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Chapter 1: A Day of Remembrance


"Let me go Koji!"

"Takuya, stop it!"

"I said let me go! Shinya!"



Davis Motomiya bolted upright in bed and clamped a hand over his mouth to muffle the erupting sob that was wrenched from his throat. He glanced over at his desk to make sure that he hadn't woken up his Digimon partner, DemiVeemon, who had thankfully remained asleep in his makeshift bed.

"Haven't had that dream in a while," he muttered, running a hand through his auburn hair.

He eased himself out of bed, crept to his dresser, and opened the top drawer where he kept his socks and underwear. It was the ideal place to hide things that he didn't want anyone to find. And just in case someone was brave enough to open it, like his mother or his sister Jun, there was a hidden compartment in the back that he had fashioned himself years ago. Inside were three old treasured items: a cracked pair of goggles, a beat up looking olive green hat and an old model of the Digivice called a D-Tector. He held the device in his hand and then glanced at his D3 that had been left out on the desk. After having that old nightmare and seeing the all but forgotten mementos from days that were long since gone he put said items back, laid back in bed, closed his eyes, and allowed memories that did not belong to him to flow out of his subconscious, knowing it'd be futile to stop them even if he tried.





"Wake up!"

"Five more minutes, Shin," he grumbled.

"No," came the snooty retort. "Mom says it's time to get up. You'll be late!"

Takuya grumbled again as he opened his eyes. His little brother, Shinya Kanbara, was hovering over him so close that his nose was just barely touching Takuya's own. Takuya smiled suddenly as he quickly grabbed the unsuspecting boy and got him into a headlock for a decent noogie.

"Ouch! Takuya-nii! Stop that, it hurts!" Shinya cried. "Mom! Mooom!"

"Tattle-tale," Takuya snickered, shoving his bratty little brother away.

"What is it Shinya?" their mother's voice echoed from down the hall.

"Takuya was hurting me!" Shinya whined.

"Takuya," their mother's voice called out sternly.

"He was invading my personal space," Takuya called out with a sigh.

"Be nice to your brother!" she called back. "It's his birthday today."

"Yeah, yeah…" Takuya yawned.

Shinya snickered.

"Brat," Takuya growled. "Grow up already would ya?"

"Bleh!" Shinya spat, sticking out his tongue.

"Why you little-!" Takuya cried, chasing Shinya out of their shared bedroom…

"Davis?" a voice intruded on the dream.

Davis groaned before waking.

"What is it?" he grumbled.

"It's time to wake up," the voice – DemiVeemon – told him.

When he opened his eyes, Davis found the little guy sitting on his stomach and it was only then that he could hear his alarm clock going off beside him. He reached over and turned it off. His Digimon partner jumped off of him so that he could get up and ready for the day. Davis yawned again and as he got dressed he thought of the dream-memory that he'd just had. It had been a while since he'd seen any of Takuya Kanbara's memories in his dreams. They were usually locked away in his subconscious. He tried to think of why he'd be seeing them now, but before he could find a reason his sister, Jun, barged in on him. DemiVeemon was quick to freeze and assume the persona of a stuffed animal.

"Davis," she scowled. "Get up already! Mom's got breakfast on the table."

"Gottcha, geeze!" Davis growled. "Get out Jun! I'm getting dressed here!"

Jun rolled her eyes before leaving. DemiVeemon collapsed in a heap, making Davis chuckle. The little guy hated staying still even for a couple of minutes. Davis quickly finished getting dressed and packed his school bag, carefully making a little nook for DemiVeemon to rest in. Once all that was done he hurried out of the room to eat. He was already running late.

"Morning Mom!" he gasped as he plopped down in a chair and began to scarf down his food.

"Morning sweetie," his mother smiled. "You're going to be late again."

"I know," Davis groaned between mouthfuls.

When he glanced up he saw that Jun was all ready to go, but she was still standing by the door. He swallowed his last mouthful of egg and rushed to throw on his shoes.

"Davis," Jun said in a low voice the moment he came within hearing range.

"What?" Davis grunted, tugging on his shoelaces.

"Today's the anniversary," Jun prodded in the same low voice.

Davis paused with his next shoe. Well that explained the dream-memories.

"Oh yeah," he muttered, quickly sliding the other shoe on.

"I know you were little when it happened," she sighed, "but… Do you still want to go? You don't have to-"

"Of course I'm going," he answered quickly. "Meet me after school?"

"Sure," she smiled. "I can't believe that it's been eight years."

Davis nodded mutely before opening the door.

"See you later then," he smiled sadly before taking off.

When he was halfway to school DemiVeemon popped his head out of Davis's school bag.

"What was that all about?" he asked. "That's the first time that I haven't heard you and Jun fight."

"It's the one day we're being civil to each other," Davis stated as if it were obvious.

"What's so special about today?" the little Digimon asked.

"It's just a day we put aside our differences," Davis sighed. "Drop it okay? I'm going to see if Ken can take you with him after school, all right? I don't want Jun to discover you. We'll be out the whole afternoon."

"All right Davis," DemiVeemon sighed. He knew when Davis didn't want to talk about something, but that wouldn't stop him from asking about it later.

They had just barely made it to school on time and after a quick stop at the computer lab to drop off DemiVeemon with the other DigiDestined's Digimon, Davis booked it to class, entering the room just before the final bell rang.

"You've cut it rather close this morning Mr. Motomiya," his homeroom teacher sighed.

"Yeah, sorry 'bout that," Davis grinned, taking the empty seat next to his best friend, the DigiDestined of Kindness, and his schools most recent transfer student, Ken Ichijouji.

"That was cutting it close," Ken whispered. "What were you doing?"

"I over slept," Davis sighed.

"That's no surprise," a boy's voice snickered from behind them.

Davis didn't need to turn around to know that it was TK Takaishi, the DigiDestined of Hope.

"Ah shut it TP," Davis grumbled.

"It's TK," a girls voice sighed.

This time the one that had spoken was the DigiDestined of Light, Kari Kamiya. Davis had had a crush on Kari for years, but over the past ten months he'd learned that she liked TK and that TK liked her back, so his long term crush on her was slowly fading. He wished they'd just get together already so that he could move on properly. TK and Kari had known each other since she'd become a member of the original group of DigiDestined four years ago.

"Original DigiDestined? Yeah right," a voice inside Davis's head scoffed.

Davis sighed, trying to hide his smile. He waited to see if it had anything else to say but he heard nothing. He knew that it wasn't a good thing to be hearing voices that only he could hear, but this wasn't your average disembodied voice. It had a presence and consciousness of its own and even had memories and feelings. He wasn't sure when he'd become aware of it's presence, but it had been with him for the eight years since the accident. At the mere thought of the accident, he and the "voice" became depressed.

"Davis?" Ken nudged him. "Are you alright? You don't look too good."

Davis blinked, snapping out of his short depression. He plastered a smiled on his face and laughed quietly.

"Guess I got less sleep then I thought," he grinned.

Ken chuckled softly before returning his attention to whatever the teacher was saying. The two heard TK and Kari sigh, but they ignored them. The day seemed to drag on forever, but at the end of their last class Davis remembered that he had to meet with Jun and that he hadn't asked Ken to watch DemiVeemon for him yet. When they were at their lockers in the hall, Davis took the opportunity.

"Hey Ken? Do you think you could take care of DemiVeemon for me until tomorrow?" he asked. "I can't have him around this afternoon."

"Sure," Ken smiled. "I don't mind. My mom really likes it when he's over and so does Wormmon."

Ken's parents knew about Digimon after Ken had to explain to them why he'd been out late one night after fighting with the other DigiDestined against Daemon. Unfortunately, Davis's family was still in the dark even after all that had happened.

"Hold on," TK frowned. "We were going to go to the Digital World today."

"Oh yeah," Davis groaned. "Sorry, but I kinda have other plans."

"Like what?" Kari asked, curious.

Davis was tempted to tell them, but he was spared from answering when Tai Kamiya and Matt Ishida appeared with Izzi Izumi and Sora Takenouchi. These four were also members of the "original" eight DigiDestined. Tai was Kari's older brother and Matt was TK's. Matt and TK's parents were devoiced though, so they had different last names. The only two DigiDestined missing from the "original" group were Mimi Tachikawa and Joe Kido, but that was no surprise. Joe was currently attending his fist year of college and Mimi had been living in New York for the past four years.

"Hey Davis," Tai smiled and then frowned. "Did you know Jun is waiting for you outside?"

"Yeah," Davis sighed. "Sorry guys but I really gotta go. Thanks again for watching DemiVeemon for me today Ken."

They all watched him go as he took off down the hall and then moved to the window to watch him meet Jun. It surprised them to see the two hug before leaving.

"Have you ever seen those two get along?" Matt asked his brother on their way to the computer lab.

"Seen who get along?" a boy's soft voice asked from up ahead.

It was the youngest of the current generation of DigiDestined, Cody Hida, who had spoken from doorway of the computer room. A lavender haired girl wearing big round glasses was standing right behind him. The girl was Yolei Inoue, the newest girl DigiDestined.

"Davis and Jun," Izzi answered. "The two of them just left together."

"What?" Yolei exclaimed, shocked.

"Davis said that today was a special day where they are see-veal to each other," DemiVeemon piped up. "Apparently it's an anniversary of some kind for them. He wouldn't tell me what it was."

"I think you mean 'civil' DemiVeemon," Ken sighed. "I find it strange that Davis even knows the meaning of the word. Then again, he was acting a little weird this morning…"

"You know what that means!" Yolei grinned.

"What?" Ken asked, but from the looks of everyone else, he guessed that they already knew what that was.

"We follow him of course!" Yolei stated with an evil gleam in her eyes.

A few minutes later they had tracked Davis and Jun down with the signal from Davis's Digivice. They were careful to stay back out of view as they followed them through the city to a flower shop where Jun emerged with a collection of what looked like 6 bouquets. She made Davis carry a couple of them before they headed to the train station where they boarded a train to Shibuya and entered a special cemetery a couple blocks away. The following group stopped to read the plaque that was posted by the entrance. It was there to let passers by and visitors know that the cemetery was a place where most of the victims of a terrible accident were buried. The accident in question was when half of the Shibuya train station had collapsed for unknown reasons. Hundreds of people had died that day and a few of them still remained unidentified. Some of the older DigiDestined remembered hearing about it all those years ago, but it was Tai, the one reading the plaque for them, who realized that the accident had taken place exactly eight years ago to the day.

"Oh wow," Sora sighed. "This trip is getting depressing fast."

"Who do you think they're here to see?" Kari asked.

"Let's find out," Yolei stated, entering the cemetery before they could loose sight of Davis. Lucky for them, the cemetery had a lot of visitors so the two they were following didn't notice them. The two Motomiya siblings navigated through the cemetery with ease, telling their followers that they'd made this trip many times before. Davis and Jun finally stopped somewhere in the middle of the cemetery before a pair of monuments. Jun placed one of her bouquets of flowers before each monument. They were too far away to hear what the two were saying, but a few minutes later Jun and Davis moved on to two pairs of graves nearby where Jun and Davis put down the rest of the bouquets. They stayed in front of these four graves a little longer than the last pair, but after a few minutes they left.

Curious, the other DigiDestined approached the grave monuments. The first pair belonged to a married couple, Daisuke and Jackie Kanbara. The monuments said that they were a "Loving Father and Mother," but there were no children's memorials nearby, meaning that their children either hadn't been in the accident, or had been one of the lucky ones who had survived. The other four monuments that Davis and Jun had stopped at belonged to a family of four under the same surname as the last two. Hiroaki and Yuriko Kanbara were buried there with their sons, Shinya and Takuya.

"I wonder who they were to Davis and Jun," Kari mused.

"Well I've had enough of this," Sora stated. "This is a private matter. I'm not going to pry any further into Davis and Jun's affairs. Obviously these people were important enough for the two of them to visit on the anniversary of the accident together."

Matt and Tai nodded.

"If Davis wanted us to know, he'd tell us," Izzi pointed out reasonably. "I suggest that we leave it alone."

"I suppose," Yolei sighed, holding her pink bird Digimon partner, Poromon, close.

Sora quickly left the scene with Matt in tow and Tai was quick to follow their example. Izzi also left with Ken, who had Wormmon and DemiVeemon in hand. The only ones who stayed were Yolei, Cody, TK and Kari. The four of them studied the monuments for a few minutes, trying to figure out why Davis would put up with Jun to visit them.

"Maybe they were relatives on their mom's side," TK guessed.

"I suppose," Yolei sighed.

"Excuse me," a girl's voice said.

They all turned to see a blond girl around their age holding two flower bouquets. She was in the lead of a group of four boys.

"Sorry," Yolei gasped. "Are we in your way?"

"Kinda," the girl smiled.

She glanced at the graves and her smiled became sad.

"Did you know the Kanbara families?" she asked.

"Huh?" Yolei blinked.

"No, we didn't," Kari shook her head. "We just came by with a friend who did."

"Really," said one of the boys. He didn't look convinced. He had dark blue eyes and long raven colored hair pulled back in a loose ponytail under a bandana. The boy next to him looked the same but with shorter hair that hung in curtains around his face.

The girl shot bandana boy a look, before passing Yolei and placing one of the two bouquets on the grave that belonged to Shinya Kanbara. She stood back up and paused before the gave of the boy's brother. There was a sad and conflicted look on her face.

"Just do it, Z," another one of the boys said softly. "He'd like that."

This one was the tallest of their group with spiked brown hair and light brown eyes set into a round but masculine face.

The girl, Z, looked up blushing slightly. The other boys nodded and she gently placed the bouquet on Takuya Kanbara's grave.

"I see Davis and Junie have been here already," she sighed.

"Junie?" TK snorted.

"You know Davis?" Cody asked, ignoring TK.

"Yeah," she smiled. "Why? Do you know him?"

"He's a good friend of ours," Kari nodded. "He left with Jun just a couple minutes ago."

"Really?" 'Z' asked. "Which way?"

Kari pointed to where she could just barely make out Davis and Jun's disappearing figures.

"He's not gonna get away this time," she grinned. "Let's go guys!"

She took off, leaving the boys no other choice but to follow.

"Sorry," the last boy, one wearing an orange beret over mousy brown hair, bowed before following his friends. "Please excuse us."

Cody automatically bowed back, but the others stood still for a moment before following them.

"Do you think that this is a good idea?" Cody asked, but no one answered him.

They stopped a short distance away as they watched the girl and her friends chase down Davis and Jun. Davis turned around, looking shocked, but a wide grin quickly spread across his features. The blond girl tackled him into a hug. He hugged her back and laughed. When they separated, she seemed to be scolding him about something, but that only made his grin widen. None of the remaining DigiDestined dared to get any closer to hear what any of them were saying, but they watched as the girl gave Jun a hug too. Bandana boy was actually smiling and he knocked fists with Davis, which struck them as odd. They had never seen Davis do that before, but that wasn't the only thing that was suddenly different about Davis. It was as if they were watching someone else. The most notable difference what how Davis was now slouching slightly with his hands in his pockets and how he was now making gestures with his head and shoulders as he talked instead of his hands like he usually did. His entire body language had changed.

TK, Kari, Yolei and Cody exchanged bewildered glances. When they looked back they saw the seven mourners leave through the cemetery exit. They quickly rushed to catch up, but when they turned the corner to follow them they couldn't see them anymore. It was as if they had all disappeared.

Rewind Forty-Five Minutes Back….

After leaving his friends, Davis walked through the main doors to the school and spotted Jun. As he made his way toward her, he couldn't help but feel depressed again once he remembered their business for the day. He didn't know why, but he hugged Jun when he reached her. She didn't protest like she usually would, choosing to hug him back instead.

The two of them then took off in silence to a local flower shop that Jun had become fond of. It was one that Takuya's friend Koji Minamoto had shown her once when she was younger. Every time she needed flowers she'd always stop at this same store. Davis waited outside as usual. As a guy, he didn't really want to be seen inside the shop. His digivice went off and when he took a glancing peek at it he became a little angry. It was picking up nine stationary digivice signals near his position. He didn't like the fact that his friends were following him, but the Davis they knew wouldn't notice their presence so he remained quiet and pretended to be oblivious. Jun soon returned with six identical bouquets of lilies and handed two of them to Davis to hold. He took them without a fuss and led the way to the train station, hoping that he'd loose his friends there.

No such luck. He saw them board the same train that he and Jun were on out of the corner of his eye. It was starting to irritate him. When they arrived at their station and entered the memorial cemetery, Davis just decided to let it go. He realized that even if they saw the graves it wouldn't mean anything to them. They'd either have to ask him and admit that they'd followed him, or have Izzi do some digging into the graves' backgrounds, but he knew the computer genius wouldn't do that. It would be an invasion of his privacy and against Izzi's morals.

When they reached their destination, Davis looked down at the graves with Jun. No one in the DigiDestined knew this, but Davis and Jun had once been Davis and Jun Kanbara, son and daughter to Daisuke and Jackie Kanbara. A few months after the accident at Shibuya station, Mel and Dan Motomiya had adopted the two orphans. Davis was only four when the accident had occurred and he remembered it vividly, but he usually locked those images away every day of the year… except for today. Even now as he stood before his birth parents' graves and moved on to the four that belonged to his extended family, he could remember the shaking ground, Jun's screaming, and the ceiling caving in, but the most vivid image that came to his mind was of his older cousin, Takuya, yelling at him. As if that passing thought were a trigger, he felt the presence inside of him cringe and an image filled his mind's eye…

"Davis! Look out!" Takuya cried when he spotted the little boy.

Davis was frightened out of his mind, crying for his parents and Jun, but none of them were in sight.

"Takuya! Don't!" he heard Koji cry out.

Takuya whirled around and looked his best friend in his dark blue eyes. Koji's ponytail had come undone and his trademark bandana had fallen out during their last struggle, so the rave hair flew around his sharp pleading features.

"I've already lost Shinya, Koji," Takuya smiled sadly. "I'm not about to loose my cousins as well."

With that, he darted out of Koji's grasp and dived for Davis just as the ceiling above them caved in. He managed to push the two of them up against the closest wall, leaving them virtually unscathed. He could hear Koji and the others call out his name, but he was more concerned about Davis. The little boy clutched at his shirt as they huddled together.


The cousins looked up and around instantly, searching for Jun. Takuya spotted her cowering in a nearby doorway, an ideal spot to be when in a disaster situation like this one. He picked Davis up and darted over to her. Koji must have spotted them because he called out to Takuya again.

"Takuya! Above you!"

"Davis?" he heard Jun say softly.

"Huh?" Davis blinked, tearing his eyes off his cousins' memorials. "I'm sorry, what was that Jun?"

Jun looked at him for a moment before taking hold of his hand and pulled him along beside her.

"Lets get out of here," she sighed, pulling him even closer as they walked.

Davis was tempted to move away for some space, but he allowed Jun to remain close. It was a trying day for both of them. Their adopted parents didn't know that they made these trips every year on this day, and even if they did know somehow, it was never mentioned. He glanced back at his D3 and watched as his friends approached the graves behind him. A few minutes later he was relieved to see most of them leave. All the older DigiDestined's digivice signals vanished soon as well as a reading for one of the five D3s. Davis assumed that it was either Ken or Cody who'd left. His money was on Ken though because Ken had two Digimon to look after tonight and was a good enough friend to know when to leave things alone.

"So where do you wanna go next?" Jun asked. "Should we head to the old neighborhood? Maybe the park?"

"Sure," Davis sighed. "Whatever you want Jun."

"Davis? Is something wrong?" Jun asked.

"Huh? No!" Davis cried, shaking his head. "I'm just a little bummed out. This day is so depressing. I try to remember Mom and Dad, but I just can't. All of my memories before they died are so faded."

Jun smiled sadly at him.

"Davis!" a girl's voice called out to them suddenly.

They both turned around and Davis nearly got knocked over by a familiar looking blonde.

"Zoe!" the voice in his head exclaimed in excited surprise.

Davis smiled, feeling similar emotions, and hugged the blond back.

"Hey Zoe," he smiled. "You haven't changed one bit."

"And how would you know?" the blond scoffed. "We haven't seen each other in over a year! You kept ruining our plans for a reunion!"

She glared daggers at him before giving Jun a hug.

"You really haven't changed," Jun smiled.

The blond smiled before yelling at Davis again, going on about not staying in touch and something about his move to Odaiba six years ago, but he'd stopped listening. He greeted the four boys behind her.

"Hey J.P." he grinned at the tallest member of the group with short brown hair. "You look great! You lose some weight?"

"Yeah," J.P. chuckled. "But you'd know that already if you'd allowed us to see you this past year."

"Sorry," Davis laughed. "I had a busy year."

"Too busy to see your friends?" the boy wearing a bandana asked.

"Hey Koji," Davis smiled, happy to see the boy for real and not in Takuya's memories. Koji's twin, Koichi was by his side as always, and Tommy, the boy who had traded his big orange had for the small, cooler looking beret, was quick to greet him with a hug.

"You've grown a lot Tommy!" Davis grinned. "I like the new hat."

"Zoe gave it to me for my birthday," Tommy grinned back.

"You're fashion sense is as sharp as ever," Jun complimented the blond.

Zoe beamed at Jun while Koji came up to Davis and the two of them bumped fists. The action surprised Davis. He wasn't usually the fist bumping type. He preferred a good firm shake. Koji seemed to be equally surprised, but didn't comment. Instead he continued to smile and kept his voice down.

"You're being followed," Koji informed him.

Davis kept up his smile too, nodding.

"I'm awear," he chuckled, keeping up the façade, but didn't bother with keeping his voice at a whisper. The others who were listening in were now too anyway to hear anything.

"Since when?" Jun blinked.

"Since we were at the flower shop," Davis shrugged. "What did they look like?"

"A short haired brunet girl in pink, a small brunet boy in brown, a blond boy wearing a hat, and a lavender haired girl wearing large round glasses," Koji answered, laughing at the end for the benefit of their observers.

"So that's TK, Kari, Cody and Yolei," Davis nodded. "I thought so. Ken wouldn't stick around after he found out that this was personal. He's a good friend."

"You mean there were others?" Koichi exclaimed with a bark of laughter, also for the benefit for those watching.

"Yeah," Davis shrugged, putting his hands in his pockets. "There were nine originally."

"How can you tell?" Jun asked.

"I have my ways," Davis grinned, side-stepping the question. "Lets get out of here. I know how we can finally ditch them."

They made their way to the exit and just as they turned the corner, Davis broke out into a run, the others quick to follow.

"Great plan Davis," Jun sighed sarcastically as he turned another corner.

Koji remained by the edge with Davis as they watched the four followers turn to leave the cemetery and look around. Davis put his hands in his pocket and felt his D3. He quickly switched it off so that they couldn't follow its signal anymore. It worked. The four DigiDestined gave up rather quickly, maybe out of guilt for following in the first place, and headed back to the train station.

"Worked like a charm," Davis grinned at Koji who just shook his head.

"I swear you goggle headed Kanbara's have the strangest luck," he sighed.

Davis's smile became a little sad at the mention of his deceased cousin.

"So where to next?" Zoe piped up, trying to dispel the now gloomy atmosphere.

"How about the park?" Tommy suggested.

"Great idea," Davis grinned eagerly, happy for the distraction.

The seven of them then proceeded to turn off down the street and cut through a neighborhood to get to the park they were headed for. Memories were flashing through all of their heads, but for Davis, many of them weren't his own. He'd never told them that he sometimes saw some of Takuya's memories or that he could hear Takuya's voice speaking to him as if he were right there beside him. They ended up stopping in front of one of the houses because Jun had paused while they were passing by. It was Jun and Davis's old house and both of them were reliving vague old memories of them playing out front in the yard with Takuya and Shinya whenever the two cousins came to visit. Davis relived one of the clearer memories that belonged to Takuya during one instant. It was one where he was riding on the young teen's shoulders while Shinya and Jun chased them around the yard.

"Davis?" Zoe spoke up, resting a hand on his shoulder. "Are you alright?"

"Huh?" Davis jumped, jolted out of Takuya's memory. "Uh, yeah. I'm fine."

"He's been doing that a lot today," Jun told her, casting him a worried look.

"I'm fine," Davis sighed, "Lets just get to the park already."

He took off down the street with Koji and Tommy at his heels. Zoe and Jun traded another worried glance, but they were quick to follow the boys.

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