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Focus: Robert and Janet.

Genre: Friendship/Romance.

Janet sighed as she sat on the steps of the mess. Natalie was whisked away with Wesley, who had asked her for her help, and she couldn't find Charlie anywhere!

"Boring!" Janet whined as threw her hands in the air and let them flop down beside her. She finally had enough and went walking around the camp.

"Cus I love you baby, oh on these lonely nights, oh pretty baby, if it's quite alright, oh pretty baby, what will you say!" Janet sang as she walked around. She didn't know the words to the whole song only that part.

Well she got pretty carried away and stopped in a secluded spot and sang out loud.

"CUS I LOVE YOU BABY! IF IT'S QUITE ALRIGHT OH PRETTY BABY ON THESE LONEY NIGHTS OH PRETTY BABY, WHAT WILL YOU SAY?" She said jumping/stomping on her feet as she sang the high note.

"LET ME LOVE YOU! OH YOU'RE JUST TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! I CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF OF YOU." She sang as she spun around, enjoying herself, she can entertain herself without having Natalie beside her to cause trouble.

Janet smiled as she was going to repeat herself, but stopped dead and almost fainted when she hear a certain someone's voice.

"Miss Torres?"

Janet turned around and stared in horror/shock at Robert who was watching her with a curies and amused look.

Robert didn't mean to put the girl into shock. He was walking around camp, when suddenly he heard someone sing and followed it, to his surprise it was Miss Torres who was singing and apparently unaware of him watching. He also noticed the words, who was she singing about?

"May I ask you something?" Robert asked, trying to gain the girls attention. He sighed when she didn't reply and continued anyway.

"Who were you singing about?"

Janet snapped out of it at the moment, she wasn't singing about anyone, it just happened to be a song stuck in her head.

"No one, it's just a song from back home." Janet answered as she fully faced Robert, not making eye contact.

"I see, have you nothing to do?" Robert asked, he noticed that she rolled her eyes at the question. He pouted a bit; really there was no need for that.

"No Robert I don't" Answered Janet as she turned around and began to walk away. Robert watched her, a bit offended at her behavior.

"Miss Torres! I am not done talking to you!"

Robert scowled as he followed after her, ready to give her a piece of his mind, but again she sang and again he listened. Who was she singing about? Why was it getting to him?

"Miss Torres! I command you to stop!" Robert said, pulling rank on her. She did and gave a pout.

"If you have nothing to do then follow me, I'm sure I can assign you something."

She said nothing as she walked over to him and began following him. Robert kept walking around the camp with Miss Torres behind trailing after him. He heard her mumble and listened to her words.

"Cus I love you baby and if it's quite alright, oh pretty baby."

He sighed, she said she wasn't singing about anyone, but she could of have easily lied to him.

"Miss Torres, are you sure you're not singing about someone?" Robert asked as he looked at her. Janet looked back right at him.

"Why? Does it bother you?" Janet asked.

Robert gave a surprised look, did, did she say that he could be joules? Maybe, maybe not but he was not joules!

"No it does not, I'm just wondering." Robert stated a bit defensive.

"Oh Robert, if it will make you feel better I'll sing it again, but this time about you." Janet replied with a smile and a roll of her eyes.


Robert felt is face heating up; she was singing the song, but this time for him. He wasn't sure whether to be flattered or to stop her.

Janet noticed his face become red and gave a small smile.

"Robert you're turning red as a cherry."

Robert turned even redder, this girl was quite unbelievable. Janet gave a small sigh as she walked right up to him and placed her hand on his forehead. Robert shivered, her hands were quite cold.

"Well it's not a fever." She stated as she stepped back, hand by her side. Robert tried finding his words to say something, but he was at a total lost. Janet watched him smiling, the corner of her mouth twitching a little.

"Robert? Your turning blue, you need to breath." Janet said as she tapped him on the nose.

Robert blinked and took a breath. He didn't notice when he had stopped breathing, but he did indeed notice the young Hispanic before him tap him on the nose.

"Usually I do that to my dog to grab his attention. I guess it works on men too." Janet commented, smiling. Again he was at lost for words, what type of young lady acted like this young lady before him?

"Rob? You ok?" Janet asked as she waved her hand in front of his face.

Janet jumped in surprised as Robert caught her hand around the wrist. Both just stood there in silence and waited to see what the other would do.

"Miss Torres, we have wasted enough time." Stated Robert as he let go of her wrist and walked away. Janet sighed, but gave a small playful smirk as she watched him walk away.

"Well I'll be damned, Robert has a nice ass." Janet said as she smirked and walked away singing that ever present song in her mind.
"Cus I love you baby…"

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