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Chapter 25: A Day Off and Strange Signals

The next day seemed to drag on forever for Davis even though it was a Friday. Classes seemed to be taking forever, and even after school when all of the Odaiba DigiDestined met up in the computer lab they didn't really go anywhere in the Digital World. They still met up with Mimi and Michael at the Factory though. Gennai had made it a temporary sort of home since his had been destroyed, but the only DigiDestined from Shibuya that showed up were Zoe and Tommy. Apparently Koichi had school officer duties to attend to, Koji had kendo club practice for the tournament that he would be participating in the next day, JP had cooking club, and Yutaka was working overtime again.

With half of the Warrior DigiDestined missing, there wasn't really much to do other than come up with a list of possible locations for where they might find Koichi's Spirits of Darkness. They came up with a few possible locations based off of previous encounters with evil Digimon. On File Island there was Devimon's old lair at the top of Infinity Mountain, but Gennai had it on good authority that File Island was quite peaceful these days and that any sources of darkness would have been noticed by now. Besides, Devimon's old lair was apparently gone now and replaced with a neat revolving observation deck and restaurant. Mimi and Michael had even gone on a date there once not too long ago. Go figure.

Their best bet was to look through the various possible locations on Server Continent where previous villains had resided. They'd determined that Etemon's pyramid lair was out though because the desert was where they'd found Takuya's Spirit Partners and Zoe, Tommy, and Davis (and Takuya) were confident that the spirits wouldn't hide so close together and in the same location. The more likely prospects were Myotismon's lair and the various locations that the Dark Masters had set up their own headquarters, excluding Machinedramon's Machine City where JP had found his spirit partners of course.

It took a while to find where those hideouts where these days though because the Digital World had changed so much since the original eight Odaiba DigiDestined had fought those opponents. The remains of Puppetmon's playhouse turned out to be somewhere deep within Togemon's forest. MetalSeadramon hadn't really had his own lair to begin with, but Ken and TK insisted that the Dark Whirlpool could still be a possible location. As for Piedmon's castle, even with Gennai's help they hadn't been able to find anything on Server that matched up with what any of the original eight Odaiba DigiDestined remembered about the crazy clown Digimon's lair.

After hours of contemplation, everyone finally called it a day and headed home after making plans for Saturday. The girls (including Mimi who with Izzi's help had gate jumped to be there) were going to go shopping in the late morning, while the boys (minus Yutaka who still had work and Koji who had kendo practice) hung out at an arcade and the park until everyone met up at 3 o'clock to watch the finals of Koji's kendo tournament. It was hard to convince Mel Motomiya to let Davis go that morning though because she was still worried about his heath. Thankfully Joe had thought about this possible snag and was there to reassure her and Dan that he'd be monitoring Davis' condition and make sure he didn't do anything too strenuous. He even drove Davis and Jun to the train station to meet up with the rest of the Odaiba gang before going to Shibuya to meet up with the others and split up into their respective groups.

It was rather nice to spend the day just hanging out and relaxing after a whole week of adventures. Davis was happy to see his two sets of friends getting along. It would have been better if Koji had been there because he was the one that really needed to socialize and get along with the Odaiba team, but he couldn't fault his friend for practicing before the tournament. It was rather entertaining to see Cody get so excited about kendo though. The younger boy was always so composed, so to see him speaking to Tommy with such enthusiasm and excitement was rare. JP, Joe and Izzi spent a great deal of their time together chatting about various things from electronics and computers, the Digital World, and classes they were taking. Koichi was actually getting along well with TK while he talked to Ken and Matt about his experiences in the Digital World, growing up a second time, and how much he enjoyed Matt's band's newest hit song – apparently he, JP and Koji were fans of the band's music even before meeting Matt. Tai and Davis tended to float between Koichi and JP's groups, leaving Tommy and Cody alone to talk about soccer, kendo and whatever other activities that the youngest members liked and had in common.

Even the Digimon had a lot of fun when they were allowed outside at the park. DemiVeemon, Patamon, Upamon, and Minomon had no problem getting along with the newer and younger In-Training Digimon. Even as Davis thought about it, he realized Digimon didn't have the problems that humans had in making new friends. Digimon were simple creatures and all of them were different, so it just made no sense for them to be prejudice. Sure there were a few that were and there were colonies of Digimon in the Digital World that only had one kind of Digimon living there, but most Digimon were welcoming and accepting of others. Humans however, did live with that prejudice and were awkward enough to make it an issue most of the time with such stupid things like racism. But deep, philosophical thoughts aside, Davis was just glad to see everyone getting along for once – especially with Koichi.

He'd been worried about how Koichi's reactions and interactions with the darker elements in the Digital World had affected the impression that the older boy was making on his Odaiba friends. There of course had been obvious tense moments, and everyone had been wary of him ever since learning his Warrior's element, but here in their home world, those doubts seemed to have dissipated for the moment. Today, here and now, Koichi was just a normal human boy like everyone else (as normal as a supposed-to-be 20 year-old can be at any rate).

When everyone met up at the Shibuya DigiDestined's school auditorium to watch the kendo tournament, Yutaka finally joined them after getting off work. Davis was surprised to see that while out shopping with the girls, Jun had actually gone through with her plans to get hair extensions and showed up with long flowing wavy hair with blue highlights. Davis was sure that it was Mimi who had recommended this addition to Jun's new hairstyle, because Mimi herself was sporting pink highlights of her own in her honey-brown hair.

Once everyone was seated, they watched the Kendo tournament with occasional commentary from Cody and Koichi as they explained to the others what the rules of kendo were and what was going on. Koji won his first couple of matches easily, his years of experience obvious as he scored quick points on his opponents. In fact, in the first match, Koji's opponent hadn't even scored once. The DigiDestined who enjoyed sports like Cody, Tai and Sora enjoyed watching the matches. Those who could really care less only watched whenever Koji was up, preferring to chat the whole time – this was mainly Mimi and Yolei. Everyone else was somewhere in between and at least tried to pay attention to a majority of the matches. It was no real surprise that Koji was the winner of the tournament and kept his Shibuya regional championship title.

When they all went to go congratulate Koji on defending his title, Davis was happy to see that Koji was actually showing his open and friendlier side. The kendo champ hadn't noticed them yet, because he was too busy congratulating his teammates and thanking some of his opponents for good matches (even the poor kid that hadn't scored any points on him in the first round). The younger yin-yang twin was even smiling for a couple of pictures that he took with his team, and shook hands with a few adults that Davis could only assume were Koji's teachers and the kendo club's sponsor and coach.

When Koji finally did notice the DigiDestined, he allowed them to congratulate him, thanked them, and even talked to Cody with actual enthusiasm about the tournament. Davis noticed that seeing this different and more approachable side of Koji was making a new impression upon his Odaiba friends. Once things had died down, Koji and Koichi's foster parents appeared too and of course congratulated Koji like any other pair of proud parents would, but after that Koji's good mood seemed to have evaporated and he was back to maintaining a neutral facial expression, and distant manner.

Koichi explained to the others that even though he and Koji really liked their foster parents, their congratulating Koji on his kendo wins depressed the younger twin. It was something that painfully reminded him of their father. Apparently Mr. Minamoto had been a busy man and had never really made a lot of time for Koji, but for some reason, the man had never missed one of Koji's Kendo matches and even took days off to watch the tournaments. This revelation seemed to hit home with a lot of the Odaiba team, as they began to realize why Koji was the way he was and how much the accident at Shibuya Train Station had really affected the Warrior DigiDestined.

After congratulating Koji on his win one last time, the Odaiba group said their goodbyes and headed back home.

The next day Davis was just sitting back and enjoying a lazy Sunday morning with Jun, watching their Digimon play in his bedroom. Jun's partner's In-Training form looked like a blue Tanemon with a white flower sprouting from its head instead of green leaves. She also had green eyes and was called Tamamon. Tamamon, Flaremon and the two DemiVeemon were currently rolling around on the floor trying to take possession of a small inflatable ball that Jun had bought while out shopping yesterday. The radio was turned on to cover any noise that the Digimon made while they played and Jun sat by the door to keep an ear out for any sign of their parents coming to check on them.

Davis was snapping the occasional photo with his cellphone and sending the pictures to Tommy (who was in turn taking and sending Davis pictures of Korimon and Kogumamon – Yutaka's partner's In-Training form that looked like a grey version of Tsunomon) when he got a call from Izzi.

"What's up Izzi?" Davis asked after putting the call on speakerphone so that Jun could hear as well.

"Did you or any of the other Warrior DigiDestined go to the Digital World last night?" Izzi asked.

"Not that I'm awear of," Davis frowned. "As far as I know everyone went home after Koji's kendo tournament. Why?"

"There were two energy spikes last night," Izzi stated in a serious tone. "One of them took place in Togemon's forest where we suspected Koichi's Spirits of Darkness might be. The energy spike had the same kind of signature as the previous times one of the Warrior DigiDestined found their spirit partners."

Out of the corner of his eye, Davis noticed that Jun was on her cellphone talking with someone.

"And the second reading?" Davis asked.

"That one was a little different," Izzi mused, the sound of keyboard keys clacking and papers rustling crackled on the other end of the line.

"Izzi, tell Davis about what Tentomon reported," Tai's voice suddenly spoke up out of the background over all the noise.

"Is Tai there with you?" Davis asked.

"What? Oh, yeah. Tai, Kari, TK, and Matt are here," Izzi said distractedly.

"Davis," Jun spoke up, hand covering the receiver on her cellphone. "Koichi and Koji didn't go to the Digital World last night, so that first reading couldn't have been a reaction from getting the Spirits of Darkness back."

"You hear that Izzi?" Davis asked.

"Yeah, we heard," Izzi sighed. "Look, can you two come over to my house? We need to have a meeting. There's too much to explain over the phone and I don't want to have to repeat myself a hundred times over."

"What about Koji and the others in Shibuya?" Davis asked.

"Have them meet up somewhere and we can video conference them in," Izzi suggested.

"Koji and Koichi are on their way to Tommy and Yutaka's," Jun informed Davis. "JP has already been called and is on his way as well and Koji's calling Zoe as we speak."

"Right," Davis nodded to her before returning to his phone conversation. "We'll be over as soon as we can, Izzi."

An hour and a half later all of the Odaiba DigiDestined were crammed into Izumi apartment's living room where Izzi had hooked his computer up to the TV screen so that everyone could see wherever it was that he was going to show them. Jun and Davis had been picked up by Joe again and they were the last to arrive. Mimi had stayed overnight at Sora's, so she was present as well. In that time, Izzi had also been on the phone with JP as he hooked up a monitor and camera to videoconference in the Shibuya DigiDestined. Once everything was working and everyone was either physically or electronically present, Izzi informed everyone of the two readings he'd gotten.

"So if that first reading didn't come from anyone in the Shibuya group, then what happened?" Sora asked.

"That's what I'm trying to figure out Sora," Izzi sighed. "Gennai should be on site by now with a few others to investigate. He'll call in the moment he knows something. What I really want to discuss though is the second reading."

Izzi typed in a few keys on his laptop and pulled up an image on the TV screen and on the computer for the Shibuya DigiDestined to see.

"This is a map of the Server Continent," Izzi explained as he proceeded to point out two dots on the map. "The blue dot represents Puppetmon's playhouse where the first reading occurred in Togemon's forest. The red dot, as you can see happed miles off the southeast coast of Server. This is where the second reading came from. It took me some time this morning, but with some help from Gennai I was able to get a better fix on the signal reading and found this."

Izzi hit a couple more keys on his keyboard and the maps on both screens jumped and zoomed in on the red dot.

"It's an island," Mimi frowned. "So what?"

"This island has never appeared on any maps of the Digital World before," Izzi frowned. "It's never registered on any of the mapping programs that Gennai and his people use to scan and map out the Digital World. It's been hidden until now."

"How come?" Ken asked. "It looks to be a sizable island."

"It's as big as Kyushu," Izzi nodded. "Last night Tentomon and Biyomon went to the closest beach in Server to check it out last night and after talking with some of the local Digimon, discovered that the reason this island hasn't been noticed until now is because it's in the middle of a stationary storm system, surrounded by fog and a myriad of storms. For some reason last night the storms let up and allowed the island to be seen from the shores of Server."

"How bizarre," Yolei breathed.

"So how's this signal different from the first one?" Koji's voice asked, crackling over the computer speakers.

"Well for one, it's strength is weaker than the first one, and two… it's still transmitting," Izzi frowned. "I can barely read the signal now because the storms have started up again, but it's still there."


Everyone in the room jumped as a light on the computer monitor conferencing the Shibuya gang in flickered in time with the sudden loud beeps and another screen popped up to reveal Gennai.

"Hello everyone."


"I've got some rather disturbing news for you Izzi," Gennai frowned. "Someone has indeed been in this area. The entire playhouse has collapsed the same way as all the other locations housing the Warrior DigiDestined's spirits."

"It wasn't any of us," Koji's voice said a little defensively, his face on the screen creased into a serious frown.

"And that's part of what's disturbing about this," Gennai sighed.

"It has to be whoever got the last Digivice," Davis frowned. "We still haven't found who got it yet."

"One would think that yes," Gennai nodded. "It's a reasonable conclusion."

"But?" Izzi asked, raising an eyebrow.

"But… There are no signs of anyone entering Puppetmon's playhouse," Gennai stated gravely. "There are only signs of someone leaving. Tentomon and Centarumon are trying to find anyone who might have witnessed what had happened last night, but they've only found a couple of Tanemon that are of no help."

"Did Palmon notice anything?" Mimi asked. It was a reasonable question. Palmon was the guardian of that forest whenever she wasn't with Mimi.

"She was on the other side of the forest at the time," Gennai sighed. "She felt the disturbance first hand though."

"It was really weird," Palmon's voice piped up and seconds later the plant Digimon herself was on screen next to Gennai.

"Weird how, Palmon?" Izzi asked.

"It was like a mellow earthquake," Palmon frowned, "but there was this strange pressure in the air. It wasn't oppressive or anything bad feeling, but I just got the impression that something really powerful woke up."

Izzi hummed, nodding contemplatively.

"So what do we do now?" Jun asked.

"Well there's nothing further to do on this end of things," Gennai sighed. "Whatever was here is long gone."

"Then we go check out that island," Tai stated. "That's where the second signal is still coming from isn't it?"

"It is, Tai, but how do you suggest we get there? The storms have started up again, making it impossible to fly or sail in," Izzi pointed out.

"Then lets take an underwater route," Tamamon piped up from where she sat on Jun's lap.

"I could always Armor Digivolve into Submarimon, but I'd only be able to take Cody," Upamon mentioned.

"Hey Joe," Davis frowned. "Don't you and Gomamon have a whale Digimon friend who could take us?"

"Whale? You mean Whamon?" Mimi blinked. "Hey… yeah! We could ask Whamon to give us a lift."

"If you can find him," Joe mused. "Cody and I were lucky we found him as quickly as we did last time. It still took us awhile to find him when we went to save TK, Kari, Davis and Yolei and the Digimon from MetalSeadramon while they were trapped underwater on that offshore oil platform."

"Well Michael and I have become good friends with him because Whamon and Betamon are best friends," Mimi said smugly. "Betamon will know where to find him."

"Well that's ironic," Sora laughed.

"How so?" Yolei asked.

"Because Betamon digivolves into MegaSeadramon and MetalSeadramon, and it was MetalSeadramon of the Dark Masters that killed Whamon in his previous life. He doesn't remember all that though because few Digimon retain any memories from their previous lives," Mimi smiled. "Anyways, I'll call Michael and see if he and Betamon can get a hold of Whamon for us."

That said, Mimi rose from her seat on the couch and walked off into the apartment's kitchen for some quite to make her call.

"Hey Gennai, what's the closest digital gate to the island?" Izzi asked.

"I believe it's called Seashell Cove," Gennai mused. "It's a few miles west of the beach and village that Tentomon and Biyomon were in last night."

Izzi nodded as he typed away at his laptop again and pulled up another video window. "Right… Tentomon? Are you and Biyomon still there at the beach?"

"Roger!" Tentomon's voice trilled. "What's going on Izzi?"

"I'll explain later," Izzi stated. "We're on our way to your position. We should be there in about an hour or two once we've taken care of the arrangements."

"And had lunch," Tai joked.

"Right," Izzi sighed.

"Ok Izzi. We'll be ready when you get here!" Biyomon chirped happily, then the connection ended.

Fifteen minutes later Izzi's mom came home to the apartment full of teenagers and pre-teens and happily put together a huge lunch with help from the girls. Meanwhile, her son, Tai, Mimi and Davis worked things out with Michael and JP on deciding on how to proceed and their the next course of action. An hour after that found all the DigiDestined on the beach just outside of a Digimon seaside village. Mimi and Michael and their Digimon were talking to a huge whale Digimon that could only be Whamon. After talking with Whamon for a few minutes Mimi rejoined the others and announced that Whamon was willing to give them all a lift.

Before leaving for the island Cody Armor Digivolved Armadillomon to Submarimon and Jun was having an interesting conversation with Namimon.

"Spirit Evolve?" Jun blinked. "Why?"

"Why? Because together we're the Warrior of Water! This is a perfect opportunity to test out the new form of digivolving," Namimon drawled. "Besides, we both know that you don't want to be sailing to this island in the belly of a whale. No offense to Whamon or anything. I'd rather be out in the open water with Cody and Submarimon. Why let them have all the fun?"

"Ok, you got me there… but how do we do it?" Jun asked.

"It's simple really," Namimon shrugged. "Just point your D3-T at me, press that little button just below the screen and say "Fractal Code Digitize." My fractal code will appear, your digivice will identify it, my code will wrap around your hand, you say, "Execute Spirit Evolution," scan my data again and bada-bing-bada-boom! Hello Ningyomon!"

"…Sounds easy enough," Jun smiled nervously.

"Hey Jun! You coming or what?" Davis called out to his sister when he saw that she was just standing on the beach with Namimon while everyone else was getting ready to go inside Whamon.

"Here goes nothing," Jun sighed as she pulled out her D3-T and pointed the scanner end at Namimon and pressed the button. "Fractal Code Digitize!"

Namimon's form blacked out and a ring of data encircled her. Jun's digivice beeped, it's screen lighting up with the Warrior's symbol for water over a faint image of Ningyomon. Automatically Jun held out her free hand and Namimon's figure disappeared entirely while the ring of data surrounding her unraveled into a ribbon, flew over, and reformed circling around Jun's outstretched hand. Jun brought the D3-T's scanner down onto the ring of data and said, "Execute! Spirit Evolution!" as she pulled the scanner away and pulled the ring of data out into a ribbon of data again that circled around her, encasing her into a cocoon. She could feel her body begin to change, as she and Namimon become one being and emerged as Ningyomon, Legendary Digimon Warrior of Water.

Everyone was gaping at her now as she examined her new form. It was quite different from Sairemon's, but at the same time it felt as familiar as slipping on an old favorite outfit that still fit.

"Oh this is so cool," Jun smiled as she adjusted the crossed sheathed twin knives on her back and fiddled with the hilt of the dagger attached to her right thigh.


Ningyomon looked up at Davis as he stared at her in awe.

"How do I look?" Ningyomon grinned.

"Amazing," Davis laughed.

"Well I guess that answers the question about how we transform with our new partners," Koji mused.

"You look very bad ass Jun," JP smiled.

"Right, well are we just going to stand around all day and talk about how cool I look, or are we going to check out this new island?" Jun asked, getting mildly uncomfortable with everyone's stares.

"Ah right," Izzi nodded. "Lets go everyone."

And just like that everyone else entered Whamon's mouth and braced themselves what was what likely to be a rocky trip.

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