Taichi stepped into the room; hands still in his pockets and shoulders slumped. He took a quick look around, noting where furniture was, where the bathroom was, where the fire escape was. One could never be too careful. He was just happy to have a bed to sleep in tonight, really. After the night he'd had before he wanted nothing more than to curl up on a nice soft bed and sleep for two days; he'd put enough of his saved money down on this place to do so. Taichi turned and waited for the other two men to enter the room, a watchful look on his face as they sauntered in behind him.

"Thanks for helping me get this room." he started and heard the lock on the door click. He sighed, unnoticed by the men. Of course this wasn't going to be easy.

"Why don't we get this out of the way so I can get some sleep, okay?" Taichi suggested and the man closest to him chuckled.

"You think we brought you all the way up here just to have you suck us off?" the man asked, smirking and shaking his head slowly.

"I paid for this room, I just needed someone else to get it for me. You're getting two free blow jobs so take it." It'd been a long two days and Taichi just wanted to rest in a nice comfortable bed without having to worry about his ass; literally.

The man in front shook his head and looked back at his partner before speaking. "He just doesn't get it, does he?" the man said quietly, taking a step closer to Taichi with a wide grin.

"We're getting the whole package tonight, baby."

Taichi let out a breath and started to pull his hands from his pockets. It was stupid to have them in there anyway, it left him at such a disadvantage when dealing with men like these.

"Let's not turn this into a big thing, okay? Just take what I offered and leave." Taichi smirked and shrugged one of his shoulders. "Or I call the cops and let them know you rented a hotel room for a minor in return for illegal sex acts."

The man in front snorted. "If you have time to make that call before I touch you, go for it. Whore."

Taichi's eyes darted to where the second man was and he realized he wasn't standing there anymore. He closed his eyes, knowing he had messed up big time, and let out a breath as something blunt and solid cracked into the back of his skull. His vision blurred and he felt his knees come into rough contact dully with the wooden flooring before he felt the second blow. His head spun, the room went black and his body slumped lifelessly to the floor. Taichi had a brief moment of lucid thought before he passed out and one thing floated up before all others; a question. How did I end up here.

Four days prior

The Princes walked into the classroom accompanied by squeals of delight from multiple girls seated throughout. They were perfect in their eyes: tall, handsome, one with long hair and a slow smile, the other thick with athletic muscles and bright, kind eyes. They were alike and yet so different and that was what appealed to the girls.

"J-Jaegerjaques-kun?" one girl asked in a dreamy voice as she approached the short haired Prince.

"Just call me Sorin. Jaegerjaques-kun is such a mouthful." Sorin said with a sigh, plopping in his chair and spreading his legs wide in front of him.

"Then go by Kurosaki like I do. Jiji would die of happiness." came a cool voice and adoring eyes turned to the other Prince.

"S-Sorin," another squeal. "Can… can I sit with you at lunch today?"

Sorin blinked stupidly before giving the girl a lopsided grin. "S-sure."

"Tai-chan, your hair looks extra soft today." another girl said, looking on the verge of hyperventilating.

Taichi turned a smile to her and leaned forward a bit, resting his chin on an open palm. "Thank you, beautiful." his voice purred and a thin eyebrow arched.

More squealing assaulted the boys' ears before the sensei walked in and Sorin leaned closer to his brother. "Do you have to make them do that?"

"Shut up, they do it for you too." Taichi responded in a bored tone as he crossed his legs under the desk.

"Both of you shut up." Tomoe said from behind them, smacking each of them upside the head before she took her seat in front of Sorin. "Squealing girls suck."

"Ah, Tomo-chan is so poetic in the morning." Taichi said dryly and received a withering glare from his sister which he ignored.

"Quit it or I'll cut yer hair in yer sleep." Tomoe whispered heatedly and Taichi turned swiftly in his seat, grabbing the ends of his almost shoulder length hair.

"You wouldn't." One never could tell if Tomoe was serious in her threats or not and he wasn't taking any chances. Taichi loved his hair.

"I'm on the rag. I'll do just about anything." Tomoe replied with a smirk that rivaled her elder fathers'.

"Ew, Tomo, that's gross." Sorin exclaimed, wrinkling his nose at his sisters' uncouth words.

Tomoe shrugged. "Should I have said I'm bleeding from my va…."

"Jaegerjaques-san, class has started. Please stop socializing."

One month into their senior year and life seemed so abnormally normal for them. At least on the outside. No one at the school knew that they had two gay fathers, nor that the three had never known what it was like to have a mother; though Yuzu was as motherly with them as she had time to be. She did have her own family after all. To everyone the three of them were just your normal popular students, and that was how they liked it. Mostly.

The days still slipped by too quickly for Taichi as far as he was concerned. There were never as many hours as he needed to get things done but he did his best at it. Sorin spent his days studying and attending his after school clubs. He was a member of the baseball as well as the karate and boxing clubs and a very active one at that. Somehow he still managed to keep his grades up, mostly, and have a small social life. It seemed to suit him just fine though and he never complained about it. Tomoe had her clubs as well, art and debate, though she was far more interested in shopping and boys. Most days she could be found wandering the expensive shops in Shinjuku with her best friend, Yayoi Hirako. Not that the two were left to it for long. Grimmjow had a very strict curfew for Tomoe and Nnoitra didn't like Yayoi wandering around without him there. And he absolutely refused to shop with her so she didn't get out often. Shinji and he had argued about it but in the end Shinji had given up and tried to distract Nnoitra instead so that his daughter could have some sort of social life.

Taichi didn't belong to any clubs this year as he had decided over the break that he was quitting the swim team, something he had been doing since childhood. He had his reasons, and they were many, but he didn't share them with anyone. He just wasn't interested in anything the school did anymore and only did his homework because he knew he was supposed to. He didn't like getting in trouble and figured it wasn't worth the yelling match that would ensue if he neglected his work. He managed to get most of it done at lunch and the rest on the bus ride home. But he still didn't have time for much else.

It was the end of the day and Sorin, Tomoe and Taichi were walking down the hall together, chatting about what they thought Chichi was going to make for dinner that night when someone beckoned to Taichi. Taichi stopped and sighed before turning to his siblings and grinning.

"See ya guys." he said before trotting off.

Tomoe huffed and shifted closer to Sorin. "You think he's gay and those two are seeing each other?" she asked as she watched the young man laugh at something Taichi said as the two rounded a corner. Sorin snorted.

"Like I care."

"Geez, what a great brother you are." Tomoe snapped and Sorin rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah. Talk to me when yer hormones stop making you a bitch."

Tomoe hit Sorin in the back with her book bag and turned to walk towards her club. "Fuck you Sorin!" she threw over her shoulder, raising one arm high in the air and displaying a rather unladylike gesture.

Sorin rolled his shoulders and shook his head, glad that at least she hadn't kicked him - Tomoe kicked really hard - before setting off to his own club.

Family time in the Kurosaki-Jaegerjaques household consisted of everyone crowding around the dinner table and trying to talk over each other. Taichi wasn't sure how Tomoe and Sorin actually ingested their food because they talked the entire time and he never actually saw them put anything in their mouths. At that moment Tomoe was trying to get something heard and Sorin repeatedly interrupted her. She was getting upset - understandably in Taichi's mind - and finally snapped, poking Sorin in the side of the head with her chopsticks.

"Shut the hell up, jerk. I'm tryin' ta talk!" Tomoe bellowed in her best and most unladylike tone. Taichi smirked and tried to hide it by looking down.

"Tomo, will you please keep your utensils to yourself." Ichigo muttered with a long effected sigh.

Tomoe rolled her eyes. "Then listen to me." She said in a petulant tone as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Nobody wants to hear what you have to say." Sorin grumbled and winced when Tomoe must have kicked him under the table. Sorin looked pleadingly at Grimmjow.

"She kicked me!"

"Quit talkin' to her like that then." Grimmjow said before filling his mouth with food so he didn't have to say anything else.

Sorin growled and let his shoulders slump a bit. "Such bullshit."

"That mouth of yers in bullshit. Quit cussing." Grimmjow groused after he swallowed.

Taichi briefly met Ichigo's eyes and he wasn't able to hide his smirk anymore. Ichigo shook his head and smiled.

"What is it Tomo?"

Tomoe grinned and straightened her back. "One of my pieces is going to be featured in an art show next month."

"Which one?" Taichi asked, speaking at the table for the first time that night.

Tomoe beamed at him. "The Isis statue out of the red clay."

Grimmjow frowned. "Which one was that?"

Tomoe's good cheer evaporated and Taichi sighed.

"Daddy you never pay attention!" Tomoe accused. "I was working on it for like… two weeks!"

"Tomo, there is no reason to raise your voice." Ichigo interjected and smiled at his daughter. "And congratulations, that one was very nicely done."

Crisis averted, Sorin went back to talking about himself and the night ended as it always did: Taichi and Tomoe clearing the table as Ichigo wandered off to make phone calls for his second job and Sorin and Grimmjow wandered off talking about sports and scholarships and how proud Grimmjow was of his son. Tomoe placed the dishes in the dishwasher after Taichi rinsed them and muttered quietly to him about how upset she was about something that had occurred during her art club that day. It was something she knew she'd only be able to tell Taichi because Taichi didn't and wouldn't rat people out. Ever. It wasn't in his nature unless it was something that could get someone seriously hurt or it was extremely illegal.

"You know that one guy that's had his eye on Yo for like… ever?" Tomoe started and Taichi nodded before handing over a dish.

Tomoe took it as she looked over her shoulder to make sure they were completely alone.

"Anyway, he was totally hittin' on me taday. Like, 'I'd love to take you to the movies and get a little closer to you.' kinda of hittin' on me. Made me sick and now I'm gonna hafta tell Yo and she's gonna cry."

Taichi smiled. "Yo-chan's stronger than that. I'm sure she'll be upset, but not enough to cry about it."

Tomoe shrugged. "Sure she ain't in love with that dude like she is Sorin but…."

Taichi stopped and turned to his sister. "You know about that too?"

Tomoe rolled her eyes. "I'm her best fuckin' friend Tai. Of course I know she's in love with that asshole."

Taichi smirked and went back to rinsing dishes. After everything was put away and Tomoe had wandered off to call Yayoi, Taichi retreated to the sanctity of his bedroom, shutting and locking the door behind him. Once he felt safe enough he sagged his shoulders and walked to his window, pulling it open and looking out into the back yard.


A head popped up out of the bushes near the back of the yard and a small body darted forward before flying through the window. Taichi had to jump back out of the way and looked fretfully at the door to make sure no one had heard anything.

"Idiot, we're gonna get caught." Taichi hissed and large dark eyes looked up at him.

"Sorry." a small voice said before a wide smile transformed a slightly dirty face. "That was a pretty sweet jump though."

"It was but if we get caught I'm dead, not you." Taichi sighed. "Not that dad would care what I do."

Daisuke Yoshida, a short boy Taichi's age with half a head of curly brown hair that he occasionally fashioned into a neat Mohawk, had been friends with Taichi since he was two years old and had, up until two weeks prior, lived directly next door. That had been until his parents had finally gotten sick of his constant disobeying and had kicked him out. Taichi had been letting Daisuke sleep in his room at night, stealing food from the kitchen so the poor kid could eat before bed ever since.

"So what's for dinner?" Daisuke asked and Taichi rolled his eyes.

"Nothing until everyone goes to bed, you know that."

Taichi reached for his bedroom TV remote and readied himself for another long night of listening to Daisuke talk about his suddenly absent boyfriend. After Daisuke had been kicked out of his house he had immediately called the man – seventeen years his senior – but had been told quite bluntly that he wouldn't be allowed to stay with him. And then the man had gone on a business trip and Daisuke hadn't been able to get ahold of him since. Taichi tried to convince Daisuke that the man wasn't coming back and if he did he was done with him, but Daisuke had just smiled and flipped his hair a bit before saying, "He isn't like that one guy, Tai. He's different. He loves me."

Daisuke stood from his spot on the floor and opened Taichi's closet, pulling out his duffle bag and digging for clean clothes to wear in the morning. He hoped he'd be able to get a shower before he had to leave in the morning, but knew that if he didn't he'd just hit a bath house after school. There was a knock at Taichi's door and both boys stilled before Daisuke pulled the doors of Taichi's closet closed as quietly as he could, hiding inside. Taichi stood and crossed the room, opening the door to see the face of his elder, and currently frowning, father.

"I told you not to lock the door." Grimmjow grumbled and Taichi sighed.

"Then take the lock off." he snipped.

Taichi's long arms crossed in front of him and he cocked a hip as he looked directly into his father's eyes.

"Can I help you?"

"Knock off the attitude and get out in the living room. Yer father wants us all in there for a movie or something."

Taichi rolled his eyes. "I'm tired." he said and Grimmjow grunted.

"It wasn't a request."

"Fine, I'll be out in a minute." Taichi said before shutting the door in Grimmjow's face.

It didn't stay closed long before flying open and crashing into the wall. Taichi's eyes opened wide as he stared at his father in disbelief.

"Keep this damn door open or I'll take the fucker off. Got it?"

"Fine. Take it off. I have nothing to hide." Taichi said, immediately regretting his words. Of course he had things to hide and he could almost see the look on Daisuke's face as he stood in the closet.

"Would you two stop fighting and get out here please?" Ichigo said from behind Grimmjow, startling both Grimmjow and Taichi so much they both jumped.

"Tai, please stop locking the door and Grimm, calm the hell down. He's just a kid."

"I'm not a kid." Taichi said, but his arms dropped to his sides anyway. "And can I change my clothes first, please?"

Ichigo nodded and grabbed Grimmjow's arm, pulling the man down the hallway and whispering heatedly the entire time. Taichi shut the door and leaned his forehead against it, not for the first time wondering what had gone wrong between him and his father. It'd been years since the two had been able to stand each other's company and if Taichi were being honest with himself he would have admitted that it hurt. Badly.

The closet door opened carefully and Daisuke peaked out, black eyes wide and mouth pulled in a straight line.

"Nothing to hide?" he whispered and Taichi smiled apologetically.

"Sorry. You know how I get with him though. I'll try and be more careful until you find a place, okay?"

Taichi pulled his shirt over his head and walked to his dresser to retrieve his night clothes. Daisuke giggled and pulled his own shirt over his head before turning around to grab another from his bag.

"Oh Tai. The temptation of your glorious body is too much. I can't look."

Taichi snorted but didn't say anything.

"I just might take advantage of you in your sleep tonight."

Taichi chuckled. "In your dreams. This 'glorious body' is so not for you."

"Aww, sadface. I'm too cute for the sadface and yet you always make me show it."

"Shut up and stay quiet until I get back, okay? I'll bring food."

"Yeah, yeah. I have homework anyway." Daisuke said as he slipped out of the closet, fully dressed and holding a geometry book.

Taichi pulled his pajama pants up over his hips and smirked, padding to the door and grabbing the handle.

"I'll be back later." he said before leaving Daisuke alone to go spend time with his family.

The movie was horrendous, even Ichigo was disgusted with it, and halfway through the family unanimously decided that it wasn't worth staying up for. However, instead of running off the bed, Sorin stood up and told everyone none too quietly to shut up and listen.

"So, you'll never guess what happened." Sorin started and Tomoe groaned.

"No one cares." she said at length and received a glare from her slightly younger brother.

"Shut up, Tomoe." Sorin scowled and Tomoe rolled her eyes.

"You shut up."

"Both of you shut up." Ichigo said, earning himself four sets of eyes turned in his direction that were full of surprise. "What?" he asked incredulously.

"Anyway," Sorin tried again. "You'll never guess who got scouted today."

Tomoe sneered. "For what?"

"God, Tomo. Do you have to ruin everything?" Sorin whined and Taichi sighed.

"Congrats Sorin. I'm going to bed." he said as he stood but stopped halfway when Grimmjow cleared his throat and spoke.

"You probably would have gotten scouted to if you hadn't quit swimming."

Ah, such a sore point between father and son.

"Swimming is for children, dad. We all have to grow up sometime." Taichi said before standing up the rest of the way.

"Bullshit!" Grimmjow stood as well, crossing his arms over his chest. "Sports are not for children. It takes talent and dedication…."

"Please spare me the rhetoric. I'm going to bed."

"You're just a quitter."

"Grimmjow!" Ichigo stood and stepped between Taichi and Grimmjow, looking into blue eyes as he addressed the man he had chosen to spend the rest of his life with.

"You'd know all about quitting, wouldn't you dad?" Taichi snapped, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. "I'm going to bed." he said again, turning and trying once more to leave.

"If you were dedicated like your brother, this wouldn't be happening right now. Sorin takes what he does very seriously and what do you do?"

Taichi felt his hands form fists and he willed himself not to get upset. He didn't like getting upset but scenes from the past four years kept flashing before his eyes and he couldn't help himself. He took another deep breath and tried to shove the feelings down; ignore them. It wasn't worth getting so angry over. Not anymore. Taichi turned to look at both his fathers and opened his mouth to again say that he was going to bed only to be interrupted by Grimmjow.

"Sorin is well on his way to becoming a man and what the hell are you doing? Cooking?"

Taichi snapped, brown eyes went black with anger and his lip pulled up in a sneer he was sure he had never shown to anyone in his life.

"I'm so sorry that I don't live up to your expectations, dad. We can't all be like Sorin and you."

He left the room then, stomping down the hallway to his room and slamming the door with all his might, locking it and shoving his dresser in front of it for good measure. Daisuke looked up at him from his bed with wide eyes and a half open mouth. Taichi ran his hand back through his hair before he started tearing off his clothing in a rush.

"Yo… uh, Tai? You okay?"

"We're leaving. I can't stay in the same house as that man anymore."

"Wait, just because of that?" Daisuke had of course heard everything from the living room but he was surprised that a fight so small was making Taichi act like this. His own family fights had been far louder and much more violent before he had been kicked out.

Taichi looked up at Daisuke as he shoved clothes into a bag. "You know it's more than that. He doesn't want me here anyway. He'd have been happy with just twins so me leaving won't be an impact."

Daisuke stood up and frowned. "But Tai…."

"Fine stay here. I'm leaving."

Daisuke sighed. "Fuck. Fine, let me get dressed. I can't exactly let you leave by yourself."

"Grimmjow what the hell is wrong with you?" Ichigo shouted as Tomoe and Sorin edged their way out of the living room.


Ichigo slapped Grimmjow's shoulder. "Why do you have to be so hard on him? He's a good student. He helps out at home. He's never once gotten in trouble at school unlike Sorin and Tomoe. And he is damn good at cooking and baking. There's nothing wrong with a man who does that."

"So what?"

"You know what? Sleep on the fucking couch, asshole." Ichigo threw his hands up in the air before walking out of the room.

"What, why?" Grimmjow said, but his bedroom door was already shut and he found himself alone in the living room.

With a huffed sigh Grimmjow grumbled as he sat back down on the couch and ran a hand back through his hair.

"I'm too fucking old to sleep on the couch." he muttered, eyeing the clock and seeing that it was late enough that he should have already been in bed anyway.

Grabbing one of the throw pillows on the couch next to him and a blanket from the chair, Grimmjow stripped down to his boxers and turned off the lights. He didn't hear Taichi's window open again, didn't hear the two boys jump out of it and didn't hear them leave the yard as quietly as they could. Within minutes Taichi and Daisuke were gone and Grimmjow was asleep.

Present Day

Taichi woke, confused and disoriented, head throbbing and body jerking with the frantic thrusting the man behind him was doing. Taichi closed his eyes tight a moment, the pain radiating through his body making it hard for him to register what was still happening to him. He groaned and tried to move his head only to find that the other man was holding his upper body against the hard mattress; one hand on Taichi's head and the other between his shoulder blades. All he could hear at the moment was harsh panting, the slapping sound on skin on skin, and the deep and loud breathing the man holding him to the bed was making. Taichi wasn't even sure they knew he was awake yet and he opened his eyes again to slits, seeing only a thick, hairy arm and the wall across the way. A meaty hand was close to his face and Taichi's mind began to race. He needed to get out of there, he needed to find a distraction but his brain was so fuzzy and his body hurt so bad.

"Aw man. He's tight for a whore." the man behind Taichi spoke, breaking a bit of the spell the younger man was under. Taichi blinked and watched his vision clear a bit.

"Shit, I loosened him up for you." the other spoke and Taichi blinked rapidly. He had to get out of there.

The man behind Taichi thrust hard, making Taichi's body scoot forward a bit and he suddenly thought of a way to at least get the man holding him down to let go. When the hand that was in front of him was suddenly within reach Taichi opened his mouth and clamped his teeth on the top of it, biting down as hard as he could.

"Fuck!" the man screamed, yanking both hands away and giving Taichi the opportunity to move once again.

The man behind Taichi stopped and Taichi pushed up on his arms as quickly as he could, vertigo making it quite a bit more of a task that he had anticipated. His head spun and he felt like he was going to be sick but he couldn't stop there. He had to get away.

"What the-"

Taichi took a deep breath and sat up the rest of the way, cocking his arm and ramming his elbow into the face of the man that had been fucking him. He heard a snap, a sharp cry of outrage and felt a stiff member pull abruptly out of him. He wanted to sag to the bed, but he was far from out of danger. The man he had bitten was recovering from his shock and he glared at Taichi, lips pulling into a cruel sneer.

"You little shit." the man said and Taichi barely had time to dodge the fist that was aimed for his face.

He rolled off the bed and hit the floor with a thud, continuing the roll before scrambling to his feet. The world spun and Taichi's eyes closed briefly, giving the man he had bitten an opening. Taichi wasn't expecting the fist that caught him in the cheek, but he managed to catch himself before he fell to the floor again. With his pants around his ankles though he wasn't going anywhere and by the look on the man's face he knew it was well.

"He fucgin' broge by dose!" the other man screamed again and the second man turned to look back at him.

Taichi bent quickly, yanking up his opened jeans and righting himself as quickly as he could. His world tilted again and he shook his head in an attempt to right it. Out of nowhere he was kicked hard in the side, his legs almost gave and he grunted and cried out a little at the spark of pain that flared up. His nerve endings were on fire and he suddenly realized he was on the wrong side of the room for escape. The man whose nose he had broken moved closer, slowly and carefully as if dealing with a wild animal.

"I'mb gonna ged you for dat you sdupid whore."

Taichi snorted, trying to buy himself time enough to skirt around the men and get to the fire escape.

"Really?" he spoke for the first time, the word sounding strange to his ears. He moved and two pairs of eyes watched him intently.

"And what will you do then? You've already raped me." he was stalling but the men seemed stupid enough to fall for it.

"Beat the shit outta you for one." the man with the bitten hand sneered and Taichi moved on shaky legs closer to the window.

"Hmm… that doesn't sound much like it'll make up for breaking his nose." Taichi said, nodding his head in the direction of the other man.

"Then how 'bout we toss you're broken body in Tokyo bay after and watch you drown?"

Taichi swallowed hard and tried to take a steady breath. The look on the man's face told Taichi that he was absolutely serious.

"People know where I am." he said, lying through his teeth. Not one damn person out there knew where Taichi was and he had gone out of his way to ensure that. "All they have to do is check the registry and see you two paid for the room."

The window was so close now that Taichi could feel a slight breeze coming through the small gap of an opening.

"Tch…." the bitten man said and shook his head. "No one cares about a little whore like you."

Taichi nodded and finally stood in front of the window that led to the fire escape.

"Mmm, you may be right about that." he said as he balled his fist. "But you'll have to catch me if you want to kill me."

That said Taichi rammed his fist through the window and pushed himself through the broken glass as quickly as he could. He felt the glass scrape at his skin, his head spun once again as he moved too quickly and he heard the men in the room shout with anger. Taichi stumbled into the railing and looked down, wind whipping his long blue hair as he realized he was three floors up with nothing but concrete to great him if he fell. It wouldn't kill him, but there was no way he'd make the jump without breaking something and he didn't have time to use the ladder. The window he had broken and jumped through was being shoved open and they'd have him again in no time. He had no choice. Taking a deep breath, Taichi threw one leg over the rail and tried not to look at the ground. The iron dug into his palms and he took one last look at the two men struggling to get through the window before he swung his other leg over and dropped as easily as he could to the ground.

"Damn it!" one of the men yelled and Taichi hit the ground, his ankle snapping almost immediately.

He didn't realize that the sound of half screamed pain was coming from him, but he did his best to pull himself up and hobble out of the alley he found himself in. He couldn't be sure how long it was going to take, but he knew the two men were not going to leave him alone just yet. Adrenaline fighting back the pain, Taichi reached the street and almost cried out for joy when an off duty cab lay as if in wait for him. The window was open and he called out, grabbing the man behind the wheel's attention.

"Please. I'll give you ten-thousand yen. Just get me outta here." Taichi reached back for his wallet, thanking God that it was still in his pants, and shoved it at the driver. "Please."

The man behind the wheel frowned and looked behind Taichi, seeing two men moving quickly out of the alley and towards them. He sighed and unlocked the door.

"Get in then." he said and Taichi thankfully opened the back door, slipping inside and slamming it shut behind him.

The cabbie pulled away from the curb just as the men exited the alley, shouting obscenities after the car. The cabbie looked in his rearview mirror at his young and bleeding passenger before asking which hospital he wanted to go to. Taichi groaned and shook his head.

"No… no hospital." he said, his body beginning to shake as the adrenaline wore off.

"Look kid, you seem to…."

"No hospital." Taichi insisted and rattled off an address for the man.

The cabbie sighed and nodded before hopping on the expressway to take his fare to his destination. Taichi dug out his money and dropped it in the front passenger seat before shifting and making a valiant effort not to cry. Everything, since the moment he had left home, had gone wrong for him. He was tired, hungry and in more pain that he had ever been in his entire life and the only thing he could think of in that moment was that everything was his fault. He let his head fall against the window as he watched the city pass by and wondered if he should have just stayed in that room and let those men finish up what they had been doing to him. He'd probably be showering at that moment and getting ready to slip between slightly dirtied sheets instead of bleeding and broken in the backseat of city cab. Taichi closed his eyes and took a shaky breath, wishing that the car would go faster.

Yayoi looked at her clock and frowned, seeing the digital display glaring at her that it was only three in the morning. She sighed and rolled over on her back, running a hand back through her newly cut hair and sighing. She hadn't really wanted to cut it, but she and her father both had donated the shorn hair to make wigs for cancer patients so it made her feel slightly better about the situation. She heard again the noise that had startled her awake and realized it was a knock coming from the front door. Sighing and pushing out of bed without thinking, Yayoi rose to answer it. Nnoi-chan was home, at least she thought he was, and she was sure if it were some kind of attacker he'd be there in a moment to rescue her. Either that or her father would be ready to fight to the death anyone that dare lay a hand on his precious Yo-chan. Yayoi padded to the living room, yawning widely and rolling her eyes a little when whoever it was knocked yet again.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm coming, geez." she grumbled and reached for the knob. Nnoitra would have killed her for it but Yayoi threw back the locks and turned the handle, opening the door without checking first who it was.

Her eyes widened at greeted her. Taichi was leaning heavily again the outside doorframe, covered in blood and bruises, his clothing torn in several places and his face starting to swell. Taichi looked into Yayoi's light blue eyes and he felt his chin tremble a bit as he tried to stem the flow of emotions that wanted to flood through him.

"Tai!" Yayoi gasped and the young blue haired male nodded before taking a careful step forward.

He faltered and nearly tripped; putting too much weight on his broken limb and finally the damn broke. Taichi closed his eyes and reached blindly for Yayoi, managing to wrap his arms around her waist and bury his face in her ample bosom as his knees hit the floor. Yayoi cried out softly as he was taken with him, and she reached up, touching Taichi's head only to pull back and stare in horror at the blood covered her hand.


Heavy footsteps sounded in the hallway and Yayoi clutched Taichi to her as she began to rock him. His shoulders shook with silent sobs and tears pricked her own eyes before falling down her cheeks on into his dirty blue hair.

"What the hell is with all the… Oh my God." Shinji stopped and sucked in a breath at the scene that met his eyes.

Yayoi looked up at him and shook her head. "Oto-chan." she said again before her face crumpled and she lowered her head to cry over Taichi.

All Taichi could do in that moment was shake and cry before everything once again went black and the world that had been filled with pain, anger and shame drifted away like a bad dream.

A/N Well, way ta start a story Penny. Make yerself get all teary because yet again you can't help but be mean to the men you love. As you can see I sort of just dove in here with this, and yer probably wondering what happened between father and son and all that. Well all shall be revealed as the story progresses, so please, be patient with me :D Anyway, I hope this first chapter and look into the lives of the triplets and Yayoi piqued yer interest so that you all want to read more.