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Chapter 33

Blaine was a trembling wreck of a mess. On top of this he was feeling completely pathetic as he knew that by all rights he should be on cloud nine. He was just mad. Mad at Fate for taking away his partner, his lover, his soulmate and moving him to another city. He tried to rationalise an hour's flight, but when his brain added in check in time and travelling to the airport, he knew that really this was three hours plus and that just seemed too much. Especially as for the last four months Kurt had been in his bed most nights and in his arms most mornings.

There was no doubt that Chicago was absolutely the right call and Blaine felt so selfish being depressed about this, but he could not stop himself. He felt as if he was being shredded in to little tiny pieces. And then there was the voice, the prickly nasty voice deep in his head that he wanted to bury with a shovel. The voice that told him that Chicago was a hot bed of beautiful gay men and Kurt would have his pick of them. The voice that just would not shut up about all of Blaine's insecurities that he would never be enough for Kurt.

He did not want to tell Kurt about this voice. To admit that he was still struggling to trust Kurt completely after everything they had been through in the last six months felt like a total betrayal. But there he was, Blaine Anderson, human being, full of insecurity and just waiting to be rejected once more. He could not stop the feeling in his heart that everything he wanted most fiercely in this World was about to be ripped out of his grasp. And to be honest, he knew that he had a self sabotage button a mile wide. If Kurt did not leave him, heavens knew, Blaine was capable of pushing the button to end the relationship all on his own.

So here he was in the arms of the most precious man in his world, after a deeply connecting and intimate moment and instead of savouring the situation, he was sobbing like a baby. He needed air and space and God help him, some way out of this situation without destroying everything he had in one night.

He attempted to move again out from under Kurt and winced at the soreness already present in his lower back. It was a good ache, but very present none-the-less. Kurt held him tighter and tried to keep him still. Blaine focussed and opened his eyes, reaching up to cup his hand to Kurt's face gently.

He spoke carefully and he hoped reassuringly, trying to calm the nerves in his own body and the flashes of fear in Kurt's eyes. "Kurt, I love you and that was perfect. I just need a moment."

Kurt looked hesitant and really concerned. For a second, Blaine thought that he was going to refuse the request but then he broke the hold and moved. Blaine bolted upright and sat in the bed with the covers over him hugging his knees to himself and gathering his thoughts. He tried very hard to ignore that Kurt was sitting on the other side of the bed looking cut off from him and bereft, clearly wondering what he should do next.

Blaine rubbed his face with his hand and then summoned up all his courage. He could not bring himself to look Kurt in the eyes and instead put his head on his knees.

"It's too much Kurt. I am so scared. I don't know that I can let you go."

He heard a whimper of confusion and then felt arms move around him holding him tight.

"What do you mean?" Kurt asked tentatively, kissing deep in to Blaine's hair.

Blaine tried to form a coherent thought process from all of his disjointed ideas that were floating around. He wasn't sure what he meant either. He just knew he meant something really important. He groped around in the dark of his mind to pull out an answer but drew a blank. However a deep calm stole over him from his heart and when he sank in to the calm, he knew:

"I can't let you go to Chicago alone."

That was it. The truth of that statement rung so clearly through Blaine that he suddenly realised he had been building to this thought for weeks. He turned to face Kurt now and looked him deep in the eyes certain in his conviction. Kurt looked absolutely stunned.

"Kurt, I love you and I threw that love away once before because I was scared. I thought that I would never be enough for you and I thought that you needed more than I could give. I was a fool. I am not going to make that mistake twice."

He took Kurt's hand from where it was resting on Blaine's hip and brought it to his lips. "You have sacrificed everything for me in the last six months. You have shown me in every possible way how much I mean to you and how important this relationship is for you. Now it's my turn. I love you. I know that without a shadow of a doubt. I want to give you everything that I have and the thought of spending days away from you is so physically painful to me that I can't let it happen.'

Kurt's eyes filled with tears but they did not fall. He just stared at Blaine in amazement and allowed Blaine to kiss every one of the knuckles on his hand.

"Kurt, I am willing to leave my job and my home to move to Chicago with you. Will you let me do that?"

Kurt's silence broke immediately. "Of course. You know the answer. You never had to doubt it. Of course."

Both men melted down in each other's arms and fell back together on the bed. The tears and kisses this time were filled with much more joy and there was no fear or bitterness left. Blaine felt a feeling of total peace flood his heart. He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was finally making the right decision for this relationship.

The February Extravaganza ate their lives for the next two weeks. The kids were really excited and over the course of the five months that Kurt and Blaine had been working with them, they had developed significantly in confidence and skill. Now Kurt worked flat out to make costumes, set pieces and general sparkly bits to accent the concert of five songs that the students were going to perform.

Blaine helped out when he could around his other commitments but he had to admit that he kind of loved turning up to the art room at all hours of the day and evening and finding Kurt surrounded by TH students putting together crazy patterns and fabrics and designing outlandish outfits. The students loved it. Some of them worked with him steadily to help out but others just came to chill and do their own art pieces in good company. Sarah Peters looked more harassed than normal with the high traffic of people going through her art room, however when Blaine caught up with her at meals she was also kind of glowing with a bright energy that came from the satisfaction of seeing the kids happy.

The other staff also noticed the buzz. On the floors, the kids involved with Glee were constantly in corners rehearsing and harmonising. The other kids were seeking ways to be involved and Kurt with his stellar organisational lists had a slew of projects he dispatched out, big and small, depending on each student's ability to handle the job. This meant that the vibe at TH was buzzing and as a result there were far fewer instances of kids in distress than normal which raised morale in general through the students and the staff.

Blaine was reminded again of Kurt's enviable organisational skills. He had not started dating Kurt yet when the kid single-handedly organised his father and Carol's wedding, but that story was the stuff of legends (even if Blaine did not quite believe Finn's statements about doves and glitter). Here Kurt was in his element running around with brightly colored checklists and ticking jobs off with pride. He never once got shirty or rude to a kid, although a few of the adults received a tongue lashing if they did not deliver on their assigned tasks.

At home Kurt had a second folder with all of his move-on plans. The majority of these were focussed for March but the lists kept growing longer and longer. He and Kurt were scheduled to spend a long weekend in Chicago apartment hunting in the Bucktown/ Wicker Park area. Kurt had decided that Blaine would be happier with the hipsters rather than nearer the lake where the appeal of Boystown could be overwhelming. Blaine did not know Chicago nearly as well as Kurt but was relieved that Kurt did not make him specifically request to live miles away from the Gay Club strip.

They had agreed that Blaine would move to Chicago in July so that he would not disrupt the kids too much during their academic year. The summer was always a big time of change for the kids anyway so the shift should not be too jarring. So far only Mr Selby, the Director, knew about Blaine's plans and he had been very supportive, offering to write an introduction letter to a sister facility in Chicago should Blaine decide he wanted to work in a similar job.

Blaine was not sure what he wanted to do yet but he thought he would take some time off over the summer to think about it. Kurt was excited about this plan and mentioned the summer hiatus of Steppenwolf. He was currently advocating that they should go on vacation to Europe, but Blaine, while loving the idea on one level, thought that throwing a long vacation in to the mix while they were both uprooting their lives and starting fresh may just be one step too far. So far Kurt had just rolled his eyes and let the matter drop but Blaine knew better than to think that the discussion was anywhere near finished.

In the midst of all this frenzy of planning, there was one thing that Blaine kept putting off. He had not told Jack that he was leaving. He justified this by telling himself that none of the other kids knew yet and he had months to go. He knew though that this was pure cowardice. Kurt didn't say a word about it. He also did not mention Blaine's plans to his parents. He said simply that this was Blaine's news to tell when he was ready. Blaine knew that he should say something but he felt that he was really letting Jack down and so he avoided the conversation at all costs.

Finally things came to a head over the dinner table following a very innocent question from Dana.

"Uncle Blaine, are you going to Chicago with Uncle Kurt?"

Blaine tried to deflect the question as best he could.

"Not at first Dana but maybe someday."

The conversation around the table had now stopped and all eyes were focussed on Blaine and the little girl in his lap.

"But won't you be very sad without Uncle Kurt to keep you company?"

Blaine looked over at Kurt for support and diversion but Kurt just smiled stoically back, clearly communicating that now was the time to come clean. Bastard.

"Well, Uncle Kurt is going to be very busy and so will I, honey. He and I will see each other a lot though."

"But not everyday. Daddy says that Uncle Kurt likes to see you everyday. He says that's why Uncle Kurt is never home to read me my goodnight story in his voices. He says that Uncle Kurt needs YOU to tell him stories at night and so that's why he sleeps so much at your house. Who will tell Uncle Kurt stories and kiss him goodnight if you are not there?"

Blaine looked up at Finn, who had the decency to blush and look embarrassed for landing Blaine in this impossible situation. Jack sat next to Finn, sitting bolt upright, hanging on every word that was being said.

Blaine swallowed and looked at the little girl who was staring up at him innocently clearly waiting for an answer.

"Well, I dunno Dana. Maybe I'll have to think about going to Chicago too."

"Good, or else you will both be very sad," Dana sounded totally sure of herself as she turned away from him and started eating her ice cream.

Blaine was aware that he was still blushing deeply. The other adults at the table were looking at him with a mixture of amusement and surprise on their faces. Jack was not making eye contact.

After dinner while Blaine was helping clear the table, Jack pulled him to one side and started speaking in a voice that could clearly be heard by everyone.

"Is it true?"

"Is what true, Jack?"

"What you said to Dana. Are you thinking about moving to Chicago with Kurt?"

Blaine would never contemplate lying to Jack and so he gave in at that moment.


Jack went from looking angry to pale and his eyes welled up.

"Jack, please don't be upset…" Blaine reached out to put a comforting hand on Jack's shoulder.

"Fuck off Blaine." Jack physically shrugged his hand away. "Like I care. I don't need you. I told you you could fuck off to LA didn't I? Why should I care about Chicago. It doesn't matter."

With that Jack moved around Blaine and ran off up the stairs to his room. Blaine moved to go after him but Burt called to him from the sofa.

"Leave him, Blaine. Give him some time to pull himself together."

Carol came up behind Blaine. "It's OK sweetheart. I've got this." She slipped up the stairs after Jack, leaving Blaine feeling awful, standing alone in the hall.

Kurt came up behind him and pulled him in to a hug. "It was right that you told him. He will be OK, Blaine. He will. Carol is really good with sad boys… and men… she will help him to feel better, I promise."

Blaine nodded and allowed himself to relax in to Kurt's hold. He caught sight of Burt's eyes in the living room. The man nodded to him and looked on supportively.

A few minutes later, when Kurt and Blaine were ready to leave, Burt came to the door to see them out. He pulled both Kurt and Blaine in to a hug together and then said, "I'm glad you boys are looking out for each other again."

Blaine was bowled over by the flow of warmth that went through him from that simple validation of his decision.

In the days leading up to the Extravaganza, Jack did not come to see Blaine once. He always had some show related excuse and random extra rehearsal spots. Blaine decided not to push the issue but just gave the boy his space. Instead Blaine just focussed on keeping Kurt sane, eating and sleeping. This was a tougher chore than it sounded with the human whirlwind that Kurt became. The day of the show, Blaine could not have been happier that the end was finally in sight.

The show itself was beautiful. A lot of parents and staff, current and old, attended. The kids performed extremely well. They worked together as a team and listened to each other as they sang. Their rendition of Stand by Me brought tissues out in the crowd and Kurt was beaming from the sidelines by the end.

The audience gave the kids a standing ovation but just as everyone thought the show was over, Jack stepped forward and took the microphone. Blaine looked over at Kurt in confusion but Kurt looked equally bemused and a little flustered at having his perfectly choreographed show usurped.

Jack stood tall however and it quickly became clear that if Blaine and Kurt had no idea what was going on, the rest of the show choir did. They all started smiling to each other and bristling with excitement. The audience fell quiet again and waited for Jack to speak.

"Thank you. I just have something to say to Kurt and Blaine. I don't know if you know but Kurt was our singing teacher for six months. He and Blaine, a Social Worker here, gave a lot of time and effort to help us put this show on. We weren't always the nicest group to work with…" A number of people in the audience laughed briefly but quickly silence resumed and you could have heard a pin drop.

"…but they stuck with us, especially Kurt, who really did not have to. We all want to say thank you Kurt." Kurt blushed and moved forward to give Jack a hug and thank the rest of the choir too but Jack was not done yet.

"Hold on. Blaine, can you come up here?" Blaine looked over at his colleagues on the side. He caught the eye of Sarah Peters, who smiled at him with a very knowing grin. She was in on this, as were a few other staff members clearly. They urged him to the front and he moved quickly, feeling very uncomfortable for not knowing where this was going. He went to stand on the other side of Jack.

Jack started again. "Blaine, we know that you are going to be leaving us soon to move with Kurt to Chicago." Blaine bit his lip feeling the mortification sink in. Clearly from the lack of surprised gasps the rumour mill had been spreading nicely as he had not officially made the announcement on his own. He was going to kill Jack.

"Blaine, we all just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for all of us. We are sad to see you go but when I suggested that we chain you up and force you to stay I was told that that was illegal. So instead Ms Peters encouraged the choir to think of a song to sing to you and Kurt to express our feelings. We hope this is OK."

Blaine looked at Kurt, who smiled back at him, both men feeling so overwhelmed in that moment. Jack was clearly waiting for a response from Blaine. He nodded quickly, too overcome to say anything else. Kurt came over quickly and took Blaine's hand leading him to some spare seats in the front row.

Jack stood at the front and started singing the first verse on his own. Then Mike came out with his guitar and started to back Jack up. Line by line the rest of the group harmonised to his words and sang along to the chorus.

You didn't know I was watching but I was

The smile was hard to deny

You didn't know I was listening but I was

You did not perceive how you helped me believe

There is love outside these limits

There is life outside these fences

Now I live the dream that you dreamed for me

Thank you

You didn't know that I was falling but I was

Searching to see if there was something in me

You didn't know I was waiting but I was

Hoping to break free and you gave me eyes to see

There is love outside these limits

There is life outside these fences

Now I live the dream that you dreamed for me

Thank you

In all my days how could I repay all the gifts you gave to me

Now I see

There is love outside these limits

There is life outside these fences

Now I live the dream that you dreamed for me

Thank you

(You dreamed for me by Jami Smith)

Blaine felt tears build up and he squeezed Kurt's hand tight in his. Kurt squeezed tight back and very obviously began wiping his cheeks with the back of his hand. When Jack was done the whole place erupted once again. Blaine walked forward to Jack in a daze and pulled him in to a big hug.

"Thank you," he whispered. Jack hugged him back fiercely. All around them people were moving and parents were coming to congratulate their kids. Blaine and Jack stayed oblivious to it all in their own untouchable space. Finally Blaine released his hold and took a step back getting eye contact with Jack.

"You know that I'm not leaving for a few months right?"

Jack nodded. "July, I know."

"And you know, that no matter what happens between me and Kurt or you and the Hummels, we are family now and so even though I will be in Chicago, I'm not leaving you behind, right?"

Jack smiled a despairing look. "Yeah, but you won't be here. I won't see you everyday."

Blaine's heart broke a bit. He sometimes wondered how many times his heart would break for this kid, but somehow he knew that it probably would never stop. He had no answer to Jack's comment because it was pure truth. He just pulled him back in to a hug and held on.

"I'll always be here for you Jack. Whenever you need me, I promise I will be there, by phone or in person, I will be there."

Jack just nodded in to Blaine's shirt.

Jack watched as Blaine and Kurt made the rounds of the room and met with happy, grateful parents. His heart ached deeply. He could not help but feel that he was being left behind by the people who he cared about most in the World. He sat watching the easy grace with which they now moved with each other. They were so in sync it was a bit nauseating, but if he was honest, he hoped to one day be in a relationship like that so that he could experience what it was like to be loved that simply and deeply by someone else.

He put his chin in his hand and scuffed his shoe in to the floor. He smelt Carol's perfume before she sat down beside him. He glanced up at her slightly and then moved to sit closer to her as she put her arm around him in a hug.

"You did amazingly today, Jack. I am so proud of you."

Jack felt his heart glow. He had missed this so much. He had missed having a mother who was there for him and who noticed when he did well.

"Did you tell Blaine how well you audition went?"


"Oh honey. Why not? He'll be so happy for you."

"I know. I will. He's a bit busy at the moment."

Carol pulled him in tighter and kissed him on his head like she sometimes did to Jonah. A part of him wanted to protest that he was not a kid but secretly he loved it, so he just let it go.

"You know," Carol said, "Burt was talking to Kurt today. Kurt told him that he and Blaine are looking for a two bedroom flat in Chicago." Jack held very still wondering what was coming next. "Kurt said that it was important to him and Blaine that you always had somewhere to stay with them, that you would always feel a part of their lives. They might be leaving Ohio Jack, but they definitely are not leaving you. OK buddy?"

Jack sat up and looked at her.



Carol reached out and wiped a tear away from Jack's cheek that he had not even realised had fallen.

"Oh Honey. I need you to understand this. You are part of our family now Jack. Burt and I will look after you and be there for you until you don't want us to do that anymore. Blaine and Kurt will always be a short jump away and so will Finn and Shannon. We will all help you out and look after you. OK? You hear me?"

Jack smiled and bit his lip a bit. He remembered that tone of voice, but he had not heard it in a very long time.

His eyes teared up as he buried himself back in to Carol's embrace.

"I hear you, Mom," he answered.

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