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(Final Getsuga...or not.)

As a rule, Kurosaki Ichigo tried to abstain from violence. He

"Let's do this, Aizen." Kurosaki Ichigo stared down his opponent over the steel of his blade. His body thrumming with power. Cells saturated with raw reaitsu. Aizen was an insect to him. Moreso now than ever, with those garish and hideous wings poking out his back. How the hell was a butterfly supposed to be scary? Kurosaki Ichigo didn't know, and quite frankly, he didn't much care. He dropped Aizen like a hot potato and watched him crash into the ground, here, far from the Fake Karakura Town.

Far, far away from anything he might want to do to Tatsuki.

"It's sad." Ichigo sighed. "How you've managed to anger me."

Aizen was incredulous.

"Angered you?" Blast, he really did have supreme confidence in his abilities, didn't he?"

Ichigo gnashed his teeth and disappeared.

"I'll end all of this in an instant."

Aizen flew. Literally. His feet left the ground as Ichigo's hand clamped down upon his face and hauled him forward. Soil and bedrock were all that this supposed "god" tasted as the shinigami burst into a furious blue of black and orange, dragging him into the stone and earth and grass with such force that Sosuke Aizen momentarily wondered at how lesser creatures could possibly enjoy the taste of such foul sustenance, regardless of of essential they might be to one's dietary supplement.

And then he was free.

Ichigo hurled Aizen from his grip and let the former captain twirl end over end for a few moments before he put an end to it. With a dull thump of sonido, he thudded into existence behind the flailing fly and brought his blade down, flat, instead of the tip. Aizen crashed into the ground with enough force to create a small explosion. The hybrid glared into the dust and rotten rust his attack had created, and he waited for the imminent re-mergence of his opponent.

Guys like Aizen didn't go down easily, if at all.

"End it in an instant?"

Ichigo rounded on the sound, and steel met steel for the first time in nearly three months.

"I see." The superflious entity droned onward as the two exhanged a blistering flury of strikes, counterstrikes, blocks, and breaks. "I understand now, Kurosaki Ichigo!" Ichigo scowled and renewed his attack, refusing to allow a single break in the constant blur that was Tensa Zangetsu. "Why you lost your spiritual pressure! Or really, I should say, you have thrown it away! Thrown it away for sake of greater physical power than my own!" Ichigo almost guffawed at that. "You converted all of your spiritual pressure into your body's physical capabilities! Arm strength, leg strength, gripping, throwing, running, you improved upon these abilities and discarded your reaitsu because you have given up on the ideal of doing battle with me!"

Was that really what he thought?


Ichigo frowned as a mountain inexplicably shattered. As a lake withered into nothingness. When the clouds themselves burst within each parry, riposte, or near-miss. No matter what he did, or what Aizen attempted, the two were equal in one aspect. They were gods. Their very breath took the land and reshaped it to their whims, creating new landscapes in one instant, destroying it in the next. Sosuke delighted in it, expressing great enthusiasm, unable to believe his powers had grown to such an extent that he could shatter the land at the slightest whom or fancy.

Ichigo lamented his incompetency.

"I'm happy, Kurosaki Ichigo." Aizen smiled against a rather viscious block. "Thanks to you, I can test these powers that transcend those of hollows and soul reapers to my hearts content!" Ichigo struck and abruptly, Aizen was off balance. Ichigo let his arm hang there, letting Aizen know he could have easily cut him. Of course, Aizen saw it as an accidental increase in strengthon his own part and once again, Ichigo lamented his ignorance. He was deliberately neglecting to inform Aizen of the fact that, although he was powerful, these mountains being destroyed were by Ichigo's blade, not Aizen's, to the utter neglect of the thrice evolved being.

"I'm not done yet, Kurosaki Ichigo!"

Ichigo flickered out of existence and reappeared miles away.

"Did you really think I couldn't follow your movements?"

He leapt away in the instant that his footing was demolished. He landed effortlessly amidst a powerful thud of sound, and didn't even bother to search. He knew, even trapped within the cloud of dust as he was, where his enemy was coming from. Tensa Zangetsu flicked outward and Ichigo felt the despair of Kyouka Suigetsu as he stopped her cold and her master remained ignorant to the fact that the human was toying with them, testing his own limits, as well as their own.

'Fool! Stop this! Stop it at once! He's going to kill us!' He could her soft and planitive cires and Aizen's ignorance irked him. 'You must stop!' Though his right arm had also fused with Zangetsu, Ichigo was very much aware of his zanpakuto, fused to his arm as it was. Aizen, though Kyouka Suigetsu was there, exposed within his tightly clenched fist, could have been leagues away and underwater for all he seemed to care about his zanpakutou's warnings.

'Stop this instant, Aizen!'

Ichigo almost felt sorry for her, knowing she was going to die and with naught a thing he could do about it. Or could he? Kurosaki Ichigo exhaled softly as Aizen's irritating monlogue went on and on, on for what felt like an eternity. So when the "almighty" being declared their evolutions to be on different levels, Ichigo perked up noticeably, his entire body tensing at the smile his enemy wore. But Aizen immediately dispelled this fear within his own ignorance, claiming that he could shatter Tensa Zangetsu with a single blow, if he so wished.

'Please! Aizen!'

Oh, that tore it.

Ichigo raised his free hand, the hand not wrapped in his zanpakutou. He caught Kyouka Suigetsu and pulled. He felt resistance, at first, but since as the two halves of Zangetsu had finally ceased their bickering and fused during the battle inside his mindscape, and following his subsuquent kiss with Tatsuki, Ichigo had an overwhelming amount of room within his soul. Almost instantaneously, power came flooding into him, filling his numbed nerves and slightly tired arms with a renewed sense of vigour. He didn't bother to speak, Aizen wasn't so ignorant that he wouldn't notice such a thing. Ichigo simply held onto the zanpakuto a few seconds longer than was neccessary.

The groud cratered behind him, billowing outward in a roiling tide of unwarranted destruction. And Ichigo held onto the blade. He felt emotions that were not his own. Hesitation. Reluctance. Anger. And then a sorrow so great and mournful in its heartbreak that he nearly cried out as a gash of silver -chances were that Aizen thought it a trick of the light- rushed down the blade, into Tensa Zangetsu, and came coiling up the chain around his arm and plunged into Ichigo's chest.

He felt a momentary flicker of relief, then sorrow, then resignation, then relief again, ebbing away into curiousity. She'd met Zangetsu's fused form. Ichigo emerged from the torrent of emotions just as Aizen jerked himself, hollowed blade and all, away from his human opponent. Ichigo felt a brief flicker of sorrow, replaced by vindication as he came stalking forward, a stray spark of red and black and now blue -that was new- filling the tapered tip that housed the two spirits. If Aizen had tried to draw upon the illusiory powers of his sword just then, he must have realized that something was not at all as it should have been, or was meant to be.

"What?" A broken whisper emerged from the distance separating them. "What have you done?" He looked at his sword, looked to Ichigo, back to the sword.

"Why so surprised?" Ichigo found himself asking. "Is it that surprising that I caught your sword?"


"Does it scare you?" Ichigo pressed. "Something that you can't comprehend happened before your very eyes?"


Aizen drew back, smiling, and Ichito felt himself and his new ally tense.

"Something that I can't comprehend, you say?" Aizen hissed. "Don't talk as though you've won, Kurosaki Ichigo! It was simply a case of your physical strength exceeding mine." He raised a hand into a fist, a finger defiantly pointed toward the heavens, as though to spite Kami himself. "Miracles like that happen from time to time. But I am a being who surpasses even that." Ichigo lowered his blade as a dark and violent aura engulfed Aizen from head to doe. "But to be certain, we will see to it that miracles like that never happen again by crushing you to pieces with kido!"Ichigo arched an eyebrow as the chant began, and as the lengthy incantation was finally completed, as four walls of black and dark violet rose around him, cutting him off from the outside world. "Now that I fully transcend both hollows and Soul Reapers, this is a Kurohitsugi with a full incantation! It unleashes enough gravity to warp time and space! The likes of you could never comprehend it, human!"


With a swing of the hand it shattered. Ichigo didn't even bother to use his blade, such was his scorn. He swept his bare hand outwards, and obliterated the Black Coffin. Broke it, obliterated it. Turned all those many blades and stabbing apparatuses within, into harmless fodder. Pathetic. He didn't bother to explain, didn't waste his breath as he swept forward, barreling through that spell. Crushing another, more powerful kido as he emerged from the darkness, and another spell, another, and still yet another, as he strode toward Aizen, titanic, almighty, relentless in his desire to end the man who had started this all nearly a year before.

"You don't seem to realize, do you?" Ichigo unshouldered his blade. "My power is greater than the power you have right now." He strode inward, and Aizen slinked backward in disbelief, in retreat and, glaringly obvious, in fear. Ichigo didn't slow as shards of black iron fell from the sky above, his attention was fixed, riveted upon his opponent. "The force that erased that mountain...it was my sword." A glimmer of fear appeared in the face of Aizen Sosuke as he saw the blade manifesting at the human's hip. Good. Let him know fear. Ichigo surged forward, and Aizen screamed.

"Here I come, Aizen."

Aizen seemed to realize something was wrong, but before he could understand what, exactly, Ichigo brought the full force of a dark crimson Getsuga flowing down into his face. Aizen flew backward as the empowered blast smashed into was not quite as powerful as a Saigo Getsuga Tenshou would be, but nevertheless, the black moon fang was easily a hundred times stronger than what it'd once been. Aizen spattered across the soil and spoke no more. Ichigo stood over him for all of an instant and not-so-subtly brought a foot into the cavity of his chest.

Aizen flew.


His body left the soil and suddenly he was flying, without the air of his wings, his body helpless against the cylopean forces exerted upon his frame. He had even less time to realize this as the Getsuga filled all his vision and he flung his hands out. A thin wedge of reaitsu forced itself between him and death. Then Aizen burned in the fires of revenge and plunged into the earth. His outstretched hands did nothing, but the wedge protected him and drove him under the soil's skin like a splinter. The wedge collapsed an instant after he hit. The impact slapped him as brutally as if a giant had clapped his hands together over the whole of his body...

"Is that all you have?"

And Ichigo was behind him, another opaque swathe of flames hurtling toward Aizen even as he emerged from his coffin of earth and stone.

Aizen slammed into the ground with a thump. There was no white-hot flash of pain as he'd expected. Instead Ichigo was in front of him, again. Sosuke choked aloud as Tensa Zangetsu drilled into flesh and bone and sinew for the third time. Ichigo swept his blade outward, and suddenly, Sosuke Aizen was bleeding. Ichigo didn't give him the time to comprehend it. Ichigo was already turning, rounding, driving, slicing, raining down an endless rain of both fist and blade into the body of his opponent and soon, Aizen's so called, "flawless existence" was very much flawed.

Very much flawed, indeed.

"What an odd feeling." Ichigo said." When I backed away from you in our last battle, you asked me why. But now you're doing the exact same thing. So let me ask you the same question. Why did you back away just now?

Aizen frowned.

"I see, so you're pleased that you stopped my sword and stole her from me?" His fist began to tremble. "Are you pleased that you overcame my kido?" That once handsome visage twisted itself within a scowl of murderous rage and hopeless futility. "Are you pleased that you put a scar on my body?" Aizen ravished him with a baleful glare, and Ichigo smiled, smiled, as he pulled a hand toward those chestnut brown eyes, corming a claw of hellish reaitsu that gave Aizen pause.

"Shut the fuck up, Aizen." Ichigo spat, pouring a year worth of venom into his words as the porcelain flowed across his visage. "Am I happy I made a fool of you? Yes. Am I happy that I've stripped all that pride and arrogance away? Fuck yes." Aizen was all but quivering from fury as Ichigo hauled that sword from its sheathe, that sword, his sword, his zanpakutou! "Oh, and I'm fucking thrilled that I took this sword from you, because, well, let's face it."

Ichigo allowed his lips to pull into a uncharacterstic sneer; the coup de grace, the icing on the cake, as he waved the now remanifested, the now HIS, belonging to him, Kyouka Suigetsu in the face of Sosuke Aizen and his hollow, empty blade that would no more serve him than he would win here today. Ichigo watched that rage blacken and blister and boil as Aizen's face became more and more unrecognizeable, as his fury platuead and then became volcanic beneath the weight of a simple sentence:

"You never deserved it anyway, shinigami."


Ichigo let the sneer fall from his face as crakcs spread across the former captain's face.


Ichig slapped a hand to his face, the hollow mask manifesting itself in the same instant that Aizen flew into an insidious rage and a sickening transformation. Ichigo watched the skin peeling from his visage and leaving a blackened skull in its wake, for his own had emerged by the time Aizen erhad finished, Ichigo already had a fully charged cero primed between his horns and read to fire. As the hideous creature that had become Sosuke Aizen, finally emerged, a blistering wall of crimson and scarlet was there to greet him.

Fire flowed outward and roiled over the disbelieving form of Aizen. The twin cero roared through him with tremendous force even as it filled his vision, olbiterating disgusting flaps of skin and tenacles that hung off his body. Ichigo barreled for him, and Ichigo shrieked in disbelief as the hand closed around his face, as the skin turned chalk white. The hollowfied Aizen gazed up at the hollowfied Ichigo and realized that a cero, a massive cero, was being charged into the palm that held his face.

That grim-skull mask reverberated furiously.

"I'll fucking crush you, AIZEN!"

A monstrous blast of fire exploded upon Aizen's frozen frame, the flames roiling over him and onto the ground below, setting the trees ablaze. Ichigolanded amid the fires, trying to make sense of what had occured within the blaze, furious golden irises turning, swiveling, reflecting the orange from the flames that surrounded them on all sides. he spun his weapon at the first sign of movement, and lo and behold, one of Aizen's legs flew threw the air. Spinning end over end, Ichigo didn't even watch it fall. He calmly reached a hand up to the demonic shield covering his face and pulled it aside within a gentle sweep of the hand, exposing hollowfied irises and sclera as the flames boiled around the two of them.

"Is that it?" He asked the prostrate form of Aizen Sosuke. "That was your cero?" Disgust boiled within his voice as he pulled the human horned skull downward and over his face for a second time. With nary more than a sharp burst of static, he was gone. Aizen flopped madly forward, struggling to bring his blade-arm around as Tensa Zangetsu crashed into it. The free Kyouka Suigetsu screamed a cry of loathing and disgust for every blow in which she struck out against her former shinigami, and the monster he had become.

Ichigo felt nothing where that empty blade struck his skin, he felt only pity, pity, and a fury that exceeded the human capacity known as righteousness. Ichigo was godlike in his blistering fury, holy, an instrument of judgement and justice come to removed the corruption and decay that currently flopped and flailed and twisted before him. Ichigo took that anger and he brought even ounce of it down upon Sosuke Aizen's skull with a rythymic twang-twang-TWANG!

"I, a true transcendent being, will kill you!" Aizen was beyond saving now. Such was his dementia, such was the will of the Hogyoku. Ichigo uttered nothing more than a grunt. The two monsters, one a man in a mask who had transcended all his pain and suffering; the other, a twisted, pervaded version of his former self, fought back and forth in the fires, for what seemed like days. Cero flew amok and Bala ricocheted wildly around the walls of the crater, many of Ichigo's landing, none of Aizen's coming even remotely close to connecting.

"By killing you I will break free from insignificant soul reapers and hollows alike!" Aizen's hand tightened around Ichigo's throat. "It's over, Kurosaki!" Indeed it was, as the vizard flung a hand outward, gouging out Aizen's right eye. Sosuke screamed. Screamed, as the clawed digit pierced his iris and sent white mucus and blood leaking out. Ichigo didn't hesitate to thrust his hand forward, to seize a small jewel from the foremost of the three holes that occupied the chest of Aizen Sosuke.

"So this, is the Hogyoku." Ichigo frowned. "I wonder...

Aizen made the mistake of trying to stop him as Ichigo held it before his mask. Snapped his jaws open. Swallowed. Zangetsu and Kyouka Suigetsu flashed left and right, and Sosuke Aizen toppled to the ground, limbless. Ichigo slammed a foot into his chest and thrust the horns of his mask downward, pointed direct, directly into the face of Sosuke Aizen. But he did not fire. Instead, his orange hair burned itself black, and armor rippled across his chest, turning his irises a furious bloodred and his mask a jagged, opaque black, the streaks changing to white as the grey plating flowed steadily.

"I'll show you something special, Aizen." His voice reverberated with another lending Kurosaki Ichigo another, titanic tone. "This is the form of the Final Getsuga Tenshou. I don't need it to defeat you, but this body, this form, will be the one that breaks you." Ichigo revealed the Hogyoku, held in his hand, not swallowed. Aizen strained toward it, but Ichigo smiled. In a movement so blinding, so agile and incredibly fast that it defied reality, Kurosaki Ichigo curled the fingers of his hand into a fist crushed the Hogyoku within the palm of that hand.

"This Hogyoku...no longer belongs to you, Aizen."

It shattered like so much glass.


Aizen screamed and in that scream, Ichigo summoned a surge of reaitsu that Aizen could not sense. Could not sense he realized, because this creature was on an even higher level than himself, and that, that was why he had not sensed so much as a modicum of reaitsu from the boy. The boy that was about to kill him, as his transformation crumpled away from his flesh, two twin conflagrations of spiraling energy encompassing his entire existence. They swelled to mammoth proportions, and still, still, they grew to such a size that Aizen saw red, red, and only red.

"It ends now, Aizen."

Ichigo swept both hands outward, the shards he had shattered swirling about his body in a fine cloud. He arced Tensa Zangetsu high, his mask snapping open and swirling with dar red light darker; a veritable malestrom of ill intent, trickling into the cero, the Getsuga, making both techniques as one the Cero Oscuras and a Getsuga Tenshou so immense that it bound Aizen in place. Held in Ichigo's hand, raised high, Kyouka Suigetsu came crashing down and arced toward his neck, the katana spinning overhead for a lazy moment, halting the twirl to let it rest on his shoulder effortlessly. He calmly reached a hand up to the flames, and a sudden gush of pressure nudged them aside, creating a path amongst the otherwrise insurmountable inferno that surrounded them.

"I cannot die! This cannot kill me!" Aizen bellowed furiously. "You will not succeed-

A jade green lance of lightning slammed into his throat, strangling his reply. Worless, Aizen turned toward the one who had thrown it, only for a series of diamoned tipped tarts to wedge themselves in what remained of his stomach, further pinning him in place already. Who? How! Kurosaki Ichigo had not moved from-

"Huh." A lazy voice drawled from somewhere Aizen could not quite see. "We're alive...again."

"So it would seem."

"Tch...what a pain in the ass this back-to-life crap is, I mean, I died, for crying out loud."

"I was also quite aware of my demise."

"No shit, sherlock!"

Only then did Aizen realize there was a second being standing over him, two jet black wings spread furiously against the sky and the flames. An ashen gray finger jutted outward as well, a swirl of dark and black greens merging with the reds ands whites and blacks. Aizen Sosuke stared upward into the golden iris and murky green sclera of a demon straight from hell. If Kurosaki Ichigo was at all put off by the newcomer's unexplained entrance, and all the while, he'd failed to notice those trailing streaks of blue and azure at the corner of his vision.

Three! There were three individuals! His gaze desperately swung back and forth and left and right and found nothing; no escape as the blasts swelled to their ultimate climax, three connecting pillars of vermillion, emerald, and sapphire, each swelling to the breaking point with an inhuman, godlike reaitsu. Ichigo smiled as a fourth, -yet another who had been dead- leveled an unmistakeable pistol into his face, its tip swelling to the brim with azure flames and energy. He'd been in contact with each of these individuals.


Ichigo grinned mirthlessly.

"Seems the will of the Hogyoku has spoken, Aizen." Ichigo chuckled, the last of the shards fluttering away from him for what, Aizen feared, might be another of his victims. Ah, but it was not at all wise to feed fear to the Hogyoku now, was it? "You'll be dying, now, Aizen." The ascended Ichigo tittered as a huge white sword -damnit not her too- filled his vision with saffron, ushering the conflagration to its ultimate and final climax.






"Cero Oscuras/Cero Oscuras."

Five blasts converged into one and Sosuke Aizen was lost.

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