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It was a normal day within the camp, the skies were gray, the men were drilling and everyone was doing whatever it is they do. The only problem here was the two girls from the future watching everyone go by.

"I'm bored, do something." Said a girl of 17 with black hair tied in a ponytail, with brown eyes. This is Janet/Jane

"Like what?" Responded another 17 year old girl with sand like hair put in a messy braid and blue eyes, this is Natalie.

Both girls sighed; there was nothing for them to do. That was until Janet had an idea.

"I have an idea!" She cried jumping up and giving a look of excitement to her friend. Natalie smiled.


"Let's find the boys and go into town!"

Natalie gave a thoughtful look on it, they could get in trouble if they got caught, but it sounded like fun!

"Alright, let's find them!" Natalie said as Janet cheered as they went to go find the ones known as Wesley and Charlie.

It was a few minutes later that the girls found the two with Forbes and, unfortunately for their plans, Robert.

"Hello." Natalie greeted as both girls walked up to them.

"Hello ladies, how goes your day?" Wesley asked, though the question seemed more aimed towards Natalie.

"Fine." Janet answered as she looked at all the men; hmm they needed an excuse to get the boys away.

"Say Charlie, Wesley? Can you help Natalie and me with something?" Asked Janet.

"Of course." Both boys said as they faced the girls, Forbes and Robert forgotten.

"Well, were not sure how to explain it, so we'll show you." Natalie said as she and Jane started to walk away, the boys following behind.

"Do you girls need our help?" Forbes called out.

"Nope!" Both girls shouted as the group turned a corner. As they turned the corner, both girls stopped and faced the boys.

'We're going into town!" exclaimed Janet. Wesley smiled, while Charlie frowned.

"What's wrong Charlie?" Natalie asked, as she faced him.

"I'm sorry girls, but I can't go, I have a lot of work to do." Charlie said with an apologetic look. Both girls frowned at the news; it wouldn't be the same without Charlie.

Charlie noticed and gave a smile, "That doesn't mean you three shouldn't go anyway; just bring me back something if you don't mind."

The girls smiled and nodded, "You bet!" they said as Charlie gave a smile and a nod, and walked away.

"Well, let's go then." Wesley said as he led the girls towards the entrance of the camp. The girls then remembered something.

"Wait, we need to sneak out, Robert or Forbes don't know we're leaving the camp!" Janet said as she told Wesley.

Wesley stopped and faced the two, "We're leaving camp and we don't have permission?" he asked a bit worried.

"Yea, basically." Both girls said as they continued walking towards the entrance of the camp.

Wesley sighed, but ran after the girls. Today was going to be an interesting day.

*With Robert*

It had been a quiet morning, too quiet, and that had Robert worried.

'Where are the girls?' He wondered, usually they would have done something by now. He assumed whatever the girls asked Morse and Sterling for help with would have caused some sort of trouble.

He sighed, and that's when he noticed Charlie, but where was Sterling and the girls? He narrowed his brow, something wasn't quite right. He approached Morse.

"Captain Morse, good evening." Robert greeted as he stood in front of the young officer.

"Evening Sir." Charlie greeted as he saluted his commanding officer.

"Morse, I was wondering, where is captain Sterling and the girls?" He asked, getting impatient.

Charlie gave a nervous look before answering, "I have no idea sir."

Robert gave an annoyed sigh, "Captain Morse, as your commanding officer, I demand that you tell me where Wesley and the girls are."

Charlie gave a defeated look as he gave a dreadful sigh before answering Robert.

"In town sir." He said as he looked at his feet. Robert blinked a few times, not believing what he was hearing.

"What was that Morse?" He asked, trying to calm down.

"In town,…sir"

Robert was about to scold Charlie but held his tongue, and walked off.

"Sir?" Charlie called after him, "Where are you going?"

"To get those three back in camp." He called out as he walked towards the camp entrance.


"Hey look a bakery!" cried Janet as she dragged her two friends towards it.

"Alright, alright, we're going Jane, just calm down." Laughed Wesley as he held onto his hat, Jane let go of the two and ran towards the bakery.

"Janet! Wait for us!" Natalie shouted as she and Wesley we're now forced to keep up with their friend. They entered the shop and the girls quickly started drooling over the different pastries displayed in the case.

"Hey, Wesley? What are these?" Asked Natalie as she ushered the young man next to her.

"Hm?" Wesley hummed as he walked next to her and looked at what she was pointing at, it was a miniature cake.

"Hh, those are miniature cakes, you should try them." He said as he smiled at her.

"Excuse me? Can you give us a bag filled with those cakes?" Asked Janet pointing to mini cakes. The baker nodded and handed her the bag.

"Here you go miss." Said the baker as he handed her the bag.

"Thanks." Janet replied as she paid for it and the trio left.

As soon as they got out, Janet handed Wesley and Natalie a cake and grabbed one for her. Each took a bite and a smile came across their face.

"These are so good!" Exclaimed Natalie as she took another bite, Janet nodding her head in agreement. Wesley chuckled, these girls acted as though they never had cake before.

Within 5 minutes the bag was empty.

"Well, those didn't last long." Janet said as they walked down the street.

"Nope." Natalie said as she looked around. Wesley didn't say anything but kept walking.

"Hm, I wonder how things are going at camp." Janet asked aloud, making them all wonder.

"You would know, if you had not left."

All three stopped dead in their tracks, and cringed at the voice as they slowly turned around to face a very angry looking Robert G. Shaw.

All had a look of horror on their face, though Wesley had pure fear in his eyes.

"What we're you three thinking?" Robert demanded. Both girls looked at each other and nod.

"This!" both girls shouted as each grabbed Wesley's hand and ran, making the poor boy stumble at first, but then run.

"We're going to get in more trouble." Janet said as she let go of Wesley hand, not letting Natalie notice.

"Big time." She agreed as she kept holding Wesley's hand. Wesley was in dismay, first he was scared for Robert had found them, and now he was on cloud nine for Natalie kept holding his hand.

Janet noticed and gave a smirk.

"Yo Romeo, we're not safe yet." She said, making Natalie give her a confused look.

They turned a corner and hid in an alley way, watching as a panting Robert passes them. All three watched as he got further away from them, and then burst out laughing.

"Oh, that was fun!' cried Janet. The others shook their heads, that's when Natalie noticed that she was still holding Wesley's hand.

"Sorry!" Natalie said as she let go of his hand.
"It's alright Natalie, I didn't mind." Wesley said as he gave her a charming smile. Natalie blushed as Janet snickered at the scene before her.

"Well, we should get going we have no idea when Robert might find us." Janet said as the three got out of the alley way and started walking down the street.

It was a silent walk, but all three stopped dead as the man they were hiding from turned the corner onto their street. He spotted them and walked over to them, angered.

"I have half the-" Was all Robert said of his angry rant before Natalie pushed Jane into him and grabbed Wesley and ran off.

"Traitors!" Janet yelled as she was pushed into Rob. Robert quickly caught her and looked down at her. Janet looked up and was scared, and started squirming to get out of his grasp.

Robert noticed the panic in her eyes and sighed as he lost all anger and addressed the panicked girl in his arms.

"Miss Torres, please stop squirming. I'm not going to harm you." He said in a soft and calm voice, hoping to calm her down. Janet did indeed stop and looked up at him, her eyes holding curiosity in them. It was at that moment the girl realized their position and blushed and in nervousment started talking in Spanish.

"Por favor, dejar ir tu me hace sonrojar*" Janet said as she tried getting out of his grasp. Robert looked at her confused, but let go of the girl.

He looked at her noticed the red in her face, and realized why she was red in turn making him go red.

"We, should um, find miss Jean and Sterling." Was all Robert said as the two walked down the street searching for them.

*With Natalie and Wesley.

"Natalie, why did you push Jane?" Asked Wesley.

"It's payback for something." Was all she said. Wesley nodded, and they kept walking. It was only a few minutes later Natalie realized that she was still holding his hand. she quickly let go, but blushed when Wesley quickly grabbed back her hand.

She looked at him and saw that he gave her a shy smile. A tender moment between two lovers, they kept on smiling as the continued down the street. Both enjoyed the walk there taking, and of course people were whispering about them, but they ignored it.

Wesley was enjoying the time he was getting with Natalie, she was smart, funny, brave, confident, and overall an amazing young lady. The problem now was to ask. So Wesley with a nervous smile spoke.

"Um, Natalie?" Wesley asked getting her attention.

"Yea?" Natalie answered wondering what her crush had to say.

"I was wonder, when the war over, if you would like to um, if you would like to, um, to-"

"I found them!"

Both turned at the sound of the familiar voice belonging to the one known as Jane. Wesley didn't know whether to curse his luck or be thankful for the interruption. They waited as both Janet and Robert walked up to them.

Robert addressed them all.

"We have wasted enough time here, back to the camp." He ordered as Wesley and Natalie took the lead still holding hands. Robert took noticed and was about to say something when a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

He turned to see Jane giving a smile at him.

"Leave them alone Rob. They deserve to find happiness; it's not every day you find that special someone." Explained Jane. Robert sighed, but gave a smile.

"I see, well then. Enough loitering, we need to get back at camp."

Both walked behind the young couple, Janet smiling at how well things were going. Wesley and Natalie were on cloud nine and Robert, for some odd reason felt left out.

Janet noticed, and did something she would never forget. She tapped Robert on the shoulder.

"Yes?" Robert said looking at the young Hispanic before him. Janet blushed and gave a deep breath, before speaking.

"Te amo, Robert*" was all she said before running up to catch up with her two love bird friends.

Robert stood there wondering what she could of have possibly said. Unbeknown to them all a certain mystical being was watching them. He gave pity on the poor kernel and for a moment Robert understood what Janet had said.

'She loves me?' was all he thought as the trio waited for him.

"Come on sir, no loitering!" Wesley called out teasing the kernel.

"And you call us slackers!" Natalie cried out, as Robert walked over to them. The trio laughed as he stood with them. Wesley and Natalie once again took the lead, hand in hand and shared a special gaze.

Robert continued walking and noticed Janet walking next to him. in the spur of the moment he leaned down, his mouth next to her and whispered.

"Te amo." And walked off a blush staining his cheeks. It was only sudden that he found his hand in someone else's. That person was Jane's.

"It's not everyday someone finds that special someone Rob." Said she with a smile as all four walked back to camp.

"Janet! Natalie wake up!"

"huh?" both girls said as they were shaken awake. Wesley sighed and gave a smile.

"Come on, we're going to be late for breakfast!" He said waiting for the girls. Both girls blinked but got up and ready.

Both stared at each and smiled, it was too good to be true.

"Just a dream." Said both girls as they followed Wesley to the mess hall.

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