Title: Catching Sparks
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters!


Shizuo's POV


Sexual tension.

Both were normal dealings in the life of a healthy twenty-one-year-old male. Sometimes they were good, and sometimes they just made things awkward. Say, if you suddenly experienced those things toward your best friend.

And sometimes they made things really fucking awkward, and confusing. Like when you suddenly develop the urge to lean over and kiss your best male friend on the lips when you have been a straight man for a good twenty years.

Something just didn't add up, there.

So then you go through phases. First you brush it off as a fluke, then you blame any and all other things, then you start to sweat a bit, and then the inevitable question hovers over your head like a dark cloud.

Are you gay?

The question sounds extremely foreign to your own ears, but the nervous butterflies continue to flutter in your belly whenever he comes around, and you just can't ignore it any longer.

… well, alright, I'll stop avoiding the subject in a round-about matter.

I just couldn't take it any longer. This was territory I never thought I'd cross into.


The building in front of me looked in no way off-putting. It was brightly lit, the parking lot was full, and it was located in a good part of town. Though clubs weren't exactly my favorite scene, I wouldn't mind recommending this one to a friend.

...if that friend was okay with customers like that guy who just walked in... with make-up caked on his face and a tight belly-shirt showing off his pectorals. Not that there was anything wrong with that guy. In fact, I kinda liked him. He gave me hope, because I wasn't attracted to him.

You couldn't be gay if you weren't attracted to guys, right?

Your best-

Sigh. My best friend had to be some kind of fluke. It was only admiration.

Strong admiration.


I had to go through with this, if nothing else, to find peace of mind, didn't I?

… or I could go back home and fall into a deep sleep to rid myself of these nerve-wracking thoughts.

But they'd just be back by tomorrow morning.

As I grumbled to myself, I took that first hesitating step, before strengthening my resolve and hurriedly walking toward the front doors. The building loomed over me in all its neon-brightness, as did the bouncer checking for ID. Not that he was glowing, just that he was a freaking giant. I was in no way short, standing at six-foot-two, so that was saying something. Rather intimidating, as if I wasn't intimidated enough already. The smooth, cool metal of the door handle was slick against my palm when I wrapped my hand around it, using the last bit of courage I had to yank the door open.

It was warm inside. A puff of hot air hit me on my way in, followed quickly by an assaulting aroma of something musky and dare-I-say soothing. It was a dimly lit room, nothing like the bright landscape outside, and man, was it packed. Everywhere I looked, testosterone-filled beings were moving about and chattering happily. Staying against the wall, right next to the front door, I surveyed my surroundings with the utmost care. The place was large. A full bar hovered in the right corner, a dance floor complete with flickering and ever-changing lights was stationed in the middle, and a lounge area was to the left. At the very front of the lounge area was a stage, the one corner of this place that was properly lit, and a single silver pole reflected that light alluringly.

Guys danced on poles too?

With the absurd thought in my head, I quietly made my way to the back of the lounge and sat at one of the small, rounded tables. It felt amazingly awkward being here alone, and even more awkward knowing what I came here to do.

There was no way in Hell I was going to tell any of my friends about these... thoughts, lately. Having a roommate made it entirely too awkward to even look up things online. Even when he wasn't in, I had the paranoid feeling he'd walk in at any moment and question me about things I really did not want to be questioned about.

Not until I knew more about it myself.

So, I decided to come here, to Shinjuku, a good distance away from home so no one knew me. At least I hoped no one I knew would travel out here.

A gay club sounded reasonable enough for me. Just walk in, look around, see if I get turned on, and leave. Easy.

It sounded a lot easier than it actually was.

I was terrified of the outcome.

Not that I'd ever particularly had anything against gays. I just... you know... never thought I'd be attracted to guys. And I guess... if I was... it wouldn't be the end of the world.

But if it was true, what was Kadota going to think?

Damn it, I was already getting a headache.

Got to focus on the task.

I set my elbow on the table in front of me, lying my chin in my upturned palm. Just had to lay low, not grab attention, and observe.

The first guy my eyes locked on was sitting three tables down talking with a buddy. Blond hair hung over one of his eyes, of which I couldn't tell the color from here, and a small silver piercing moved with his lip as he talked. His nails were painted a dark color, and his legs were bare due to tiny little shorts I wondered how the Hell he even got into.

He's... okay, I guess. I wasn't really into piercings, and I tended to be attracted to darker hair.

I felt a flush take over my cheeks when Kadota's hair popped into mind and hastily averted my eyes to find another target. They fell on a man dressed in drag, looking like the life of the party over at the bar. I cringed immediately. That dress was not meant for a man's body. And I never liked boisterous people.

New target, looked too young.

New target, too muscular.

New target, that guy I saw walk in earlier. Already established no attraction to him.

New target, not into full beards.

New target, he was okay I guess. Very... suave-looking. If the amount of men trying to grind against him was any proof, others thought so too.

New target, what the fuck was that guy wearing?

I briefly wondered if I'd always been this picky. The thought brought a scowl to my face. After minutes of just browsing, I was already craving alcohol.

Face it. Just the fact that I was here, at a gay club, unperturbed, checking guys out, harboring a secret crush on my very-much-male best friend, had to mean I wasn't exactly straight as an arrow. The problem was, what was I going to do about this newly acquired knowledge? I'd never even seen Kadota going out with someone, granted I'd only known him for a little over two years. Did he date before I met him? He must have. Why did I never ask?

Because I hadn't cared until now.


Though I wanted a drink, the bar seemed too damn far away. Leaving my little safe spot for anything but the exit was discomforting.

Maybe I should just go home. Brood on my own time.


Just when I made up my mind, I heard a voice approach from the right. On instinct, I tensed. Come on, I was not in a good mood and I had just come to terms with my sexuality; give a guy some time to recover before hitting on him!

Repressing a cringe, I darted my eyes over to observe the culprit.

Okay, so at least it wasn't one of those muscular drag queens.

In fact, this guy's body was very lean, torso hidden by a tight black shirt. Pale skin, a rounded face, short raven locks, muted pink lips turned up in a one-sided smirk, which was all a pretty picture in itself, but those eyes. Lightly lined with eyeliner, his irises glowed a beautiful, fiery red.

Those had to be contacts.

He stood with his hands loosely placed on the back of the chair across from me, and my eyes stayed glued to the two silver rings on his index fingers before finally rising again.

"Uh... hi?"

It was a pathetic response. I could feel my cheeks grow hot when he raised a brow and chuckled. With agile movements, he pulled the chair out from underneath the table and slipped into the seat.

"You're new here, aren't you?" He asked in an almost sigh, slumping slightly as he leaned over the table. I didn't like the way he was looking at me. Like he was disappointed or something.

Sorry if you didn't find your hook up for tonight.

"Yeah. First and last time," I replied nonchalantly. I hoped he would take the hint and move on.

"Really?" He replied, and I was vexed that he was the one looking irritated, "This is the best club in the area. Good luck finding something better."

The hell was he getting all sentimental over a club about?

"I didn't mean it like that. It's my first time in a... place like this," I said, feeling awkward all over again. Recognition showed on the man's face before a smile melted back on his lips.

"Aaaah, so you're a curious one," he spoke, and my name wasn't Heiwajima Shizuo if his tone hadn't lowered an octave, "Cute."

Something fluttered warily in my chest when those sly eyes locked on my own.

"Don't call me cute," I retorted, managing a glare, "That's insulting."

"So what's the verdict?" He asked, unperturbed. He leaned forward even further as he said this, and I had the uncanny urge to lean back.

"Excuse me?"

"Gay or not?"

"Uh... that's none of your business," I claimed, breaking eye contact.

"And if you are, you a giver or a taker?"

"Giver or tak-" I abruptly stopped talking when the meaning of his words slapped me in the face. I gaped, cheeks on fire. I- I hadn't even thought that far...!

His laughter brought me out of my stupor, and only made me feel more embarrassed. What the hell; what was so amusing!

"It's nothing to get so embarrassed about," he unsuccessfully tried to assure me, until, "Most of us have been there."

In some odd way, the words put me at ease, and peaked my curiosity. I glanced around.

Well of course these guys had been in my place at one point or another. Unless they just knew their preference from the start. I wondered if anybody's situation was the same as my own.

"I... don't know... what I'd be," I spoke lowly, and fidgeted with my fingers in my lap. Topping seemed more natural, and just thinking of... something going in me, well... gaaaaaah I felt like a virgin all over again! "I don't even know if he's gay!"

"Oho, so you have someone in mind~. Tell me what he looks like. I can find you a guy that resembles him if you want to cure this curiosity of yours."

"E- excuse me!"

"Since you're here, I figure you're too chicken to face this guy, so why not test the waters a bit?"

I gaped again.

"... you're very blunt," I stated. He smiled widely.

"Thank you!"

"... it wasn't a compliment."

"You better work on being blunt yourself if you don't want this guy to slip through your fingers," he scolded. I bristled.

… then deflated.

Ugh, what the heck was I doing? What were the chances of Kadota liking guys, anyway? This was stupid. I shouldn't have even come.

Suddenly, the music everyone danced to died down, and then place began buzzing with excitement. I looked up to see the entire club's population moving toward the lounge side, getting as close to the stage as possible.

Those scarlet eyes lit up and he hastily stood. For a moment, I thought he was going to leave me, but instead, he lifted his chair and brought it on my side, sitting closer than I wanted.


"Ha, if you're still questioning your sexuality, this show is gonna make you aware really quick," he said excitedly, pointing to the stage. I raised a brow and turned my eyes toward the silver pole, "Kind of disappointing to be this far back, though."

I frowned.

"Then go up there."

He either didn't hear me or was completely ignoring me. I didn't have time to ponder the thought before a booming voice sounded through the speakers.

"Gentlemen and men! Because we all know some of you aren't gentle~"

My eyes widened, and I hate to admit I blushed when there were husky chuckles and low murmurs throughout the crowd. W-what kind of a cheesy introduction was that!

I jumped when he leaned toward me.

"Would you be a gentle one-"

"Shut up," I retorted, pushing him away.

"We now present Takeshi and Kaburaki!" The voice from the loud speaker boomed. The crowd went into an uproar as sensuous music began bleeding from the speakers.

I glanced at the man next to me warily. He caught my eye, grinned, and pointed to the stage. The music was catchy, and loud enough to make the place vibrate. I shifted a bit in my seat, stilling when two guys appeared from behind the curtain. One wore leather pants that left absolutely nothing to the imagination, with a mesh top and leather bands around his wrists. The other was surely supposed to be an officer, hat and everything, but no officer I knew would wear that little. Definitely a cop-is-tempted-by-bad-boy get up.

I couldn't fucking believe I was watching this.

It was a game of seduction. The bad boy did some work on the pole, with moves that should be illegal, and how the fuck could he even twist his body like that! After that show, the cop relented, and they danced up there for all to see. More like ground and touched and discarded even more clothing until they were tonguing each other.

Oh my God.

The crowd in front was throwing up various amounts of money. I wouldn't have noticed if the bad boy hadn't taken extra measures to bend down that slowly and showcase his ass to pick some of it up.

With my eyes devouring the show, I was completely unprepared for the shock of pleasure that coursed through my body.

With wide eyes, I looked down. There was a hand working between my legs. For a second, I stared in shock, mouth open dumbly at the dull friction against my hard length. When the fuck did I get hard? And what the-

"What are you doing?" I hissed, grabbing hold of his arm. The ruby-eyed man was smirking.

"Looks like we have our verdict!" He exclaimed, stilling his hand but not removing it.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever! Don't touch me!" I warned, pushing his arm away. He pouted a little.

"So loyal. I'm kinda jealous," he replied, clicking his tongue, "So are you gonna have the guts to go for this guy now?"

Actually tell Kadota...?

Insecurity still wracked my body. And I was in no mood to think about such serious things when my lower half was burning. I tried to avoid looking up at the stage at all costs, willing to make the little problem go away. There was no way I would stoop to jerking off in a public bathroom. Especially not in this place. That was a scary thought.

"Dunno," I answered easily, quickly trying to change the subject, "How did you.. well, realize you were attracted to guys?"

He looked surprised at the abrupt change of subject. Then that trademark smirk melted back on his lips.

"My my, could the blond hunk be getting interested in me~?"

I blinked.

"... it was just a question!" I retorted, feeling oddly embarrassed, "And hunk?"

"Well yeah, you're pretty easy on the eyes. I wouldn't have come over here if you weren't," he responded as if it were the most logical thing in the world. I had trouble determining if I should be happy about that comment or not.

"Very shallow of you," I commented dryly.

"Please. No one falls in love with your personality at first sight," he replied, rolling his eyes, "And to answer your question, I realized in junior high."

"... that's young."

"It's what Seven Minutes In Heaven was created for," he said with a chuckle.

Seven minutes in heaven, hm? I would have been mortified to get stuck in a closet with another guy at that age.

"... so is it the same?" I couldn't stop myself from asking. I assumed it would be, but...

"Hm?" He replied.

"Kissing a guy. Wasn't it strange?"

His grin widened.

"It was fucking hot," he said, blunt as always, "You're asking if it's the same as kissing a girl? Sorta kinda."

Well that was vague. I continued to stare in search of an answer. He chuckled under his breath and leaned against the table.

"It's more or less the same. A man's kiss tends to be more... demanding."

I pondered this for a moment.

"Even the taker's?" I asked.

He blinked before laughing out loud. I blushed for the millionth time that night. My god, just how dumb did I sound? He could at least have the decency to not laugh at me, the fucking jerk...

"Haha... hmm," he finished his laughter, lips pulled up into a smile and eyes twinkling mirthfully underneath the ever-changing lights. He tapped a finger against his chin, still grinning, facing toward the stage. His eyes shifted to me before speaking again, "That's not really something I can explain."



Frowning, I looked out at the dance floor. I was pondering other questions I could possibly ask, when movement caught the corner of my eye. When I turned back to my companion, he was suddenly standing and moving closer.


"You tell me," he spoke slyly, and I watched with a timid fascination when one hand encircled my head and threaded through my hair as he leaned down closer.

I tensed when his lips met my own.

What the fuc- who just kisses someone like thi- did that mean he was a take- this is weir- um- okay, the answer was yes...

Those lips were most definitely demanding, twisting and coaxing my own into play despite the alarms going off in the back of my mind. This was so not what I came here for. But the lingering taste of something sweet... like strawberries and alcohol; I'd always had a damn big sweet tooth… got addicting fast, and then something strong and wet slipped out and traced itself along my upper lip.

I placed an uncertain hand on his hip and opened my mouth, capturing his tongue and gently sucking on it. My body shivered at the short, breathy moan the move evoked from him. That voice was deep and guttural. It didn't belong to a woman at all. I continued meeting his lips once, twice, thrice, anyway.

It was he who pulled away, breathing gently against my lips. I watched his eyelids raise to reveal those scarlet irises again, and he grinned, "... maybe not so loyal after all."

I sent him a halfhearted glare.

"It's not like Kadota and I are a couple," I muttered, face heating inch by inch as the reality of kissing a random guy in a public place seeped into my mind. I was then extremely glad I wasn't in Ikebukuro, "You're right. Not too different."

"Aw, so it wasn't a toe-curling, life-changing kiss?" He asked, faking disappointment. The sides of my lips inched upward.

"Sorry to disappoint you."

"Hmph. Oh well, I knew you'd be a good kisser."

"... I am?"

"Haha! Go lay one on this crush of yours and then come back to tell me," he challenged, with a quick wriggle of his eyebrows, "Or you can just stay here."

He stared at me to make his point before finally backing down and returning to his seat.

I swallowed.

"Hey, I'm gonna go get a drink," he continued, throwing a thumb over his shoulder at the bar, "You want something?"

"... I didn't bring any extra cash."

"Who goes to a club without cash?"

"A guy who planned on staying for less than thirty minutes."

"Hahaha, whatever. It's on the house!" He claimed, standing up. I watched as he weaved his way into the crowd. I realized just before he disappeared into the throng of people once again littering the dance floor that I had been staring at his ass.


I shifted uncomfortably, in more ways than one. What the hell was this? There was no reason for me to stay here. It was foreign and way too hot. And I only came here for Kadota, definitely not to get attracted to another guy.

Did I even just consider that?

It wasn't my fault he had gorgeous eyes or that he reached over and...

Fuck this.

This was getting too weird.

Swiftly, I stood from my seat and made my way to the front doors. Just before leaving, I glanced back at the bar. The ruby-eyed man was leaning over the counter top, facing away from the front doors. It looked like he was in some sort of conversation with the bartender.

I frowned, and slipped out.

*Takeshi and Kaburaki are names from the amazing visual novel, Ever 17. They were used in here as a joke for Mitsuno, because this fic is for her birthday coming up on March 17th :3 Hope you like it so far, hun!

Still pending on my next major project.

Another note: I Americanized this, I know, rofl. Clubs aren't exactly like this in Japan. 'Seven Minutes in Heaven' isn't really known in Japan either. Roll with it *cough