What the hell? What the crapping hell!

The sight before me was the literal definition of insane. Grab your dictionary, scroll through it until you locate the word 'insane', and you'll see this!

What Raven was doing wasn't necessarily bad, but...holy hell.

"R...Rae? Raven," Raven froze in her actions, her body going motionless. Her head slowly turned to me, her violet waves curtaining her eyes, which were filled with shock.



"Hi," Well that was blunt.

"Yeah. Hi. Uhm, if you don't mind me asking, What the hell is this?" I wave my arms exaggeratedly around me, motioning vigorously toward the objects a few feet in front of her bed.

"Oh. This? Ah, it's nothing. Completely pointless," her dark monotone shielded the emotion in her voice. It hid her secret. It wasn't a life-or-death secret, but it's just the weirdest thing I've ever witnessed in my years. I suppose I defy logic.

I can fight a morbidly obese dude with a TV remote. I can fight a snarky, cocky, annoying douchey thief that has a crap ton of time on his hands. Hell, I can, and have gone up against an insane psychopath that forced me into being his apprentice, patronized and manipulated Raven, and made our daily lives a living hell.

And I can't handle this?

I inhaled deeply, taking in large, soothing breaths, though they had little to know effect, as I take in the atmosphere around me.

Raven. TV on. Holding a freaking video game controller. Playing Left 4 Dead...uhm, what?

Am I even in Titans Tower anymore?

Is this some whacky dream? Did Raven send me to an alternate dimension for reasons unknown? Seriously, what?

"Raven. What the freaking hell? Seriously!"

"What's your problem, Robin? It's not the end of the world. Hell, we've experienced the end of the world in the past. What's so strange about this?" Raven mutters with a glare as she holds up the black Xbox controller in indication.

"Yeah, it's not the end of the world but..come on, Rae. You gotta admit this is weird for you."

She paused, before nodding in defeat. She scooted back, pressing her back against her darkened headboard, before gently patting the space next to her, summoning me over to her.

I complied.

"You're correct. It is weird for me. But you have to admit something. I'm weird myself. So embracing inner weirdness shouldn't seem all that...weird." Raven's eyebrows furrowed her eyebrows in confusion, thinking at how sloppy her sentence sounded.

I chuckle lightly at the expression, before grabbing a second controller from her end table. I enabled split-screen, reset the lobby, and I chose my character.

I glance over my side, and notice her staring deeply at me. "What?" I ask nonchalantly. "What are you..?"

"What? This?" I hold the second remote up to her.

"I like Left 4 Dead,"

"Uh...all right," Raven wasn't very pleased with my answer, but she'd just have to accept it. From the corner of my eye, I see her grip her remote, select a character, and start the game.

"Why?" I ask with no explanation, as we stare uninterested at the loading screen.

'Curing the infection...one bullet at a time.' I chuckle inwardly at their catchy slogan. It's almost as epic as, 'You must be this tall...to die!'

"Hmm? Why what? Why Bill? Because he's the single most badass person in the game."

"No, not that. Why play video games?" I ask, looking her dead in the eye. I never realized how much color they held. Yes, they were abnormal. Rather large, rounded, and a very unusual color, but...I've just never been so up close to her before. Close enough to see her eyes so clearly.

"It's just..my way of dealing."

Dealing...dealing with what? Malchior? The end of the world? Both of those little dilemmas have been eliminated already.

"Dealing? Dealing with what?"

This time, it was her that stared me in the eye, refusing to break the lock at all costs. She even ignored the intro to the start of the campaign, as if the TV was on mute.

"The aftermath," She plainly, before turning her head around, directing all of her attention on the game. I reluctantly turn as well, and select my weapon.

"The aftermath of..?" I press,

"...Just things."

"Like what Raven? Quit beating around the bush and just tell me." I see her shake her head, the scent of roses wash over me as her hair sways gently at the movement.

"It's not really any of your business Robin. Butt out,"

The thought of 'butting out' angered me so greatly. My grip tightened around the controller, and my eyes narrowed behind my mask.

"Raven," my voice was a bit harsher than intended. Not with anger towards her, but her foolish words. But she was Raven. She wouldn't be phased by a sour tone of voice.

"You're my best friend. My family...you're my sister. I love you, and care about you, and everything you do. So yeah, I think it's my business," I say fiercely, but sincerely at the same time.

Raven remained silent for a long while. We had already completed the first map. Some how, I ended up with only 5 health by the time we've finished. Raven has a thing with friendly fire. I could have sworn she's been doing it on purpose.

I mean really. How do you miss your target, and say the person got into your line of fire, when you are more than certain you were far off to the side. It's uncanny.

Once we got to the loading screen, Raven had placed her controller down, turned her torso to face me, and stared at me.

"I'm sorry. Robin." She says blankly, her eyes drooping slightly. "I shouldn't have said that. I know you care for me. And you do have a right to know what's going on with me...to some extent. I'm just...I'm sorry," her head bowed, and she let out a quiet sigh.

Oh, little bird.

"Rae," I raise my arm, and wrap it tightly around her shoulders, tugging her toward me. She exhaled a large breath, and rests her head on my shoulder.

"Don't beat yourself over this, all right? I'm sure you didn't mean it."

"I didn't, honestly, I swear-"

"And I believe you. So there's no reason to get all teary eyed over it," Raven wiped her single tear away with haste. She hadn't realized I noticed it. I'm Robin. I notice everything...except the fact that Raven plays video games. But other than that, I notice everything!

"Stupid tear ducts," she mutters lowly. "Heh heh," I chuckle genuinely at her little remark.

Not many people would realize this about Raven, but she's actually very, very sensitive. She just does a remarkable job at hiding it. In public.

But when she's all by her lonesome, she's even more fragile than she usually is. She's open to her emotions, because no one is around to ridicule her, or make her feel low...

Or make her feel as if she was out of control. I stop myself before my mind could flicker back to Terra, and the night Raven told me what she had said to her.

"I'm sorry," she wiped away another tear.

"I shouldn't have started crying over something so pointless. It was an accident,"

"Raven, you can always cry when I'm around. There's absolutely no need to be embarrassed about. You'll always be my little sister. My little bird."

Raven smiled; Well, a Raven smile. A very small, unnoticeable tug at the corners of her mouth. But hell, that's definitely still a smile.

"Now, c'mon. Let's finish our game,"

-A series of nail-gun-like gunshots, epic character dialog, screeching hunters, wheezing smokers, blurping boomers, roaring tanks, sobbing witches, later-

A large tank summoned within the darkness of the sewers. Raven threw a molotov, but it was a futile effort. The tank put himself out by galloping through a small puddle of sewer water.

Raven was on 19 HP, and was limping backward for dear life, sniping as quickly as possible at the tank's body.

Raven's steps were meaningless as the tank advanced on her, incapacitating her in one hit.

He continued pounding her to the ground with his large, burly fists, completely ignoring the rest of us.

3 hits later, she had died.

"Yeah, pick on me while I'm on the ground, you big slut!"

. . . .

...Raven trash talks?

And another string of questions shall begin.


I am completely unsatisfied with this final chapter! UNSATISFIED! I found it rather repulsive :(Which saddens me, since this is my very first project I've uploaded here. I wanted it to be good :(

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