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Rated PG-13 for: Slight swearing, the sleeping off of heavy injuries, and frightening randomness.

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The homestretch

Wufei and Quatre came back at ten, crawling into their beds. Trowa fell back asleep on the couch, and slept like a log for the rest of the night. Heero didn't show up, and Duo only woke up once at midnight to proclaim he was a monkey again before falling asleep.

The next morning at 10:00 (AM, duh) and oh about 42 seconds or so, Duo bounded down the stairs. Wufei and Quatre were sitting at the table eating breakfast and reading the paper, and Trowa was still knocked out on the couch.


Trowa woke up and stared curiously at the braided pilot, but didn't have a chance to say anything before Heero broke through the front door, covered in dirt and oil.

"My car was just time bombed!"

Quatre jumped up and looked down in horror. "I HAVE HANDS!" He yelled. Crickets chirped for a few seconds and there was much blinking. "Oh, wait…I've always had hands." (2) Quatre laughed, sitting back down at the table.

Heero stomped up the stairs to go take a shower, after downing and couple cups of coffee, and Duo walked over to the couch, grinning at Trowa.

"What happened to you man?"

"You. You happened to me." Trowa growled, getting a headache from Duo's smile.

"Sorry. But just a tip, put on a shirt, I'm pretty sure all of us are straight."

"Stop being an asshole. I have too many broken bones to be able to pull a shirt over my head."

"Yeah okay. Just saying, that people are gonna think you shave your chest. Like Tom Cruise, that little chest shaving weasel. (3)" Duo laughed, thumping Trowa's chest, who curled up instinctively and winced.

"That hurt. A lot."

"I wouldn't be surprised. I've seen survivors of car wrecks look better. (4)" Duo flashed Trowa a grin and sat himself down at the table, pouring a bowl of Capn' Crunch.

"So, how is everybody?"

"You are a despicable child, you know that." Wufei growled.

"I think you meant to say I'm cute beyond all reason. Hey look, a treasure!"

Wufei's eye twitched threateningly. "What?"

"I just won a free treasure box!" Duo exclaimed, pulling a small plastic chest out his cereal and setting it down on the table. Flipping open the lid, it revealed a small disk and a note. "With a million dollars inside! Sweet!"

"You're going to have to use to pay off for everything you broke yesterday."

"Sure. It won't be that hard. How much?"

"Well…" Quatre thought for a minute. "A buttload for Trowa's medical bill, the clothes, toys, and accessories we bought you, the new TV, the playset, replacements for everything you broke, including a new freezer."

Duo's jaw opened and hit the ground. "That's going to cost, like, everything I've won! Can't we just turn it back in?"

Quatre shook his head, and if possible smiled evilly. "Nope. That stuff goes to charity."

"And one more thing." Wufei said, lifting a finger.

"Okay. It can't be as bad as losing all my money." Duo grumped.

"You have to spend a day in the mall with Relena."

"Damn. I was wrong."

Ye Merry Olde Ende

(No Trowa's were harmed in the making of this fanfic.)

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This is for all you people who were wondering the extent of poor Trow- chan's injuries. (I put these in the order they happen) Here they are: Cracked and bruised shin, blistered fingers, fingers full of splinters, wrenched elbow, twisted wrist, three broken ribs, cut up fingers, a nice big gash on his head, a very broken foot, broken right fingers, a big bump on his forehead, an injured butt *giggles*, cut up face, black eye (right), left eye swelled shut, a very large lump on the back of his head, not to mention other bruises and scratches, and severe emotional damage. 'Get Well' cards are greatly appreciated. ^_^

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