlfriend years ago."

"Now, Norman, there is more reason to celebrate than just another free beer! They have created life, which is filled with endless possibilities. They could be the next great scholar, write the Great American Novel, and discover a cure for cancer…" Diane joined in.

"Diane, aren't you getting a little ahead of yourself? After all, our offspring is little more than just a seed in his mother's womb, not able to understand or give anything other than inducing the occasional bout of vomiting, of course," Frasier laughed.

"Are you saying that our offspring is not destined for great things in life?" Lilith asked. "Or am I to assume that by our hanging out in this place, our seedling will become nothing more than a seat warmer at a small watering hole?"

"Of course not, Lilith. We both know that our offspring will automatically have at least a 50 point higher I.Q. than any one of Sam's customers. No offense, guys."

"None taken, you big weenie," Norm lifted his glass and took a long sip of the cool beer.

"People, people, people. We're here to celebrate a momentous occasion! Two of us are having a baby; they are bringing forth life into this world. They are representatives of all that is good and right in this world. Can we please have a peaceful moment?" Diane yelled.

"Are you just saying that because you still feel guilty over leaving him at the altar?" Sam quizzed as he wiped out a glass.

"Of course not. I do feel badly for my behavior, but look how well things have worked out for the both of us! I've moved on, he's moved on- he's going to be a father. Join me in lifting my glass to this celebration of life that has joined us together."

"Just think that could have been you Miss Chambers," Woody spoke up.

Everyone started laughing, everyone except for Frasier, Lilith and Diane. "Woody, Woody Woody, my dear comrade, I think that's a bit of a stretch. After all, Frasier and I were most responsible- in that area.?

"What area?"

"Never you mind," she patted his hand. "It is important that we make a conscious decision to look forward, and to celebrate this newest development in our friends' lives. To Frasier and Lilith- and their little one."

Everyone took a sip, and Frasier quietly took ahold of Lilith's hand. Yes, it was a great day at Cheers, indeed.