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Also, this takes place between the Skypiea and Water Seven arcs.


Nami sometimes thought that being on a ship, along with her crewmates, for extended time lengths while en route from an island to another, was somewhat like becoming a single alter ego in a schizophrenic mind. You always had to accommodate your crewmates. The boat wasn't small, far from it actually, but intimacy was still a luxury, especially since they would all sleep in shared cabins. Sometimes, you would run into someone doing something that they'd rather keep to themselves - which might be really embarrassing for both parties. And with a hyperactive captain like Luffy, one was always subjected to sudden outbursts at any time.

Nami had never been surprised by one of her friends in such a situation. She had nothing to hide, really – aside from the times she changed, which she always did in the small cabin she shared with Robin, and even that could have the later as a witness. Well, it wasn't like she wanted to hide her body from Robin, who was also a woman and couldn't care less. Still, intimacy really was a luxury.

In fine, the only place where one would get some time to chill out, and even think, was the crow's nest. While on watch duty, one could let their mind wander.

But today, while she was looking out for some ship or land, she was almost feeling bored. Nothing had been happening for the past days, except for the crew's usual antics. She was almost wishing that Luffy would climb up and start jumping around – almost, since jumping around a crow's nest would be a really bad idea and could turn out to be a disaster.

Fuck! She was pretty sure no ship would be coming their way today, and she knew for a fact they wouldn't be encountering the next island for at least 3 weeks. Looking at this endless water field was as useless as trying to change Luffy's mind once he got it set on some stupid idea he'd come up with. So, she started to watch the ship and its inhabitants instead, looking for some distraction.

She caught Robin entering the cabin, probably to get another book to read in the sun. Usopp was scribbling stuff on a big paper sheet. She would check later with him that he wasn't wasting too much paper; it was too expensive to be wasted. Luffy was on Merry's head, sighing and yawning as if there was no tomorrow. He was probably even more bored as she was, poor thing. Sanji was nowhere in sight, nor was Chopper. At this time of the day, Sanji should be washing the dishes, she mused, and Chopper might be with him. Nobody else was kind enough to help Sanji tidying the kitchen anyway, and not many would be allowed in his sanctuary at this time of the day. Certainly not Luffy, and certainly not Zoro, who was now taking his nap at the ship's back – no, wait, he was scratching his head. Clearly, he wasn't sleeping, which was enough of a pattern change for Nami to notice. He still wasn't moving a lot. Meditating? Obviously, it was a failure, seeing how he kept shifting about.

Ah, Robin was back. She stopped after closing the cabin's door, and looked up at the sky for a moment, as if enjoying the nice weather. She was holding a book in her hand, and she must have thought about something amusing, because she started smiling to herself. She… where was she going all of a sudden? Instead of rejoining Usopp on the front deck, where she was before retrieving her book, she started for the back, where Zoro was apparently still not trying hard enough on meditation. On the other side of the boat, Luffy started stretching, grinned widely, then jumped off his favorite spot, and started bothering Usopp.

Zoro was watching Robin, as she was getting closer. She apparently said something, to which he replied with his usual grouchy face, but Nami was too far away to figure out what they were talking about.

"Get away now, I'm trying to concentrate!"

Now that was something she had heard, since Usopp was shouting exasperatedly. He really had a weak tolerance to Luffy's annoying antics when he was working on one of his projects. Well, Luffy was annoying, most of the time. With a disappointed look on his face, he started for the ship's back, probably in order to find comfort with Zoro – as if.

She turned to the place the swordsman was sitting a moment before. He was now standing, his arms crossed. Robin was laughing, her hand before her chin. He looked infuriated at her. He closed in on her, and…

…Heh? Now that was interesting.

Luffy was utterly bored. Nothing interesting had happened for days, the next island was miles away, his crewmates were all busy, and there was nothing to do.

He was banned from the kitchen, so he couldn't join Sanji and Chopper, though he loved washing dishes. Unfortunately, Sanji wouldn't let him near the kitchen for now. Maybe it had to do with the last time he tried to help, and broke half the plates – Nami wasn't too happy with it either, actually, since they had to buy new ones afterward. Or maybe it was because he couldn't enter the kitchen without snatching some food behind Sanji's back, even though they just had lunch – which was why they had to wash the dishes in the first place.

Usopp wouldn't let him stay near while he was working on some… stuff. The long-nosed sniper had clearly told him to mind his own business moments ago – but he was so BORED.

He thought he might try his luck with Zoro, though he didn't have much hope in that regard. He was probably sleeping by now. Oh well, he could still wake him up.

He was reaching the ship's back, which was Zoro's usual hideout during his nap, when he heard voices.

"Stop laughing like that, witch!"

What, was Zoro awake at this time? Who was he talking to? That was unusual, but the distraction was welcomed anyway. He stopped before reaching the open area in the ship's back, and hid behind the cabin's corner instead.

Robin was chuckling quietly, looking at Zoro's furious face. He had pinned her to the nearest wall, apparently out of anger, his left hand holding her arm next to her face, against the wall, while the other one had grabbed her shoulder, preventing her from escaping. Not that it was very useful anyway, since she had the power of her devil's fruit. But she showed no sign of wanting to escape, Luffy thought.

"Since you've been on this ship, I've been watching you, because I know you're hiding your true intentions. I don't trust you! I've been watching all the time, and I still can't figure you out… But I can't get rid of it now! And it's entirely your fault!"

He stopped, as if he was unable to find words for what he wanted to say.

Luffy gulped. He wasn't sure he wanted to hear more, after all, but his curiosity, as well as the fact he was bored to death, was still stronger.

"I don't know about that, Mr Swordsman."

Robin was laughing again, in the quiet manner that was one of her typical features. She didn't seem to find being pinned against that wall by Zoro unpleasant at all. Actually, she did seem to enjoy it quite a bit.

"I'd rather think that you did this to yourself, and that you never needed my help. Or maybe you think trying to push all the blame on me is a proof of maturity?"

Zoro was literally fuming. He stomped on the wall with his right hand, right next to her head, his face drawing nearer to hers. Yet, she didn't seem unsettled by this. He closed his eyes, breathing deeply, as if trying to regain some composure, but once again, he failed.

"Dammit, woman! You're all I've been able to think about for the past days! This is all your doing!"

"And what will you be doing about it?"

He was looking at her for a moment, his glaze still intent on hers, his lips so close to hers that they almost touched. Suddenly, a tan arm sprouted from the wall, her hand fondly caressing his neck's back, and brought him closer.

He groaned when their lips met, but didn't back out, and even started kissing her very fervently after a while. Seconds later, she raised her free arm, set her hand to rest on his waist, and brought him closer.

When they parted, a few moments later, he was gasping. Still cupping his head with her spare hand, she licked her lips, and let out a few chuckles.

"It seems you have come to a conclusion, after all. Are you sure it is satisfactory?" She sighed. "I'm too old for you."

"Shut up."

His arms resting firmly on her back now, he started kissing her again.

She was smiling.

Nami was, literally, rolling on the floor, laughing. She had witnessed the whole affair, and even though she couldn't hear what the protagonists were saying, she had seen them arguing. She had seen Zoro pushing Robin against the wall. She had even been a little startled when they started kissing – now, she wouldn't have expected that. And it certainly was interesting enough to relieve her from this day's lack of action.

But she had also seen Luffy approach the place, then hide near the cabin, and spy on Robin and Zoro while they were having their "fight". And it was actually what made her laugh so hard : the astonished, dumbfounded, and even somewhat disgusted look on Luffy's face.

Even though she was laughing, she couldn't help but feel a little jealous of these two. She wasn't a romantic girl, and she wasn't prone to daydreaming about sappy things, but she had to admit they were on her mind, occasionally. Love, kisses – first kiss, in her case – were things she had had more than enough time to think about in the past days. She wasn't intent on sharing her first kiss with someone she would fall in love with and marry later, which was good enough for foolish girls who still thought Prince Charming was real. But she would have liked to experience it all, for a change. At least, it would have relieved her from her boredom.

Anyway, it was hopeless. She was spending her whole life on the sea, so she'd never have a chance to meet someone suitable for a first kiss outside of her crew. And her crew…

Zoro, well, was now taken. She wouldn't have thought he was interested in that sort of thing – before today, anyway, and she never considered him. Not seriously. Oh well.

Sanji was good looking, a decent person, a real gentleman, and probably the one she imagined the most suitable for a first kiss. However, she thought he was too insistent with women. ALL women. Then, there was the fact she was afraid he'd get a bit too clingy afterward – to be honest, he already was, and she didn't know if he'd understand that she didn't want to get involved. Would he even want to kiss her without a commitment on her part? She didn't think so, she didn't want to break his heart, and she didn't want to deal with any of the consequences such a thing could initiate.

That was it. These two were the best looking men on the ship, and there was no way she would kiss one of them. Which now left her with…

Usopp. He was nice enough, though not as good looking as Sanji or Zoro, and she always enjoyed their conversations, but he was obviously in love with that girl from his home island… Kayo? Kayla? What was her name again? Anyway, he was taken as well.

Robin was brilliant, beautiful and mysterious, and she had to admit she had toyed with the idea of kissing her, but… But she was a girl, and, well, she was taken now. She chuckled.

Chopper… she didn't even want to start thinking about the reasons she'd never kiss him. A reindeer, and still only a kid. Duh.

Then, there was Luffy, who was now slowly retreating from the ship's back.

All he thought about all day was meat, adventure, becoming the king of pirates, more meat, and goofing around. And he could be so dense… He was a really nice person though, and she had noticed a long time ago that he wasn't really stupid. He was just fickle, and couldn't keep his mind on the same tracks for a long time. Unless it had to do with his nakama's safety, of course. Or one of his stupid ideas, like "getting on Sky Island". Most of the time, he looked naive and immature, and he didn't look 17 years old, really, but he could be very perceptive once in a while.

She pondered. Did he even know what a kiss was? From the look on his face from seeing Zoro and Robin kissing, she started to doubt it… until today, that is.

'Though', she admitted to herself, 'he's not half bad looking either.'

She looked at him. He still looked dumbfounded, and as she tried picturing herself kissing him, watching him intensely, she just couldn't help but start laughing again. He looked so silly with this look on his face!

As he was reaching the mast's foot, she was laughing so hard he heard her laughing, and as he raised his head at her, she started laughing nearly hysterically. Oh, his expression was priceless!

"What are you laughing about, Nami?"

She wiped tears from the corner of her eyes, and since she couldn't talk to him – she was laughing too hard – she gestured him into joining her in the crow's nest. Which he did.

When he reached her position, she was still trying to catch her breath. He sat on the nest's other side and looked at her suspiciously.

"What are you laughing at? It's not me, right?"

"Of course I was laughing at you. You should have seen your face… Hahaha!"

And there she was, laughing again, though not as hard as before. Luffy was pouting. After some time, she could breathe again and settle down.

And Luffy was still pouting.

"Aw, come on, what's wrong?"

"You were laughing at me."

"But it was funny!" She reached for the cool bottles she was keeping in case it got too hot. She was thirsty now – blame it on her laughing fit. She opened one and handed it to Luffy. "Here, you can have it. I'm sorry for laughing at you."

"What was so funny?" He took the bottle and took a long sip.

"Your reaction! I have to admit I was surprised as well… But it was just a kiss, for fuck's sake!" She opened a bottle for herself.

"Then, you've seen it all?" Luffy asked.

"Yeah, though I didn't hear a word, since I was up there."

He took another long gulp, then brushed his mouth with his wrist.

"I think Zoro likes Robin." He finally muttered. "He said he could only think about her."

"And?" Nami raised an eyebrow.


"What did Robin reply to that? Do you think she likes him too?"

He seemed to ponder about it for a moment. "Well, she could have run away, but she didn't. She was laughing."

"Then, she must like him well enough, as far as she's concerned."

They went silent for a while. He was being really thoughtful today, she thought. He suddenly broke the silence.

"This shouldn't happen between nakamas", he said.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, what if they break up and can no longer bear being around each other?" He looked a bit worried, which was even more unusual.

Once again, he had surprised her with an insightful bout. It troubled her. She took a long gulp from her bottle.

He really wasn't that clueless, indeed, since he could anticipate the situation like that. Also, she reflected, he didn't sound like someone who barely knew what all the kissing business was. Actually, she was starting to suspect he knew more about all this than he let out.

"Don't worry. Robin and Zoro are grown-ups. For now, everything looks fine between them, and even if they reach that point, they'll manage."

"You might be right." He smiled. "I trust them anyway."

He slumped back against the wooden plank behind him, and reached for his hat. After putting it over his face, he stayed lying there, surprisingly quiet.

Very unusual, indeed, Nami thought. Despite his surprising maturity about it, it was obvious that the kiss between Zoro and Robin had unsettled him. What was going on his mind right now?

"Hey, Nami…" Luffy broke the silence, still not moving.


"What does sex feel like?" She choked on her soda.

Wait, what? She was taken aback. This couldn't possibly be happening. Luffy, of all people, asking her about… sex? Where did that even come from?

"What are you talking about?"

"What does it feel like?" He sat up and his eyes met hers. She started blushing furiously and looked at her hands, which were now playing with her blouse's hem.

"What's with the stupid question all of a sudden? And how would I know? Why are you asking me of all people?"

"I don't know." Weirdly enough, he seemed satisfied by her answer.

She felt him move around, but she was so embarrassed by that stupid question that she didn't dare looking up.

"Then, what does a kiss feel like?"

She was about to retort that it was just as stupid as his previous question, but when she looked at him, she realized he had gotten closer. So close, actually, that he was sitting uncomfortably close to her, much to her embarrassment. What was happening? If it hadn't been him, she'd have guessed that he was hitting on her, but… This was Luffy! His emotional – not to mention, his sensual – maturity was as developed as an oyster's.

She felt her cheeks blush harder, if it was possible. Her heart was beating fast, and she was also starting to feel a bit hot.

"I… I don't… I am… what's up with you today?" She was feeling utterly embarrassed now.

"I don't know. I just started thinking…"

Yeah, right! She knew damn well where it all started! He couldn't get such ideas by himself, so it must have been Zoro and Robin's fault. Why did they have to start making out in front of the kids, dammit!

She emptied her bottle all at once, swallowed with difficulty, discarded the empty bottle and hugged her legs with her arms, still blushing. Her heartbeat still wouldn't settle down.

"Well, you shouldn't think too hard about it, because it could fry your brain. It's not important anyway."

He didn't reply. Nami looked at him. She wondered why he was so insistent, and so quiet. Was it really because of Zoro and Robin's kiss? Or did he have something else on his mind?

He was looking straight ahead now, and his lips were flushed from too much biting. His eyes, that usually looked almost black, but were actually a very dark, greyish brown, reflected the infinite blue sky. She pondered that he wasn't bad looking at all, when he wasn't being his usual goofy self, and she wondered how it would feel kissing him. She felt herself blush again at the thought. She cleared her throat.

"Why do you want to know so badly?"

Luffy scratched his chin and looked up, as if thinking hard. His hat fell in his back.

"I've never really thought about it… Everyone seems to think about it a lot, the first one, at least. But I never even thought twice about it. But today, Zoro and Robin looked like they were really enjoying themselves." He smiled and giggled. "I thought, if it's that nice, maybe I should try it."

I knew it! Nami thought. It was their entire fault. She was embarrassed because of their behaviour, and they'd have to pay for this. She'd have to make sure they did.

Wait, did he say he wanted to try kissing? And who did he plan to…? Huh? The mere thought that he could be thinking about kissing her almost made her mind go blank. Almost. This couldn't be happening. She hurriedly changed the conversation's topic.

"It's probably not their first kiss anyway."

"Why do you think so?"

"Well, Robin is a grown woman, and I don't picture Zoro, 19, on this day and age, never having touched a girl."

Luffy was silent for a while, looking at the sky.

"Hey, Nami…"


"How was your first kiss?"

"None of your concern. Leave me alone." Like she would admit she never kissed anyone to him. Her arms went clutching her own chest.

He was biting his lower lip once again. "You never kissed anyone, did you?"

How come the future king of dimwits was so clever, all of a sudden? And the way he was biting his lips looked almost enticing now. Did he do that on purpose? Or was he just stupid?

"I said it's none of your business."

"Why won't you tell me?"

"Because I don't want to! However…"

She started smiling. She had just thought of a more effective way to retaliate.

"Answer me : do you really want to know what it feels like to kiss someone?"

He was doing his best to look dead serious. "I do."

"Oh, really?" Her smile grew larger.


"Are you saying you really, really want to know?"

"I told you!"

"You mean it? No backing out?"

"Of course I… Heh?"

She overthrew him with a single move, pinned his arms on the floor, and rested her legs between his. She had no time to think about it. He was going to pay for her embarrassment. And it was, after all, his fault for asking such stupid questions.

"So you wanna kiss me that much, heh?" She smiled. "But after all, I'm a thief, so it'd be more natural if I stole your first kiss." She was joking of course, but he wouldn't know, and she was pretty sure he'd freak out. It was a bit dangerous – he was known for over-reacting, and they were in the crow's nest, after all. But she was so mad at him for asking such private details that, at this point, it looked worth the trouble.

But he wasn't over-reacting. He wasn't reacting at all, for that matter. He was looking at her, a look of genuine surprise on his face. He didn't move, but suddenly averted his eyes from hers.



"If it's you…" He then stayed silent. A faint pink hue was flushing his cheekbones.

Nami was starting to feel like this was a bad idea after all. What was it now? Did she mishear what he just said? If it's you what? What did he mean by that? That's if it was her, it was… okay?

This couldn't be happening.

His eyes met hers again. His breath was a bit rash. He ran his tongue on his lips, somewhat absentmindedly, since he was looking at her so intently. He looked really serious! She hadn't planned that. She felt like she was starting to blush as well.

This just couldn't be happening.

She released his arms, and sat back. She could only watch him, and notice how fast her heart was beating. And she had laughed earlier, after imagining herself kissing Luffy… And now he was saying it was okay? She felt mortified when she realized how scared she was at the thought that, actually, she wouldn't mind.

"…I'm sorry, Luffy. I was only joking. Sorry if I scared you."

She sat against the wall, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She had to settle down somehow. When she opened them, he was sitting cross-legged, looking down, a confused look on his face.

He shook his head, and sat next to her, against the wooden plank.

He broke the silence after a while.

"I don't understand."


"Do girls change their mind like that often?"


He started blushing again. "W-well, you said you were stealing my first kiss, then you don't, and say you're sorry? I don't get it. How can you want something, and then, not want it anymore?"

He almost sounded disappointed, Nami thought. She looked at him.

"Can you be serious for a moment?"

"I am."

Her heart missed a beat. She looked down and smiled embarrassedly. She breathed deeply before asking :

"Are you saying that you want to kiss me?"

He did not answer.

She looked at him more carefully. He was looking away, as if too embarrassed to look at her, his chin resting on his hand, almost covering his mouth. His cheeks were still a bit flushed. His black hair was gently toyed with by the mild breeze. He was pouting slightly, which only emphasized his lips' pink hue. She noted once more that he looked nothing like the cheerful idiotic captain he usually was.

He looked at her, and their eyes met. The flushed cheekbones, well-bitten lips, slightly dilated and misty eyes, well, she had to admit they really did the trick. He looked very kissable all of a sudden.

She leant forward and hesitantly laid a chaste kiss on his left cheek, next to his lips.

He was staring at her, breathing jerkily.

"… can you do it again?"

She leant forward again, so close that she could feel his body heat, closed her eyes, and kissed him full on the lips this time. His lips were soft and smooth and mellow against hers. She was about to break this second kiss when she felt him kneeling, so that his head was inches above hers. She felt his hands along her waist, embracing her tightly, while he was pressing his lips against hers. Startled, she opened her mouth. He was now kissing her lightly, his smooth tongue sliding gently against hers, as if almost shy.

His body felt hot against hers, bewildered, and she inhaled deeply. He smelled of wood, of sea salt, and there was another faint, musky smell she thought was his own. Her knees suddenly felt weak, and she was glad she wasn't standing. Her heart was beating frantically, and she could feel her hands were trembling, then again, so were his. As a whole new world opened before her, lost in the turmoil of her own emotions and new sensations, she pressed herself against him, and kissed him with more passion she could have thought existed within her.

In the back of her ever calculating mind, her thoughts, incoherent but still running, were flashing at at light speed. What was happening? How did it come to this? Luffy had never shown any sign of thoughts with a sexual nature, and even less signs of any romanticism. Had he wanted to try this for a long time? With her specifically, or with just anyone available at the time? Was it significant? Did he like her? In what fashion? When did he start feeling that way? Had it been a long time? Was there a hidden meaning behind this strange and unusual behavior? Was it just one of his whims? What was on Luffy's mind right now? What was he thinking? What was she thinking?

This surprising, astonishing thing that was happening right now was almost too much for her to apprehend. Before today, she'd never even consider taking her relationship with any of her crewmates, Luffy included – Luffy especially – to the next level. The silly, happy-go-lucky, goofball of a captain. And there she was, kissing him, sighing against his mouth, wanting more of him, when a mere half hour ago, she was laughing at him? But she wouldn't, couldn't go back now. She had never imagined that kissing Luffy would feel so real, so final, or that it would awaken such an upheaval within her.

And it made her realize that, though she'd always known he was important to her, from the start, since he snatched her from Arlong's clutches, being the crew's captain, her nakama, and all that, she was also very fond of him. In a new, exciting, special and strangely frightening way.

Her head was spinning slightly with all these confused thoughts. She felt like she was flying, or actually, more like she was falling backwards. Wait, what? She was falling backwards. She realized he was moving her, so that she'd lie down on the nest's floor. Her head was spinning, she didn't know where this would lead them, but she didn't want to break the kiss. It was far too good to be broken, she thought, and she could imagine herself staying like this, in his arms, his lips against hers, for an eternity.

They were lying on the wooden floor, and he was all over her, pressing his body against hers, their legs intertwined. His hand was lightly resting on her hip, and when he slid a couple fingers under her blouse's hem and stroked her skin, she sighed against his lips. That's when Luffy broke the kiss.

"Ah… wait, Nami…"

He rested his head in her neck, breathing deeply, still embracing her tightly. He was gently stroking her neck with his thumb.

"This is… too much…" He gasped.

She swallowed hard. Her hand was intertwined in his black hair, and it felt very soft. His whole body felt soft, and hot, yet surprisingly light and somewhat frail. He was shaking slightly.

"… I'm sorry."

She could feel his lips against her neck, and his breath.

"Lu… ffy… Nami muttered. "I…"

He gently pushed her away, and straightened himself, so he could see her face.

"Maybe… we shouldn't be doing this." he said, now averting his eyes from hers.


He was now sitting next to her. She sat up as well, and tried to straighten her tousled hair. She felt light-headed and flushed, and her lips still prickled from the kiss. Her first kiss. She raised her hand and brushed her mouth.

He suddenly stood up, his fist on his hips, took a deep breath, and turned around. He was grinning madly now, as he usually did, and shouted : "I'm hungry!"

Startled, she couldn't find anything to retort.

He then proceeded to climb down, leaving her dumbfounded, and she now realized, utterly frustrated as well.