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Eli's POV:

I took a slow drag on my cigarette as I felt myself relax. This is what I needed. This could fix me.

I laid back on my bed and continued to smoke my weed. Some might call this illegal, but I, I call it self medication. I wanted this. I needed this.

That was a year ago. What I did not predict was Cece coming in to find me. She was furious. I still remember her crying and screaming at me. Bullfrog was worse, he wouldn't even look at me. But that was a year ago. But I haven't changed.

My parents, they have sent me in and out of rehab. They have literally tried ever rehab, every class, every therapist, every Church, but I won't stop. I can't.

"Elijah Goldsworthy I have had it!" She was yelling, I think. But I was too high to tell.

"Mom… just relax!" I held my cigarette to her, "Take a drag!"

She ripped the cigarette from my mouth, "God, what have you done! Eli look at yourself!"

I smirked, "I look good, I know."

She sat down on my bed and took a breath, "Pack."

"What? Why?" I questioned. My parents weren't the type to kick me out.

She looked down at my smoking figure, "Eli your going to Christian camp. Pack your bags, you leave Sunday."

No….No, NO, NO, NO! I dropped my cigarette and crushed it on the carpet, "Are you fucking crazy? What will I do at Christian camp! Mom I'm atheist!"

She nods, "I know, but baby boy they have amazing councilors there!"

I clentched my fists, "Mom I'm not crazy!"

She nodded, "Eli…please, go. For me."

I glared but nodded, "How long."

"Two months."

This, this was three days ago, which brings us to now. Sunday.

My mom stood with me in front of the Church as we waited for the bus. Talk about being late, it was supposed to be here half an hour ago.

Finally, it pulled into the parking lot and the pastor shuffled all the teens on to the bus. I turned to look at my mom and hug her good bye, "I'm doing this for your own good baby boy." She whispered.

I smiled weakly and nodded, "I know, I love you."

She kissed my cheek, "Write, or call or something, I love you too."

I took my black duffle bag and threw it in the bag cabins. When I climbed onto the bus I waved goodbye to my mom before heading to the back row and spreading out my crap so no one would sit down. But just my luck, some dude in a beanie came back. I gave him the death glare, but he smiled, "Hey, is this seat taken?"

I sighed but moved my stuff. It was best not to piss anyone off since I'm stuck with them for two damn months.

When the pale boy sat down I turned to face the window and put my headphones on. To my surprise the pale boy pulled out a gothic comic book. I took a better look at him and I noticed his shirt. Dead Hand.

I took off my head phones and looked at him, "You like Dead Hand?"

He nodded, "Hell yeah."

"My name is Eli." I stuck out my black finger nailed hand and shook his small one.

"Adam, you go here?" I pointed at the Church as we pulled out.

I shook my head, "No, I was forced. You?"

He nods, "Same."

I opened my mouth, but was interrupted when a girl in kaki shorts and a white tee shirt sat down across the aisle from me and Adam. I noticed she had gorgeous blue eyes. She looked friendly, but she did the same bag barrier I attempted. She was lucky enough not to have a seat buddy.

In the midst of checking her out, I saw her look up and smile…at Adam. She got out of her seat and hugged him, "Hey" Adam said as he held onto her. I was instantly jealous.

She smiled at him before glancing at me, then back to Adam, "Hey."

I cleared my throat and Adam chuckled, "Eli this is my friend Clare, Clare, this is Eli."

I smiled a full smile, "Hi."

She blushed, "Hi…"

"So what are you here for?" I chuckled.

She rolled her eyes, "Same as everyone else, an escape from parents."

I nodded, "Very cool."

Clare smiled faintly before taking her seat as the pastor talked. Just about everyone slipped on their headphones, including me and Adam. But Clare, no, Clare pulled out a book. Was that Chuck Palanick?

~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~

After a few pretty painless hours of chat and the accastional word from Clare, we arrived at the lunch stop.

Kids all ran off the bus as fast as they could to get to food, air, and clean resterooms.

I got off the bus with Adam and Clare quickly caught up to us. It was obvious she was shy because she didn't say much. But she was cute when she did.

We walked into some random fast food joint and Clare skipped off to the bathroom. I took this as a good chance to ask Adam a question, "So what's the deal with her?" I ask.

He shrugs, "I met Clare a few years ago at camp. She's really quiet until you get to know her. She has some issues, but I can't tell you what they are obviously. She's just a really good loving person."

I nod, "Do you like….like her?"

He chuckled, "Dude if you go for Clare that's fine, but if you hurt her I will rip your nuts off and shove them down your throat."

I almost gagged at the thought, "Damn, protective much?"

Adam rolled his eyes, "It's necessary."

~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~! ~ ! ~!~ ! ~ ! ~

Eventually Clare came back from the bathroom and stood in line with us. She didn't say much, just checked the time on her phone. When we ordered, Clare started to freak, "Shoot…I left my wallet in the bus. I'll go get it." She started to walk away, but I gentle grabbed her arm.

"I got it sweetheart don't worry." I smiled.

She blushed a cutes pink as she pushed one of her curls behind her ear, "Oh umm thanks, I'll pay you back."

I shook my head, "Just let me get this for you, no pay back nessecary."

She smiled, "Thank you."

~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~

After we ate Clare started to talk more. She's a year younger than me. She was smart and she liked books. She also actually goes to this Church but she didn't look so enthusiastic.

Eventually though, we had to get back on the bus and wait another three hours before we arrived.

When we piled into our seats Adam stood up awkwardly, "Hey Clare?"

"What?" She asked softly.

"Would you mind trading seats with me? I stayed up all night packing and I really need to sleep." He asked her, giving her pleading eyes.

She smiled and her nose slightly curled in a cute way. Her smile was gorgeous. She got up, "Sure, as long as Eli doesn't mind?"

I smiled, "He doesn't."

Clare sat down next to me and Adam took her place and drifted to sleep quickly. She pulled out her book again and I watched her read for a few minutes, "So Palanick huh?"

She looked up at me and smiled, "Yeah…. You know his work?"

I nodded, "He's only my favorite."

"Oh I see." She smiled.

She went back to her book, but that wasn't enough, I wanted to get to know her better, "I smoke weed." I informend her.

Her head shot up from the book, "What?"

I nodded, "My mom sent me here for therpy."

She nodded, "Do you want to stop?"

I shrugged, "It's a nasty and expensive habit."

Clare smiled, "That's good Eli, that you want to quit."

I nodded. We remained in comfy silence for a while, but eventually I felt Clare's head fall onto my shoulder. She was asleep. Awww.

~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~

We finally arrived at the camp! Looking out the window I saw the popular kids, the kids that had way too much spirit, and the kids who didn't give a damn. It was very cliché in a way.

"Alright campers off the bus!" The pastor cheered and everyone else groaned as they went to get their heavy luggage and wait for cabin assignments.

I stroked Clare's hair and her big blue eyes fluttered open, "Eli…?"

I smiled, "We're here sweetheart."

She blushed, "Sorry I fell asleep on you."

I shook my head, "No need to apologize, you don't snore like ADAM!" I yelled and he sat up.

"What?" He shook.

! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~! ~ !

After we all gathered our luggage, we sat down on the lawn and waited to be assigned a cabin group. I gently stroked Clare's curls and she blushed the whole time while Adam was leaning on her side trying to sleep.

At first, Clare was called, "Edwards, Clare! Middelton, Jenna! Bandari, Alli! Coyne, Fiona! Desuda, Bianca! Saint Clare, Holly J!"

Clare got up with her bag, "I'll see you boys at the bonfire." And she walked away.

Our cabin was called next, "Torres, Drew! Torres, Adam! Guthrie, KC! Turner, Dave! Bandari, Sav! Coyne, Declan! Goldsworthy, Elijah!"

"It's Eli…" I muttered as me and Adam headed up to our cabin.

To my surprise, the cabin wasn't a dump, but it wasn't the Hilton either. There were five bunk beds, a bathroom with a shower and a sink.

I grabbed the bed closest to a window. I was an early riser so I liked to look outside in the morning and draw and stuff. But when I looked out the window, not only did I see trees, I saw Clare! Her cabin was a mere few feet away!

I waved at her and she smiled shyly and waved back. Damn I was lucky.

Turns out Clare wasn't kidding about the bonfire. At 10 o'clock p.m. we all met at the bonfire stadium. Yes there was a fire, but it was really small when looking at it from stadium seats. Plus it was freezing ass cold outside.

But for some odd reason I was pretty content. Adam was sitting on one side of me talking to some girl and Clare was on my other side. Accasionally I would glance at her and see her staring at me. I would smile at her and she would blush and look away. It was cute.

The pastor opened in prayer and everyone joined hands. When he finished most people dropped hands except for couples, and best friends. Clare tried to pull away but I held onto her hand tighter, "Eli, I need my hand." She muttered as the pastor taught.

I rolled my eyes, "I don't think so sweetheart."

Later on in the message the pastor talked about what we wanted to get accomplished over the next two months. Clare squeezed my hand and I squeezed her's back. She smiled and scooted close to me and rested her head on my shoulder. I released her hand and wrapped and arm around her waist.

"We're in Church." I muttered.

She giggled, "Body heat, it's survival of the fittest out here."

After the bonfire was over Adam took off with that girl. We had an hour of free time, or an hour of Clare time in my case.

When we got down to the bottom of the bleachers, I began to follow the pack of kids heading down the aisles, but Clare stopped me.

"No, let's stay here." She muttered.

I nodded and we sat down on the front row by the fire, "Isn't this against the rules?" I asked as I brought her close to me once again.

She cuddled into my side, "Does it matter?"

I shake my head, "Nope."

Then we sit. We stare into the fire and sit and stare. It was good though. Comfortable.

Eventually she spoke up, "I love it here."

"Camp?" I questioned.

She shook her head, "No, well yes, but no. I love it here. This spot."

"Oh, it's nice. Why do you love it?" I asked.

"It's quiet." She mumbled.

"You like quiet, don't you?" I questioned.

She nodded, "I do."

"Why?" I asked.

"When you grow up in a house full of loud, quiet is comfort." She sighs.

I open my mouth but she shushes me, "Another story for another time."

I nod as the cabin bell rings. We intertwine our fingers and walk back to our cabins. I stop in front of Clare's door and she pulls from my hand, "So I'll see you around?"

I smirked, "Guess you will."

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