The moonlight shown dimly through the metal grated bars on the window, giving a small illusion of light to the dark, silent corridor. Not a sound could be heard, only the small dripping of a tap in the background. Then there was footsteps, light steps growing louder and louder. A man walked around into the corridor dressed in overalls, the name 'Dave' imprinted on his workwear, swinging a set of keys from side-to-side. The footsteps echoed of the corridor walls as the man trapesed through. Behind him came another man, different, dressed in a black suit and overcoat with a red tie, closely tailing the man with a confident air about him, a small smile spread across his thin face. The man in the overalls stopped at a cleaning cart and began to move and sort all the supplies. As he stopped the man in the black suit stopped also, he leaned over behind the man so that his face was inches from the mans ear. "Hello Dave" the man said. "How are you this fine night?", Dave's face widened in surprise, he turned around quickly to confront the other man but as he did he disappeared in a instant. Dave looked in all directions his head turning rapidly from left to right, trying to discern the source of the voice he had heard.

As he turned his head back to the cart he came face-to-face with the man, in a mixture of fear and shock he let out a loud yelp before the man collected his hand into a fist and thrust it into Dave's belly. The man who still stood before him gave a bigger smile at the sight of the man wretching in pain, he then pulled out his fist and preceded to step away from him slowly one foot after the other. Dave fell to his knees struggling for breath and lowered his head and then finally his body slumped to the floor with a thud.

Allison awake with a start clutching her stomach and groaning in pain. Beads of sweat cascaded down her forehead and she pressed her hand to her head. To the leftside Allison's husband Joe sat up almost instantly a look of concern etched on his face. "Al, you ok?" he said with a tired voice. Allison gave a sidways glance to her husband meeting his eyes with her own "I dont know" she replied truthly.

Joe looked out of the patio doors with a cup of coffee clutched in his hand before he looked back at Allison. "Charles Walker?" he said "How can that be, I thought you said that he was gone?sent back to wherever the hell he should be?". Allison stared into her own coffe cup, her head resting on her hand and said "It was him, definately, but.." she cut off. Joe looked at her curiously "But what?"he carried on."She looked up at him and said in a low voice as if afraid their girls would hear "Walker, in my dream he was different somehow..stronger". Joe's head cocked to the side

"What do you mean he was stronger, like he could move stuff or something?" he said slightly amused. Allison sighed "No. He wasnt like the way he usually was, he killed that man by help. And that as well the man he killed it wasnt even his usual target".

Joe ventured over to the table and sat down "So you're saying that A GHOST killed the man with no help" Joe said disbelievingly. "Yes!" she exclaimed. "He physically killed the man, no help, but I dont know how". She turned her face back to stare at her coffee then back up to Joe "Do you think he's back?". Joe stopped for a moment and looked straight at Allison, seeing the look of fear etched upon her face and replied truthly "I hope not, come on we're going back to bed, I look after you". Allison smiled at her husband as he held out his hand to her and reached up to grab it. He then put his arm around her shoulders and led her to their bedroom. She hoped her dream was just a weird dream because if it was'nt and Charles Walker was back, she would be the first one he would come after.