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Hodgins paced the room, every so often looking at the clock.

"Hodgins, sit down," Angela groaned from her spot at the conference table.

"He told us to be here at two-o-clock. It's nearly three," Hodgins said. "I want this case over with already."

"Why do we all have to be here?" Daisy asked curiously. "If only Wendell and Clark are testifying-"

"Hacker wants us all here," Cam told her. "We're all going to be here."

The door opened and Hacker walked in, followed by Sweets.

"Sorry," Hacker said. "There was a delay. Dr. Sweets will tell you why you are all here."

"Isn't it because of the case?" Angela asked.

"Leave it to a government agent to lie to us," Hodgins muttered, earning glares from Cam and Angela.

"The case will be discussed at a later time," Hacker said. "I'll leave you alone now."

He pulled the door closed as he left. Sweets cleared his throat.

"Sweets, you look like you've seen a ghost," Angela said.

"Close," Sweets replied.

"Are you alright, Lancelot?" Daisy asked.

"Of course. I'm fine, Daisy." Sweets hesitated. "When we loose those that we are close to-"

"Is this some grief psychology thing?" Hodgins interrupted.

Sweets sank into a chair. "Not even close."

"Sweets, why are we here?" Cam asked.

"I shouldn't have agreed to this," he muttered.

"Agreed to what?"

"Two people we know were…forced under circumstances to go into hiding…and after a recent arrest are now able to return…"

Glances were exchanged among everyone else.

"They are just down the hall," Sweets continued.

"Who?" Cam asked.

"Is it Sully? Is that why he never came back?" Angela asked.

"Um…not even close."

"Who is here?" Cam repeated.

"Okay, you're not going to believe this," Sweets slowly said. "But the two that are here are…Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan."

There was silence before the chaos. Everyone started yelling at Sweets at once, yet no one knew what anyone else was shouting. While they shouted Sweets snuck out and walked into the smaller room Booth and Brennan were waiting in.

"Uh…you guys might want to get in here," he said.

"What did you do?" Booth demanded.

"They don't believe me."

"Well of course not, we're dead, Sweets!"

"You were just supposed to tell them they'll be shocked by who's back."

"Exactly," Brennan agreed. "What did you say to them?"

"Just that you were here…"

The partners glared at him before going down to the conference room. Booth stopped with his hand on the door.

"You think they'll be okay with this?" he asked.

"They don't sound very happy," Brennan said, hearing the rage from inside.

"This feels more dramatic than last time."

"How do you get more dramatic than showing up at your funeral and arresting a criminal?"

"And getting punched by your partner?"

Brennan smiled. "Do you want me to punch you?"

"Not really. Let's just go." Booth opened the door and the two slowly entered the room.

"Oh my god!" Angela screamed before running across the room and nearly knocking Brennan to the floor.

"Hello, Angela," Brennan said.

The others, once the shock began wearing off, go up one by one and engulfed the partners.

"Now that we know you're alive," Angela started. "Why the hell was no one told about this?"

"It was to lure Rodriguez out," Brennan explained. "We are both very sorry for lying to you-"

"Wait," Cam interrupted. "The bodies in the examination room. They were you."

"Had you done a facial reconstruction, you would have seen several major differences-"

"Hacker switched the files for dental records and DNA," Booth interrupted to prevent Brennan from going into a long comparison between the bodies and themselves.

Cam crossed her arms. "Hacker tricked us?"

"He wanted the bodies to be named as us by more than just you so he switched the records," Brennan replied. "It got Rodriguez arrested."

"Why didn't you tell us they were making you do this?" Angela asked.

"We made the decision, Ange. It was a safer way of drawing him out instead of sending undercover agents in to find out where he was. We couldn't tell anyone."

"Does this mean we're still your interns?" Wendell asked.

"Of course," Brennan answered. "Unless you found a better forensic anthropologist."

Booth put his arm around Brennan's waist as Sweets came in with two people following him.

"Parker," Booth said.

Parker hesitated and in that moment Rebecca slapped Booth across the cheek.

"If you ever do something like that to your son again I will make sure you lose any custody or visitation rights," she threatened.

"Rebecca, I didn't have a choice."

"Didn't have a choice?" she shrieked. "Do you know what your son went through? He hasn't slept for a week!"

"Yes I have," Parker argued.

"Not through the entire night."

"It was a matter of national security," Booth told her.

Parker slowly approached Booth, as if to make sure he was really there, before clinging to his father.

Rebecca relaxed slightly. "He wants to stay with you for a few days."

Booth smiled. "That's great. You're letting him, right?"

"It's what he wants. His stuff is in your office."

"Please, dad?" Parker asked looking up.

"Anytime, Parks."

"Will Dr. Bones be with us?"

Booth looked to Brennan.

"I don't want to intrude on your father-son time," Brennan told him.

"Please, Dr. Bones?" Parker asked.

"Come on, Bones," Booth said. "You're gonna be around a lot now, right?"

"Of course."

"Should we tell them?" Booth nodded towards the team, who were watching in sudden confusion.

"They will find out eventually," Brennan replied.

"Parker, why don't you wait in my office for a minute?"

"Can I sit in your chair?"

"You can sit wherever you want."

"Cool!" The boy took off.

"I'm serious, Seeley," Rebecca said. "I don't like telling our son that you're dead."

"Next time it'll be real," he promised.

She nodded and walked out after Parker.

"What are you telling us?" Sweets asked.

Brennan smiled and looked to Cam. "I'm going to need that maternity leave in a few months."

"You're pregnant?" Angela asked, smiling.

Brennan nodded in confirmation.

"Who's the father?" Sweets asked.

"Booth is the father."

Sweets slumped down in a chair while shaking his head and pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Booth is the father?" Angela repeated. "Please tell me you did this right, and there was no…artificial crap involved."

"We did it right, Angela," Booth assured her.

"It's about time," Cam muttered.

Angela enveloped both in another hug. "I'm so happy for you!"

"I see that, Ange," Brennan said.

An hour after everyone had gone their separate ways, Sweets was still in the conference room chair.

Parker walked in and poked his arm. "Are you okay, Dr. Sweets?"

Sweets jumped slightly. "Huh? Yeah, I'm fine. Parker."

"Did you hear? I'm gonna be a big brother!"

"Yeah. Are you excited about that?"

"Yeah!" Parker nodded enthusiastically.

Booth and Brennan stood in the doorway.

"You okay there, Sweets?" Booth asked.

"I think he's in shock, Booth," Brennan said.

"I'm…I'm okay," Sweets told them. "Wow, did not see that coming."

"You wrote a book that concluded Booth and I were in love with each other," Brennan reminded him. "You should have expected something based on your observations."


"Come on, Sweets," Booth patted the younger man on the back. "Dinner's on me. Let's go."

Sweets looked between the two, scolding himself for missing the changes in their relationship. He watched Booth press a kiss to Brennan's forehead and realized he'd always been right. The partners had just needed a slight push and time.

MJ, Booth didn't exactly get punched, but he did get slapped. You'll have to deal with that.

I'm considering a sequel, but this is the final chapter of "the end" (finally right?) so thanks to all readers and reviewers.