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The night was young, a beautiful alabaster moon shined over Titans Tower. Though the night had just begun, the titans were thoroughly exhausted from a recent battle they had during the period of twilight.

It was rather odd, truthfully.

Somehow, Control Freak, Mumbo Jumbo, and Red X (Interesting match, don't you think?) managed to cause a good amount of havoc today, interrupting the team's family time.

Family time...it was something that sort of evolved on it's own. None of the Titans willingly stand up and say, 'hey, let's have a family get together!'...well, other than Starfire that is. She's just a bit more wordy.

Beast Boy and Cyborg would be hunched over the game station, spewing competitive teasings at each other, as Robin watched, not really interested. His mind would always wander back to his work. He always thinks about his beloved city. But of course, Robin knows how to have fun when he believes it is at an appropriate time.

Starifre would be playing dress up with Silkie, showering it with homemade Tameranian treats, and stroking his skin gently.
She loved the little worm.

Raven...she hasn't been herself lately. She used to hover over to the kitchen, prepare herself a steaming mug of herbal tea, or a hot bowl of soup, before curling up on the loveseat with a heavy blanket over her. Raven gets cold easily.

Now, she doesn't even come out of her room unless we beg and plead with her to. But even then, it's only for about a half hour. When she's out, she seems...twitchy. Nervous. As if she's eager to get back to something intriguing or important. Her hair would be slightly untamed, and her eyes had dark circles under them, as if she had just woken up, and didn't get much sleep the previous night.

This worried Robin more than any of the others. He knew what it was like being an insomniac. Being a work-a-holic can do that to you. He wouldn't want his best friend – his sister – to go through the same thing he did.

When the Titans have an emergency call, Raven is sluggish and lethargic during battle. Her powers don't work as well as they normally do. Either they are wildly out of control, or don't pack as much of a punch as they normally would. And she is constantly knocked off her feet, and disoriented.

Something's different in Raven's life. Even the slightest change, something as simple as moving the furniture around a bit would throw Raven off completely. She was so catlike that way.

Robin's eyes narrowed as he drummed his gloved fingers across the arm of the bar stool, going over the options in his head. What could be causing Raven to be acting so strangely?

Maybe Malchior's back. Robin's eyes hardened into a glare at the mere thought. The grip on the metal bar tightened.
That bastard. His thoughts were in snarls in his mind. He was thankful Raven wasn't around at the time, otherwise, she could have read him easily. Not his mind, but his emotions. And if you knew Raven, you'd know that was more than enough.

Robin knew that the selfish beast still tormented Raven. The book still remained in her chest in the dark recesses of her room.

He heard his annoying suave voice as he passed by her room one late night.

"My sweet, sweet Raven. Why won't you release me? What was before may be once again. Just release me, my dear."

A low snarl erupted in the back of her throat. I pressed my ear to her door, getting a closer hear.

"I refuse to do anything for you, knave," the voice..it was very well Raven's, but someone else at the same time. Her darker side was showing. "Something must have altered wrong in your brain if you think I'd ever let you out again,"

A light, amused chuckle from the chest made me turn away with a growl. I couldn't listen to his patronizing any longer.

Robin shook his head to himself, a sigh escaping from within. "It couldn't be him..". Robin massaged his temples while forcing himself to stay awake.
He just remembered what they did to him only a week ago.

Robin set aside one day for he and Raven to..'exterminate' Malchior. They were very careful, knowing what would happen if the book were destroyed.

They teleported to a small remote island south of Titans Tower, and took the time to bury the chest deep in the grains of sand.

Raven thought Malchior would appreciate it if she tossed a couple of fish inside the chest, to stink it up for eternity. He certainly wasn't pleased, but we definitely were.

Robin grinned slightly at the wonderful memory, but his smile was turned slowly into a frown, frustrated that he is still completely clueless about Raven's sudden change.

He drifted back to the insomniac case. Insomnia wasn't a very fun experience to go through. To be frank, it's down right terrible. You want to go to sleep so terribly, but you just can't.

Your sleep schedule's off, and that's very sucky – especially if you're a Titan.

Then there's the aches and pains, all of the stress on your body. It's a very difficult thing to overcome. Robin's frown deepened as he imagined Raven's petite body tossing and turning restlessly in the night.

It saddened him.

Minutes passed, and no new concepts drifted into his mind. He was stumped. Hopelessly lost. He had failed, which maddened him more than you'd realize.

With a low growl, he hauled himself to his feet, slammed his fist angrily against his former seat, then trudged toward the main door, shutting the light off behind him.

He dragged his feet through the halls, slowly but surely making his way to his bedroom. He pressed a gloved hand on the doors of each teammate as he passed by, appreciating their presence, even if they weren't physically there with him. He loved his team.

As he passed by Raven's door, he involuntarily slowed down. He lingered at her door longer than any of his other teammate's doors. After a long sigh, he pressed himself off the door he didn't even realize he was leaning on, and began walking away.


Robin's eyes narrowed in confusion. "What the hell?" Robin exclaimed, his reaction to a low, throaty growl from Raven's room. He quickly but quietly ran back toward Raven's room, pressing an eager ear to her door.

He heard the faint sounds of growling, voices and...gun shots?

Robin couldn't wait any longer. He banged loudly on her door, ignoring the fact that this could cause his death. "Raven! Raven open up, now!"

Robin felt so many emotions surging through his body.

What was with the growling? What could be in her room with her? And the voices? Is she having an inner conversation with her emotions? And if so, why does he hear them, if it's an inner conversation? And gunshots?

Is someone shooting at Raven? And if they are, why the freak aren't the gunshots loud as hell?

No answer.

He jabbed his fingers across the small pad in front of him, entering in the emergency breach code. Her door slid open with a 'woosh', and he barged in, unannounced, and completely rude.




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