Allison sat at her desk,flipping through the files aimlessly before her on the dream had wrangled for the first time in almost four years had infiltrated her dreams,she felt the impeding sense of fear and uneasyness that the image of him gave fact that he had been the subject of her dreams once more could not be thought surely that he must be back,but how?.

At their last rendezvous she had seen him before her blurried vision shaking and screaming fitfully in pain,being wrenched from the unwilling host of his great,great,great then realisation hit her,Jack COURSE she only way her dream made sense what if Walker had found a way once more to take over possession of hid blood closest link to the physical then decided to visit quickly gathered her belongings and hurriedly walked to the lifts of her she reached the lift doors,she looked up merely in time to avoid collision with her friends and often collegues Lee and Lynn Scanlon.

"woah!" Lee said in slight put her hands infront of her protectively as a buffer between them and looked up in trepidation. "Sorry" she gave a small smile "Its alright seem in a bit of a rush to be going at that speed".Allison gave a nervous laugh " Yeah, a little".Just as Allison said this she heard a recognised voice behind her and turned around to face Attourney Manuel Devalos walked in their direction "Hello, coincidence, all the people I wanted to see in the one place" he waved his hand in a forward motion towards the lift signalling Lee and Lynn and placing a hand on Allison's back and directing her to them as well.

When all four were inside Allison spoke up "So what's the rush?". "Well" he said "There's been a murder in an chemical industrial building downtown,a man named Dave Walton who was impaled and gutted". "What?" said Lynn in surprise "Gutted?", "Yes" sighed Manuel. Allison lifted her head indulged now in a moment of thought, 'Dave', 'industrial building'. Suddenly flashes of Her dream came flooding back to her, the darkly lit corridor with a rustic feeling, the metal gratings on the windows. The man in the overalls with the name Dave imprinted on the fabric.

A weird sensation washed over Allison, she wasn't sure if this was what she thought it was, but it was all too familiar had to see.

When the four of them arrived at the industrial estate they were surprised by the number of crime scene investigators and coroners, the area was buzzing with talk of all the as they had stepped under The yellow crime scene tape a man in a grey, neat trenchcoat, very tall and imposing walked up and shook Manny and Lee's hand "Hi good to meet you" he said in a gruff voice "I'm special Agent Victor O'Connell, I'll be heading up this investigation" Manny gave him a reproachful look but quickly hid it with a small smile "Hello I'm Discrict Attorney Manuel Devalos and these are my associates Detective Lee Scanlon, Deputy Mayor Lynn Scanlon and Disctrict Criminal profiler Allison Dubois". "Nice to meet you" he replied as he reached to shake Lynn and Allison's hand also. "W ell now that we're all aquainted" said Manuel casually in his business manner voice "Do you mind telling me, sir, why the F.B.I are so interested in a murder on an old indusrial estate?". Victor gave an expressive smile of amusement and gave a little small, nervous laugh before speaking. "Well usually we dont but..uh..thanks to our links to the Pheonix Police who forwarded some very interesting information to my branch 'll see why". With that he stalked off in the other direction, "Follow me!" he shouted back to them. The group all shared a look, as they started walking in the direction of the F.B.I Agent Lynn leaned her head closer to Allison and whispered to her, "Hey, what do you thinks going on that the F.B.I would show up?"

"I dont know" Allison replied honestly "But it looks like we'll find out soon enough"

Victor walked past the crime scene investigators giving small glances behind him to ensure they were still there. Eventually they were led into the security room and filed infront of the screens to be given clear view. "Alrighty then,here we go" Victor mused as he bent down to press a button on the control board below and the people situated on the screen began move backwards and acted in a fast, reversed motion. The numbers showing the time of day on the screen moved in reverse also until Victor release the button and it stopped at the time '00:05:57'. "Okay" said Victor as he pointed to the screen sat on the middle left. Everyone leaned forward and crooked their necks towards the screen as if waiting for a thrilling scene or revelation to be revealed in a movie. Enthralled.

Allison stared blankly at the screen, amazed. The corridor was, although lighter, was in perfect detail the same rustic, plain and boring corridor she had seen in her dream. The carts and machinery that she remembered now lined the halls in the screen. '00:06:04", a dark shadow pertruded around the bend of the corridor and then a man, of medium height and sandy blonde hair walked casully down the corridor, swinging a small set of keys in his hand, form side-to-side.

The man kept walking until he reached a small cleaning cart on the right hand side, the light peering inbetween the metal -bar covered windows gleamed on the man's face as he looked downwards. This continued for a minute or two, Allison was staring widely at the screen afraid to miss any impertinent detail, her heart was racing and her left hand was white-knuckled, gripping the back of the chair infront of noticed this, it was natural for him to watch reactions, he looked at the two men and woman. As he looked upon Allison he instantly noticed her face scrunched, the look of anxiety and the death-grip she placed on the chair. He noticed as an expert of social behavior and keen observant of others. It was his job after all but this irked him, he would keep an eye on her.

'00:07:34'. Suddenly in an instant a look of shock crossed the man in the videos features and he zoomed in a one-eighty degree turn to look in the opposite direction. The man was at the very edge of the screen. As he turned this way another man, Walker, Allison realised walked behind him very slowly, so much so that Allison noted would have made little or no the man turned around again he came inches away from Walker. Faces so close that they would have felt the hot breathe on each others faces. Just before man could back away, Walker, just as in Allison's dream thrust his fist into the man's stomach and the other twisted his face in pain. And just as suddenly Walker pulled out his fist, drenched in red, crimson coloured blood and held it up in abayance so that Dave Walton, his mouth agape in pain and shock could see the mass of blood covering Walker's hand and soaking into the sleeve of his black man then dropped and fell fast to the floor, lifeless.

Victor bent slowly and pressed a button on his left and the image on the screen was set to a stand still."Well" Victor started "Now that you've seen that, here's the weird part". Manny, Allison, Lee and Lynn turned to face him, a look of trepidation on their faces, "That's not the weird part?" said Lee sternfully. "You would think" replied Victor, "After the police viewed that tape they quickly drew up an analysis on the police database of the killer's description and one was found of a Jack Walker, I believe you heard of him arrested temporarily on suspision of murder of Amanda Byrnes but found innocent", at this name Allison closed her eyes, a massive crushing weight of guilt washed over her. "The boys in blue paid him a visit six o'clock this mornin'.." Victor paused. Manny led on "And..". Victor kept on "He had an airtight alibi, out with friends all night, credit card details to prove it and his prints did'nt match to the bloody ones found on Dave Walton's body". Manny's expression turned to disbelief "Are you serious?" he said loudly. "Then whats the explanation for this?", Victor's face turned impassive "Dont know, maybe the perp messed with the tapes?, maybe Jack's got an evil twin?". "Or an evil ancestor?" thought Allison rhetorically. Victor continued "..But trust me...I will find out".

After the debacle at the crime scene Allison and the others had said goodbye to the agent with the premise of seeing him again tomorrow, to discuss further action and returned to Devalos' office to deliberate. The whole car ride they had sat in perfect silense, Manuel,Allison and Lee tense and agitated. Lynn sat silent for the mere reason as to not agitate them further, curiosity biting at her as to they reached the office Bridgette was their to greet them "Hey guys. hey mum" Allison smiled and went to hug Bridgette "Hey Lamb chop, you okay?" " Yeah" Bridgette replied smiling. "Hey Brigdette" Lynn said warmly, " Hey Lynn, hows Baby Leigh?", " Yeah shes good, see ya later" she said entering Devalos' followed behind her.

When inside Manuel's office all four sat in chair facing inwardly at the table, they sat still for minutes until Lynn decided enough was enough. "Okay" she said in a high voice knocking the other three off guard. "Shall I start?". "What is going on?, none of you have said one word since we left" she looked around. Manuel and Lee were looking in Allison's direction, "Allison, Lee and I have been working with you long enough to know when somethings up, when we were there you looked like you'd seen a ghost, pardon the expression, did you?". They all looked at Allison, Lynn had'nt really known Allison for as long personally as her two good friends here but she now realised something was up. Allison looked positively bemused and frightened. "Allison?" she called. Allison looked at the ground away from her friends, she could feel all of them staring at her and after seven years she still felt the unwelcome embarassment and difficulty in explaining her not-so-rational dreams to them even though they understood better, sometimes they still never understood at all. She looked up in defeat "Okay..last night I...had a dream", "About Charles Walker?" Lee said his face in an upturned smile,his voice dripping with sarcasm. "How did you know?" she quipped back annoyed. Most of the time Allison felt that Lee was like the annoying, sarcastic second brother that she never had. Lynn looked at Lee sternly "Lee!" she almost yelled and nodded at Allison to continue. "Thank you" Allison said before continuing "In my dream I saw Walker, killing that man..before you caught me at the lift, before I knew anything about this morning I was on my way to visit Jack Walker"

Manny looked thoughtful for a minute before he spoke "I thought you told us that Charles Walker was gone, after he attacked you using Jack Walker's body". " I know I thought so too I mean the way he went away it seamed, forcefully but I was never too sure. Maybe he found away to come life, or maybe he was never gone?".