Yay! A random song fic! I don't know why I'm doing this… Maybe because you're bored? Yeah, I guess… wait! Stop it! We can't talk in front of other people! Well, I was bored myself… STOP IT!


(Please read while listening to "I Like You, I Love You" By: Vocaloid.)

I altered the Lyrics to fit the dialog…


Over time Ness and I had become close friends. When the tournament ended… we stayed in contact via video chat. That was the only thing that the Happy Boxes were good for… But over time our bond grew stronger and… well… this happened yesterday…


"He-he-he-Hey! Hey, could you wait a minute? I wanna talk to you." I yelped at the screen trying to get Ness' attention. I say him jump up from his bed and run over to his computer and adjust his webcam. He gave me one of his famous grins witch cause me to blush slightly.

"Hi Lucas, sorry 'bout that… I was kinda thinking about something…" He said with the normal enthusiasm. I noticed when he finished his sentence a slight blush crept onto he cheeks, I thought he looked cute when he did that…

"What should we do?" I asked cheerfully, trying to hide my embarrassment. But, of course I know it failed.

"I don't really know… oh, be right back!" He yelled before jumping up and running downstairs. I assumed his mom wanted him for something. But before I could really come up with a good answer he was back to the monitor.

"If you're busy… sorry…" I apologized quietly trying to hide my face. I hadn't noticed but I was now the color of a tomato and a little more.

"Lucas, you look like you have something on your mind… could you tell me?" He asked sweetly. My brain melted at that sentence. Could I tell him? Should I? Forget it! I'll tell him!

"Well… I'm being honest you see… I-I, I, I, I… Hey, you are, um… I, sorry, wait… I-I… I, I, um… hey… you're the one that, I li… um... I, sorry, wait, he-hey… umm… I you're the one that…! Hey, I, you're the one that I… lii… sorry, I forgot… Wait! Li, li, li-li, li-li-li… li-li-li-li, li… li… li… li… li…. Li, li, li-li, li-li, li… li-Like, I love you!" I yelled and quickly shut off my cam. I then ran upstairs and jumped onto my bed and cried.


"Lucas!" I heard someone yell from downstairs. I knew that voice and quickly hid under my bed.

I heard footsteps rush up the steps and barge into my room. I then watched as someone reached under my bed and pull me out. It was Ness. I couldn't say a word…

I didn't have too… I nearly fainted as I felt Ness' lips hit mine. It was nothing but just a small kiss. It was everything I wanted and more…

"What?" I yelled when we broke apart.

"I love you too…"

That was when I fainted.


Touching, no?