Isabella LeStrange - The Dark Lord's Mate

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Prologue: The Beginning

(Isabella P.O.V)

I was angry. More angry than I'd ever before been in my life. How dare he? How dare he leave me? That pathetic half breed! Did he not know that I was above him, therefore I had to be he one to end the relationship? I may not have told him what I was of course, but that was only because of the meddling old coot that was Albus Dumbledore.

Dumbledore had told me to come here to Forks to live as a muggle for two years. I wouldn't have done it, except he had fake evidence against me that could get me arrested and put in Azkaban for two years instead. So I took Forks, so I would be more than ready to return to the Wizarding World, mind in tact.

I knew that that was where I belonged, I was adopted. And aunt Cissa and Uncle Lucius were convinced I was a pureblood witch, merely because I reminded them of someone, both in looks, and in temperament.

That was something else I never told Edward about. My real attitude. I was, in short, crazy. I didn't need to go to Azkaban; it may drive me a bit too far, and make me a gibbering wreck. And that isn't the kind of crazy that I needed. I was in fact, one of those people who revelled in pain. I loved seeing and causing it. And I also loved feeling it. I wasn't shy, clumsy Bella Swan. I was Isabella, confident, graceful, merciless, Isabella.

I began to walk towards the house and made sure to keep my anger in check, so as not to give anything away to Charlie. He didn't know I was a witch. Renee hadn't told him. And I was content with his not knowing. It made hiding it from Edward and the Cullen's easier. And it also made living as a muggle easier too, as I didn't have Charlie asking me constantly about the wizarding world. Idiot muggles, they weren't supposed to know about it. They were muggles.

I walked inside and straight passed Charlie, up the stairs and to my room, where I slammed the door closed.

I collapsed on the bed, and fell immediately to sleep. I dreamt of darkness. Complete and utter darkness. There wasn't a pinprick of light in it. The darkness was completely enthralling and tempting. I was lost to it within a moment. I was a Dark Witch now. It was what I'd always been intended for. The darkness had just been waiting to claim me as its own.

Something moved in the darkness. A wild animal. But it was caged. It had to be let out. I knew that if I could let it out. I would be rewarded. It would take a while, seeing as I could only work on it in my dreams, but I would do it. And then I would get my revenge on the Cullen's, and I knew just how to do it. I would commit myself to The Dark Lord.

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