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"I got the rapid infuser!"

"We're losing her, she's coding. Get the crash cart!"

Were both screamed at the same time, as Arizona's worst fear was becoming reality. August 29th suddenly took a turn for the worst.

As Arizona got home late at night after a surgery ran long, she thanked Mark for watching them and she went up to check on her boys, 6 year old Nathan was sleeping soundly on the top bunk while 5 year old Danny was on the bottom bunk. Arizona had to chuckle as she looked at the floor in the boys room, there were toy cars, spaceships and dinosaurs everywhere.

Arizona continued to her room, changed into her pajamas and hopped in bed, she would be sleeping alone again. Even after years, she still had trouble falling asleep when Callie wasn't there next to her and that bothered her, especially after a grueling day at work.

The next morning, Arizona woke up by herself, surprised that two little munchkins hadn't come to jump on her early in the morning. Of course, that made her a little suspicious, so she went downstairs to find the boys, but instead she found a note on the fridge.


Took the boys to play baseball at the park, come by when you wake up if you want to.


Arizona thought that sounded like a perfect day, so she ran upstairs, threw on some comfy jeans and a comfy shirt and took off for the park to see her boys.


"Momma!" Arizona heard from both of her boys as she walked up to them in the park. She immediately crouched down to scoop them both up in a big hug as Mark started to walk up to them.

"Hey Blondie. We were just about to head back, isn't that right boys?"

"Yeah! We want to go visit Mami when we get home!"

"You do, do you?" Arizona asked her boys as she crouched down so she was eye to eye with them.


"Alright, I think that can be arranged."

After the boys got changed, the three of them hopped in the car to go visit their Mami.

"Hey boys, can you wait here for a few minutes? I want to talk to your Mami alone for a few minutes."

"Sure, momma! I'll make sure Danny doesn't go anywhere!"

"Thanks, little man, I appreciate it!"

"Calliope? Wake up honey." Arizona smiled as Callie looked up at her with a beautiful smile on her face.

"Hey, baby, what are you doing here?" Her wife asked, as she woke up in one of the on-call rooms.

"I met Mark and the boys at the park this morning and they both wanted to come visit you, so here we are. But, I wanted to visit you the most."

"Oh, you did? Really?" She asked with a look of fake disbelief on her face.

"Yes, so I could do this." She stated as she leaned over and took the brunette's lips with hers and kissed her passionately.

"Oh, well you can do that any time you want to. These lips belong to you."

"Oh, I know that, but I might have to remind you of that later tonight."

"Really? Well I am definitely looking forward to that."

"Yeah, I bet you are." Arizona laughed as she threw in a wink in Callie's direction.

"Happy Anniversary! Today was the day that I kissed you eight years ago, and I have loved every single day since, except when we are apart. Because as much as I hate to admit it, it takes me forever to fall asleep when you're not next to me."

"Happy Anniversary, and that still happens to me too. I know it didn't look like it just now, but it took me like an hour to fall asleep without you. I missed you! I love you so much, Arizona."

"I love you too, Calliope."

As they were leaning in to kiss each other again, they heard frantic knocking on the door to their on call room and they had to smile, because they knew exactly who it was.

"Okay boys, come say hi to Mami."

"Hi Mami, I missed you so much!" Nathan said sweetly as he reached his Mami, who was still sitting down on the bed.

"Hi Mami, I really missed you too and I love you so much! Stop hogging her Nathan!" Danny shouted as he tried to give his Mami a hug.

Callie and Arizona laughed at their sons' antics before she took her time hugging both of her sons and then her wife.

"Where are the girls?"

"They wanted to have a sleepover with Aunt Teddy and Uncle Henry because they wanted to keep playing with Jenna and Abigail. I told Teddy I would pick them up in a few minutes. So, we better run, but we will see you later?"

"Yeah, I'll be off in a few hours, so I'll see you for dinner and maybe afterwards we can all go get some ice cream!"

"Yay! Ice cream!" Both of the boys shouted as they ran over to hug their Mami again.

"I can think of another purpose for ice cream, but we obviously can't do that while the kids are awake. Don't forget the whipped cream." She whispered in Callie's ear, and had to smile as Callie visibly shuddered at the thought of their impending night. That made it even harder for her to watch her beautiful wife leave.

She had to laugh as she saw Arizona turn around and give her that deadly smirk, dimples and all, the smile that would make Callie do anything for her.

Arizona definitely used that all the time when she was pregnant with their twins, and it ended with Callie going to the store multiple times at about 3 in the morning.

As they arrived at the Burton's house, the boys hopped out to go find Chase, who was a little younger than Danny, while Arizona went to go find Teddy.

"Hey Ted, what's up?"

"Hey, Z, nothing much. The girls are up in their rooms napping, we played all morning long, and I put them down after lunch. Do you want me to get them for you?"

"Not yet, I actually have a favor to ask you?"

"Sure, we can watch the kids for you tonight."

"Okay, that's creepy. We have definitely known each other for too long if you know my thoughts now." Arizona joked.

"Haha, no, Callie texted me a few minutes ago and asked if I would take the munchkins for you tonight since it's your first date anniversary."

"Are you sure? That means that you and Henry will have 7 kids tonight."

"Eleven, actually."

"WHAT? Eleven, where the hell did you get that number?"

"Our three: Jenna, Abigail, and Chase; your four: Nathan, Danny, and the girls; and apparently its date night for Mark and Lexie, so we get Anna and Jake; and it's also date night for Derek and Meredith, so we get Christopher and Richie. There, that's eleven."

"Holy shit, that's a lot of kids."

"Yeah, I'm just glad that Owen is working tonight, so Cristina is home and we didn't inherit their kids too. I mean, George and Natalie are adorable, but 13 kids is way over the limit. Fourteen, if you count Burton # 4."

"Yeah, that's really nice. How amazing is it that little Natalie is a girly girl? It bothers Cristina so much! It cracks me up! Wait, Burton #4? You're pregnant?"

"Yeah, I'm pregnant! About four months!"

"Oh my gosh! Teddy, that's so exciting!"

"I know, and it's perfect since Jenna is three and Abigail is 2, it's a nice gap between them."

"Yeah, that's a perfect gap! Ahh, I'm so happy for you!" Arizona yelled as she jumped around Teddy's kitchen.

"Thank you! Now go up and see your girls, they were wondering when you were coming to pick them up. Well, their sentences don't really make sense, but they kept saying Momma, so they missed you."

"Alright, and are you sure that you want our kids tonight? We can always go out another night."

"Oh, no, it's fine. Go out and have some fun! Henry and I can handle it! Plus, your kids are so well behaved! All those Torres' sure got 'The Colonel Robbins' gene in them!"

"Oh, you are a lifesaver! Thanks so much! We owe you!"

Arizona walked up to Jenna and Abigail's room, where her little girls were sleeping together in a portable crib that was on the floor.

The twin girls were adorable; they had curly, blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes. She and Callie chose a donor that had Callie's traits and the girls ended up with blonde hair, fair skin, and chocolate brown eyes, and of course, their momma's breathtaking dimples.

The three year olds were passed out in their crib, and Arizona hated waking them, but she knew that if she didn't, then they would be awake all night for Teddy, and that was definitely not what she needed when there were eleven kids around.

"Sofia? Lauren? Momma's here, we're gonna go home now, can you wake up for me?" Arizona whispered as her girls started to wake up, they both looked up at her with their twin brown eyes, and it instantly made her think of Calliope.

After she picked up the girls and went to find her boys, the five of them left and spent the rest of their day at home, playing games and watching Disney movies, the kids and Arizona's favorites.

Around 5:30, Callie got home from a long shift at work and kissed all of her kids and her wife and then started making the kids dinner, since Arizona still couldn't cook.

They decided to feed the troops, load them in the car to get ice cream and then take them over to Teddy's house.

After dinner and ice cream, the six of them walked in to Teddy and Henry's house to drop off the kids and were pleasantly surprised when they saw that Mark and Lexie were there.

"Hey Teds, so I see there are only 9 kids right now. Derek and Meredith on their way over?"

"Nope, they heard what a full house we have, so they got Cristina to take their boys. So it'll just be the 9 of us."

"Oh, that's good, way better than having 11 children. Alright, well we are going to head out. We'll bring breakfast in the morning, around 7:30?"

"Sounds perfect!"

Callie and Arizona said goodbye to their kids, while Mark and Lexie did the same and they all left Teddy and Henry to deal with 9 kids.

"We probably shouldn't have given them ice cream before we dropped them off at Teddy's house." Arizona mentioned as she and Callie sat down in their Mercedes.

"Oh, I didn't even think about that." Callie answered as the two looked at each other and started laughing at what they had unintentionally done.

Callie took Arizona to a really nice Italian Restaurant for dinner; they had a great time spending time with each other. With all of their kids and their crazy work schedules, they rarely had time to just be together.

"I love you, you know that?" Arizona said sweetly as Callie linked their hands together as they went through a walk in the park after dinner.

"You do? Well good thing, because I love you too." That reply caused Arizona to smile brightly, which made Callie smile even bigger because of her love for the blonde.

"I know things are really busy right now, but it will be better once all of our babies are in school, I think. I wouldn't change anything for the world though, would you?"

"Of course not, well maybe how Danny was born, but that's it."

"Yeah, that was quite a day. You scared me so much, I'm so glad that they got you back. You know, sometimes I can still hear them yelling about getting you back, and it freaks me out. Whenever you aren't next to me at night I always have a nightmare, and they keep shocking you, and shocking you, but they never get you back."

"Well, that didn't happen. I'm here, and I am so glad that I am because I love you and our children more than anything else in this world. I am glad that things worked out how they did, because without the whole pregnancy issue, we wouldn't have Nathan. I love him so much; he is such a big part of this family, as are Danny, Sof, and Lauren. I am so happy with everything in my life, and it's all because of you. I love you so much, Arizona Robbins."

"Excuse me? It's Torres. And I guess I love you too." Arizona said with a smirk on her face, as she leaned in to kiss Callie on the lips.

"Alright, I called Teddy and the munchkins are all asleep, she said that they've been great so far. So why don't we follow in their little footsteps and go to bed?"

"But, I'm not tired, Calliope." Arizona whined as she put on her best pouty face.

"Well it's a good thing I said 'go to bed' and not 'go to sleep', there is a difference. Quite a big difference, actually." Callie said as she sat down next to Arizona on the couch and put her arm around her wife's shoulder.

"That is very true, Dr. Torres." Arizona said as she moved on to her wife's lap and started kissing her neck, eventually making her way up to nibbling on Callie's ear.

Arizona started kissing her even harder and more passionately as Callie picked her up and started walking upstairs to their bedroom, keeping a tight hold on Arizona.

As soon as Callie set Arizona on the bed, she looked into those beautiful, soulful blue eyes and knew that she was exactly where she belonged.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

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