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Chapter 9- Volturi and the Bull.

Isabella P.O.V

I reappeared in a grand entrance room. A secretary sat behind the desk. She rose, eyes wide as she stared at me. I raised an eyebrow and adopted a haughty look.

"I am here to see the Volturi on behalf of the Dark Lord." I said.

"They're a bit busy right now." The woman said.

I manipulated the shadows, and they grabbed her round the throat. "Get me in to talk to them, now. My pets are more than capable of killing you in many ways. From painless, to the most painful. I'm sure you appreciate my urgency now, yes?"

She picked up the phone, and dialled. "There's a… witch, here to see you." She said. "She seems to have control of the shadows- and is currently using them as a kind of knife." There was a pause. "Alright." She hung up. "They'll be here shortly."

I smiled, and released her. Just then, a blonde vampire who seemed to be in her early teens came in.

"You are the witch?"

"Yes. Isabella LeStrange, sent by the Dark Lord Voldemort himself to see your leaders, and speak with them."

"This way then." The vampire said, leading me down a long corridor, lined with old and expensive art. A pair of double doors opened. The first person I saw was a curly red haired vampire. I grinned.

"Vicky!" I crowed. She whirled round. Victoria growled at me.


"Yes, me. Let me guess, you're here to tattle on the Cullen's? Well, seeing as I'm a witch, I don't think you need to be worried about secrecy. Oh, if you want to kill them, Emmett's not to be touched, and Edward is mine to kill, the rest- that are still alive- are all yours."

"I heard you wished to talk to us?" A male voice said.

I looked up, and saw a black haired vampire, who was standing n front of the middle throne. There were two others, one on either side of him.

"Yes. Are you aware of the situation in magical Britain?"

"We are."

"Good. Well, the Dark Lord asks you to help us in our endeavour to take over the wizarding world."

"Why do you want to take it over?"

"To save it from itself. We're very close to exposure, and it's damn annoying." I said. "Muggles shouldn't know about us. They would just try and start burning us again."

"You're most probably right there. Isabella, isn't it?"

"Yes. My Lord is more than willing to give you witches and wizards who are undeserving of their power to do with as you wish."

"What do you mean by, undeserving?"

"Those who fight our rule." I said simply. "You would be free to hunt or turn them. Whatever you wished to do."

The black haired vampire turned to the other two, who stood. They formed a triangle, and began to confer, quietly and quickly. The black haired one turned back to me, smiling.

"Well, Isabella, the offer you have given us is more promising than any other we have had from the wizarding world. We accept."

I smiled. "Good. Just so you know, we do have werewolves on our side. They are willing to leave you and your kind alone, if you leave them alone. Perhaps, before I leave, I should have your names to take back to my lord?"

"Of course. I am Aro." The black haired one said. He pointed to the blonde. "This is Caius." Then he motioned to the brown haired brother. "And Marcus."

I nodded. "Pleasure doing business with you." I turned to Victoria. "The Cullens were the one to kill your mate. Not me. Take your revenge out on them. You won't survive targeting me." With that, I apparated back to Malfoy Manor.

Once there, I went straight to the throne room, where I kneeled before Voldemort. "My Lord, I have good news."

"Yes, Isabella?" He asked.

"The Volturi have agreed to side with us."

"Excellent." He said, smirking triumphantly. He made a motion to the others in the room, and they all filled out. I remained kneeling as he stood and walked towards me. Voldemort fisted a hand in my hair and pulled my head up to look at him. "Successful yet again, Isabella. You are without a doubt one of my most competent Death Eaters. We are all ready bonded, but I know, that when I have taken over completely, I will be in need of having a Dark Queen. I want you by my side in that position, Isabella."

"My Lord… Voldemort, I am honoured by your request. Of course."

"Good." He said, before his lips crashed onto mine. I heard a click and knew that he'd locked the doors with magic. I moved backwards slightly, and lay down on the floor, Voldemort coming with me. He banished our clothes and spread my legs. I moaned as I felt one of his fingers travel along my slit.

"Please, Voldemort! Take me!"

"I don't want you to ask, Isabella, I want you to beg." He ordered, nipping my ear lobe.

I felt a rush of pleasure run through me. I'd quickly learnt that I was a submissive masochist when it came to my sex life over my time as a Death Eater. I loved to be dominated when it came to sex. I moaned. "I'm begging you My Lord! I need to feel you inside me."

"Better." He smiled, before settling between my legs and entering me roughly. I cried out as pleasure washed through me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and thrust up, meeting him thrust for thrust. Voldemort shifted my body so he was more on his knees and I was in more a horizontal position, my head and shoulders on the floor as he pound into me, hitting my sweet spot. I felt the tension building inside of me. As I came closer to my climax, I had the urge to pull Darkness to me. I did so, and just as Voldemort brought me to a massive orgasm and he spilt inside me, I felt my power explode, and call to something.

As we lay on the floor, I suddenly became aware of a large presence. I knew that Voldemort did too. We looked round to see a massive white bull with red eyes. The floor all around him seemed to be smouldering as it burnt. No- as it froze!

"Darkness." Voldemort said.

Yes. I have a deep hold on both of you. It was your power that was released in your coupling that allowed me to manifest here for now.

"Why, may I ask, are you here?" I asked.

I want control of the wizarding world. Then, I have a footing against the Black Bull. I am a step closer to destroying and devouring him. Through you two, I will do this. And you will be rewarded with immortality and rule of magic kind. But forever, the both of you, and any children you have, will be in my power. You will be my servants.

We both stared. To have been chosen by Darkness itself was… an honour. I swallowed, my throat thick.

"We accept." Voldemort said.

"Yes." I said. I knew Voldemort would bow to no mortal, but this was Darkness. This was the source of our powers- the one who could take our powers from us on a whim. And break us completely.

Very well. The bull walked over to us, where we were still entwined. The dark threads that I controlled keeping us together. I felt cuts open up along my body and saw cuts open on Voldemorts. The blood seeped down to the bull, who lapped it up. The deal has been sealed. The bull began to fade. The moment it had gone, the shadow tendrils released us. Voldemort slid out of me and helped me stand. We both redressed, not saying anything. What had happened, spoke for itself.

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