Title: Catching Sparks
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters!


Shizuo's POV

A grin took over his lips.

"Hmm, I don't know. I could be out there making some money," he replied, crossing his arms and jutting a hip to the side, "You gonna compensate me?"

"I already told you I didn't bring any extra cash," I replied, hoping I was right in taking that grin on his face to mean he was joking.

"There are other ways," he said, walking over to the lamp and flicking it on.

"I can't give you a lap dance either," I jested, watching him turn off the light on the ceiling. The room was then cast in shadows from the minimal yellow glow of the lamp. Izaya laughed at my response, locked the door, and crawled onto the bed.

"Why not? It'd be hot," he responded, wiggling his eyebrows playfully and scooting until his arm could wrap around my body. I easily drew him into my embrace, our legs tangling together under the sheet. Damn he was warm.

"I'd fucking embarrass myself," I said, lifting his jaw up and stealing a quick kiss.

"That's the best part!" Izaya retorted, using his fingertip to trace circles on my arm. I slid my hands down the length of his back, reveling in the feel of the smooth skin.

"For you, maybe."

"Live a little~!" He berated, placing his forehead against my own, "What do you do anyway?"

"College student," I answered, gliding my hands around the curve of his side and over his stomach.

His eyebrows shot up.

"Smart and sexy, damn, did I hit a jackpot?" He laughed.

"Eeh, well, my grades are average at best," I admitted shyly. The fact I was in college was a miracle to even myself, "You do anything besides working here?"

"Nope, could have gone to college, but it was so boring," he said with a cute pout. I kissed the pout right off his lips, hands roaming up to his shoulders. He chuckled into the kiss and pulled back, "Impatient, hm?"

"Your fault for being such a tease," I responded with a smile.

"It's my job," he said, shrugging his shoulders before scooting even closer. I took a sharp breath when the leg between my own moved up and brushed against my testicles, "Though this is not usually on the job itinerary."

I swallowed and traced my fingertips over the leg swaying so teasingly. It created an incredible but agonizingly light friction in all the right places, leaving me anxious for more.

"Well, I'm not sorry I interrupted your work," I replied honestly. He seemed pleased by the response.

"Since we're being so honest," he began, and I clenched my teeth together when he snaked a hand down in between us and wrapped it around my cock, "I want this inside me, so if you aren't up to it, I suggest you stop touching me~"

Every instinct told me to jump him right then.

But he had to go and say it like that and irritate me, damn it.

"Are you still doubting my preference?" I accused, mildly upset. Come on, I was clearly hard as a rock when you were bouncing on my lap earlier, and I even jerked you off! What more do you want from me?

"Hey, hey. I've dated the 'confused sexuality' type before, and it doesn't always end pretty," he replied, raising an eyebrow.

I stared.

Then grinned, cupping his cheek in my hand.

"Then you'll just have to date me so I can prove myself," I said, inwardly pumping a fist of victory. All this worrying about a one-night-stand, and he just beautifully gave me an excuse to make what I wanted clear without getting all serious about it.

His eyebrows shot up, and then laughter spilled from his lips.

"Clever," he purred, one hand running playful fingers along my arousal and the other spreading out on my own hand on his cheek, "Maybe if I like you enough by morning."

Amusement danced in those smoky red eyes. But more than that, the gleam of a challenge.

I wrapped my arm around his waist tightly and rolled until I was towering above him, legs on either side of that slim waist and those damn tiny blue jean shorts. I placed my hands on either sides of his head and dipped down.

"Guess I'll have to try my best then," I stated, breathing the words against his lips. I smirked when they parted beneath my own and I leaned down to erase the last few millimeters that separated us.

His pliant lips were just as addicting as before. He moaned into the kiss, the soft noise a complete contrast to the way his hand fisted the hair on my head, enough pressure to keep me from moving away.

Not like I was going to any time soon.

I brought one hand beneath his chin, ghosting a finger up and down his throat as I cocked my head to the other side, sealing my mouth over his again after a quick breath. He pulled at my body, willing me closer, both hands now spread out behind my head and his lips desperately coaxing my own into play. I had to pull back for another breath, the mixed saliva cool against my lips in the open air, before I took his bottom lip between my teeth and nibbled at the wet flesh.

He made some breathless noise that shot straight down to the pits of my stomach and kissed me again, pink tongue sliding into my mouth. I immediately sucked on the plump muscle, and let it glide against my own tongue before sucking it again.

I loved the way his body squirmed when I sucked his tongue.

So enraptured in that intense make-out session, I didn't even notice my body going lower and lower, like something attracted to a magnet, until I was given a shock at the underside of my cock rubbing against the top of his shorts.


I tore my mouth away from his, a string of saliva breaking as I panted.

"These are coming off," I breathed, sitting back to take hold of his shorts. My fingers fumbled trying to get the damn things off so quickly.

"Good, they were getting uncomfortable," he panted, obediently lifting his hips when I tugged the fabric down. His erection stood proudly against his toned abs; the reddened head smeared with a trace of white liquid. I devoured the tempting sight of his legs spread, absentmindedly tossing the shorts somewhere off the bed. They landed with a soft thump just as I moved forward to hug those pale legs.

With my gaze searingly locked on his own, I nuzzled my face on the inside of his thigh, leaving a small kiss. He was staring at me with interest.

I kissed the silky skin again and dragged my tongue a little ways closer to the erection lying on his stomach.

His expression told me he didn't believe I'd do it.

I smirked and peppered kisses ever-so-slowly down his thigh. He licked his lips when I was daringly close, and his cock bobbed impatiently. With my cheek lying against his thigh, I brought a hand up to cup his testicles. The loose skin was amazingly warm in my palm, and I relished in the short moans he made when I tenderly fondled the area.

It was with a soft huff of my breath against his arousal that I moved back up to kiss those lips again, continuing to playfully roll and tug at the sensitive skin around his balls.

He huffed into the kiss, pulling back.

"That was mean," he accused, a half-hearted glare directed at me. The glare did nothing to hide that pleasurable expression as his body strained to get closer to my hand. I grinned and nipped at his jawline, pressing a finger against his perineum. He gasped in pleasure, closing his eyes as he leaned back. I took advantage of the position by attacking his exposed, long neck, leaving little bruises along the side.

With my hand, I continued to apply pressure to that little hot spot behind his balls over and over, making him clutch at my shoulders and gasp soft curses.

"Not enough," he whined, grabbing hold of my chin and yanking me up into an intense kiss. I responded wholeheartedly, dominating the kiss and sliding my hand up to cup his erection in my palm. His hips immediately bucked against it.

I teased him, only letting the flesh brush against each other, occasionally pressing a finger against the slickened slit to feel his body shudder.

He pulled back, beautifully swollen lips cracked open as he panted, and threw an arm over his sweat-covered forehead. It was with hooded eyes and a quirky little grin that he spoke.

"And you called me the tease," he said breathlessly.

"You are a tease," I confirmed, dragging my thumb across his pink lip, "Know what I was thinking when you were dancing on stage?"

"Hm?" He hummed, looking truly interested even as he leaned forward and nipped at my thumb.

"I wished I was the pole," I said, rather distractedly, watching his tongue sneak out and lap at my thumb. He inclined his head and widely grinned.

"Well then," he started, pushing against my arm. I raised a brow, but followed his cue, rolling back to my side of the bed. He threw a leg over my body and switched our positions, him now straddling my waist.

I was just a tiny bit concerned at the new predicament. He did say he bottomed, right?

A sharp gasp turned into a small groan when he gripped my cock and stroked it. God, those hands were Heaven on earth.

I felt more than saw the small splashes of my own essence drip onto my stomach.

"Like that?" He asked lewdly, as if he didn't know the answer. If anything, that deepened voice he used made me harder.

His hand dipped down to swipe a finger over the fallen precum, and my jaw fell when he lifted that finger and sucked on it.

Holy Hell.

He grinned in complete devilish innocence before bending down and slowly moving his body up my torso like a cat stalking its prey.

I'd never seen anything fucking hotter.

His chest brushed against me until his face met my own, and he lowered his entire body onto mine. I hissed when our erections slid against each other.

"I was rubbing against the pole kinda like this, right?" He whispered. I didn't even have the time to think of a response before his lips were on mine and those hips were rotating against my own.

My hands slid down his body and gripped at those moving hips, skin tingling as his tongue delved into my mouth again and again. Izaya mewled, panting against my lips as he pushed his hips into mine, seeking those sparks of pleasure. I slipped my hands even lower, rounding them around his ass and kneading the flesh there, snapping my hips up to meet his own.

"Shizu-chan," he gasped on my lips, moving against me desperately. I shivered at the name, even if it was that stupid nickname.

Fuck, if this continued...

I reached down and wrapped my hand around both of our cocks, stopping his frantic moving.

"Hey, hey," I breathed, taking a few seconds to get some air into my lungs. Izaya looked down at me through half-lidded and hazy eyes, cheeks flushed with need, and it made me hot all over again, "I'm not gonna last if you keep doing that."

The noise he emitted was a half groan and half whine. He sat up, turning his head this way and that.

"Shorts," he mumbled, apparently seeing them and crawling in their direction. I watched curiously.

What did he need his shorts for?

His back was to me, so I couldn't see what he was rummaging around for. Whatever it was, he got it and slipped back onto the bed with an almost sheepish smile.

"I might have a little confession to make," he began, and I sat up as he stopped beside me. I raised a weary eyebrow, trying to see what he had curled in his fist. He took the little bottle between his thumb and middle finger, and with my heartbeat accelerating, I realized what it was, "I was kinda hoping for a little more if you were going to stay, so I grabbed this when I got that washcloth.."


It was a bottle of lube.

This guy...

"I think that means you like me," I said with a grin, stretching my arms around him and drawing him closer to me. He easily moved onto my lap.

"Mmm, don't get too ahead of yourself," he muttered playfully, ghosting his nose over my own.

"Can I make my own confession?" I asked.


"I like you," I said with a smile, my stomach fluttering a little nervously. He looked shocked for a moment, until that shock melted into a blush that was so fucking adorable I wanted to.. I don't know.. squeeze him to death or something.

"Hahaha!" He laughed, touching his forehead to mine, "So serious all of a sudden!"

I chuckled and tilted my head to kiss him. His arms encircled my shoulders, tongue curling around my own. Even though this one was sweeter, it reminded me of the passionate feelings we had just almost lost ourselves to, and I took a deep breath when I pulled back.

"Show me what to do," I pleaded.

He placed the bottle in my hand, pointedly curling my fingers around it.

"Pour a generous amount on your fingers," he instructed, leaving me with one quick kiss before turning. I snapped the cap open and did as he told, the cream cool on my fingers.

Looking up, I swallowed.

Izaya had turned around, his ass high in the air and facing me, legs spread on the bed. He twisted his head to look at me, the yellow light from the lamp lighting his red eyes on fire.

Fucking gorgeous.

"Just go slow, massage, and start with one finger," he spoke, resting his head on his arms. I scooted over to him, gently gripping one cheek and rolling it with my dry hand. He gave a hum of approval.

"Alright," I said, mainly for myself, pulling the cheek to the side and carefully gliding a slick finger over his entrance. He twitched in response, probably from the coolness of the cream, and I continued, gently massaging around the tight ring of muscle. I was almost concerned about whether I would fit or not, but quickly drove that silly thought out of my head.

"Mm!" He made a sharp noise when I slid a finger inside, and I immediately stopped.

"Is it okay?" I asked, unsure.

"Yeah, go ahead," he assured, and I suddenly wished I could see his face, for he was no longer turned toward me.

In and out, I dove in cautiously, feeling his soft, hot insides glide against my skin. The lube made it easy to slide in and out, and I questionably brushed a second finger on his entrance.

"Yeah," he breathed, bumping his ass back against my hand. With a flushed face, I squirmed another finger inside. He moaned a little, bringing a hand underneath himself to slowly pump at his cock.

I licked my lips at the sight, my own member pulsing in need.

"It good?" I asked repetitiously, but too turned on to care.

"Deeper," he groaned, shoving his ass back again.


I copied his move, using my free hand to give myself a few strokes. Pushing my fingers in deeper, I turned them around so my palm was facing upward. I brushed against something different inside, something harder.

"Ah!" With that sudden gasp, he arched. It was so sudden, it startled me. Curiously, I waited a second before brushing against it again, "Mmm, fuck, inside."

He twisted, reaching back to grab my penetrating arm. I swore the lust-filled air was having an affect on my brain, slowing it down, because I could do nothing but stare and let those delicious words sink into my mind.

Apparently it was too slow for him.

Izaya pulled my fingers out, turning back around to face me and crawling in my lap.

"You only needed to see to prepare me," he said quickly, hovering over my drooling cock and reaching beneath him to grab it. I hissed when he touched the swollen flesh, and held my breath when his entrance ghosted over the head of my cock, "I know it's gonna be difficult, but don't move, okay?"

It was the last warning I got before a blazing hot tightness surrounded my cock and left me breathless.

"Ah.." I gasped, gripping at his legs.

"Mmgn," he moaned, face gently contorting as he slowly sat down on me.

My fingers twitched.

Difficult, he said.

That was a fucking understatement!

I watched him closely, anything to distract myself from the searing heat. His eyelashes fluttered before he reopened his eyes, dark and hazy. He breathed slowly, through his mouth, his lips slowly becoming dry. I leaned forward and ran my tongue across those lips. His tongue met mine and they slid against one another sensually in the open air, until he picked up his hips and dropped them back down on me again.

I shuddered violently, pulling back and breathing through my nose.

"You're driving me insane," I muttered.

He gave me a small smile and then braced himself on my shoulders. I groaned out loud when he started bouncing in my lap, driving me in and out of his small body. He panted, nuzzling his cheek to mine.

I licked the shell of his ear, delighted in the shiver that wracked his body, and spread my hands over his cheeks, working the soft skin. Trying to meet his rhythm, I realized I couldn't do much with this position, and carefully lied back. I admired the image of him riding me, and that erotic expression on his face, before digging my fingertips into his skin and jerking my hips up into him.

He cried out at the added sensation, keeping my gaze through half-lidded eyes, the bangs on his forehead that weren't already matted from sweat swaying up and down with the motion. The sound of skin slapping and heavy pants choked the air, and the pleasurable ripple in my lower abdomen was getting more intense with every sensation.

Everything, from the red dust across his cheeks to the way his feet dug into the mattress, I burned it all into my mind.

"Shi- ah.. coming-!" Izaya managed before his trembling cock burst and sent his essence flying over my chest. His insides pulsated around me, and that and his starstruck expression made me lose myself as well. Gritting my teeth, I came inside him, rolling my head back in pleasure.

Staring up at the ceiling, I panted, my whole body buzzing. I felt him pull away and collapse on my chest, and it was on pure instinct when I wrapped my arms around him.

After a deep breath, I tilted my head forward and kissed him on the head. He mumbled something unintelligible, lifting his head to look at me. Softly, his finger traced my jaw.

"So did I win you over?" I asked with a grin, threading my fingers through the wet hair at the nape of his neck.

He mirrored my grin.

"Why would I say yes now when we've still got all night for you to try?"


And as I kissed him for the umpteenth time that night, I determined I didn't mind one bit.

'Cause when the sun came up, he'd still be mine.

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