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Dr. Lucy Fields always hated getting a 911 page to the E.R.; it always meant that something horrible was happening to a future mom and her baby. She also hated being surrounded by the sound of sirens and especially, Dr. Alex Karev, who had been put on her service a week ago when Dr. Robbins returned to Malawi to check up on her clinic.

"What do we have?" she asked the paramedics as she ran over to the gurney.

"Hispanic Female, in her 30's, complaining of severe headaches, nausea, and abdominal pain, approximately 5 months pregnant. She passed out in the middle of the grocery store, woke up on the way here, she kept saying something about Arizona. Maybe that's where she's from, I'm not really sure. She's been completely out of it; she was barely able to answer our questions. Pupils are reactive, pulse is through the roof, and so is the baby's heartbeat. We have her on fluids and oxygen."

"Karev-page Shepherd, Bailey, and"

"And who Dr. Fields?" He asked, a little confused as to why the attending had suddenly stopped talking.


"Torres left an hour ago and why would we page her? This isn't an ortho problem."

"No Karev, look. It's Callie, our patient, she's Callie."

"What? No, she is supposed to be picking up Arizona from the airport in an hour. She's been talking about this all day, that's why she left early. This can't be happening!"

"Well it is Karev, page Shepherd, Chief, Bailey, Altman and Sloan. NOW!"

"I'm on it."

"And then come back and help me. Someone get me an ultrasound machine, STAT!"


5 minutes later

"Sorry, I was in surgery. What's going on in here? I got a 911 page that just said "Callie, now." Oh my god-Callie." Teddy stated as she finally glanced at the patient, who happened to be her best friend's girlfriend.

"Yeah, I know, I'm trying to figure out what's going on. Can you please pick Arizona up at the airport? Callie was supposed to do it and I don't want Arizona thinking she forgot or something. Plus, she's going to need you Teddy, you're going to have to try and keep her calm while you bring her back here."

"Oh-yeah, of course, I'm on my way. Someone page Yang and get her down here, have her run a bunch of tests, it might be her heart. Hang in there Callie, I'll go get Arizona for you." Teddy whispered as she squeezed Callie's limp hand.

As soon as Mark Sloan got the page he ran down to see what was happening with Callie, after all, she was carrying his child.

He was shocked when he got down to the Emergency Room and there were people running around while Lucy was frantically shouting out orders to multiple people. Just as he was about to ask Lucy what was going on, he heard her say 3 words that would change his life.

"Damn it, she has preeclampsia, we need to get her on some more fluids, and her blood pressure is too high. I need more blood tests and a Doppler scan; if her pressure doesn't go down in 30 minutes, page me immediately." Lucy shouted out to Karev as she went to check on her other patients.

A while later, Derek decided against a CT scan since Lucy had already diagnosed her with Preeclampsia, the Chief gave all of Callie's surgeries to another Ortho Attending, Lucy ended up giving her medication to keep her blood pressure under control and Bailey stood in the hallway trying to comfort a very shocked and terrified Mark Sloan.


"Arizona, over here!" Teddy shouted as soon as she saw the bouncy blonde across from her in the airport.

"Hey Teddy! Where's Calliope? Did she get pulled into surgery?" The very excited blonde asked.

"No, she didn't get pulled into a surgery. She-" As soon as she said that, she saw Arizona's face fall and her normally gorgeous blue eyes glaze over.

"What's happened to her?" She asked with a shaky voice, while already on the verge of tears.

"I don't know yet, she was brought in about an hour ago by the paramedics. She was asking for you, and that was pretty much all she said before she passed out. I'll call Yang on the drive over there and see what's going on, alright?"

"What if she's not okay, Teddy? I need her to be okay. I know things haven't been great the past few months, but I need a life with her and with this baby." She said with tears streaming down her face.

"I know honey, that's why we have the best doctors working on her right now. She'll be okay; you just have to believe that."

It took Teddy about 30 minutes to rush back to the hospital and she called the Yang on the way and found out that Callie was diagnosed with Preeclampsia and was still unconscious, which concerned Arizona even more. All she wanted was to get there and for Callie to be awake and alright, she couldn't handle something bad happening to the love of her life and their baby.


As they hurried to find Callie's room, they heard machines going off like crazy and saw nurses running into a room that was farther down the hallway.

"Hey, I'm sure Callie's fine, alright? Let's see what room she's in, ok?"

Just as Teddy started looking for Callie's chart they heard an announcement go over the P.A. system "Drs. Shepherd and Meredith Grey, room 427, stat."

As Teddy saw them both run by a minute later, she glanced down at the chart that was now in her hands while Arizona just stared aimlessly at a wall.

Calliope Iphigenia Torres

Room 427

"Damn it Callie!" She yelled as she dropped the chart and took off, with Arizona following closely behind her.

As soon as they entered Callie's room, they were flooded with so many sounds: the obnoxious beeping of the machines as Callie's blood pressure spiked, yet again, and as her and the baby's pulses increased, as well as the doctors shouting out orders to the nurses and interns.

At first, they couldn't even see Callie through the crowd of doctors, but when they did, Arizona immediately went pale and started to get dizzy and sway back and forth. Her Calliope was having a seizure, which had apparently lasted for a minute already.

If it weren't for Mark, Arizona would have been flat out on the floor, with blonde curls spread out everywhere. Instead, he caught her right as she fainted, picked her up and carried her to an on call room across the hall and left her there with Teddy while he went to check on Callie again.



Callie finally stopped seizing after being given several different drugs and being intubated because she wasn't breathing properly on her own.

"How long did her seizure last?" Meredith asked the nurse who had been there the whole time.

"About 90 seconds."

"Get me a head CT, STAT! Forget it; I'm bringing her down myself." Derek Shepherd bellowed at one of the nurses as he started pushing the gurney with Meredith's help.

"Come on Callie, don't do this, you need to wake up. Arizona is here and she needs you to be okay, so do your baby and Mark." Meredith said; even though they weren't great friends, she still couldn't bear the thought of this happening to one of their own. Their family.


"What happened now?" Lucy asked as she rushed in to talk to Derek who was still waiting for the CT results.

"I'm not sure yet, but she seized for 90 seconds-the baby is going to need to be checked again. Oh, here are the results-damn it! She has a subdural hematoma, there's bleeding in her brain. She must have hit her head when she passed out. We need to get her into surgery right now. Meredith, set up a team and prep the OR. I'll go tell Mark and Arizona."

"How is she Derek? Please tell me she's okay!" Arizona cried from her seat in the Attending's Lounge.

"She has a subdural hematoma, I'm taking her in to surgery right now, if everything goes well, she should be fine. I'll have Lucy come and update you on the baby."

"Well how is the baby doing so far? Is it okay?" Mark asked in a panic.

"I don't know, Lucy was just about to recheck the fetus as I was leaving. I'll send her in to update you as soon as I get back."


"Alright, so the baby looks fine. For now, anyways. Surgery is a huge deal for a little baby, but he's tough, just like his mom, so hopefully he'll pull through. But I just want you to be prepared in case something does go wrong." She explained with a grim expression on her face.

"Well do whatever you have to do to save the baby, but if a decision has to be made, I want you to focus on saving Calliope."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa Robbins, this is MY kid- you can't be the one making the tough decisions here."

"Mark, this is my child too, and it happens to be a baby that is nowhere near being able to survive outside of the womb and this is the woman that I love, so I DO get to make a decision here." She yelled at him as her face became blood red.

"ALRIGHT, everyone calm down! I know this is a really hard situation, but I'm going to do my best to save your son while Shepherd works on Callie. I don't take these situations lightly, so IF I can save him, I will." Lucy exclaimed as she started to walk back to the Operating Room to scrub in.

"Wait, it's a boy?" Mark asked in shock. They hadn't had a chance to learn the sex yet because every time they had an ultrasound, he was always in a weird position.

"Congratulations both of you, you're going to have a son, and I'll try my hardest to keep it that way."


"Teddy, what if she doesn't make it out of surgery? I don't know what I'm going to do, without her or the baby. The last time I talked to her, we got into a fight about her spending too much time with Sloan; I didn't even tell her that I loved her when we hung up! What if I don't get another chance to?"

"Hey, hey, hey, you CANNOT talk like that, do you hear me? She's Callie, she's a badass ortho surgeon! And she loves you so much, and she knows that you love her too. She spent this past week always in the hospital because she hated to be in your bed without you. She said that she felt incomplete without you here. So she will not leave without you, ok? Now, you need to pull yourself together and be strong for Callie and your son."

"My son? I'm gonna have a son? That's just so, surreal. It's awesome! Wait…she spent the WHOLE week in this hospital? That is not good for her!"

"Well, I made sure that she ate healthy food and got some sleep, it was hard though, you have one stubborn woman there." Teddy smirked while Arizona chuckled for the first time since she found out what happened.


As Arizona and Teddy were talking about more exciting things, Teddy glanced up and saw Cristina walking over to them with a somber look on her face.

"Callie is-"

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