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Nami was in the lounge, working on a map's sketch, and she was having a hard time concentrating. Some time ago, Sanji had brought her a last cup of hot chocolate and some snacks, before heading to the men's quarters for the night. She was alone now, and she couldn't help but think about Luffy every time she let her mind wander off her maps.

Despite what Robin had said, it now had been a whole week since what she liked to refer to as the "crow's nest incident". Luffy was still avoiding her, though she now often felt his gaze on her. However, she had decided to take Robin's advice into account, and she was now acting as if nothing happened as well. She wasn't avoiding him. She just acted as if it didn't matter, and she knew she was good at putting up a front.

She was a little startled when the door opened behind her. She turned around to see Luffy, his hair tussled and his hat in his back, entering the room.

"Oh… Nami."

"Aren't you sleeping?"

"Yeah, but I had a nice dream about food and I woke up hungry." He sat at the table in front of her.

"That's surprising." She still liked teasing him. She smiled.

"Here, help yourself." She pushed her cookies plate towards him. "You can have my share. I'm going to bed soon."

He grabbed a cookie, but instead of stuffing his mouth as usual, he looked at it, unusually thoughtful. After a moment, he bit into it, leaving a big bite mark on it. Soon enough, though, there were none left.

"Ah, I feel better. Thanks for sharing, Nami."

She laughed. "You're welcome."

She stretched, and started gathering her things. He looked up at her, and jumped off his chair. "I'm gonna sleep now. Good night."

She opened the door, and she would have left if not for the fingers she suddenly felt grabbing hers.

"Wait…" Luffy said with a dim voice that was so unlike him.

Her heart had started beating fast. She turned around and looked at him. He was looking at the floor, frowning slightly, and looked, once again, unusually serious. He pulled her gently back in the room, and closed the door.

She breathed deeply, trying to keep her heart beating steadily, and smiled. "What is it Luffy?"

He was still silent. She heard him breath faintly. He then looked up and their eyes met. He was still holding her hand lightly, as if he wasn't sure she would accept such an intimate gesture.

"Did I do something wrong?"

She looked at him. He was biting his lips again.

"I must have done something, because you look like you're mad at me."

She sighed.

"Why are you asking? You're the one who's been avoiding me for the last week."

He looked down again, once more looking thoughtful.

"I'm sorry. I was afraid you wouldn't want to talk to me after…" He didn't finish.

She raised an eyebrow. "And why would I do that?" She paused. "Actually, I have to admit that I'm a bit annoyed at you." She felt him stiffen, and releasing her hand.

She ran her tongue over her lips, took a deep breath, and started : "How do you think I felt after you embarrassed me, pried into personal matters, made me look like a fool, teased me into kissing you, thrilled me beyond reasonable, and then, left me, all this, just on a whim?"

He didn't reply. She sighed again.

She went and put her drawing materials on the table. Turning her back to Luffy, she said : "I wondered if I had done something wrong. And when you started avoiding me for days, I started thinking that you had just used me, though, this is so unlike you."

They were silent for a while.

"I'm sorry."

So, he was excusing himself? And that was it? She felt sad.

"Problem is, Luffy, you should have thought about it prior to doing any of this. Now the damage is done, and can't be undone."

She sighed heavily.

"Maybe you were right, after all. This kind of thing shouldn't happen between nakamas." She paused. "Because the consequences can't be controlled."

She heard a few steps, and then his head was resting on her shoulder, from behind. His forehead felt hot. She felt her heart race, and held her breath.


He put his arms around her and held her against him. His warm body against her back, she felt her cheeks flush, and heat taking hold of her chest.

"Maybe… maybe it's a bad idea." He tightened his embrace. "But I don't want to hold back anymore."

Her heart was beating so fast now that she thought he could probably feel it. She took hold of his arms and released herself from them, before turning back. He was looking at her intently, his eyes misty, subdued, and his hands still holding hers, lightly stroking her fingers. His face was flushed, and looked almost fiery in the lamp's flicker.


She closed her eyes, as his lips were brushing hers. He was now embracing her, his hands stroking her back gently, and his tongue, hot and smooth, was gliding along hers. Her arms went up his chest, and circled his neck.

When he released her mouth, he kissed her on the cheek, then her ear, the proceeded to her neck. He tightened his embrace, and she could feel his lips against her neck while he was whispering her name once more.

"I'm so sorry. I promise I won't hurt you. Ever."

He took a long breath, in the nape of her neck, then sighed heavily.

"You smell like oranges." He kissed her shoulder, then her neck. "…drives me crazy."

"... They're... aah... tangerines, silly." Her reply sounded muffled, for her face was pressed against his own shoulder.

Shivers ran down her spine while he was kissing, sucking on her neck. His lips felt burning against her skin. She felt his hands go down on her back, and slide under her shirt, and caress her bare skin. She was feeling weak and helpless, and her legs were about to give in. She was most likely shaking, too.

"… h-h-ha… wait…"

She felt him stiffen. He had stopped, but didn't remove his hands from under her shirt. She could feel his breathing on her neck, and her head was spinning slightly.

This was too much, she thought, but at the same time, she still craved for more. She wanted him, in a way she had never wanted anyone before, but she knew that they were about to walk over a line, and that, once they crossed it, there would be absolutely no way they could go back.

She took a long, deep breath, and managed to push him away gently. Taking his head, feeling very warm, in her hands, she made him look at her. His eyes were slightly unfocused, and misty, but she could see he wanted this as much, if not even more than her. All she could see in his eyes was the same desire that she felt at this moment.

He breathed jerkily, and she could feel his hot breath mingling with hers.

"Wasn't it a bit too much last time?" She asked.

He licked his lower lip, a gesture she hadn't known from him before last week's events, and she had discovered was very appealing to her – a dazzling understatement – and, after a while, he replied.

"I changed my mind."

When he kissed her again, this time, more passionate than hesitant, she felt the warmth from before spreading within her, and added to this was a frightening feeling of anticipation, as she knew what was coming, and didn't know if she was ready for that yet. His mouth, his hands were feeling very hot against her skin now, and she could feel he was shaking slightly.

When they parted, they were both breathing heavily, troubled by the renewed turmoil of emotions aroused by each caressing finger, each light brush of mouth, each touch. He was looking at her intently, trying to settle his erratic breathing. They were still standing in the middle of the room, and he thought : this wasn't right. He looked around them, in the room, and noticed the couch looked awfully comfortable, from where they were standing.

She followed his gaze, and when she realized what he was looking at, she knew what was on his mind on the spot. She might definitely not be ready for that yet, but... she wouldn't know unless she tried. And there was only one way to check.

She led him towards the couch, but before they could proceed further, he stopped her. His hand cupping her face gently, he looked at her thoroughly, as if willing to imprint the beautiful vision she offered him at this moment – Nami's lovely face, bathed in the pale moonlight from the small hatch on the wall on one side, and lit by the lamp's golden flicker on the other – in his mind. He wanted to reassure her, once again, that he would never, ever hurt her in any fashion. He wanted to tell her that, if she felt troubled, if she wanted to stop, she could say so at any time, but didn't dare say it out loud. He thought it would ruin the moment if he broke the comforting silence, just like a bursting bubble.

As Luffy was stroking her hair with the hand cupping her face, Nami was looking at the subdued, gentle look – one she had never seen on his face before today. He looked – he looked in love. She was pretty sure it was love she could see in these deep, misty, gentle eyes.

She reached for the strings attached to his hat, now resting in his back, slid them over his head, and put it on the small table standing near the couch. When she was done, she got hold of his hand, stroked his fingers, then slid her own hand along his arm to his face, and cupped it around his head, toying playfully with his dark, soft hair. He leant into her hand to place a kiss in her palm, rubbing his lips softly against her skin. He then kissed her again, one hand resting on her shoulder, the other lightly holding her fingers between his, and there was so much tenderness in this one kiss, even though she could feel how much he was restraining himself from showing his earlier passionate desire, and how much he wanted her, that the unusual reserve, as well as the loving humility he showed to her, nearly sent her over the edge.

She pushed him on the couch, straddled him, and latched on his neck, kissing the tender flesh, sliding her tongue down his collarbone, his chest, while fumbling with his sleeveless vest's buttons with one hand. He tasted slightly salty, and his skin was smooth under her lips. When she was done with his vest, she slid her hands over his soft, moonlight bathed chest, reached down, and started tracing wet trails with her tongue. His breathing became uneven, a bit rash, when she reached his left nipple, as if he was gasping for air. His hands were resting on her hips for now, but she soon felt them moving, caressing her back, as light as feathers, sliding up her shirt, until they reached her bra's back. There, she felt him hesitating slightly.

She sighed against his chest. Of course, he wouldn't know how to deal with that.

She sat up, still straddling him, and with a single, swift move, removed her shirt, and, as soon as she was done unfastening it, her bra. They both stopped when it dropped on the floor, realizing that they both were topless now, a somewhat scary thought. Their eyes locked, her hands on his chest, his resting on her hips. After a moment, he started slowly sliding them up, until they were cupping her breasts. She shivered. He reached up to brush his mouth against hers, propelled on one hand, the other hesitantly caressing her left breast.

Luffy was inexperienced, and his rough fondling was definitely clumsy, but it was dizzying. She was now starting to feel very warm. A thrilling, burning sensation was delightfully lingering between her tights, and the upthrust she could feel in his own short pants was proof enough of how much he wanted her. As far as she was concerned, she couldn't have wanted him more than she did, at this very moment.

He suddenly – but gently – overthrown her on the couch, so that he was now on top of her, between her legs. He was panting now, and his eyes were burning with desire.

Soon enough, his hands were all over her, stroking her tights, running on her skin, under her skirt, between her legs, gingerly touching every sensitive part of her body, his mouth tracing wet circles on her neck, collarbone, discovering concealed places and awakening emotions she never had suspected could be awaken. Soon enough, he was struggling to remove her skirt and underwear, while she was fumbling with his pants' zipper, which seemed to be stuck. When he noticed she couldn't seem to open it, he sat back, and removed everything, pants and undies, in a single fluid move.

He turned back to her then, but stopped, kneeling between her legs, at the realization that they were now both naked. He knew, as well as she did, what was coming next. She looked at him. He was breathing unevenly. His whole body was now shaking. He did look frail, she pondered in her desire ridden daze, all lean muscles, looking younger than he really was, but at the same time, she couldn't deny that he was definitely a man. He wasn't that big – and since she knew for a fact that she was very small and delicate down there, it wasn't a bad thing, but the vision she had before her very eyes was confirming that he was male, in all his glory, and quite healthy.

He leant down to kiss her, resting on his left arm, while the right one was gently stroking her tight, each stroke bringing his hand closer to her ultimate treasure, the most delicate of all, that he was about to capture. When he finally reached down between her tights, he could feel how wet she was, in her anticipation of this moment, and when he, very cautiously, started gently caressing that place, she gasped and soon let out some kind of humming sigh.

She wasn't scared anymore, she knew she wanted it, and she wanted it now. She reached for his arms, grabbed them, and pulled him on top of her abruptly. She could feel his throbbing member against her belly, and she could see he was surprised by the power of her desire for him. He was hesitating, at a moment like this!

She locked her arms around his neck, and while she was kissing him, she started to slightly nudge her hips towards his. She felt him moan against her mouth, and when they broke apart, he was panting heavily. He looked at her for a moment, but it seemed to last an eternity to Nami. He finally broke the silence.

"Nami... Please, guide me."

She understood that he was afraid of hurting her.

She reached down and grabbed his throbbing member delicately, closed her eyes, and guided him towards her own opening, judging by the sensations, desperate for his presence inside of her. When she felt he was in a satisfactory position, she put her hand on his left hip while embracing him closer with the other, so he understood it was time to proceed.

She had expected that it would hurt, which explains that she was very surprised when all she could feel was a deliciously burning sensation, from the flesh-against-flesh friction. She had known about this before, but she'd never thought it would happen to her. Still, she was glad it did. It was easier that way. When she felt herself relax, she realized that she had been nervous from anticipating the pain. She opened her eyes, and she could see Luffy's face was very tense. He was trying to go very, excruciatingly slow, doing his best to protect her from the pain he was sure she'd feel, but damn, she was so slippery. He felt like he was about to go over the edge, at any moment now. This was... just too good - definitely better than the best meat Sanji could prepare – no, definitely better than anything he'd ever experience until now. He'd never known he could be able feel like this, that this comical and somewhat useless part of his body, only ever used for trivial matters, had such delightful sensations in store for him. But in his mind, at this very moment, the only thing that mattered was Nami – how he didn't want to hurt her, how he wanted her to get the best out of this, to make her happy, and how much he loved her...

When he noticed that she didn't even wince once, he started moving hesitantly, gaining confidence as her hands reached for his hips, which they grabbed to make him accelerate his pace.

Luffy soon slid an arm behind her waist, and embracing her more closely, thrust himself harder and deeper within her. She could feel him panting against her neck. Heat had begun settling within her rapidly, nearly sending her overboard, and she knew she was going to come very soon. After a while, he suddenly slowed down, breathing jerkily, and whispered in her ear.

"Nami, I..."

She didn't reply, too close to her own orgasm, but instead locked her legs around his hips, and held him tighter.

Tighter – that was Luffy's problem now : Nami had become rapidly and incredibly tight, and he knew he couldn't go on much more before reaching his limit. At the same time, he was greatly enjoying the whole thing – he just hoped Nami was enjoying it as much as he did.

She now felt like she was floating on something mellow, and the sensations inside her were getting incredible – and she finally, abruptly and without a warning, went over the edge.

Luffy suddenly felt her tensing tremendously around him, then twitch at an erratic pace, while she was almost soundlessly whimpering in the crook of his neck. This was too much for him to bear, and he could only let go of his own tremor, his movements uneven, gasping for air while he was releasing himself within her. Then, with a last thrust, he bent down, trying to catch his breath, and kissed her one more time.

So... that's what sex was. And it was incredible. If he had known that it was so good, he'd have tried it earlier. He was feeling like he had missed out on a whole lot for all these years of ignorance on the matter.

He felt a soft nudge at his left forearm, so he reopened his eyes, which were closed from the moment he had entered Nami, and looked at her, who was resting just below him, still trying to catch her breath. He could tell she had enjoyed it greatly, if not even more that he had. She was looking at him as well, and she had that content smile on her face, even though her cheeks were slightly glossy with tears she'd shed during her climax. He gently brushed these tears away with a thumb. She then reached up to his face with her hand, and when she traced a wet trail from his right eye down his cheek, he realized he had been crying as well, and actually, he still was.

He laid himself down, right next to her, slid an arm over her waist, and rested his head on her shoulder, her own arm around his neck, her hand stroking his hair slowly. He was now exhausted, and her body was so warm against his, so soft and comfortable, that he had to resist the urge to simply give up and fall asleep. After a while, though, he felt her relaxing, her breathing decreasing slowly, until it reached a peaceful, sleeping rhythm. It was useless resisting. His body felt like he'd gone through fights with Arlong, Crocodile and Enel, all in a row, and he was pretty sure she was feeling the same. He laid a kiss behind her ear, and whispered : "I love you Nami." He could see she was smiling in her sleep.

He rested his head against hers, ans started drifting into sleep.