Chapter Six

It had been two weeks since we last saw each other.

Two weeks since the 'incident'.

I had expected Edward to be out for vengeance.

Probably involving the breast bands he knew I hated.

But nothing eventuated.

It was cloudy today, as was almost every day, but it wasn't raining.

I sat on the cliff we routinely used for cliff diving and looked out over the black ocean waters.

Today was calm.

Very little wind.

No waves.

The small amount of bird-life that inhabited this almost sunless place were out in what passed as dry.

A small breeze blew by and I caught the scent I'd been expecting to find a lot earlier than now.

Hello, Edward. I greeted him in my mind without looking back.

"Hello," he replied curtly.

Aw, still bitter?

"No, you're right." He walked closer and I stood up from the edge and took a step towards him too.

He stopped just short of walking into me and wordlessly put his hands on my hips.

"About what?" I inquired.

"It's just a game," he murmured. His face dipped to mine and he lightly kissed my jaw. "Game over, Leah."

A blinding pain shot into my neck and I felt myself falling.

My vision went, and the last thing I felt was my back colliding with the water.


Well this is the end. It's been a fun twenty four hours :) Thanks to all who have reviewed, and to those who will in future. I hope no one's too horrified by the ending.