[1] This story is an AU.  There is no magic, Clow Cards, and Sakura and Syaoran were never card captors.  However, Eriol and Syaoran did go to Tomoeda as exchange students purely for academic purposes.  S+S got together but the gang lost touch of Eriol after they graduated from elementary.

[2] Tomoyo is 24 years old while Eriol is 25.  I don't know if they are actually of the same age but I like the idea of Eriol being older.  Please don't hold this decision against me.  Also, Tomoyo moved to Tokyo where Eriol (unknown to everyone) works as a police detective.

[3] The plot is mainly suspense but romance between E+T will appear later on.  I borrowed the idea of Tomoyo being a psychic and Eriol being a cop from a movie but I forgot its title ^_^0.  However, the circumstances behind Tomoyo's visions of kidnappings and subsequent happenings are my ideas.

[4] If you think this story had already been done, I'm sorry.  I am not aware of it and I most certainly did not copy this from any other fan fictions.  Please inform me the title and/or story ID of the similar fic so I can verify it.

DISCLAIMER:  I do not own CCS or any of its characters.  CLAMP does.  This plot is a product of my imagination.  Any similarities to other fan fictions are unintentional.


By bishounen lovah

Chapter 1

She was standing beside a dirt road in the middle of the woods.  It was eerily dark and quiet.  No moon or stars illuminating the area.  No owl or crickets disturbing the silence.

She was scared but couldn't make her legs to move.

A distant sound caught her attention.  It sounded like an automobile and it was coming closer.


The headlights blinded her.  She averted her eyes and didn't see what kind of car it was and who was driving.  But she heard it.  She clearly heard the cries of a child.  Heart wrenching sobs that sent shivers all over her body.

When she opened her eyes, she was no longer standing in the woods but sitting in a dark room.  She hated the dark.  It was a phobia she can never get over.  And to worsen the situation, she was also claustrophobic.  She could sense the walls closing in on her.

She felt the blood drain from her face.  She tried to move, needed to get out.  But her hands and feet were tied to the chair.  She tried to scream but her mouth was gagged with a thick cloth.

Footsteps coming from above!

A door behind her opened and she heard the footsteps going down the wooden stairs.  She cried out in surprise when a large shadow appeared before her.

"My seventh," the shadow whispered.  "You will bring me my first."

What he meant, she did not know.  She cringed as she felt his rough palm graze her cheek before moving to her chin.  He tilted it up and forced her to look at his eyes.  She could not see them but she knew they were dark and evil.

Tears instantly flooded her eyes.

"Such beautiful eyes.  But they are not the same."  The shadow suddenly grabbed her shoulder and shook her furiously.  "I want my amethyst eyes!  Give me back my amethyst eyes!"

~End of Dream Sequence~

Tomoyo opened her eyes and realized that she was sitting up on her bed.  She looked around her dimly lit room and saw that everything was in order.  Her eyes landed on the large mirror attached to her cabinet.  She was sweating profusely, her perspiration mixing with her tears.  She woefully watched as her dark eyes returned to its original color.

"No.  Not again," she whispered.

She could not keep the tears from falling.  She raised her knees, wrapped her arms around her legs and buried her head.  Sobs could be heard escaping her lips and could be seen as her shoulders shook.  When her tears abated, she stood up and changed her pajamas to jeans and shirt.  She went out of the bedroom and purposely strode to her studio.

Perhaps work can make me forget, she thought.

She blindly attacked the canvas in front of her with her brush and paint.  She painted nonstop until the morning sun came up.  Its rays poured from the window forming a natural spotlight on the canvas.

Tomoyo's rapid movements stopped and she stood there with an unbelieving look on her face.  She dropped her brush and palette and went to the kitchen.  She poured herself a glass of water and drank it continuously.  On her third glass, she moved away from the sink, turned on the small television on the counter and sat down wearily at the table.

Sounds from the TV filled the room but she didn't hear them.  All she could hear were the cries of the little girls in her dreams.

But they were no dreams.

They were real.  She knew they were real.

The first time she had one of these 'dreams' she was just nine years old.  The dream had plagued her for several days.  She cried for the child just like she cried right now.  But that was all she did for she was but a child herself then.  She mistook it for what it was.  A dream.  A nightmare.

She had forgotten all about it until she had the second set of dreams.  She was twelve.  They were the same dreams only much clearer and that the child was different from the first one.  But both were girls and had amethyst eyes similar to hers.  She doesn't know how she knew both but she did.  She never saw them but instead she became them…the victims.  She saw whatever they saw.  For seven nights straight, she saw the way the dark shadow tortured the girl.

This time she told her mother but she didn't believe her.  Sonomi Daidouji just dried her frightened daughter's tears and took her to a therapist.  There she was convinced that none of them were real backed up by a call to the local police station.  They said that no girl with purple eyes was missing.

The third set of dreams came when she was fifteen years old.  By then she knew they were no ordinary nightmares but premonitions of some sort.  She directly went to the police but no one believed her primarily because dreams were not hard evidence and secondly there was still no report of missing purple-eyed girls.  The police laughed at her but her mother's money and influence made them shut up and forget the whole incident.

Sonomi gave Tomoyo a lecture about protecting the family name but she still insisted on going to the police when she had the fourth dream.  She was eighteen and had a mind of her own.  This time someone filed a missing report.  A seven year old, purple-eyed girl went missing while playing near the woods.  The police thought it a coincidence and still did not believe her and mocked her for they believed that psychics were just con artists.  They never did find that girl and Tomoyo knew they never will see her alive.  She was dead just like the other girls.

When she was twenty, the dreams came to her again and still she went to the police.  The media got hold of the story and turned her into some kind of circus freak.  Everyone ridiculed her and her dreams, forcing her to move out of Tomoeda.  Her mother did not take her seriously while Sakura and Syaoran only supported her because she was their friend and not because they believed her.

The night she left her hometown was the night she prayed for the soul of the little girl.  She tried to help her, Kami-sama knows she did but no one believed least of all tried to help her.

She cursed this 'gift' of hers.  It had brought nothing but pain and humiliation.  She tried to bear the humiliation but could never get over the pain.  Pain she felt through empathy with the girls.  Each dream came to her clearer and clearer.  The woods.  The dark room.  The shadow man.  Amethyst eyes and the number seven.  The only thing that wasn't constant was the victim.  Each set of dreams meant a different girl was taken away from her home and her family.

And now, another one was taken.  That would be six.  Five dead girls and in less than seven days another one will die.

I can't do this anymore, Tomoyo sobbed.  I can't stand the rejection…the ridicule.

Have you forgotten that this was never about you, a voice in her head answered back.  It's about those little girls.  You have to try again so their souls may rest in peace.  You have to try again for the sake of the one who's alive…for the sake of her family.  For some reason you can see through their eyes.  You are their only hope.

A news report being aired on the TV caught her attention.  It was about a girl kidnapped shortly after midnight as she and her parents were going home from a party.  The police refused to give any details for the safety of the child.

Tomoyo knew that she was the one.  The sixth victim.  She stared at the screen, confused at what she should do…if she was going to do something.  She watched as police officers weaved around the crime scene.

But it was the man with indigo hair and wire glasses that caught her eyes.  She quickly moved nearer the TV and watched the man who was questioning the parents intently.

Could it be, she wondered.  Any doubts in her mind disappeared when she heard the reporter say the name of the cop in charge of the case.

Her eyes shone with hope as she raced to get her coat and keys, aware of the pair of eyes quietly watching her movements.  The amethyst eyes freshly painted on the canvas taunted her and beseeched her at the same time.

Eriol Hiiragizawa.  I can tell him.  He can help me.

To be continued…