A/N: Last night, I had a dream about the last scene of Fable III, which inspired me to write this. And just to warn everyone, I bawled when I wrote this. It's the first time I've ever cried while writing something. So, I guess that's kind of an achievement?

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My heart pounded wildly in my chest as I threw circle after circle of fireball and shock. The shadows would die, then keep coming. I could hear Walter behind me, screaming instructions, and Ben, damning that thing back to wherever it came from.

We burst through the shadows into a brighter light. Walter stood ready with his sword. My gauntlets crackled with electricity.

"I can feel it," Walter said. "We're getting close to that thing. Where are you? Show yourself!"

My breath caught in my throat as Walter turned to face the Crawler itself. I tried to move forward, tried to help, but I was frozen in fear as it seemed to caress him. "The lost sheep returns to the flock. No one ever leaves the darkness behind."

The Crawler grabbed him, as I yelled in horror, began to merge with him as Ben cried out his name.

I'd never felt this kind of horror before. My eyes filled with tears of rage and shock, as I realized what I would have to do.

"Do you see what you have allowed? We are all shadows now."

I stepped back in surprise. It was Walter, but it wasn't. The voice was a bit of his, and a bit of the Crawlers. I shuddered, and stepped forward, unsheathing my sword, and fighting back my tears.

I raised my sword and rushed forward, thrusting at him, then rolling aside. The Crawler beckoned me to join him. I let out a yell and shot a quick spell at him.

"You can beat it!" yelled Walter. It jolted me back suddenly. This was Walter speaking, and only him. He needed me.

I thrust and rolled away again, building up another spell and shooting it at him, then rolling away once more. I rushed from behind, waiting to thrust again, but this time I was not so lucky. Walter, no the creature, turned and slammed his sword against mine, pushing me back, then cutting quickly. I felt the sword hit my hand hard and I gasped in pain as warm blood flowed from me.

"Don't hold back!" cried Walter. "Don't! I'm ready."

I shook my head at the thought. Ready for death. I screamed and brought down my sword hard against him.

The words of the Crawler, beckoning me, calling me kept coming. Then Walter would bring me back to reality. I shot spell after spell at him, and continually used my flourish against him. Every time my sword hit him, I cried out in anguish. I fought against the hot tears in my eyes.

'It would be nice to give up,' I thought. 'To give in to death.'

"Kill it!" cried Walter.

With a jolt I raised the sword I'd been lowering. I closed my eyes and built up my flourish as my angel wings flowed glowing and blue from my back.

Walter… the creature fell. The fog and blackness lifted, and I dropped beside Walter.

"I'm sorry," I whispered. "I'm so, so sorry."

Walter smiled. "You've always done me proud…"

I awoke with a scream. In a second, the gauntlets on my wrist were charged, but there was nothing in my bedroom, nothing to fight.

I took in rattling gasps, my whole body shaking. Then, my knees scrunched up tight to my body, and my head fell against them as I started to cry.

The bedroom door banged open, and I heard nervous little footsteps come clattering in.

"My Queen?" asked the voice of Hobson. I turned away from him, my shoulders still shaking.

"Please," I begged through sobs. "Please leave me."

The man needed no more encouragement. I heard him rush to the door, and heard it slam.

I reached out and felt the warm, breathing mound of fur beside me. My fingers tightened on Duke's soft fur, and he sighed happily in his sleep. I leaned down and placed my head on his rising and falling stomach, feeling that there was at least something alive and good in the world.

Still sobbing, I pulled myself out of my large bed, feet touching the cold floor, and my nightgown falling gracefully around me.

I walked to my doors and pulled them open, rushing from my room without a second thought.

Rain poured from the sky as I ran into the courtyard, bare feet splashing in the puddles. Through the rain I could see Walter's tall statue.

I rushed forward and fell at his feet, tears pouring from my eyes.

"Why did you leave me?" I choked. "Oh, God, why did you have to leave me?"

My head fell, and my fingers clutched at cold stone. I could hear him crying, hear him encouraging me to kill him, could hear our steel clashing…

"You've always done me proud."

"No," I choked. "I couldn't save you."

A gentle hand touched my shoulder and I looked up into the kind blue eyes of Ben Finn.

"You're getting wet, Your Majesty," he said, trying to give a jovially smile. I could see the moistness in his eyes, though.

"I couldn't save him, Ben," I whispered.

Ben's hand squeezed my shoulder. "You did, though."

I squeezed my eyes shut and breathed in a shuddering breath. I heard his last words. "I can see the sky, and it's light."

I nodded gently. Ben pulled me up and took me into his arms in an embrace. I cried upon his shoulder as the rain poured down.

"You did save him," Ben whispered again.

We seemed to stand there for forever. As I drew in a shaky breath, the rain began to clear.

"Come on, Your Majesty," said Ben gently. He began to lead me back toward the castle.

I looked back once more at Walter. A cloud shifted at that very moment, and the full moon shone on his face. In that moment, I could see Walter smiling.