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Angela Montenegro-Hodgins stood beside her husband, Jack Hodgins, as the priest continued the seemingly endless eulogy. Clouds overhead threatened rain, while at the same time reflecting the mood of the dozens of people surrounding the two, side-by-side, holes in the ground.

"Brennan didn't believe in God," Angela whispered.

"Booth did," Hodgins murmured.

"Well where was God to save them?"

Hodgins left the question unanswered. Angela crossed her arms, looking around at the rest of the mourners. Max Keenan stood beside his son, Russ Brennan, and his family. They stood closest to the coffin of Dr. Temperance Brennan, world renowned forensic anthropologist. To Max, she was a daughter. To Russ, a sister. Then there was the small group of Brennan's students, affectionately known as 'the squinterns'. All six were present, and with Daisy Wick was Dr. Lance Sweets. By them stood Camille Saroyan, held closely by her boyfriend, Paul, and with her adopted daughter, Michelle right beside her. On the other side of Hodgins was Zack Addy, on temporary release from the 'looney bin'.

On Agent Seeley Booth's side was his grandfather, the man who raised the former army sniper. A tall young man, Jared Booth, put a hand on the older man's shoulder. Not far from Jared or 'Pops' was a little boy with blond hair. The little boy was Parker Booth, the fallen agent's only child. Behind him stood his mother, Rebecca Stinson. He didn't cry, but the pain was evident in his innocent eyes.

Angela glanced over her shoulder at the rest of their large group, the people who never really fit into the partners' peculiar family. There were a few of Brennan's ex-boyfriends; Booth's ex-girlfriends; distant friends, coworkers, colleagues, etc. Angela frowned at the sight of someone standing even farther back from them, someone part of her hoped never to see again. Hannah Burley nodded to the artist in sympathy before turning and walking away.

As the priest finished the ceremony, people began to disperse. Going to their cars before the rain could start. Angela turned her attention back to the coffins, leaning against her husband. She couldn't help but think back, wondering what she could have done differently, to cause her best friend to still be alive.

Angela walked into the examination room, and put her hands on her hips. "Sweetie, it's five-o-clock, on a Friday."

Brennan continued her examination, appearing to have not even heard Angela speak or even enter the room. Angela sighed and walked up to the table, casting a shadow over the bones. Brennan looked up, pulling the ear buds from her ears.

"Did you need something, Angela?" she asked.

"It's Friday," Angela said. "You are not staying in the lab all night. There's no case, and I'm sure the skeleton is several hundred years old, so there's no rush. Go out have fun."

"I am almost done."

"Sweetie, did you even take your lunch break today?"

"I wasn't hungry."

"This isn't healthy. You need to at least eat something."

"Booth and I will be going to the diner as soon as he gets here," Brennan said.

"Agent Studly's taking you to dinner?"

"We go to the diner quite often Angela. Booth called and told me he wanted to talk."

"Talk about what?" Angela asked.

"He didn't say."

"Well, I want to know all the dirty details. I'll see you Monday, Sweetie. Stay home this weekend, with Booth, it'll be good for both of you."

Brennan pretended to ignore her and put the headphones back in. Angela walked out of the examination room, nearly running into Booth in the process.

"Bones in there?" he asked.

"Where else? Get her out of here. She's been here all day."

"Did she eat?"

"Of course not."

He shook his head. "Alright. Bye, Angela."


Once Booth entered the examination room, Angela turned and walked back to her office. She grabbed her purse and turned off the light as Hodgins appeared in the doorway.

"Ready to go?" he asked.

She never had a chance to reply. The moment Hodgins asked the question, a loud explosion rocked the entire Jeffersonian. Alarms blared, and smoke quickly filled the forensic lab. The walls around the examination room were burning, and the hallway had been blackened.

"Oh, god, Brennan!" Angela took a step towards the flames.

"Ange, we have to go. She might not have even been there."

She cast a worried glance back as she let Hodgins and the rest of the panicking workers drag her out of the building.

Angela blinked back tears.

They'd been so close, she thought sadly. I should have gone back.

Cam watched some of the cars drive away. She took a deep breath, thinking back to the last time she'd seen Booth. Just moments before he died.

Cam was sitting at her desk, going over paperwork as someone knocked on her door. She looked up to see Booth.

"We do not have a case," she groaned.

Booth shook his head. "No, I was just gonna ask if Bones was still here."

"She hasn't left. Did you check her office?"

"It's empty."

"What do you want Dr. Brennan for if not a case?"

"I'm gonna take Bones to get dinner."

"You and Dr. Brennan are going on a date?" she smiled.

"No, just…just dinner."

"Uh-huh. Try the examination room. She was working on some remains from limbo."

"Thanks, Cam."

She went back to her paperwork as he left. A few minutes later she heard the explosion, and rushed out with the rest of the employees. In the chaos she hadn't noticed the duo's absence. Thinking back, she thought they had already left. Then she was informed of two bodies, found in the examination room.

A bomb had been planted under the examination room table. In the explosion, two bodies had been thrown against the wall. Even with the force, they remained tightly wrapped in each others arms. Cam had cried when she saw the lover's embrace. Their bodies had been burned beyond recognition, but her arms remained around his neck, and his around her waist.

Cam knew the sight of her friends would haunt her for years.

The coffins were simultaneously lowered into the ground. The team unintentionally gathered together.

"What now?" Angela wondered aloud.

No one knew what to answer. They stood around the two graves, silently taking in each others' company. When rain started to slowly fall, they slowly parted. Each glanced back once last time, to bid a final farewell to DC's greatest partners.

Meanwhile, hidden in a nearby tree grove a man and woman watched the team leave.

"Are you alright?" the woman asked.

"Yeah," the man replied.

"They have each other. I'm sure in a few months they will have a new forensic anthropologist, and FBI agent."

The man sighed. "It won't be that easy."

"Of course not. Because we're the best. We're irreplaceable." She turned to face him. "Parker seemed to be handling it well."

"Parker…he'll be alright for a while. He's a strong kid."

"I agree. He'll be able to cope with the situation. He may hate you later on-"

"We'll worry about that when this is over."

The man wrapped his arm around the woman's waist. She leaned into him. Side by side they ventured farther into the grove, where an inconspicuous black car was hidden. She automatically got in the passenger side, while he got behind the wheel.

He pulled some sunglasses from his pocket and put them on, suddenly grinning at the woman next to him. "Where to, Bones?"