A/N: Alright! So very sharp turn from the usual things I write about. But, the idea was interesting to me, and I hope it's as interesting to me as it is to you. I've always been interested in Egyptian Mythology since a very young age. Anyways, I'm aiming for a bit of a modern feeling in the beginning, but things will get much more interesting. Well, enjoy!

Summery: For thousands of years, the Egyptian Gods have been in hiding. Some were growing tired, wanting to take back their places as Gods, while others want to continue what they have been doing. Now, a group of high school students find themselves in over their heads when they find out that they are much more closer to the Gods then they originally thought. These are their stories.

Disclaimer: All I own is the plot! All Egyptian Gods belong to Ra and honourable parents.

An Ankh Pendant:

Cody Nicholson: Goldfish.

A tanned finger reached out, tapping lightly at the glass. The sun's rays flowed lightly through the window, causing the bright orange scales of the Goldfish to shimmer in the light. The bad thing was, the poor fish was floating belly up on the surface of the water.

Cody Nicholson let out a sigh, withdrawing his hand, letting it fall to his side.

It's dead? Another one? He paused, very odd. He bit his lip, quickly reaching into the tank and scooping up the fish, he briskly walked over to the bathroom, placing the dead fish gently into the toilet bowl. He paused, his hand on the knob to flush the toilet.

My your journey to the afterlife be pleasant, little fish. He thought, flushing the toilet finally. He ran his hands under some cold water, washing them with soap before walking down for some breakfast.

Cody sat down at the table, a glass of juice in front of him. His mother was already working quickly around in the kitchen, she looked up from her frying pan to give him a warm smile.

" Good morning, sweetheart." She greeted, moving something around on the hot pan.

Cody took a sip from the juice, placing it back down on the the table. " My fish died last night." He stated, looking back up at her.

She paused in her cooking, a concerned look on her face. " Again?" She asked, " that's the third one this month."

" I know." Cody muttered, standing from the table. " I better get going."

" You haven't eaten anything yet." His mother said, " you should try and eat something."

" I'll pick something up." Cody insisted, picking up his backpack and heading towards the door. There was an odd feeling in the air, he could feel it. He shook his head, a frown on his face. He always felt this way after one of his fishes died.

Just a fish. He thought, pulling the strap on his pack tighter and started to walk to his school.

" Uh," Kelly muttered, her black hair falling in front of her face as she placed her head down on the table, " another test? Are these teacher's trying to kill us?"

Mathew didn't look up from his text book, a pair of thin wire rimmed glasses resting on his nose, " if you studied more, you wouldn't be having a problem." He flipped a page, " and having a vast amount of knowledge doesn't hurt anybody."

" You are such a geek." Kelly said, smirking. Mathew only looked up at her to give her a quick glare before returning to his studies.

Kelly sighed, looking over to her left. " You're unusually quiet, Cody. Is something wrong?"

" No." He said, leaning back in the chair he was sitting in, " just an odd feeling."

" Hm." Kelly leered at him out of the corner of her eye, it was the same every morning. Kelly, Mathew, and Cody would sit in the library, Kelly and Cody would chat about the night before while Mathew would sit and read, or, on the rare occasions that he would contribute to the conversation, it would be to correct one of them on something or other.

Cody found he got on his nerves quite easily, but he was a good source of information when you needed it.

" Is William showing up today?" Kelly asked, leaning back in her chair.

Cody just shrugged, " he's a bit unpredictable when it comes to whether he's going to show up or not." He was going to add something when be bell went off, signalling the first class. Mathew gathered his books, glancing back at the two of them.

" You two coming or are you going to be late?" He asked. Kelly stood, pushing her seat in.

" Yeah, yeah." She said, " I'll be dead if I'm late for math again."

Cody followed behind as the two of them walked down the hall, his mind wondering off. No matter how many times he told himself, he couldn't shake that feeling.

Like something was just looming over the horizon.

" You noticed something's up too?" Cody asked, stopping in his tracks. Kelly stopped walking, looking at him with a confused look on her face. They were walking home when Kelly had mentioned something that caught Cody's attention.

" Well, it's a little odd." Kelly said. " It just hangs around my house, when I call to it, it just sits there, staring at me."

" A black cat?" Cody asked.

Kelly nodded, " Yeah. It must be a stray or something."

" My fish keep dieing." Cody stated as if that fact was the answer to everything weird going on.

" That's because you don't feed them." Kelly pointed out.

" I do feed them, that's the problem."

" You don't overfeed them?"

" No."

" You change the water every week?"

" Yes."

" Then your fish don't have a reason to be dieing!" Kelly exclaimed.

" But they do." Cody stated.

Kelly sighed, " I don't know, maybe you're just really bad with pets."

Cody frowned, then turned and continued walking, leaving Kelly to jog to catch up with him.

" Cody! Come on!" She sighed, " I didn't mean to sound insensitive, but you might be blowing this whole fish thing out of proportion."

Cody slowed his pace, " how so?"

" You're acting like the fact that you're fish keep dieing means that the world is going to end." Kelly explained, raising an eyebrow at him. " You might need to calm down a bit."

" What if it moves from my fish to the neighbour's dog?" Cody asked, " what if it moves to my parents?"

" Now you're just being irrational." Kelly sighed, " maybe you should go home and get some sleep."

Cody sighed, looking down at the ground. " Yeah. Okay, I can do that." He started to walk again, Kelly glanced at him, worried, before quickly crossing the street to her own home.

" What's this?" Cody muttered to himself, picking up the small object that was laying on his bed. He picked it up, turning it over in his hands. He let the string slide through his fingers, it catching on the end of his pointer finger.

The small Ankh dangling in midair.

He blinked, staring at it for a bit. Maybe his mother had bought it for him? He slipped it over his head before sitting down on his bed. He reached into his bag and started to study.

A few hours had passed when Cody glanced out the window, his eyes widening. There was a dog in his yard. But, it seemed a bit too big to be a dog, and it's ears were too wide to be a coyote. In the setting sun, he could easily see the red fur on the animal, it's back was covered in black fur, white flecks sticking out of the black fur. The dog stared up at his window for a few seconds before turning and running off into the woods behind the house.