"Where's Remus?" Lily asked exasperatedly.
"I don't know," Sirius said with a shrug. "He went off to the library a few hours ago. Why?"
"We have to go on prefect duty in ten minutes, and no one knows where he is!"
"Calm down Lils he'll turn up," Kate said soothingly.
"Yeah when has Remus ever missed prefect duty?" James asked.
"Never," Lily sighed.
"And have you?" Peter questioned.
"No," Lily said quickly, the others looked sceptically at her, eyebrows raised. "Fine, once!" Everyone stayed silent, giving her the same look. "Oh piss off the lot of you," she snapped, rolling her eyes. "I'm off to go do duty," she said, storming off through the portrait hole.
"Well guys this has been fun, but I'm going to go and fill in for Moony for a bit, that means I get me some Lily time," James said arrogantly, swaggering over to the portrait hole. "I bid you good day my friends!" He bowed flamboyantly and crawled through the portrait hole.
"What. A. Loser." Kate said, breaking the stunned silence that followed James' exit.
"You're telling me," Sirius laughed.

Saturday morning Sirius entered and ran across the common as fast as possible. His robes pulled tight across him.
"Get to the dormitory!" Sirius hissed urgently to his friends.
"Why?" James asked.
"Just go!" Sirius insisted, ushering them all up the boy's staircase. Morgan stretched herself out on James' bed and carried on filing her nails. Lily sat on the end of Remus' with Alice and the other boys piled onto Peter's bed. Sirius crossed over to his own bed and placed a small furry animal it. It had the appearance of a cat-sized furry weasel.
"Oh that is so cute!" Alice exclaimed. "Where did you get it Sirius?"
"It's Kate!"
"Why is she like that?" Peter asked thickly.
"She just changed! We were talking about animagus and she just did!"
"So she's a weasel now?" James said, impressed.
"I think that might be a stoat," Lily said pensively.
"Oh please," Morgan scoffed looking up from her nails. "That's obviously a European Pine Marten."
"What on earth is a pine marten?" Sirius asked.
"That is. They're an endangered species; they only live in Scotland, Cumbria and North Wales but they used to be all over the British Isles as well as Northern Europe. In medieval times it was banned for anyone but royalty to wear the pelt of a Pine Marten. They live in Woodland and are expert in climbing even the smoothest trees and are especially inquisitive and playful," she said in a matter of fact tone. The others stared at her, all wearing a bemused expression, mouths slightly agape. Except Remus she noticed, who had a look of pride about his features. "What?" she asked. "I'm not an idiot you know. I belong to a Wildlife Trust!"
"Right," Sirius said quietly. "Well done, Morgan." She rolled her eyes and went back to filing her nails. "I think the big question here is what we are going to do with Kate as a European Pine Marting."
"Marten. European Pine Marten!" Morgan corrected, agitatedly.
"It could be ages before she transforms back," Lily said worriedly, biting her lip worriedly ignored Morgan's outburst.
"It took Sirius almost two days before he changed back," James said.
"She'll do it when she's ready," Morgan said calmly. "You can't rush the first transformation."
"You know this part of it is the most dangerous!" Sirius snapped.
"Oh calm down," Morgan said. "She'll be fine."
"Yeah, Kate's smart I mean if I managed it, so should she," James said with a shrug.
"She's going to be so pleased," Peter said with a big grin.
"Isn't she," Lily said happily. "She'll be fantastic!"
"Why are you so calm about this?" Sirius asked, his voice raised. "Anything could happen to her!"
"Padfoot, mate. You need to chill out a little bit, most of here have been through it without any problems, it's going to be fine," James said.
"Do you know what isn't fine?" Morgan asked them dryly. "That she has a date with Finn in Hogsmeade in quarter of an hour and I'm going have to go and explain to him that she can't go because she's a pine marten."
"Tell him she got in the way of Sirius' transfiguration homework," James said. "She's a weasel because Sirius is incompetent."
"Good idea!" Morgan said, jumping up from the mattress. "A better idea would be one of you transforming so you could understand what she is obviously trying to communicate. I'll see you later."
"Have a good time with Kyle," Alice and Lily shouted after her as she walked from the room.
"So who doesn't have a date today?" Lily asked.
"Just Sirius," James said.
"Who are you going with?" Alice asked.
"Mandy in the year above, just as friends though," he said quickly, glancing at Lily.
"Anyway, Kate doesn't need all of us to stay with her," Lily said standing up. "Sirius will do just fine."
"You're going to leave her!" Sirius asked, outraged.
"Sorry Katie," James said patting the animal gently on the head. "See you later."
"I'm meeting Frank, I'm sure you understand," Alice said as everyone but Sirius left the room.
"You're all terrible friends!" he shouted after them.